Jan 19

Made to Crave God, not _________.

If you are visiting here from the Proverbs 31 Facebook page, welcome!  If you’d like to join this online Bible study of Made to Crave, the sign up space is in the right column of this blog. If you are interested in our awesome conference call series and how to sign up and qualify to be entered to win a prize, read on!  Thanks for stopping by.

Ladies and Gentlemen 😉 ….. yes I know we have a few men joining us, welcome guys,

Here’s the deal. We were made to crave God. That’s why when we attempt to satisfy our cravings with anything other than God, we are not satisfied for long. We are still empty.

We were made to crave God, not…

Food. People. Attention. Validation. Perfection. Drugs. TV. Computer. Cell Phones. Friends. Stature. Alcohol. Children. A spouse. Job. Position. Shopping. Material possessions. A nicer home.  A better church.  Family.  And the list can go on and on.

If you are keeping up with us in Made to Crave so far, then you are beginning to grasp this. If not, it’s not too late to join and catch up. This is a journey, not a Bible study full of rules and regulations. We are pretty casual around here, but serious about God.

Our conference call series begins next week. Our first guest will be Dr. Ski Chilton.  Visit the Online Bible Studies Info page on this blog for more info. (you will need to scroll down just a bit when you get to this page.)  Our line up of guests is absolutely amazing!  You can sign up and pay for the calls here.

Big News!!!  Anyone who signs up for the Conference Calls between now and January 24th will be entered to win a Made to Crave Action Plan Guide and the Action Plan DVD written by Lysa TerKeurst and Dr. Ski Chilton. (Both Lysa and Dr. Chilton are scheduled guests on our calls!)  I will be giving away 4 sets! The calls are so fun and informative, I hope you will consider joining me on them.  (I get a record of everyone who signs up from the Proverbs 31 Office)

If you have participated in the conference call series in the past, please share your feedback in the comment section today.  Also share with us what you are craving…you can be honest here :)  Also share how you plan to turn to God instead.

Ok, that’s it for today!  Blessings to all of you!


****If you have signed up for the calls already, you will be receiving an email from me within the next few days.  Our first scheduled call is January 24th at 8:00 pm EST.  I will send you the call in information prior to the call. The call will be recorded for listening via phone, computer, or download, so you don’t have to be on live.




  1. Today, I have been craving chocolate cake, which I prayed through. The other thing I have been craving is non-food related and its time with others. I’ve been feeling lonely for a long while off and on and I’m just sitting here, talking to my Father, knowing that He is always here for me.

    Truly loving this study so far! God Bless everyone! :)

  2. Rhonda Carroll says:

    Chocolate cupcakes! Made some for my daughter’s birthday but I stayed strong and didn’t eat one even though I REALLY wanted one.

  3. Melanie Dalgliesh says:

    Today, as always God knew what I was thinking before I even prayed it and put this bible study in my path. I have just started my weight loss attempt and realized that I needed to have God in here so I can accomplish my goal. I have come to realize that I have made food a habit. Sometimes, we don’t even realize that we are doing it. So as I have made the attempt to eat less junk, Satan has done what he does best and the obessive thoughts of eating starts. But today I claim that I will have victory with Gods help. Thank you for being his tool to help me do this. Let the praying begin……..

  4. Reading all these cravings is making me crave!! :) I am going to be signing up for the conference calls. I have been on the fence…but I am going to take the plunge!

  5. My crave is to spend more time with God and know him more. Would love to join the calls but finances are tight at this time Thank you Melissa for doing this again!

  6. Ice cream – something smooth

  7. Linda Leighton says:

    I am craving feeling human again. I’ve been sick with a cold and now a sinus infection for almost a week now, and found today that I can’t really even taste or smell anything, so food doesn’t even sound good to me. I just want to feel better, and, weirdly enough, even though I’m 41 years old, I really want my Mom. I don’t think that ever changes, does it?

  8. I signed up for the Conference Calls during “A Confident Heart” study but, due to some time and techno difficulties, I only had opportunity to hear the first one. That one call made a huge impact. The prayer and scripture Melissa offered confirmed to me that she truly has a passion for leading women in a walk toward Jesus. This kept me dedicated to the study, to increasing my time with the LORD, and to sharing myself with others online. Melissa also shared 2 letters from Shari Rose Shepherds “His Princess Letters” books and they were so beautifully written that I subscribed to her emails. I’ve since had the opportunity to share a few of those letters with friends and family. I will admit that I almost didn’t sign up for this series… but I have a feeling they are going to provide a bounty of resources for us to utilize during this journey. I have no doubt the temptations will be more frequent in the days ahead and I want to be armed!
    Thank you for all of the love, thought, time, work, etc… that is put into your studies! I look forward to continuing on this amazing journey and finding out what the God has in-store for His girls!

