Dec 29

Refresh and Satisfy

I was given a verse today by a dear friend. I read it. I closed my eyes. I could feel the tears slipping through the outer and inner corners of my eyes.

“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.” -Jeremiah 31:25

I’m tired. I’ve been sick. I’m broken. I’m in need. In my mind, thoughts race. In my head I think clearly. I only wish my head would communicate better with my body and heart.

“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.”

God’s Word has power like no other. And right here in the pages of His Word to us contains this promise to refresh and satisfy.

What a wonderful verse to begin the new year with. The promise that God will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. That’s a promise no one else can make and keep. But He can and He will.

Join me in opening your heart today to receive God’s Word for you. Maybe it’s this verse from Jeremiah. Maybe it’s another one. Please share and let’s begin this year by praying God’s Word over each other.

Thank you for a fabulous 2011!  The online Bible studies we’ve done together, your online friendship, your words of encouragement, and the sharing of your hearts with me have blessed me beyond any descriptive words I could list here! May God bless you and I’m looking forward to an even better 2012!

I’m praying refreshment and satisfaction from the Lord for each of you.



  1. Oh- I love this, Melissa! I am writing that one down! As I was driving home last night- my word for 2012 came to my mind loud and clear. Abide. That is what I want to do this year…abide in Him…no matter what! So right now I am claiming:

    “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” John 15:7

    Thanks for your honesty and your heart!

    Love you!

  2. I just signed up for made to crave, I am looking forward to studying with you. This is my first time to visit your blog. I am glad you got a word from God today that touched your heart, that is one reason why I love God’s word.

  3. yes Jesus YES!!!

  4. Praying this one over you and the leadership team for the on-line studies.

    Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

    ~Galatians 6:9 NIV

    And thanking him and you for your NMW blog a few weeks ago.

    I had the opportunity to share that with my nephew and his girlfriend who are expecting twins. Told them that NO MATTER WHAT, those babies are their first concern and that they are to love them NMW and that they are to be the best parents that they can be for those babies NMW.

    And that’s only one of the many times I’ve used it just within the last couple of weeks.

    Thanks for teaching me much and I am pumped about 2012!


    • Gotta love NMW! Very few people can make a NMW statement. It’s special and rare. Because if you really love someone NMW, then despite what they ever do or say, you still love them.

      Love you Donna! NMW!

  5. Joan Vanterpool says:

    As I was dropping off my husband at the hospital for his sleep study, we were talking about the coming of the new year. lots of changes in our lives. I had a phrase that came to mind instead of a word – I will leave it in God’s hands. If it is his will… Thank you Melissa for the online friendship, for facilitating our bible study, A Confident Heart, and for your words of encouragement. You have truly lifted my spirits when I was in need. Mahalo!!

  6. I know what you mean…I was reading, “This day will never come again…” What do we do with today will matter but… What Do We Do with today? Lazy and don’t accomplish what we should, depressed and aren’t showing Jesus to others, angry and let someone stew because they hurt us or confused about life and not make right decisions based on what the Word has shown us…

    I cried thru my Bible reading and praying yesterday morning because I was so sad. I’m hurt and I don’t know how to get over it. I have forgiven but I just can’t get beyond the part where something wonderful has been removed from me in anger. So when I read that God will restore…it breaks me in a thousand pieces.

    I heard on the radio something along these lines….”Jesus came as a baby, wrapped up in our hurt, pain, abandonment, and our sins like a baby blanket…and took it all the way to the cross…so He could wrap us in His blanket of Love, Mercy, Forgiveness and Life Eternal…all the way to heaven.” Oh, does that make me cry. He cares…about me and my life and hurts and pain. He cares so much He took it all the way thru His pain, suffering and death on the horrible cross! How could He have done something like that for me? Why would He do something like that for me? It just doesn’t make sense, does it? But oh, how wonderful…how beautiful it is…that He loves ME that much…me that much. It is too much to think about…so I cry. Jesus loves me. How amazing!

    It’s so nice to know others feel this way too. I keep it hidden so I won’t look warped and crippled. I’m supposed to be a Christian and strong in the Lord but I’m a Child of the Most High God and sometimes that is the way I act…like a child instead of a Child… Keep it coming Melissa ‘cuz I’m listening…

    • I read your post and have been there. One thing I picked up on was where u wrote, “I don’t know how to get over this.” That made me stop, for we can’t get over it. All we can do is lay it out there and let God step us through it. I can feel your pain in your words and sense you’ve been betrayed as well. It is so warming to know that HE promises to never leave us or forsake us.
      My son was diagnosed with a terminal condition recently and is now on hospice care. My mom’s kidney ruptured the night before we were to leave on our trip to the carribean that we had been planning for 2 years. We had to stay home as we did not know how she would pull through it. Then, the next week my daughter hada massive seizure at work and was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. Amongst all this, GOd has sent the right people into my life to comfort . I know he will do the same for you. I will lift you up in prayer

      th a brain aneurysm. In all this, the LOrd has been constant and has sent the exact right people into my life to comfort and help. HE will do the same for you. I
      will lift you up in prayer.

    • Keep your faith and never lose hope! We all act less than daughters of the King…he loves us anyway, super way big!

      Big Blessings,

  7. Praying refreshment and satisfaction for you, too, Melissa. Thanks so much for the Bible studies. I learned so much from The Confident Heart study, and I’m looking forward to the Made to Crave study. May God richly bless you in 2012!

