Jan 31

Just Checkin’ In…

Hey Y’all!  Hope your week has gotten off to a great start.

Are you believing that you were MADE FOR MORE?  I happen to know that some of you are and there are many of you who are struggling also.  Let me speak to the strugglers.

I know some of you are feeling a little discouraged. If this is you, let me tell you what I told the ladies on the conference call last night.

~“Anytime God starts a movement, the enemy starts opposition.” ~Steven Furtick, Sun Stand Still

~“The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.~ Jesus,  John 10:10

So basically, find some comfort in your struggles. We have an enemy who does not want you to succeed and will use your weaknesses and thoughts to bring you down. That is not the voice of God. Because you are striving to find your identity in Christ alone, to meet your needs with God and not __________, you will encounter opposition. I want to encourage you to hang on, don’t quit, don’t give up. We got this! Why? Because we have God Almighty on our side. Do not allow a setback, a relapse, a person, your health, failure, your past, being behind in this study, doubt, discouragement, or any other obstacle keep you from believing that this time is different. Talk to Jesus often. Go to the Verses by Chapter on p. 195 and the Healthy Eating Go-To Scripts on p. 215 of MTC.  Pray. Ask someone to pray for you, with you. Comment here on this blog. There has been so much encouragement here, I love that.

How are you doing?

If you are down, just don’t stay there. No pity parties! “Turn your pity into purpose.” ~ Lysa TerKeurst

If you are feeling amazing, share the love sistas! Encourage the rest of us.

One more thing. I have a devotion running on Proverbs31.org tomorrow and right here on this blog I’ll be introducing our next study, An Untroubled Heart by Micca Campbell and giving away a copy of the book. The message in our next study is replacing our fear with faith. Sign ups for An Untroubled Heart will begin soon.

Ok, that’s it for now! Thank you for doing Bible study with me! I love our “group”….all 8900 of us!



  1. Lori McKinney says:

    I am feeling victorious in my efforts to exercise and build more strength. Changing my eating habits is a little more challenging right now, but by focusing on exercise I can’t help but be more aware about what I eat. It’s all working together in the long run, I will continue to make better eating choices!

  2. I have been waking up early every morning to walk on the treadmill and reading God’s word. I have not missed a day in 35 days now. I love these bible studies!! I can’t imagine not talking to God every morning!! Everyone needs to keep praying and reaching for God!! It is so worth it!!!!

    • Way to go Karen, keep it up. That gives me inspiration to do my elliptical everyday, have been doing it 3-4 days a week, but you have given me the inspiration to do it more.

  3. Dawn from Michigan says:

    Hello Ladies,
    I haven’t been commenting on the blog this study, but I have faithfully been reading all of the posts and comments. I get so much encouragement from all of you!
    I thought I would share my answer to question 2 from Chapter 7 of MTC. It’s long, but perhaps will touch someone’s heart.
    Question 2: “If you could clearly hear God’s Words to you throughout the day, what kind of things would you hope to hear Him say?
    My answer: Dawn, I love you. Completely. Eternally. And that will never change.
    I know you intimately.
    I know you better than you know yourself.
    I understand your heartaches and your disappointments.
    I see how others have hurt you.
    It doesn’t matter that no one else knows. It doesn’t matter that no one else understands you.
    I understand you.
    I see that you are afraid to let yourself admit your deepest longings and desires — for a godly marriage, to be a godly wife and mother, to raise your children to love Me — afraid to let yourself hope, afraid of disappointment and failure.
    But listen to Me, hear Me when I say, I, the God of heaven am with you and will be in you.
    I DO have the strength and wisdom to raise your children, to salvage the situation you are in even now.
    But, you have to LET Me do it. I can’t as long as you’re turning to other things. I must be your Life.
    Cling to Me when discouragement knocks at the door of your heart.
    Cry out to Me when depression threatens to drown you.
    I will be your Strength.
    I will hold you up in My righteous right hand.
    I will be your Everything.
    Trust Me.
    Fight the enemy.
    Stay in My Word.
    Bring everything to Me in prayer.
    You will see — I will be faithful.