  9. Teresa T. says:

    I must say this week has been going really well. I even resisted desserts at our connect group dinner last night. This was a huge victory for me considering I have a real addiction to sweets. Then today, temptation hit me hard! I had a strong craving for chocolate! In the cupboard, tiny Hershey Kisses were calling my name! “Oh, go ahead and have just a couple we are small and harmless,” they whispered. I asked for God to quiet their voices and help me to close the cupboard door and walk away. God empowered me to resist giving into temptation! Please pray for me as I pray for you all. Be blessed!

  10. Mexican food! All day today, I was craving Mexican food!! I went out to lunch with my God-daughter and her Mama (Theresa) for lunch and was going to suggest our FAVORITE Mexican restaurant, but as I was discussing my plans with my daughter, she suggested a deli that was close to Theresa’a work place. She said it was healthy and that I would like it. Now, I’m not really a sandwich, soup, or salad kind of gal, so it did not appeal to me. So, I said a quick prayer and asked God to “Empower” me to make a good choice, but even more so, to make it tasty!! LOL!! HE DID!! I had a bowl of Artichoke and Mushroom soup with half a dijon chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat toast with iced tea to drink. The soup was so delicous I felt like I could eat it EVERY DAY and never get tired of it!! But the BEST PART was that when I was done eating, I was comfortably satisfied…full…and NOT craving those chips and salsa I REALLY wanted!! THANK YOU LORD, for holding mr in your hands today and for answering my prayer!! AMEN!!

  11. Diana Slade says:

    I went to Durham with my daughter and we stopped at a really nice Italian Restaurant. I ordered a beautiful dish that I cannot pronounce now, but I did not have any dessert. I should have only eaten half of the meal and brought the other half home with me. I gave in an ate 2 doughnuts before I got home. I felt as if I failed at first but, I am not a failure in Christ. Today I kept saying the verse for this week and it has helped me a lot. I am going to make it because I am posting this and I know it makes the devil mad. No more keeping my disappointments to myself. I thank God for this community of women! Bless You!

    • Charlotte Askew says:

      Good going Diane to share your struggle. No you are nat a failure and when you share with others, you bring to light what satan wants you to keep hid. As long as you are hiding it then you are convicting yourself. Please share and feel the burden lifted.

  12. I am craving a life where thoughts of pleasing God are first and foremost.

  13. My flesh longs for sweets. I lie to myself and indulge in sweets in my beverages and then lie to myself when I overeat the healthy stuff too. Today was a better day but still didn’t manage completely. Glad to know that my issues are an opportunity for me to get closer to my Saviour. I am calling out to Him for strength and that is something I was not acknowledging in this area, my need for HIM~

    • Charlotte Askew says:

      Keep calling out to Him Lori, He will fill you up with His strength and love. He knows our every weakness and all He desires is for us on call on Him.

  14. Melissa you are awesome! Thank you for your dedication on helping us stay true to our LORD. I always crave sweets after my meal but i have been praying before i even get hungry that when its time for me to eat that i will eat healthy and to not give into the temptation of have a sweet. GOD is there to remind me that i am empowered and wherever the SPIRIT of the LORD is there is freedom. I want to be free from anything and everything that is going to stand in the way of serving HIM.LOTS OF HUGS AND BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Charlotte Askew says:

      Bea, good job on your focusing where your cravings should be. Something that might help is to brush your teeth as soon as you finish eating when possible. It seems to eliminate or soften the sweet cravings. Also good is to chew a piece of sugarless gum. Keep up the good work.

