Jan 27

Growing Closer to God and Giveaway

Hey y’all!  My name is Heather Bleier, I’m taking over for Melissa today, and I’m thrilled to be here!  In our pursuit of nourishing our hearts with God instead of food, today I want us to focus on Chapter Six, “Growing Closer to God.”  Just as Lysa TerKeurst encouraged us to come up with a healthy eating plan to help feed our bodies with good things; I would like to encourage you to come up with a healthy eating plan to feed your heart with God’s Word.  I call this plan TAPP and it’s pretty simple, with a few no brainer ideas that I hope will help get you going on some fine dining with the Lord each day.


God’s Word gives us direction on spending time with Him, both in the Old and New Testaments.  King David records in Psalm 5:3, that He meets with God early in the morning as does Jesus according to Mark 1:35.  The quiet of morning seems to be the prime time for God time.  It’s in this quiet before the storm, we are able to receive strength, focus, and direction for the day and give God our first fruits.  Now for me, morning makes the most sense…then again I don’t have any children and I can only imagine the dynamic children must add to a person’s morning routine.  I also know that the morning wasn’t the only time Christ set out to meet with His Father; though it seems to be His first choice.  Christ was often found ministering to God’s people, teaching and healing them.  I wonder at the complete physical exhaustion Jesus must have felt as people were brought to Him at all hours of the day…and night.   It would make sense then that there were times Jesus couldn’t meet with God in the morning and instead, He would take time later in the day {see: Mark 6:45-46, Mark 14:32-34, Luke 5:16, Luke 6:12}.  This must be my first step, I must set a Time to spend with God each day and dedicate it to Him.

For me, that is 6:00-8:00am each morning.  When will your Time be?  Will it need to change each day because of work, school, or family?  Whenever it is, put it on your daily calendar either on your phone or the one hanging in the kitchen, let your family know when this time will be and ask them to honor it by letting you be alone.


Satan would have us believe that we can’t do this and he’s right.  On our own…we will falter every time, but “{We} can do all this through Him who gives {us} strength,” Philippians 4:13.  God is the one who will give us strength to do this and in Proverbs 27:17 He reminds us that “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”  What we need is some tangible Accountability.  We need someone who will ask us each day, “How have you spent one on one time with God today?” or “What did you learn and how does it affect your faith?”  Some of us may even need someone who will make us feel a little guilty if we skip our Quiet Time; though for others, that may be counterproductive.  Let that person know when you plan on setting aside your Quiet Time and send them a text, email or call them when you’re done, or have them call you, but find what works.

For me, it’s my husband, but whether our Accountability partner is our spouse, dear friend, sibling, co-worker, mom, dad, or whomever, we need to know someone is going to help us stay on track.


We all have those places where we can focus and those places that keep us hopelessly distracted.  Our Quiet Time space needs to be set up so that when we sit down with the Lord, nothing will get in our way.  One thing I know, I cannot have my iPhone within reach of my Quiet Time area!  I have no internet at home, so my laptop posses no problem, but that little 4.9oz phone might as well be dipped in glitter…or chocolate!  When I get myself up for my Quiet Time, I have to set my phone in the kitchen or some other space in the house where it cannot disturb me.  I have also set up my little Quiet Time space with everything I need; my Bible, journal, a light, a delicious smelling candle, extra pens, pencils and highlighters, note cards, a few devotion books, and of course whatever Bible study I’m doing at the time.  {My hubby is up and about by 7:00am, so a good pair of noise reducing ear buds and an iPod are also essential for my Quiet Time space.}  If you have a little wall space, you can put up some corkboard and pin up Bible verses, questions, prayer requests, pictures, or whatever else draws your heart to God.

My space is a desk in my living room my hubby bought me for Christmas and it’s set aside for one purpose, a Place for God and I to meet.  What Place will you set aside for your Quiet Time?  It could be your kitchen table, a desk in a spare room, a nook in the laundry room or garage; I tried using my couch for a while…but found myself falling back asleep.  You could add an empty chair, a picture, or light a candle to remind you of God’s presence there with you.