    • Wow pretty awesome Dawn thanks for sharing – just what I need to hear God say to me! Thanks again and have a blessed day!

    • Dawn,
      Thank you for sharing this… what an AMAZING response to this question. It definitely struck a chord with me. I did really well the past two weeks and then today I had a really tough day at home – we ran out of oil unexpectedly this morning, our house was freezing, the kids were cranky and complaining, and instead of reaching for the oatmeal and fruit for breakfast like I should have, I found myself chomping on leftover birthday cake from my husband’s birthday celebration last night…and 15 minutes later the feelings of guilt hit me and I was crying out to God saying “why God, why didn’t I just come to You instead of eating that darn piece of cake? You can fix me, cake can’t. Please Lord forgive me and please just let me make healthier choices through the remainder of the day” and so far the rest of the day I’ve managed to eat much better but your words above just really struck me…thank you so much for sharing this!

    • Dawn from Michigan says:

      So thankful to hear it was a blessing!

    • Dawn thanks for sharing.

    • KAY PARRISH says:


  4. I am very grateful for the online studies I have done so for with you melissa Thank you so much for helping me get closer to God.. Could you keep my husband and I in prayer we are starting our won business with gods help we want to be able to glorify god in this all the way we know if we dont have god’s blessing then we will not make it..Thank You!

  5. Hello Friends:

    I actually did my weight loss journey with “Made to Crave” last year at this time and it was successful! ( I lost the extra 20 lbs I needed to get rid of and Praise the Lord, have kept it off) All that said, for me personally it was such a daily battle to keep the focus on the Lord, to keep focused on Him when temptation and cravings come. Now a year later,my son is getting married in mid February and wanted to have a small “tune up” so to speak before the wedding. Because I consistently made the right choices for food and and to follow God all last year, there is no struggle at all to be healthy. So my encouragement to you is to stay in the WORD, make the right choices, work through the cravings and you will be victorious at the end!!! You can do this!! I never thought I would be able to be so level headed to not “eat emotionally” but I have made that transformation and what a Victory!

    • Patty, Thank you so much for your encouragement. Just what I needed to hear.

    • Thank you Patty, for reminding me about keeping my focus on him and not my fleshly desires

    • thank you for your encouragement! I lost what I needed at the end of 2010, then a pregnant and lost my discipline and now with a 5 month old I’m trying to take off all the extra I gained. I know it is possible, I know I can be healthier, I know I need to trust and seek God more.
      thanks again for sharing and encouraging all of us.

  6. Had my first “I got da powwwwaaaa!” moment today! I walked away from an amazing dessert at lunch today. I started to rationalize to myself that it wasnt too fattening and I have had a rough day. Then I just said a quick prayer and almost ran away from it lol. But I did it! Woohooo!

  7. sonja grogan-albaugh says:

    I’m not having trouble with the eating thing right now, I feel as if God is guiding me-no hunger pains either.
    God is Great-All the time!

  8. Melissa…The conference call was absolutely awesome. I was telling some of the ladies in the Study groups I wondered how you knew just what to say. God spoke to me through you…soft southern accent and all! My major craving is a relationship,not food. At the same time, I can see how I do eat emotionally. Yesterday was such a rough day and then to hear that incredible conference call…I was encouraged, affirmed, received wisdom, WOW…but I got home…and still ate something I shouldn’t…Part could have been I didn’t eat well during the day…but I am not looking back. I am looking to Him….focusing on HIM not the circumstances. Loved “Anytime God starts a movement, the enemy starts opposition.” I have seen this happen over and over again since I started with the P31 studies…The blessings???? YOU, Lisa K, and my ladies in my group. It is so nice to know we all struggle…and even though I struggle, I love to be able to encourage others….Thank you Melissa for your transparency and your God Heart. ~Lynne

  9. I have been frustrated. It’s hard not to focus on the numbers of the scale. I had lost 9 lbs since Jan. 2, and was stuck…for two weeks! I wanted to hit 10 lbs. It was a milestone of sorts. But I remembered it’s not about that number on the scale or the tag in my clothing says. I turned to God and He reminded me it’s not a race. Rely on Him. (And by the way, today the scale reflected 10 lbs. lost!)

