Jan 25

Happy Wednesday!

Just checking in!  I hope you all are having a great week!

I wish I time to write. Once again, life has interrupted. I have 2 children who need their mama in a big way and so I will be keeping it short.

Our first conference call DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  Ladies, who were on the call, what did you think?  I’m praying you were empowered by Dr. Chilton’s awesome information and inspiration. We are not victims, we can do this. I also hope you gained some encouragement from the message I gave you, Dare to Believe This Time Will Be Different.  We have to.  It can be. It is!  I sent out the recording information for the call Wednesday morning. If you signed up for the calls, then you should have received it. Check your spam folders as well as your inbox. If you don’t receive it, call me at the office Thursday, 877-731-4663.  If you are interested in the calls and haven’t signed up yet, you still can. You can listen to the recording of the first and we still have 3 more to go! Call me at the office or sign up here.

Many of you expressed discouragement in the comments on this blog because you don’t have an accountability partner. Don’t focus on that. Don’t focus on your obstacles, overcome them. An accountability partner is beneficial but not the make it or break it of this journey to good health!  Believe in yourself. You are God’s beautiful child, do not entertain lies. Dig into God’s Word and listen to the Truth.

Oh yea, one more thing…we have 4 winners of the Made to Crave Action Plan and DVD. Anita Wallace, Sue Ryno, Julie Angeny, and Patricia Daniel you have won!  Email me or call me so I can get your information and send you the awesome Action Plan Bundle.

I’m praying for all of you! I’m so proud of you for sticking with this. Don’t give up, keep going. I believe in you. God believes in you, that’s even better!  Stay DETERMINED. We got da POWAHHH! :)

Big Blessings!





  1. Dear Melissa, I am unable to study with you at this time. I am doing two bible studies thur church. Time will not allow me to do this one also. But because of A Confident Heart study i will be teaching the Made to Crave as our next study. Also i made the six week challenge with ya’ll. I am going to the YMCA five days a week. Thank you for your obedience to God. bless you Meretta

  2. I am encouraged to believe that this time will be different! I feel that in part this is due to the prayers of those who don’t even know me. This battle will be tough, but is IS possible, and will be worth it! New strategy: When attacked, don’t ignore it. Acknowledge it. Dismiss it. Run to God. I am confident that the pruning and refinement to come will be worth it!

  3. Great call last night. I’m hoping I can get the kiddos tucked into bed in time to do the webcast tonight too! I loved what the Dr. said about how we are leaving a legacy for our family and children – healthy eating habits and consistent workouts are really important teaching tools for our kids. One of my motivators for getting to the gym and eating better is the overall healthy of our family. I want to be around for a long time (God willing) and in good shape so I can play with my boys and their kids (which better not be for another 20 years! 😉

    I’ve had a mini-break through this week on craving God. He is answering my prayers in deed! I’ve found my body and soul restless this week if I don’t get my time with Him and His word. I usually try to do this in the morning before the house gets up but my youngest has been waking up at 4:30 the past two days – and I’ve felt totally stressed by not having my morning time with God. I’ve prayed that i would crave God like a good cup of coffee and I am! I had complete moody withdraws without HIM! Yippee! now to work on the moodiness 😉

    Full of empowerment and determination this week. The scale hasn’t moved but now that I’m on a fiber mission I hope to see that 1.5lb loss SOON!

    PS- for those who don’t have an accountability partner, the comments section could always be one. We are all in this together. Post your plan, your results, your struggles and TRIUMPHS!! Ok, enough rambling. Back to work.

  4. Julie Angeny says:

    Well – this just made my WEEK! I came on to the blog this morning to see what’s new and there is my name for the MTC Action Plan and DVD!! THANK YOU!! Several days ago God was speaking a word to me for this week. That word was “hope”. Last night’s message fit perfectly in with what God was already working in my (sometimes slow to learn) heart. Dare to believe that this time IS different! God has been working some pretty big changes into my heart and life as He has shown me areas that He is healing in my fragile heart. The funny thing is that He started lining it all up before I’d even READ MTC or heard of the online study. Back in September He convicted me that my body, my temple of His holy spirit, needed to be a priority. I had lost weight several yrs ago but suffered a major knee injury and torn leg muscle. That was enough of an obstacle to thrown me off my groove and I gained back about half of the weight that I had lost. I’m now back down to what I was there and am working on losing the remaining weight that needs to be gone. More and more ladies are coming to me asking “how did you do it?” and my prayer has been that I could point them to a deeper walk with the Lord and weight loss as a result of that. I have several ladies that are interested in doing a MTC study with me and I believe that God is going to do great things! No obstacle is greater than His power! He’s got da ultimate power!!! ” Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. Psalm 62:5″

  5. Thank you for your post Melissa! I pray all is well with you & your children. It’s such a blessing to have a mother who is always there for you when needed. It’s so awesome!

  6. MelindaRae says:

    Reading the comments does indeed bring a sense of “this might just be possible” I suppose I always thought my struggles were different, but apparently not.

  7. Jennifer Rae says:

    Did anyone get the First For Women magazine (cover date Feb. 13) that has an article about faith/prayer/weight loss? Just picked it up. Lysa is quoted in it.