What will you do during your Quiet Time?  Will it be the same each day or will you change it up each time?  Here are a few ideas…

  1. Begin with a prayer.  It doesn’t have to be long; after all, the Lord’s Prayer only takes 30 seconds to say {I know, I timed it}.  Simply ask God to join you and help you understand whatever He reveals to you in His Word.
  2. Spend a little time each day memorizing Scripture.  Need tips on how?  This post just might do the trick: Memorizing God’s Word.
  3. Start a Bible reading plan or create one of your own.  There are TONs of reading plans out there, from reading the Bible in a year to the top 100 passages of the Bible.  Choose one and stick with it: YouVersion Bible Reading Plans
  4. Purchase a devotion book or subscribe to a daily email devotional.  I recommend the Proverbs 31 Devotions which include application steps, additional resources, and extra Bible verses.
  5. Use those pencils and highlighters!  God isn’t going to be upset if you mark in His book; after all, it’s His gift to us!
  6. Jot down your thoughts on whatever you read.  Whether you read a devotion, passage of the Bible or answered a few questions from a Bible study, write down what it means to you and how it will affect your faith.  Write down if it made you happy, sad, mad, confused, or whatever, but simply write your reaction to what you have read.
  7. Close with prayer.  Perhaps you have people who have asked you to pray for them, this would be a great time to lift them up to the Lord.  Have a long list of requests?  Divide them up throughout the week.  Wendy Blight has a great example how in week four of her study called Cultivating a Heart of Prayer.  You could also dedicate one day a week just to praying; believe me you will be able to fill that time up quickly and wish you had more time!

Whatever your Quiet Time looks like, make it your own, the above are just a few ideas and suggestions to help get you started.  As Lysa reminds us in Chapter Six, “God can’t be reduced to a checklist,” {pg 59} let Him help you decide what your TAPP should look like!

Father, You know when we sit and when we rise, You know when we hunger and thirst.  We ask You to help us crave Your Word above everything.  Whether it’s in the quiet of morning or in the cool of the evening, draw our hearts closer to You as we dive into Your Word.  When we set aside time to be with You, help us to guard that time, making it a precious part of our day, let nothing else get in our way.  Meet with us there, open our hungry hearts to receive nourishment from the bread of heaven, Your Son Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh.  Thank You.  Thank You for the gift of Your Word, that You, the Living God, our creator, actually desires to be with us!  Who are we Lord that You would crave being with us?  We are Your creation, made from the dust of the earth and yet…here You are…living in us!  Lord my heart is so humbled by that simple fact.  You have set our bodies apart to be Your dwelling place, Your temple, holy and precious.  There is no place we can go where we are not in Your presence, no place on earth can hide us from Your sight.  What comfort that brings!  We are never out of Your sight and never out of Your care.  Draw us closer to You each day as we draw near Your Son through the precious Word You have given.  We ask this in Your Son’s name, Amen!

Leave a comment sharing what your TAPP looks like to be entered to win a year’s subscription to the Proverbs 31 Magazine.  The winner will be announced in Sunday’s post.


Yours in Christ,

Heather Bleier




  1. Tonya McCoy says:

    This is awesome Heather! Thank you for sharing! I know my day has to begin with God or ELSE! I wouldn’t trade this time fr anything & I get up however early I have to just to have quiet time before everyone else is up!

  2. Juli Danner says:

    My favorite part of Chapter 5 was on pages 52 and 53 where Lysa talked about how she identified herself based on her past circumstances instead of her present relationship with God and then how she one day realized that her identity was based on who God’s word said she is and not who she was.

    • I loved that part as well. I myself am guilty of identifying myself on my past and even present circumstances. Something I am really working on and praying about. I plan to go back often to re-read the statements Lysa included in the book on our true identity in God’s eyes.

  3. I start off with a short prayer as soon as I wake just to thank God for another opportunity. I then open up the Proverbs 31 devotional for the previous day. I am a day behind so that I can enjoy it during my quiet time. I jot down any notes or revelations in a small journal I keep next to my bed. It is usually the little prayer at the end of the devotional which is how I end my TAPP. Usually on the weekend is my time for rewiewing my notes from the week.