  15. Juli Danner says:

    I have never struggled with food as a craving. I am not constantly thinking about the next time I will be eating, looking forward to what I am eating, eating to satisfy an emptiness in my soul or all the rest of the things that go along with food craving. Although I am not thin, I am not obese either. I guess you would say that I am chunky or fat. I am overweight, not because of using food to satisfy a deep craving in my soul but, simply, because I get little to no exercise and, up until the past two months, always fed my family junk like Hamburger Helper or fast food garbage. Since I have begun looking through my tons of cook books with my teenagers and started cooking healthy food, I have effortlessly, dropped over 20 pounds.
    So, why, you wonder, am I here? Because, I realized, as I read Lysa’s description of this book and watched her video, that each and every Christian has some kind of craving that they choose over God to satisfy some kind of yearning in the very depths of their soul. Like Melissa said at the top of this page, it can be anything, not just food. Sex, drugs, alcohol, acceptance, leadership, authority, a better family, a perfect church, and the list goes on and on. So, I decided that I needed to do this study too because I knew that I was craving something unhealthy and substituting it for what God has to offer me, but had no clue what it is I crave and, I want to, as the Army commercial says, Be all that I can be.
    So, what is my craving you ask. It took me a really long time to find this answer. At first, all I could come up with was all the good little Christian girl answers, you know the ones…I crave to see my kids healthy and whole, I crave to see my entire family saved, I crave to grow closer to God and ya-da ya-da ya-da. These certainly weren’t the negative kinds of cravings that Lysa was asking us about. So, I tightened my thinking cap and went back to the drawing board and tried to dig deeper and get more honest with myself. Oh!! I know; I crave to have mine and my pregnant 17 year olds relationship restored. Well, that’s getting closer but, it’s still not it. Suddenly, while still reflecting on my 17 year old daughter, it dawned on me…I crave to host the PERFECT baby shower for her. By Joe, that’s it!!!! So, as I’m sitting there, smugly patting myself on the back for figuring this out all by myself, God whispers to me, Why, Juli? Huh? What do you mean, why, God? Why do you care if the baby shower, something that nobody will even be thinking about by the time they go to sleep that night, is perfect? Why does it have to be perfect? Oh man, you’re right, God. Nobody is going to care about this darn baby shower once they leave Sandy’s house and head home. Okay, please, God, help me to see the reason why I have to host the perfect baby shower. And POW, it hits me…because I crave everyone’s approval. Holy Cow was that tough to come to. And, if I thought it was tough figuring out what my craving is, realizing what it is and putting name to it was 100 times harder. I felt so shallow. I felt so empty. And, I felt so all alone. Just like I felt the day, when I was 4 years old, and my mom showed me her disapproval of me by walking out of my life, because, in my young mind, she didn’t approve of some ugly freckle faced kid with wild, frizzy red hair. And, exactly like I felt every time when Daddy would scold me for not wanting to pay attention in school and not wanting to learn what I was being taught and being too lazy to put forth enough effort that I earned decent grades like my cousins did. It wasn’t until many, MANY years later, that I was diagnosed as having Attention Deficit and dyslexia, both, of which, Daddy denies even exist and are just a bunch of bologna excuses that quack pot shrinks are coming up with to excuse lazy people who don’t want to study to do well in school and don’t want to put forth any effort to succeed in their job. Years ago, I came to understand my Attention Deficit and dyslexia and have learned ways to cope with them but, the damage by Mama and Daddy had spent far too many years living in me and being a part of my every moment of life and I couldn’t even see that it was there until this morning.
    So, to answer Melissa’s question about what have I craved today…until I realized what my craving was, I had spent most of the morning thinking about and craving the next couple of things that I am planning on buying off of my husbands pay check this Friday…more things for that danged perfect baby shower. I have to be honest, once I realized what I was craving and using to substitute for the desire to be approved, I still kept thinking about all the things that are still on my list of needing for the shower, like the rest of the prizes for the game winners, the decorations and some other things. But, now that I knew that I was using it temporarily satisfy my craving to be approved, I started making excuses of why I still need to buy these items. I mean really, how can you only give half of the game winners a prize and not the rest and, how can you have a baby shower without streamers hanging from the ceiling and matching table cloths? So, I guess now, what I need to do is figure out how I can finish getting what I need for the shower without putting buying those items ahead of paying our bills and making my unsaved husband angry, how I can stop allowing it to consume my every thought and, most importantly, how I can stop using it to momentarily satisfy feeling approved of when only God’s approval can get me into heaven and only His disapproval, can keep me from entering heaven.