  8. KAY PARRISH says:


  9. Awesome call last night! Looking foward to Dr. Chilton’s webinar tonight! Yes, this time it will be different. Thank you Melissa for leading this study! It truly is empowering!!

  10. I’m praying for you Melissa…and your family!

  11. Melissa thank you for all the encouragement that you always have for me. I struggle with always wanting something sweet after i eat. GOD and your encouragement has helped me to stay focused most of the time. I have learned a lot about myself. I have the determination but some times no motivation. I have given up drinking sodas . I know drink lots of water! The eating healthy part i have accomplished from last time we did made to crave. I need prayer for healing in my heal and now my knee. Makes it really hard to have motivation to workout my body. Please! Please! pray for my healing so that i can get back to walking my three miles that i was walking. My goal is to walk six miles by summer. LOTS OF HUGS AND BLESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Melissa thank you for all the encouragement that you always have for me. I struggle with always wanting something sweet after i eat. GOD and your encouragement has helped me to stay focused most of the time. I have learned a lot about myself. I have the determination but some times no motivation. I have given up drinking sodas . I know drink lots of water! The eating healthy part i have accomplished from last time we did made to crave. I need prayer for healing in my heal and now my knee. Makes it really hard to have motivation to workout my body. Please! Please! pray for my healing so that i can get back to walking my three miles that i was walking. My goal is to walk six miles by summer. LOTS OF HUGS AND BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ive been anxious to see last week’s Vblog, hoping for a response to my email. Will there still be one for Week 1?

  14. I enjoyed the call. It was an encouragement to hear the steps again. It’s what we all know… we just don’t always want to follow. I have prayed the verse, “everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial,” a lot this week. I asked the Lord for a visual and I see in my head healthy food making me vibrant, full of energy and enjoying life.
    I also want to encourage any of you thinking you cannot get 25 grams of fiber a week. Today I got in 40 grams and I am so full (and it was only 852 calories! That’s lower than my daily goal and a little low to be honest but my point is something Dr. Chilton said last night…if you concentrate on fiber, you won’t have to count calories! I like that. I only know the calories because I am posting every bite that goes into my mouth on myfitnesspal.com. ). You can do this! I will also say it hasn’t cost me a lot more to eat so many fruits and vegetables because I am so full! I am eating a lot of beans (turkey chili at lunch and split pea soup at dinner)and fruit (raspberries smoothie for breakfast) but I am pushing the water as well. I don’t want this to sound boastful…I am boasting in the Lord. I want to say, YOU CAN DO IT! I am amazed at the goodness of the Lord. One of our verses this week: Psalm 28:7 The Lord is my strength and my shield; I trust Him and He helps me!

  15. Melanie Shannon says:

    The conference call was so great last night. This time I know willl be different and I thank God for allowing me to do this study with Melissa and each one of you. I feel a connection to each one of you. God is so good! One fun thing I am doing is I wrote my name in the center of the page and then around my name I am putting the words of the week from MTC amd A Confident heart. Can’t wait to see it in the end but also excited to know God is engraving each word into my heart! Many blessings to you all!!

  16. Sarah Humes says:

    Ok…I’m sharing little victory tonight. I was CRAVING pizza worse than I think I ever have before. Every single one of those lies covered in the book was flung at me. “I deserve this. I’ve been so good. 1 cheat night is ok.” But, I quoted the comebacks in the book, “I was made for more. How will I feel in the morning?” So, I took the 15 bucks I would have spent on pizza and signed up for the conference calls!!!! I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and praise God for helping me get through the temptations and better yet, to invest in myself in a healthy way! God is so good! Praying for all my sisters on this journey! That we can all have a little glimpse of victory here and there that keeps us motivated! :)

    • Awesome!! I will be praying that you see tangible evidence of God’s faithfulness in showing you the ways you were meant for more!!! I love it when we call on him and he answers in a way that will serve to your benefit too!

  17. Wow! I’m once again struck at how awesome God’s timing is. Doing chapter five and the reflection questions I am overwhelmed with God’s Truth! I am the forgiven child of God, I am the made new child of God. (This will be my focus as I deal with the scars and post cancer treatment body. I do not have to be defined by the emotional pain of cancer!) I am DETERMINED to stay focused on the Lord and His power, not food!

  18. This study, this chapter has come at a perfect time. My son has been home from Afghanistan a month. We visited with him at his post at Christmas, and he is home for 6 days….the first time in over a year. He’s opening up about things he’s seen/done and while it would be so easy to go try to find comfort in food, it is the LORD I am turning to. 😀 When I asked my son if there’s any favorite foods I can make him, he said it’s “only food”; he didn’t eat very well over in Afghanistan, and lost a lot of weight. My husband and I are focusing on spending quality time with him, and NOT worrying about the food…I’m Italian and believe me, it is very difficult to NOT focus on trying to feed him!! LOL

    Tonight will be a bit of a struggle, because we are going to visit with all the family, and I’m sure there will make tempting sweets. I’m bringing the healthy salad and raw veggies. I will lean on God’s strength, NOT my own, and keep reminding myself, it’s “only food”. 😀

  19. Heather P says:

    WOW! I had to get my book back from a friend, and now I need to catch up. I think I have more determination this year, but still need to put that exercising in a little more. I really enjoyed the Tens from last week and still try to get them in each day, even if only one set.