  4. Juli Danner says:

    Lysa’s lies from the devil on page 61 of Chapter 6, just jumped off the page and smacked me in the face with a cold, hard dose of reality because I have heard those same lies of his and, sadly, agreed with those lies, so many times in my past. I can’t even begin to count how many times I would hear the devil loudly yell into my heart, You’ll never be free from this battle. You will always bounce from feeling deprived of people’s approval when you are trying to exercise self-control and self-discipline and make the healthier, wiser choice for yourself to feeling guilty when you stumble and splurge by boasting of something good you did by telling another person about your good deed to obtain their approval that you are a good Christian. Victory will never be possible for you, only others, who truly do have it all figured out on understanding and seeking only God’s approval. You aren’t capable of self-control over boasting of your good deeds. So, why do you even bother to deny yourself of what you crave and deserve. After all, you’re only human and even God tells you i n the Bible that everybody will stumble from time to time. That’s why He keeps allowing you to go to Him and repent and He will forgive you over and over. Just do what you want and then repent and be forgiven. It’s all good!!

  5. I began a pretty serious quiet time January 1, 2011, but I am attempting to deepen that (with the Lord’s help) in 2012. I am a homeschool mom of 7. I rise at 5 or 5:30 to get into the Word. I grab my cup of coffee, and sit at His feet (well, at my computer-LOL). First, I fill in my “thankful” journal ( a small memo sized notebook with just thanks), I pray, then I begin my study: reading a verse of the day from both Max Lucado and Biblegateway, reading through the Bible in a year with a selection from OT and NT (I use Biblegateway’s plan), then on weekdays I read the Proverbs 31 devotion (which I then pass on to four of “my girls”) and Girlfriends in God from Biblegateway. I take notes on these devotions. Then I do my Made to Crave study, again with notes in the back portion of this journal. I am accountable with some friends I meet with at a Wednesday study and with friens on facebook. They lift me in prayer and praise. I do not allow myself to view any facebook or other emails until my time with the Lord is completed. He must be first! This plan is great for me–in the quiet of the early morning. Then I find that the Lord gives me strength to do what HE wants me to do each day. I am able to complete the school lessons with the children– I have purposed a Bible lesson with them first, before academics, around the kitchen table. Since I have been fed my daily bread, I am able to help them with theirs. Praise God for His faithfulness to me. I could not do this without Him.

    • I love the thankful journal. I love to journal and i usually write my prayers to keep me focused and my mind from wandering. Also it is a tool for victory in my life to sometimes go back and reread prayers that God answered in a mighty way… or a tender sweet … or in a redirecting kind a way. I never thought about one devoted just to Thankfulness. It could even be given as gift to children and grandchildren. I would have to add to mine today that I am thankful for all of the people I get to meet as a result of this study.

    • I love the thankful journal as well. I journal quite often,and like Lisa from the comment below, I like to write down my prayers to keep my mind from wandering and help me stay focused. But I would love to have a separate journal just for thankfulness.

  6. Morning time is definitely best for me! My kids are away in college and my husband works so the whole house is available for me to use. I like to sit at the table and spread out my resources and supplies. My hubs is my accountability partner, but I also have a friend taking this MTC journey with me. I do my Beth Moore study first followed by MTC and P31 and Bible reading, but I mix it up, too. Then I have a time of prayer…I also pray throughout the day as the Spirit leads and I see requests online.

    I love praying:)!

  7. KAY PARRISH says:


  8. l am a person who has to sneak my quiet time as l am married to a doubting thomas. anytime the bible is out or l listen to charles stanley on tv, l need to shut it off if my husband comes in as he makes negative remarks. l truly dont like to have to hide my faith. l work in a lab drawing blood and performing heart scans so while the heart scan is running it is very quiet with no talking so l sneak in some prayers and chats with God. Also in the car ride to work l chat with God.
    My husband is self-employed so he comes and goes all day long into the house so l am not really relaxed to sit down and TAPP in. l would love some prayers for the my hisband to come to the Lord or at least allow me to without feeling on edge.
    thanks heather and mellissa for your heartfelt dedication and prayers for all of us.

    • I will pray for you Brennie. I have been praying for my husband for several years now and I know what you me. In my heart I wanted a miraculous change for him but God has chosen to make this my Journey of prayer and so I have a saying i have when something from my husbands aditude toward my faith cause me to discomfort. I say to my self I have prayed about this and I will think of it as gone until My Father makes it so. Lately look at on a day to day basis some days my husband is open and will hear me other days he is not. I rejoice in the good days and think of the bad ones as gone. I will win my husbands heart the way Jesus won mine and it is in him that place my confidence and Hope.