    • I feel your pain Juli. Needing approval is such a craving. I had no where near the problem you had. In fact, I had a wonderful childhood with very loving and supportive parents. However, being the oldest child, I somehow thought I had to be perfect in order to “earn” love, friends, being liked etc. That did not come from my family. It’s something I bestowed upon myself. I’m 71 years old now and I still fight that “I have to be nice, good, bend over backward to be liked” feeling. HOWEVER!!! HAVE I GOT A BOOK FOR YOU!!!!
      My pastor’s wife gave it to me to read and I’m going to buy my own copy. It’s by Lynn Hybels and the name is “Nice girls don’t change the world”. It’s little and readable in less than an hour (depending on how fast you read.) and so, so hits the nail on the head.Hang in there and remember GOD LOVES YOU JUST AS YOU ARE and that’s all that matters………. In His Love, Laura

      • Juli Danner says:

        Thank you so very much for reading my over long comment and replying. And, thanks also for sharing with me about such a neat book. I looked it up on christianbooks.com and it looks so very interesting and encouraging.
        You have a wonderful weekend and don’t give up in in feeling empowered against what ever craving it is that you are struggling to over come.
        Love, Juli

  16. I may have left a comment once but as I was finishing the questions in chapter 2 something hit me. When Lysa asks the question of whether or not it’s about more thn looking good and getting compliments, I felt the Lord whisper to me that THAT is part of my problem. It’s not all about me!!! For so long in this journey it’s been about me looking better, about me feeling better, about me, me, me. While the benefits I may feel down the road may be about me, it’s about JESUS. That sounds so simple but getting the focus off of me and my self sufficiency is a big deal. Yay God!!!!!!

    • Charlotte Askew says:

      You go Jennifer, great acknowledgement that your cravings have been focused on the wrong person. We are all guilty of placing too much emphasis on ourselves. Congratulations on learning a real important lesson. Keep up the good job.

  17. Well, I finally received my book in the mail and quickly devoured the 2 chapters to catch up (read the book last year, but passed it to a friend). I realized that EVERY time I’ve been on a diet, I seem to fixate on what I CAN’T have (giving up white flour and sugar during this study). Two things that REALLY stuck out at me in Chapter 2: “Is it possible that I love and rely on food more than I love and rely on God?” (OUCH!!) and, “Instead of wallowing in what I CAN’T have, I’m making the CHOICE to celebrate what I CAN have”. These spoke volumes to me. This morning not only am I thankful for the healthy choices I’ve been making this week, but I’m also learning to rely on the LORD for His comfort and not food!! Have a blessed Friday everyone!! 😀

    • Charlotte Askew says:

      Good job Pat, you have realized that your priority has been misplaced by being on the “can’t have” instead of the “can have”. One of our main and fulfilling “can haves” is more of God. He is there to fill our cravings up with His love and peace. Have you ever noticed that you can be in a complete tizzy and then you stop for a few minutes and quietly bring God into that busyness and you immediately start feeling His peace and calm washing over you?? It will happen everytime, try it!

  18. Donna Bostick says:


    I have two words for the conference calls:


    I have pages and pages of notes from our A Confident Heart calls which I refer back to often. The calls for me summarized the truths and learnings from the book. And to hear the personal stories of Leah, Denise, Stephanie, you and eventually Renee let me know that I was not alone in my struggles. And for some reason, that made it ok … not to down play everyone’s stuggles …because they were as real as mine … their stories gave me HOPE! It’s one thing to read the stories … it’s another to hear the stories from the story tellers!!!

    To hear Stephanie laugh, well, that was the benefical part for me … I felt like I had my own personal glimpse into God’s healing power. I got to hear it and feel it!! And your stories … they mimicked my own …and lets just say … many tears bring much healing!! To be able to sit and hear how God is still at work in each one of us is a GIFT from God. And to know that I am not alone in this journey .. that I have Jesus Sisters to walk with me hand in hand … PRICELESS!

    In short … the conference calls made it REAL for me …they are making me REAL!

    Thank you for organizing them and for your courage to share your story!!


  19. I can’t sign up, but i am so grateful for the support system we have in each other as we go through this life changing study.

    God bless you all and remember…
    “we got da POWAHHHH !!” WOOHOO!

  20. Lynn Aguiar says:

    Melissa, Good Morning
    Chapter 3 is the roadblock for me. I loved 1 and 2, agreed with everything, identified my craving monster (not the cute orange fluffy one, but mine is a velociraptor chasing me around) but now a plan–oh no! That means I must get busy. God has a plan for me in this change in my life….I claim Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have you you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
    I am excited and afraid–my velociraptor has been in control. It will be dismanteled and buried under the new pathway I am building to God….one piece at a time.
    Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to our Precious Lord.