  20. Melissa — thank you soooo much. I struggled with Chapter 4, but also had to really think about WHY I have a hard time finding someone to be accountable to. I don’t want it to be my husband, we move often (military) and friends change so they don’t have roots, and some friends and I allow too many of ‘those days’ when we just let ourselves give in.

    THEN I read Chapter 5 — I am encouraged!

    I am excited to daily invite God into my struggle, which He already knows! I am encouraged to think about The King of Kings being with me on this journey! And, though I don’t have someone physically who I can go to more often, I am so thankful for this blog site to ‘listen’ to others and also lift them up in prayer throughout the day!

    Ladies – as I see your names, I will be praying for you too! We have an awesome God who brings us together in the most wonderful ways!

    Have a blessed day!

  21. Hey all! I’m battling cravings today – something sweet is just calling my name. My tummy feels full (thank you fiber!) but I am on “the hunt” for something. I know how this goes though – when I am on “the hunt” I never find what I am truly hunting for, I eat a cookie and 2 mins later “the hunt” is back on… and when I say that, I mean IT IS ON! I end up blowing through a lot of empty calories on bad for me food and then think “well, the day is blown, I might as well enjoy myself.” So I’m going to ramble a bit to find the brakes.

    Instead of reaching in the pantry, I am choosing to chant “I was made for more than this!” God doesn’t want me chained to anything, He wants me free – He gave His one and only son for me to have that freedom. I am so thankful for His word (and the MTC for providing just the right passages) to help me battle through. I am waiting in expectation on Him and praising Him for this opportunity to develop self-discipline and patience. I am not going to worry about whether I will battle like this every day because Jesus says do not worry about tomorrow, today has enough worries of it’s own and I know that God promises that my patience will eventually be forged into the tempered steel of a virtue. I am assured victory when I stay on His path and YOU ARE TOO!!!! This time IS going to be different! Keep it up, ladies (and gents!)

  22. sharing a quote I came across that I hope encourages everyone to some degree:
    “The symbol of the religion of Jesus is the cross, not the scales.” –John Stott

  23. l went to my book club last night and we watched a movie. One of the ladies made apricot cake and l said just a sliver please, knowing l should not , l ate it. Then while watching the movie l heard all our stories in my head and felt convicted. When the caramel popcorn went around l said to myself “you were made for more than this” and passed it along. It was very hard and this was the first time l had gone out to someones house since starting this with all of you. l realize that l am weak when l am not in my own house where l can control the food in the house. l need to be more verbal with my other friends about what l am doing then when l say no they will understand. There is a pressure for me when l am out of my own house. Was wondering if a person should stay close to home for the first little while on this adventure, what do you think? Anyone else have more difficulty when out of the house in a different environment?

    • You could try staying home but that might take more explaining to your friends than just a “no thank you” and, if pressed, a simple honest answer. You can do this, good job on passing up the caramel popcorn and just having a sliver of cake!
      I find being home a challenge b/c no one is around to watch me eat and it is easy to go overboard. When not at home I think I am a little more on my guard and try to make good decisions.
      We were indeed made for more – to give glory to God! In everything!! Even this. Keep up the good work!

  24. Thinking that I should get off of here and go read chapter 5 now, so that I can be encouraged too.

  25. God is our accountability partner, he sees all and knows all and is there for you 24/7! Now I just have to work on making that a truth for myself! Everyone’s faith is so admirable and I wish I had a 10th of what all of you wonderful women had! I keep working each day and reminding myself that I am not in charge but HE is in charge so I just need to CHILL!!! God Bless. I am a bit behind but am catching up. I am also watching the DVD at the end of each week.

  26. Excited about the new book and study coming out! “An Untroubled Heart, Finding a Faith that is Stronger Than All My Fears”, sounds like just what I need. Knowing that our faith overcomes our fears is one thing, but living it out is a whole different thing. I have been so blessed by the MTC study and comraderie with everyone who battles their cravings. It it such a blessing to know we do not stuggle alone. Thank you Lysa, Melissa and all of you ladies that have to courage to step out in faith and share your stories.

  27. I have been blessed by the Proverbs31 daily encouragement I receive. I have tried to incorporate it into my daily prayer life and have been encouraged by the words. Sometimes the message speaks directly into my life. I keep a prayer journal and try to write my prayers down everyday but sometimes the busyness of life takes over and I have to say a short prayer and pray as I work. During those times I sometimes have feelings of dread and have to learn to replace it with truth-filled thoughts, remembering when it tries to take over that my God is an AWESOME GOD and HE answers prayers.. The dread I feel sometimes are more so concerning the 5 children He has blessed me with, especially my son. I pray thet I will overcome those feeling having FAITH he will get back on the right path. I know he wants to because I found his cry for help in some notes he wrote on the inside of a shoe box other notebooks. His call to the Lord to help him QUIT messing up. I need to hold fast without dread and this too shall come to pass.