  10. Katrina Arbuckle says:

    In today’s blog you asked the question, “How are you doing?” and if I answered honestly I would say, “Not good at all.” The first two weeks of January I lost 3 pounds but then I went to a birthday party, ate cake, drank Diet Pepsi, and started giving in to my cravings again. I got a migraine that lasted for 5 days, followed by a sinus infection that is taking more than a week to get over. In the midst of my sickness, I stopped exercising and went back to my old eating habits, ignoring the voices encouraging me not to. Now here I am, on the last day of January, having re-gained the pounds I lost. A couple of my friends are doing some new “fad” diets, like HCG, and have lost an incredible amount in a short time. This makes me discouraged…I want to do it the right way but I feel like I’m never going to get there. I turn 40 in June and I really wanted to lose some weight by then. Winter is hard for me, and I’m lonely, and I confess…I turn to food. When I went to the doctor for my sinus infection, I weighed 194. Ugghh! I wish you lived near me, Melissa, so we could do this together!

    • One day at a time, one decision at a time. You can do this, Katrina! Tomorrow is a new day, a new month, and “it is the day that the Lord has made”.
      Bring each food decision before Him in prayer and let Him be your strength.
      I can sympathize with watching others do fad diets….but usually they gain back what they lost b/c the changes are not life changes. It makes me sad for them.
      I will pray that tomorrow is a good day for you and that God will bless you as you seek to honor Him in this.

      • Katrina Arbuckle says:

        Thanks, Julia! I really appreciated your response and encouragement! I re-read my original comment and boy was it a downer! :) Today is already a better day and it’s only 8 am! I am REALLY tempted to do a fad diet, but instead I’m re-committing to craving God and bringing each food decision to Him. Thanks again!!!! It’s been a long time since someone said to me, “You can do this!” So thank you!

  11. I am not doing as well as I had envisioned, but thankfully I am more aware of my choices. Having to take babysteps on this lifelong journey.

  12. Between me and God I do very well with controlling what I eat but today has been very stressful and I am an emotional eater. Finances are a little low so I do not have good snacks in the house. I know I eat what I should not eat. I am working on the pray when I am reaching for something and know that I can conquer this feeling that my hands are tied and remember that I can be out of control because God is in control. My thought is I failed today but I know that God has a new day for me tomorrow and I praise Him for that. God Bless

    • I too am totally an emotional eater. So many mid afternoons at my desk at work, so stressed out, I’m ready to hit the vending machine. But one thing that I find has worked for me is that I make a “deal” with myself. I’ll wait 30 minutes and if I’m still hungry then, I’ll decide what I’m going to do then. Every time I completely forgot about eating. Just a suggestion. Wishing you success, this is quite the journey!

      • great idea Lisa . . . I should set a timer out and make myself wait . . . I know that I can, I just don’t choose to… thanks for the suggestion

      • Melody Pompa says:


  13. Well a few days ago l was excited to share l had an ultrasound and that the technologist said it looked the same as 5 years ago. However yesterday l was called into the doctors office and told different. l was told l had severe “fatty liver disease”.
    l was very upset and had more tests done. l was told by my doctor that l have to lose 50 pounds very quickly to prevent liver failure. When l went home l was scared and thought to myself,”look what you have done to yourself with all this eating” It pretty much did my evening in and when l am scared l find it difficult to pray. l told my best friend who was spending the night and my husband, both were very supportive. My husband said to me “you are not in this world alone you know.” l was very quiet and still am today. l am not straying from this bible study and l have even more reason to finish this race. l do not want to die. l want to fight this battle with Gods help and my family. l look around and see people much bigger than myself and wonder how come they are ok. Yesterday l was in such a great mood knowing l was sticking to this bible study, today l am solemn.
    l am going to have to look at this one day at a time otherwise l am overwhelmed
    with fear. l am a Christian so fear doesnt make sense as it is not from God yet l am still scared. l am thankful to share this anyone willing to pray for me as l am consummed and find it difficult at the moment. l think to myself why this now when l have started to get in control with my overeating with made to crave.

    • Dawn from Michigan says:

      I am praying for you, Brennie.