  21. I appreciate comments as I’m struggling this week. Great – only 6 days into the study & I’ve failed miserably. Huge temptation yesterday & blew it – stuck inside house for a week in wicked snow storm. Managed first few days, then crashed & burned yesterday. How do you pick yourself up & keep going?

    • Charlotte Askew says:

      Patty, you have already taken the first step to get back on track by coming here and posting your struggles. This study is not about making a commitment and then never falling away, it is about realizing we will face temptations and cave in to them from time to time. But, during those times we are struggling is when we cry out to God and draw closer and closer to Him. Replacing those misplaced desires to desiring more of God. You are not a failure, you only stumbled. Now, pick yourself up and get back to craving our Father.

    • Kay Bender says:

      Don’t give up. God’s mercies are new every morning. Just admit you blew it and move forward. God will EMPOWER you moment by moment. He loves you. If we feel condemned and hopless it is not from God. We may fall but our loving Lord will always gently pick us up and give us the strength needed to walk upright one step at a time.

    • Patty,
      Oh man can I identify! I had a great week and failed big big time today! Had a hot chocolate with whip cream and then pizza for different. Feel phycically and emotionally awful. Realized I did not stop and pray before my food choice and follwed MY plan not HIs. So… I prayed and heard ” You were made for more”. Thankfully we serve a loving Father who meets us right were we are! We have circled this mountain long enough. WE can turn north. I will pray for you mu sister in Christ.

  22. Laura Ivey says:

    I’m loving the study. I can identify with so much of what Lysa and all of you are talking about. I’m finding not only does food consume my mind all the time but that I feel so worthless to God sometimes. I’m much older than most of you girls and I use that as an excuse also. (71). Yes, I’d love to get rid of the “spare tires” around my middle but my biggest want is to be healthy, quit thinking about food and to center my life more on what our God wants of me.

    • Charlotte Askew says:

      Laura, I am older too, 67 years of youth. I can tell you what God wants of you. He wants MORE OF YOU, not just the part of you that isn’t thinking about food, but all of you. There is so many opportunities online for studying God’s Word, for learning more about Him. Fill your time with talking with Him, studying His word and become active in these studies and less time thinking about food. Do you have hobbies that you enjoy doing? I crochet and when I crochet, I say prayers for friends and families. I call my crocheting…hooking threads and prayers. I will check back on you, so post often. Blessings sweet sister.

      • Thanks Charlotte. You are right. I know HE wants ALL of me. I am very active in my church and in a study right now on prayer. He is my all, I know that but I seem to slip quite often into Satan’s well known pull by thinking I’m not GOOD enough. I do know it isn’t about being “good enough”. God loves me no matter what. I have to learn to love myself…and by all means CRAVE HIM above all else. (Yes, I used to crochet all the time. Maybe it’s time to take it up again. God bless you.

  23. Melanie Shannon says:

    I always crave something sweet then I have to have something salty – vicious cycle. I have signed up for the conference calls so hope it puts me in the drawing. Would love to have the action plan!

  24. Kay Bender says:

    This study is terriffic. It is a spiritual walk learning to crave God more than food or anyhing else. I am looking forward to weeks ahead. I do have a plan.

  25. You are all my friends on this journey. I came across this prayer and wanted to share: Dear Lord,
    Too many times I have run to the refrigerator for refuge instead of to You. Help me stop. I want to allow You to feed me when I feel overwhelmed by life. I want the peace You promise as I walk through this life. I ask Your forgiveness for the excuses I have made to trash Your temple by eating foods that make me sick and tired. May I never miss another day to live for You!
    In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

    • Charlotte Askew says:

      Beverly, beautiful and thank you for sharing. I am going to copy this prayer and put it on my refrigerator along with my magnet that says “Crave God”.

  26. Charlotte Askew says:

    It seems that finances are tight everywhere and for many of us. I won’t be able to sign up for the conference calls, however, I wanted to thank you for this study. Last year I was delayed in receiving my book and couldn’t get into it like I am doing this year. Thank you lady, you are a blessing to so many. You are beautiful inside and out….even without the makeup.