  8. KAY PARRISH says:


  9. Melissa,

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for your transparency! I had an experience over my Christmas break that caused some weariness and sadness, that I thought were no longer so close, to resurface. I’m still trying to pick up the pieces. Approaching 2012, I’d like so much to be in a different–a better–place emotionally…but I’m not. I am claiming this promise from God’s word for YOU, several of my dear friends, a few enemies, and for me too! Thank you!

  10. Carol Smith says:

    I needed this verse. I also needed to know that I am not the only one who is weary. Comfort in the gospel and in companionship, just what I need.

  11. weary I am, but by 1 choice I made and now not sure how to get out of it! Not even sure I can pray about it! hanging by a thread! Thanks Melissa for your blog and leadership!

  12. melissa.. just want you to know what an honor to read your posts and hear your heart.. everytime i tink how cool that God loved me so much that He let me actually meet you and get to be in your eval group last year.. i just smile when i think about you.. God is using you. I am praying praying for your 2012! Many blessings

  13. “Refresh the weary”…… I need that. I am weary. I am craving a closer relationship with God. I’m tired of the other stuff.

  14. I am so glad directed me to you & your bible study! I am anxious to begin!


  15. Isaiah 26:3 tells me that I will have perfect peace if I keep focused on Him.
    It is so easy to be consumed and focused on our problems, weariness, disappointments and burdens. BUT…focus on Christ and He will give us perfect peace. What a lesson to learn and live!

  16. This is a perfect scripture for me as well to start the new year! I can’t always read and comment, but enjoyed the last Confident Heart Study and also did Read Thru the Word with Wendy. Proverbs 31 is awesome!

  17. Debra Taylor says:

    This is my first time to do an on-line Bible study…I am looking forward to studying the MTC book!….Your blog is awesome, Melissa! What an amazing ministry you have! I am praying for you…as you rest in HIM, that the Lord will equip you with everything you need to carry on His work!!!!! God Bless you!!…and I can’t wait to see what the Lord has for us in the next few months!!!!

  18. Thank you, Melissa! Thank you and your awesome team for leading us through A Confident Heart. Thank you for this verse and so many others that give me hope when I’m just not feelin’ it. Like this morning. I really don’t want to get out of bed. Christmas with the family was wonderful, but now that I’m back home I’ve fallen further down than I was before I left. I’m scared. I don’t like myself much,and faking it is wearing me out. Ok, enough of my whinning. Really just wanted to say Thank you.

  19. My verse is Psalm 91: He will cover you with His feathers . He will shelter you with His wings.His faithful promises are your armor and protection.” Come on girls, we are ready to take on 2012!! Am praying a blessed New Year to all the Bible study girls and for Melissa for her wonderful leadership and blog that usually gives me a good thought and a big laugh!! Love ya.

  20. I have been subsriber of Proverbs31 for years. I have always struggled with my weight and/or how I feel about myself, which has been disturbing to my self-confidence. 2011 was my year to “just move”, which I did successfully. I still battle the bulge though because of food. I decided this year I would “eat to live”” and not “live to eat”. I have joined the Made to Crave on-line Bible study. I have had Lysa’s book for awhile…have not read it. I purchased the devotional on friday. I am excited and ready to go and look forward to growing more in Christ with help of this on-line group. Thank you.

  21. Michele Caséca says:

    Happy New Year Melissa.

    May 2012 bring the beautiful plans God dreamed for you.
    Be happy. Be blessed. Be loved!

    I love you,
    Mi Caséca

  22. Melissa – Thank you so much for sharing so openly. The verse also spoke greatly to me but your comment that you think clearly in your head but wish your head would communicate better with your heart and body hit me like a brick. This has been such a hard year for me – I have determined that I will just listen to God and that I will be ok no matter what, but it is so hard when you continually get hurt. All I can do is pray and continually seek God’s will.

  23. Melissa – Thank you for this verse….Jeremiah is a very inspiring book for me!! I am really struggling to read the word…I want to….but i think my will is broken. I need prayer for perseverance….today i feel like i am just floating through time and space….no caring. ugh. I know that life is hard, I also know that God is So Good…He has seen me through alot of tough times….I want my Want to to be be fixed!! please whoever is reading this please pray!! God Bless You!!!

  24. LaTara Gibson says:

    I am searching for a memory verse for the year. Could you help me find ones on disappointment (especially being disappointed by a spouse). Thank you in advance. You are so great and I love joining in your studies!

  25. Lynda Tesney says:

    One of my healthy choices for this 6 weeks study will be to eat more super foods that was mentioned on last night’s webcast. The dark berries, fruits and veggies, also to eat more good fish.

  26. Hi Malissa I am so happy to run up on ur bible study it was a joy but I must say I am goin through the extreme.i lost my mom and dad almost a year apart. I was so stessed from it my husband turned his back on me and now I am goin through divorce of 17 yrs. Needless to say I went from 30.00 an zero imcome its been really hard for the last 2 yrs!!! But I am learning to get through this. Im also worring from being sick I just try to remember to pray and read my bible plz pray for me.

  27. Jennifer H. says:

    Since discovering your Online Bible Studies, I have purchased this book, & will use your archives to do an independent Bible study.


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