    • Kay Bender says:

      Am praying for you, I believe you can do this. It is great that you have your husband’s support.

    • Brennie, sometimes a wake-up call like you received, although heart breaking, God can use to motivate you to take care of YOU! We all know what we are supposed to do but find it so difficult to be obedient to God’s word and to go to Him when we struggle. He created you, He knows everything about you, cry out to HIM that’s what he wants you to do. He wants to take that heavy burden you are carrying and lift it up off of your shoulders. It is hard to deny ourselves, to me that is my focus for now. One day at a time, deny myself. But thanks be to God which gives us the victory!

      • Amen to what Virginia posted!!

        Brennie, I have added you to my prayer list. You are right in that fear is NOT from God, and either are the words “look what you’ve done to yourself with all this eating”. I have heard that myself when I’ve seen myself naked in the mirror, or when I hurt (I have degenerative disk disease, a spine like someone 20 years older, and my added weight is not helping it). Your husband is right in that you are NOT alone in this battle!! Virginia is also right…the LORD has given you a wake-up call and you CAN do this, girl!!

        Psalm 130:1-3
        Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD; O Lord, hear my voice.
        Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.
        If you, O LORD, kept a record of sins, O Lord, who could stand?
        But with you there is forgiveness; therefore you are feared.

        This fear is different from anxiety and being scared. Fear of the LORD is reverence and awe. I’m praying this Psalm over all of us doing this study, especially for those who are struggling.

  14. I’m not doing very well with controlling my eating. There are many temptations and over 50 years of bad habits to overcome. I was very discouraged when I read this blog. However, before I got to the Leave a Comment section I realized that I have been spending more time in prayer and Bible study so I have made progress. Tomorrow is a new day and I will try again to resist the sweets and eat more vegetables. Please pray for me.

  15. Jennifer C says:

    I have been doing great with controlling my portions and eating the right foods AND I have taken on walking 4 miles at least 4-5 times a week. Since a new, beautiful walking trail opened up about a tenth of a mile from our house (and the weather has been fantastic here in Florida), I am so motivated to walk and I miss it on the days when I don’t have the time to exercise. As a consequence, I have lost 7 pounds and I fit into the smaller of my two sizes of jeans. I give credit to God for speaking to my soul and ultimately motivating me to make changes in my life and I’m thankful that He led me to this Bible study. Sisters, don’t give up. Each day is a new day to get back on track and IT’S NOT A RACE. We can do it cuz we got da Powahh (with a capital P)!

  16. Hi ladies! I’m so far behind in the study it isn’t even funny! But, I’m encouraged by all of your comments so I’m going to try and catch up this weekend. I’m a mom to two, I work weekend nights and I just started grad school three weeks ago!! A lot if on my plate. That being said, I need to take care of myself too and focus on the Lord! So thanks for inspiring me :)

    • Melissa, I’m waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy behind too. I have different things on my plate but I will partner with you to catch up by Sunday.
      To Melissa T. and everyone who has posted, thank you so much. I struggled today and was just about to let you-know-who drag me down. I received a ton of encouragement from everything I’ve read and am looking forward to a brighter, stronger day tomorrow.

  17. Yes, I am a struggler and I can see exactly where and how Satan wants to interfere in many areas of my life. Someone told me once that it is because he knows that I have a lot of potential. That is what I want to share with my fellow sistas. WE HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL! If we didn’t, the enemy would not be bothering with us! Persevere! It is amazing what God can do when we get to that point where we think we just can’t do this anymore and admit our weaknesses to Him and to each other. Get behind us Satan! I’m praying for all of you!

  18. First of all LOVE your new pic on your blog, just have to say. Beautiful.

    I’m amazed at myself, how since starting reading this book, I’ve settled in my mind that I’m going to make wise food choices. “We were made to crave God” has struck such a chord in myself. I look at my food choices as not about me anymore and instead about honoring God. Big time shift in my thinking. And also thinking about all my rationalizations of poor food choices, I’ve said a lot of the ones suggested in the book, and I think I’m sick and tired of the cycle of frustration.