  27. Mary Lynn Tassotto says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I am doing your online MTC study, and thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for what you have done to bring so many women together in God’s word! When I read how many people are involved in this study, I am just amazed at how God is using you and Lysa’s book… Yay, God! :)
    I’m part of an online group, but I wish that I could personally, physically, connect with others who are taking part in this study other than on Facebook or your blog.
    I am new to the Pittsburgh area, and I have been praying for an accountability partner who lives nearby that I can exercise with, study with, pray with, and call when I want potato chips!
    I was wondering if there are other women out there who are feeling the same longing for a fellow sister in Christ to come alongside them and be to them who Holly was to Lysa, or who Marybeth was to Lysa?
    I don’t know if this is possible through your website or facebook page, or if it is something that you’ve given any thought to, but I think it would be fantastic if women who were interested in this kind of accountability could somehow “find” each other in their city or geographic area. This is a tough journey – we need each other!
    As I write this, I’m praying that God would direct someone from North Pittsburgh to read this post and e-mail me if you are looking for a sister to take this journey with you!
    <3 Mary Lynn

    • Michele Meola says:

      I am one of those “other women” who are wanting a sister in Christ to be like Holly was to Lisa. I also want to be the Holly to others. I am in the pittsburgh area too.

  28. today I gave up wanting to become published with my weekly devotional “living room ministry”. I got a call today from a self publishing company and the cost was greater then what I could afford. Recently – about a week or two back I read in God’s Word that his message should not be charged that it should go out free. I believe that was God telling me what he wished for this ministry I do. Today I made it final. Believe me its really hard .

    • I can relate, Debi. I wanted a new job, and kept putting in applications, and would have GREAT interviews with WONDERFUL feedback from the interviewers, but would be disappointed when I got the rejection letters. I hadn’t prayed about it…and when I did, I found this was my desire, not His. I now have a peace about my job; the LORD has shown me that this IS the job He wants me in for now, and I’m not stressed in it like I was.

      What are you going to do with your devotional? Share it online?

  29. Charlotte says:

    Last night I cried on my husband’s shoulder as I told him how much I wanted cake, thick frosted fluffy and soft. I am like many of you and just want sweet. I like what lysa had to say at the end of the chapter though. “this journey will require you to make some tough sacrifices, but I have come to look at this process as embracing healthy choices rather than denying self… The mental and spiritual lessons gained in this time will be the very thing that will equip you for the long haul. ” as challenging as this is, I am in it for the long haul.

    • Charlotte Askew says:

      Charlotte, look at that piece of cake for what it is. It might be thick, frosted, fluffy and soft, and you can rest assured that it will add thickness, fluffy and softness to your body in all the wrong ways. Call it what it is….trash being dumped in God’s temple. Keep resisting those addictive foods.

  30. I have had some cravings for sweet and salty but I have really done well this week. I have the Empowered sign on my fridge, reading the chapters in the book, the MTC devotional book and then Melissa’s blog……I feel like I am bombarding the enemy with lot and lots of scripture, prayer and my head is filled with positive and encouraging words from all of this. I have grabbed yogurt this week instead of cheeze its or other junk and I have really felt satisfied. Today I went out to lunch with my husband and usually I LOVE to lunch out!! I get excited to order sandwiches, etc that are extra yummy (lots of calories and fat) and french fries or chips. Instead, we went to a deli that has healthy food and I enjoyed a fresh salad and a bowl of soup. I am just happy that I took a small step in the right direction by making healthy choices and I KNOW it will help build the path to a lifetime of eating right and going to God instead of food. I am praying for all the people doing this study this week. GOD is AMAZING!

    • Charlotte Askew says:

      You are learning to walk with baby steps on this journey. One foot in front of the other. Ever notice how when a baby is learning to walk that when they fall, they bounce right back up? Well, that is what we will be doing too. God is filling us with a desire for Him and not food. Good luck.

  31. Hmmm… Can’t find my post from yesterday. I said that I craved sweets all day long and gave into the cravings, instead of fighting them.

    However tonight I went out to the store and picked up some healthier snacks and food to try to do better this coming week. Also looking forward to those that were going to hold me accountable in my counting calories on my blog. (Just click my name to go there.)

  32. Sweet and salty is I believe every one crave or at least many. I am considering the conference calls but know that I may not be able to catch them when they happen. Does anyone knows if you miss it is it recorded so you can listen to it later?