    • Juli Danner says:

      Reading your post just broke my heart. It will be my honor to lift you and your husband up in prayer. I will pray that God will provide you more time to spend fellow shipping with Him. I will pray that God graces you with the power to represent Him whenever you are at home, in your husband’s presence so that he won’t be able to help but notice changes in you such as more of a peaceful and relaxed spirit. And, of course, I will pray for your husband and that one day soon, he will give his heart to God.
      I am so sorry that you have to be so secretive about your faith and time with God. If I was still in the world, I would quickly tell you how incredibly wrong your husband is for doing this and I would encourage you in a major way to stand up to him and fight for your rights to worship in any way that you see fit. I would probably bring up things like We’re in America, the place that came to be, when people from all over fled from their own countries that were trying to force the country’s religious beliefs onto everybody and that our founding father’s fought long and hard for America to be a land of religious freedom where everybody was allowed to choose their own way to worship or not to worship at all. I would probably then go onto to something about him having no right to dictate what you can and can’t do in your shared home because you also work, which indicates that you contribute financially to the household. Praise God, I am not in the world anymore!!!! Now that God has freed me from the bondage of all of those lies of Satan, I have learned how to follow God’s ways of being a godly wife and have made it my daily prayer that will be able to show my un-saved husband through my actions and words His incredibly message of love for all of us. So, I will encourage you to continue doing what you are already doing by honoring your husband as the head of the house. I learned in a women’s prayer group many years ago that, as Christian wives, even when we have expressed our concerns to our husband about an idea he has not being a good idea, in the end, he is the head of the house and our job is to always honor him, respect his authority (as long as what he’s doing isn’t a crime of any kind, I might add). God calls you to pray without ceasing for our husband’s, especially our un-saved husband’s. And, in cases like yours, mine and so many other women who are married to “Doubting Thomas” non-believer’s this is all the more important because when we fight against our husbands and demand our way we only push them further away from asking God into their heart because we have confirmed for them what they already believed; Christians all just a bunch of phony hypocrites who act religious on Sunday’s around their fellow church goers and pastor but then act like any other non-christian when they are at home.
      God Bless You, My Dear Sister In Christ

      • thanks juli for lifting us up in prayer. l have reacted as you say as the world would react but l do flip over to being the Godly wife God expects from me.
        Following Made to Crave has encouraged me to read more scripture which will keep me focussed through this bible study. Hopefully my husband will notice this dedication and be drawn closer to God.

  9. Here is my TAPP Plan. – by the way I LOVE that acronym.

    TIME – is every morning 5:30 except Sunday which will be 7:00. This is already in place as my prayer and quiet time. I cling to it desperately sometimes and have found that when I miss it I spend the day lost.
    ACCOUNTABILITY – I have had the worst time with this one not because I don’t want an accountability partner or i am afraid (maybe just a little afraid that someone will say no or not understand my determination in this) but because I look for one and never find one. I am going to trust in the Lord to provide this and stop worrying that my plan will fail because the right person for that job has not shown up. but for a plan for forward action I am going to announce this (my TAPP plan) in Sunday School and I am going to email one special friend I have that has always been there. In this I cling to the scripture A man’s heart plan’s his way, but the Lord determines his steps proverbs 16:9 HCSB This says to me Just do it Lisa and leave the results to me what ever they may be.
    PLACE – this one I already have just as my quiet time is always in the morning, the place is always on my love seat in my living room. There is no TV or computer to distract. There is a lamp that provides soft light and hidden behind the love seat (it is caddy corner) is all of my favorite devotionals and journals pens and supplies. God always meets me here. There is a coffee table where I can really spread out and dig in (and put my coffee cup) if that is where he is leading me or I can just curl up and soak in what ever pours out of the word to me. I also have a candle here it has been many different ones but my favorite one was a gift from my sister at a ladies retreat. It was spiknard scented. Spiknard is the anointing oil that represents praise. That is what I want this time to be about is Praise flowing from a thankful heart.
    PLAN – my plan is to begin with prayer asking guidance and blessing and for the words I read here to be truly hidden in my heart. Then reading – I have done this many different ways – a daily devotional book – a read the bible through in a year program (this will always be one of my favorite victory’s because this the first commitment i made that I saw through to the end with Gods guidance. I have done it three times now and every time in a different version of the bible. The biggest thing that this did for me besides training my ears to hear Gods voice through out my day is that it totally silenced all the lies that my enemy told me about how I could not read the bible it was too big and to hard to understand. I have come to realize that rationalization on my part is like signing an agreement with the lie that the enemy whispers to me. It is with the same victorious voice I want to reject the lies and rationalizations (agreements) I hear in my head about food. I want my answer to be NO, in all these things we are more than victorious through him who loves us. Romans 8:35. This time my current specific reading plan is to search the scripture for anything pertaining to the words JOY and REJOICE. I was praying about trouble that is in my life right now and pouring out my heart to God about my general state of weariness and this word came to me. …..Do not grieve, for the Joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10 NIV. So since strength is need for this journey and I feel like God has chosen this for our focus this year. I am so okay with God teaching my Heart to rejoice. The last portion of my reading plan on JOY is to memorize the scriptures that I have found, because in Ephesian 6 where God speaks about putting on the whole armor of God. The only offensive weapon is the Sword of the Spirit which is THE WORD of God. Ephesians 6:14-16. I love peace but if a fight it must, it is my commitment to go armed.
    Faith, Hope and Love,
    Lisa Odom