    Can I say this?…. I LOVE FOOD. I mean I will stand by my belief that food is pleasure meant to be enjoyed. I don’t feel that I’m depriving myself in this journey, because I’m eating, just eating good things. And definitely there are good, healthy things out there that taste delicious.

    All this to say, I am FAR from being any kind of food, health expert. I have a LOT to learn. And so yet another change is that I am PRAYING about it. I’ve got myself an accountability partner, a few actually and I’m determined, but it’s ALL by HIS strength. To think I wasn’t even going to do this study…my girlfriend has been struggling with weight and I told her I wasn’t planning on doing this study but if she was interested I would. She didn’t do it, but it was planted in my head and I thought, go for it. THANK YOU Melissa!

  19. I’ve always thought I was the only one who struggled to get my addition under control. Now I find out there are at least 8900 others in the boat with me. We have left the Titanic and are in the process of being rescued–by the mighty love of God. Row, ladies, keep rowing!

    • I love THIS, Nancy!! I needed this encouragement this morning. Rowing with ya ! 😀

    • Melody Pompa says:

      Thanks so much for the encouragement. I am thankful that GOD is on this journey with all of us. He is cheering us on this race and we will all finish STRONG!!!! KEEP THE FAITH!!!!


  20. I have been successful at eating smaller portions but have come to a plateau the last couple of weeks. I have two major problems. Like Lisa, I have never been a big fan of vegetables. I’m also disable, making it difficult for me to find an exercise program. I can do most pilate moves, I just have to get motivated to turn that DVD back on….I think that will be easier than eating the veggies!

  21. My focus and commitment is to say no to unhealthy, salt packed snacks, fatty foods, and desserts. I am eating when I am truly hungry and stopping when I’m full. I am trying to get in 15 min of movement every day. On days when you feel like you’ve failed remember, His mercies are fresh and new every morning! Each day is an opportunity to be victorious!

  22. I have made a committment to the Lord to make better choices, eat more vegetables and fruit and get more fish into my regimen. I have bought alternative foods if I feel I need to have something so I don’t eat the wrong thing or binge on something I shouldn’t. My prayer is that I will ENJOY feeling that little bit of hunger instead of that sick feeling of being over fed. When I think back over the last 5 years or so it’s not hard to go down into the pit of dispair. But I want to keep those thoughts captive. II Cor:10:5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

  23. Okay i admit it i am behind, i am so far behind i will never catch up, but i will keep plugging away. In the last 2 weeks i helped my son by packing during the day for him and then he moved all of his stuff out of my house finally, i’ve started looking for an apartment and started packing my stuff now. I am disabled with continual back pain from the top of my spine to the end of my tailbone every day. There is very seldom relief so this has been a difficult 2 weeks. The pain messes with my concentration and i can’t focus for very long but i’m trying, i truly want to do this. My main desire is to go to bed by at least 2 am and to stop all munching by 10 pm for starters. I also have ADHD so that also messes with my focus and settling down and going to bed. Please pray for me that i will be able to do this. My problem is not so much what i eat but when i eat it and getting more than 3 hours of sleep at night. Thanks. I’m already looking forward to the next study Melissa, the title alone sounds really good.
    hugs, diki

  24. KAY PARRISH says:


  25. Pam Hudson says:

    Psalm 37:23-24 NIV ” The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with His hand.”

  26. Hi Melissa,
    I am interested in your new study. I got knocked down by a few things a few years ago (job loss, death of a friend, unclear future), and I think it is still dragging me down. I don’t feel sad and weepy anymore, but I don’t feel very motivated to get out there and do something. I think your new study might be just the thing to get me over my road block. I am looking forward to siging up.

    • You wont’ regret it. I thought this was going to be some type of how to and diet plan. It’s the best weight loss book you can ever read. So Far I’ve learned
      not to “tie my happy to earthy things” and that as the books says on Page 181.
      “New Truth: Im not a failure, I am a lavishly loved child of God. Part of my right as a child of God is to operate in power beyond myself. the holy Spirit is gods gift to me so it is possible for me to use the self control I’ve been given.”
      I love that!
      P.S. Im a little ahead in my reading.
      I know what it’s like to be knocked back so I get what your saying. Maybe God bless you and strengthen you to overcome all the obstacles and challenges you are facing. Amen.