    • I believe I read they would be recorded. It is hard for me to catch them too since I am on the West Coast and 8pm EST is 5pm PST – hard to listen and make dinner at the same time.

  33. My husband and I went out to dinner last night and she ordered 1 entree and split it and then got the mini-dessert cup for 1 person and split it. Normally I would have had an entire meal plus a full dessert. I am praying daily for Gods’ power to control my eating. During my quiet time He spoke powerfully to me in Isaiah55:2 “Listen to ME and eat what is good and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.” It brought chills all over me that God was truly interested in my food choices !!

    • Charlotte Askew says:

      Great job Pat. You are focused on control of food and out-of-control desire for God.

  34. Jennifer C says:

    Whew! It’s been an interesting and empowering week. With God’s help, I know I can do this!

  35. I realized just this morning that I crave eyesight. You see I am totally blind & I have been since I was 19 years old & I am now 41. Due to my craving eyesight I was saying I can’t see, but I can taste & smell so I have always allowed myself to just eat & enjoy because I deserve it, right! God allowed me to be physically blind, so He would want me to comfort myself some how, right! He gave us food so we should eat, right! That is what I have been telling myself for oh so long! I am realizing that I need to walk by faith & stop trying to physicall see when all I really need to do is have the eyes of my heart look at His eyes & see Him. I am absolutely loving this study

    God Bless Ladies, I pray we will become Spiritually sighted & walk by faith not our physical eyesight! !

    • Charlotte Askew says:

      Beautifully said Julie. Yes, we all are called to walk by faith and not by sight. I praise God for allowing you to fully grasp what we are called to do. You are walking by faith sweet friend.

  36. Just thought I’d share this from C.S. Lewis. “He (God) Himself is the fuel our spirits were designed to burn, or the food our spirits were designed to feed on. There is no other.” from Mere Christianity.

  37. Dear sisters,
    thanks you so much for sharing your stories! I got the book a few weeks ago from my friend and I read it in only a few days… one night I woke up at 2 am and read until 4 am, started praying and felt asleep… this was such a peaceful sleep… God was really working in me through this book… woke up at 6:30 am again… read until 12:30 pm to the last pages… God showed me, that I am not only addicted to food, but also to the appreciation of guys and at work to perfectionism and also the fact that I want to please everybody. Wow, what a realization… I am so thankful for this study – I know, this will be a life-long journey! And I definitely need all the support I can get! So I was so happy about Melissa’s bible study and I am looking so much forward to the webcast!

    This last week was really hard… and I failed many times – I gave in to many temptations… Also I am gaining weight right now… I am not exercising because of work… and so many excuses I have… Ladies, I bring it to the open as well… I even vomited on evening… It seems like my past just tries to get me back… I was bulimic starting with 16 until maybe 19 years – now I am 35 years old and besides some short phases, I stopped vomiting… But still food is really an addiction for me… I even buy sweets and open the boxes at the car… looking around that nobody sees me… how crazy is that… and I hated my self for doing that and also for vomiting… it is like a penalty for me, because I was so weak and just ate all the junk before, so I deserve the pain… Writing all of this I am so thankful, that I am God’s beloved daughter, that He wants to set me free. How amazing! I don’t have to do it on my own.. I don’t have to fight by myself…

    Dear heavenly Father,
    thank you so much for your grace, mercy and for your Love! Please be with all these wonderful ladies! Lift them up! Holy Spirit EMPOWER us all! Show us your way. Give us the desire to seek you, Lord! Open our eyes to see, how do you see us – your beautiful, captivating, breathtaking daughter! Lord, we seek your face, we want to become the godly wives and women you are describing in Porverbs 31! We are far more worth than rubies (Proverbs 31:10)! Thank you, Lord. Protect our hearts. Nothing can separate us form your love (Romans 8:39). Not even we, ourselves! Thank you, Lord. I praise your name! Thank you for the Provers 31 ministries, especially for Melissa and Lysa, your wonderful daughters, who both are touching so many women’s lives. I am in awe! In Jesus’ precious and glorious name I pray, AMEN!

    • I know how hard it is to get out of “routines” bad habits….I’ve never had a bulimic issue but many other addictions that are NOT healthy…get on here and leave a message any time you are feeling the need to do it…make a list of distractions you can use when you’re in “the mood” etc.