  10. T-I love to meet with the LORD at 6:00 am because everyone is asleep at this time and there aren’t any distractions.
    A-I share my devotion time with my friend each day wich helps to keep me accountable and I am following Christ’s command to go and tell.
    P-For this year I am using the You Version because it will read to me and I can see and hear the word.
    P-Prayer is always in order for me, it is a regular part of my day and I like to pray right away when I get a request, intercession is one of my ministries so I am always in prayer mode.
    This TAPP plan is an easy way to remember the parts of daily devotion and I will be sharing it with others.

  11. Patti Bliss says:

    I like to have my quiet time as soon as I awake. I sit at the dining table and pray and read my devotion and pray. I have to admit I’m not a journaler. I’ve tried several times just to let it go by the wayside. I will pray and work harder. I do post things like verses and helps on cardsand tape them up. I am not going the bible right now cause I find it I get to overwelmed with reading I slack off. I’m being faithful In doing MTC study and do several devotions on the computer such as Prov. 31 and Holly. I do pray throughout the day and when I lay down to sleep. I have to pray at night to rebuke the devil of evil thoughts. I have alot of stinkin thinkin and need prayer. Thanks for your help and encouragement.

  12. I have been ‘struggling’ to try to put together my own TAPP for the past year now. But with 3 young (2-7 years old) children and no place without distractions in my house, it has been really hard. Right now, I take 2 hrs on Tuesday nights in my bedroom to work on my Bible study and take snippets of time here and there to read a chapter in the New Testament and to read the daily Proverbs 31 devotional. It is not the best TAPP, but it is what I can get to work for me right now. When Summer comes around, though, I try to take an hr in the morning (7-8 AM) on my back patio to read the Bible and/or any Devotional book I am working on as well. A work in progress 😉

    • I too struggle with putting together a set plan for my quiet time. I have two children, ages 5 and almost 3. I love having time in the morning to myself but it is never consistent since I never know just how early my little ones will wake up. Like you, I try to get in a devotion and other snippets here and there and usually spend one or two nights working on my Bible study after everyone else is in bed. But I think I am going to take some time this week to figure out how I can create a more consistent TAPP for myself because I feel so much better after having quiet time with God!

  13. I also love the idea of TAPP. This past year I have been trying to come up with a plan just for reading God’s word and have been striving to read through the Bible in a year. So, my TAPP. T: My daughter goes to school from 8:30-11. So in that time I’m going to do my Bible reading and study I’m currently in. A: Right now I’m looking into finding someone to be my accountability partner, prayerfully. P: I tend to gravitate toward my kitchen table. In the morning the sun streams in and it’s just a beautiful place to be in God’s presence. P: I plan to begin with prayer, work on memorizing my weekly verse, read through my daily bible reading, work on study questions if I haven’t finished them and then go through my prayer list. I’m excited to see what God is going to do in my life this year! :)

  14. Heather, this was awesome! Thank you so much, you add so much to our study and bring a great perspective and freshness from God. I love you and I feel so blessed that we all get to learn from your insights and teaching.

    Love you to pieces!

