Dec 21

Info About Our Next Online Study

I am so thrilled to be studying Made to Crave again in my online studies! While the book does focus on food related issues, we will be dealing with all cravings in this study. If you suffer from craving anything and find yourself turning to that instead of the Lord, this study is for you. Food, alcohol, substance abuse, relationships, approval, perfection, exercise, work,sleep…WHATEVER….we will be touching on it all. I can’t wait to begin this journey with you. This is truly one of the best books I have ever read. There is a reason why it’s been on the New York Time’s Best Seller’s list for almost a year! We will begin our journey together and kick off 2012 in the best kind of way. Looking forward to studying with you <3 

Sign up for this online study in the right side bar of this blog. Just type in your name and email address and you will receive all the details you need to get ready for this life transforming study. (After you sign up, you will receive an email from me. Make sure you click the link at the very bottom of that email to confirm your sign up! Otherwise you will not receive the information.)You can order the book almost anywhere books are sold. Call the P31 Office, 877-731-4663 or visit our website to order.

To participate in the study, all you need is the book, Made to Crave, and computer access so you can be a part of the online portion of the study. 

The study is flexible to meet your needs. It’s all about convenience. I’ll post the week’s assignments on Sunday each week. You can follow my suggestions, or complete at your convenience. If you want interaction and community (which is my hope) then check my blog and the Online Bible Studies Facebook Page daily. Leave comments. Share your thoughts. During the week I’ll post a video blog message plus other related challenges for discussion.


Made to Crave is designed to be a six week study.

January 9- Live Webcast by Lysa TerKeurst. 8 pm EST. I will be joining Lysa briefly for a portion of this webcast to talk about the Online study! More info to come.
January 15- Online study officially begins. Week 1, Chapters 1,2,3
January 22- Week 2, Chapters 4,5,6
January 29-Week 3, Chapters 7,8,9
February 5-Week 4, Chapters 10,11,12
February 12-Week 5, Chapters 13,14,15
February 19-Week 6, Chapters 16,17,18

Optional Conference Call Series ($14)

****Sign up information will be online later today, December 22nd.  Click here to sign up.  Once you get to the P31 Shopping page, look to the left and click “Conference Call.”

New York Times best selling author of Made to Crave, Lysa TerKeurst will be a guest on one of the calls.

Highly encouraged but not required to be a part of the Bible study group

There will be 4 calls. The cost for the entire series is $14.

You Will Receive on Each Call:

*An empowering message from your Bible study leader. (I am dedicated to helping you in whatever way I can. I want to speak Truth into your life as you go through this study. I want you to believe in yourself and know that God thinks you are worth it.)

*Highlights and main point reminders from the study.

*Special guests whose stories will inspire you and knowledge will equip you to stay on track and stick with it.

*Q and A so you can ask the questions you have and get the answers you need.

*An outline of each call before the call takes place so you can take notes.

*A call in number and code to access each call.

*Following the call you will have access to a recording of the call to listen to or download.


Optional Resources to supplement your Made to Crave study (note these are OPTIONS, not required)

You can find all MTC resources and descriptions here. The only one you MUST have is the Made to Crave book. All others are optional.

Made to Crave Website

FYI~ I am going to use the Action Plan during my Made to Crave journey. This is a personal choice. The action plan contains a “How to” for those of us looking for healthy information, guidelines, knowledge, and a plan. I will be using the new Made to Crave Devotional following the six week study to keep me mindful and encouraged after the study is over.


How I Feel About Studying the Bible with Others~and why I’d like you to join me.

It’s changed my life time and time again. I’ve grown closer to God, closer to the ones I’m with, and made lifelong friends. I’ve learned to be content and now I know what freedom feels like. I have hope even when my relationships and circumstances are failing. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the benefits of joining and participating in a Bible study group. Not just any Bible study group, but a real life, real problems, no mask wearing allowed Bible study group. One where you can be yourself and know that you are loved and cared for NO MATTER WHAT.

Bible study has been a priority in my life for years. The women I’ve studied with have become like sisters and have been the Jesus with skin on I’ve needed in my life. They’ve encouraged me, held me accountable, and spoken real Truth to me when I’ve needed it most. Through the books we’ve studied together (all based on the best book, the Bible), we’ve grown in many ways, but especially in our personal relationship with Jesus. Life changing I tell ya!

I want to share this experience with you. If you’ve wanted to be a part of something like this, I invite you to join me and other women just like us, from all over the world as we dive into the Truth that will give us Real Hope for Real Life today.


Love and Blessings!




  1. Can’t wait…I might actually be able to keep up this time since my school load has been lightened this semester! Hope you have a Merry Christmas Melissa!!! <3

  2. Merry Christmas Melissa! Looking forward to the “Made To Crave” study!

  3. YAY!!! So glad you’re doing this study again! I wasn’t at the place I needed to be the first time but I’ve lost nearly 30 lbs on WW so I’m ready now!

  4. Michele Caséca says:


    I haven’t recceived my Made to Crave yet. I think something went wrong. Can I order another one? When can I call? I really don’t wanna miss this study.


  5. I am looking forward to the Bible Study with you. God Bless!

  6. Susan Ruffalo says:

    I have had my eye on this book for at least a year and planned on following along your study without buying the book due to finances. Then yesterday I was at my local bible store replacing my bible whos cover seems to have melted/turned to mush and I saw the book. It was only $9.99 so I snatched it up. I’m glad to be part of the group and pray that God can use this study to curb my appetite for sweets/junk food and get back to the natural, real foods that God planned for us. And if I could lose the extra 15+ pounds and this muffin top I’m holding onto it would be a great bonus!!

  7. Lynda Crane says:

    I would love to be a part of this. I have the book and need to extra support and guidance to deal with this. Praise God for this book and the women who wrote it.


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