  38. I am wondering if I missed the video with Melissa answering questions from the week?
    Also, Lysa wrote as part of her plan she learned and practiced “food combining” anyone care to explain that to me!?!?
    I would love to hear other people’s food plans (chap 3 Q5) . . . I am not sure how specific to be b/c I dont want to frustrate myself but also I need some boundaries. Right now I’m thinking this is my plan: More veggies, less sweets/snacking, no eating after 8:30pm, seek healthy choices for snacks (only when hungry), portion control!!

    • Charlotte Askew says:

      Emily, you seem to have a good plan going. Be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, that is very important. Eat more veggies and fruits. Less white stuff like white bread, white rice, flour, potatoes…you get the idea. Let your sweets be fruits, yogurts, etc. Leave off the candies, cookies, pies, cakes. This doesn’t mean you can never have them again, you just need to have them on occasion only and then with portion control. Learning what constitutes a portion is also very important. Get out your measuring spoons, cups and scales. You will get it together.

      As for the past, here is a little saying: when the past calls, let it go to voicemail, it has nothing new to say.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks Charlotte for your encouraging thoughts.
        I work hard to drink at least 8 glasses of water, this is especially important to me as a nursing mom:)
        The Lord’s blessings to you!

    • I want to know more about people’s food plans too…I REALLY like the Look Better naked diet, but can’t start it right now. I am working on portion control, ONLY EATING WHEN I’m HUNGRY…that’s my big issue. I need more fruits, veggies, protein, water, less sugar and carbs! YOU CAN DO THIS…with HIM!

  39. As Lysa said in the Proverbs 31 devotional on the 19th,
    Triggers have nothing to do with physical hunger or the need for legitimate nourishment. They are lies that we’ve thought so routinely they’ve become well-worn paths to careless eating. Life is not made better because we overindulge in an unhealthy choice.

    The best thing we can do in these triggered moments is to pause. Pause and ask ourselves, “Do I want to eat this right now because I need nourishment or because I’m feeling empty emotionally or spiritually?”

    This week I’ll write down what triggers determine an unhealthy pattern with my eating habits. I’ll pause and use God’s truths to challenge my triggers. And, when I’m truly physically hungry, that pause will give me the moment I need to choose a healthy snack.

    I found this pretty powerful, and I’m going to attempt to ask myself that before I eat anything this week. Hoping someone else finds it powerful as well.

  40. Praying for an accountability/prayer partner through this journey! I hope that not having one will not be my downfall when I get weak and want to cave in. I’m reading in Ch 4 “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Before Thinking” how crucial this component is to achieving success.

    • Mary Lynn Tassotto says:

      Me too, Kina! I live in Pittsburgh and would love to have an accountability partner that I could actually exercise with, pray with, call when I want chips, etc! Not sure where you are living, but I will pray for you on this journey. It is tough – we need each other! Jesus is your constant companion in the weak moments… you aren’t alone! Keep resisting those unhealthy cravings and find your satisfaction in your Savior!

      • Hi Mary Lynn! Thanks for the prayers, I will pray for you too! It’s so much needed and necessary. I live in Chicago. Let’s seek God for all our needs in the meantime. He is our ultimate provider! Have a DETERMINED week!

  41. I was listening to the radio this AM and heard Mandisa talking about her weight loss and how this Bible study helped her…i started reading the book last week and got to chapter 7..listening to the audio version but I realize I need to slow down and dig in more as just LISTENING might not work as well. I’m SO excited be a part of this community and have people to help. I LONG not to be skinny (that will NEVER happen!) I just want to be healthy and in a smaller size. I’m only in my upper 20’s and want to “restart” my health from here on out before it gets REALLY BAD! Working in counseling sector I’ve learned a lot to help people change their thinking and improve their lives…and mine in general is pretty decent but food has the BIGGEST strong hold in my life…always thinking about the next meal or craving the thing I don’t have, etc. Praying for all of you through this journey! So glad to have a chance to stick through this and come out the other side better, I know it’s going to be an incredibly difficult journey hopefully a life changing one…once I survive and THRIVE!

  42. I so to lose the extra weight from my body but more than that I no longer want to be a slave to food. I want God’s voice to be way louder than food’s call. I know God is always offering a way of escape every time I’m tempted to make a poor food choice but in the past I have deadened myself to His voice and given in. I that I need to learn again to listen to His voice.


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