  15. One of my goals for this year was to actually put together a TAPP. Previously, I’d been working a full time job, going to nursing school a night, and raising two children/being a wife all at once and squeezing in my time with God was quite difficult and hard to plan. However, I’m now a stay at home mom (still going to nursing school), and have a lot more flexibility in my daily schedule, so here is what my TAPP looks like so far:

    T – I get up each morning around 6am before everyone else in the house is awake – this is the only way I can assure there are no distractions.

    A – Part of my accountability comes from my bible study group at church. We meet each Wednesday night and discuss our “homework” which is part of what I do during my time with God each morning, so my bible study group helps keep me accountable for this part. The rest, I keep track of on a calendar in the front of a binder that I put together for myself where I keep devotions, journals, etc. that I’m currently working on.

    P – My favorite place to sit is at my kitchen table. It gives me plenty of space to spread out my bible, binder, journal(s), and any books that I may be working from. It also gives me a nice sunny spot when the sun starts to come up and access to warm coffee :)

    P – My plan tends to vary from day to day. I always start with prayer. Next, I check my email for my daily devotionals and do those. I then do my bible study homework if I have any, followed by any other personal studies I may be doing (right now this is where Made to Crave fits in). I always close in prayer. Depending on what might be going on in my life, I may take a day just to sit and pray about certain situations, a list of things, etc. I keep a journal with prayer requests in it and at least once a week I like to go through and just pray for all of the things I’ve written down that week.

  16. Unfortunately I do not currently have a very consistent quiet time but after reading this post and everyone’s comments I feel I really need to put some thought, prayer and effort into creating a TAPP that will work. Here is what I have come up with so far:

    Time: While I love the mornings I just never know when my little ones are going to get up and I need a time of no distractions. I am, however, always the very last person in the house to go to bed so instead of watching television before bed I am going to start dedicating an hour before bed as my quiet time with God.
    Accountability: I have three people in mind all of whom I think would keep me accountable, would understand my need for the accountability and would definitely understand the importance of what I am trying to do. I am going to pray on this a bit more and then I will commit to asking that person if she will agree.
    Place: I definitely can’t be near the computer. Too many distractions for me there!! (I am actually hoping I can apply some of what I am learning through this Made to Crave study to getting myself off the computer more. The computer has become almost as big of a problem as food at this point.) But back to my place, I think maybe my rocking chair in the corner of my living room, although I need to work on the area a little bit to make it perfect. I need a side table and a lamp and then I will keep my Bible, devotion book, journal, and all my other necessities in a basket in the corner behind my chair (in an attempt to keep my stuff out of the hands of my mischievous 3 year old!)
    Plan: Start with prayer. Read the Bible following a reading plan (possibly start the One Year Chronological Bible I have but have not yet made it through). Read a devotion. Work on my Bible studies. Close with prayer.

    I loved this post and love the idea of TAPP. Thanks Heather – this was great!!

  17. Sue Smith says:

    Begin with prayer asking God to guide me and show me things I need to see and know in His Word to do His Will in my life. Read a small daily devotional out of one book. Follow that with Bible reading and journal entry. Prayer for those on my prayer list and those the Lord lays on my heart. Read my Made to Crave chapter. Follow that with Made to Crave 60 day devotional. Create scripture note cards for verses that speak to me. And of course ending in prayer.
    I also have another devotional book that I keep in my bag called “Devotions for Nibblers” (or something like that). I use this one at work for those times when I want to snack on something, but am really not that hungry.

    • Sue Smith says:

      I love mornings, so waking up early is the best time for me. Leaving my phone in another room and staying away from the computer before I have my quiet time is essential for me, also. I have found several scriptures that have been put to music (some kid’s songs, but others just to a tune that is easy to work out with), I uploaded these into my music player and listen to it throughout the day as I am working on the computer or writing papers for school. I find the songs a fun way to memorize scripture.

  18. I’ve been having a quiet time with the Lord every morning. I am NOT a morning person, but find that if I get up a half hour early and take the time to be with God before I start my day, my day goes better. I am really struggling with this study right now. I think Satan is determined to keep me from it as I’m having difficulty getting up on time, or when I do something happens to prevent my time. This spills over then to my plan to eat healthier and take care of myself.

    I just finally figured out how to find this blog, so I’m going to try to check in here regularly. Reading what you ladies have said, and what your own struggles are help me to realize this can be done. Thank you to all of you for sharing a part of yourself to help the group of ladies following this to succeed.