  27. I had written this after reading “you were made for more” and was urged to share it by a friend.

    I was made for More . . .
    More than my past could ever say
    More than experience along the way
    I was made for More . . .
    More than the pain that marred my frame
    More than the tears that told the same
    I was made for More . . .
    More than the chains that held me tight
    More than the darkness that I fight
    I was made for More . . .
    More than I ask because of His love
    More than I imagine, O Father above
    I was made for More . . .
    I was made for More . . .
    I will not accept Less . . . for I was made for More

  28. Since I started reading and participating in the Made to Crave Study, God has empowered me to turn away from bad food choices. For me it’s day 17 and I feel better than I’ve ever felt in a very long time. I’m making good choices to what I put inside my body and as a result, that foggy brain and insecurities about my foggy brain are clearing up. I almost feel like myself again. I’m at that age where things go haywire and I was having a real hard time with it. By the way I’m 51. I excercise 4 times a week, spin classes, weight training and the wonderful hot sauna. I’ve cut out processed carbs, sugars, breads, and starches. I’m no longer busting out of my pants and I feel lighter. I won’t weigh myself until February 15th. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a history of putting on 5-7llbs whenever I start a serious excercise and diet program. It’s depressing to get on the scale and see it go up instead of down after all the hardwork and changes to my diet. Stay tuned for the 15th of this month, I’ll let you know how much I’ve dropped.
    I’m so glad I read this book as I’m learning so much about things I’ve never even thought of before. It’s as thought wrote this book myself, it’s so easy to relate to.

  29. I have been struggling. Being an emotional eater, if that’s what you want to call it, is hard to overcome. I started the year out really hitting my goals and then I let life get in the way again!

    Last week was especially tough, since my husband was home an entire week without pay and we didn’t know what was going to happen with his job. I feel like I failed my oldest with our “stab” at homeschool, I still find myself boo-hoo-ing after failing (by those few points…ugh) my first semester of nursing school…and well, we all have our troubles and complaints!!! This is something I generally do not do, especially in the Social Media world, but I feel safe here.

    Having said all of that…and after weeks of tears while putting on a smile for everyone else, I am getting it back together! I got behind in my Made To Crave reading, but as of today, I am caught up, feeling good, and ready to stop the pity party…again! I also know that I should be thankful because someone out there is in a worse situation than I am…it keeps me humble and praying for others even when I think my life is the pits!

    Thanks for this post, for being real, and for everyone sharing their stories!

  30. Well, I just read your comments and they are encouraging. I got into the study late since my book arrived late from Amazon but it has been going really well. I have been doing a diet designed special for me with diabetes and have lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks. Feeling good, energized and joyful.
    This weekend we watched Courageous and the song at the end by Casting Crowns says this :

    Where are you, men of courage?
    You were made for so much more
    Let the pounding of our hearts cry
    We will serve the Lord

    We had the subtitles on and those words just STUCK out on the screen for me because of our study!
    Now last night and today I have had some stress, I am tired from 5 busy days and I feel the GREAT urge to QUIT something. I have 5 children, we homeschool, I have a home business and last night was just like UGH I cant take it ALLLLL!! I am still weepy about it today. In the past I would just quit 1 thing, so that i would feel better. But right now I am pondering, maybe this is just where the Lord wants me? so that I WILL have to LEAN on HIM to get thru? not to quit , but to persevere with the Lord’s power. and Today I read Ch 9 about running and it was just what i needed to read. =-) I am not totally over the “hump” but am on my way and did not go to food! So there is victory already.
    I am usually very leery of women’s Bible studies because of bad teaching/experience in the past but this MTC is good. Thanks!
    Anna in Idaho

  31. Desiree collins says:

    Hello everyone! I have not participated in Bible study yet, but I read the blogs, daily I am glad to see I am not fighting my battle Alone! Thanks for the encouragrment!

  32. Thank you so very much for today’s devotional. I am leading a book study on “A Confident Heart”, we are going over chapter 4 tonight and this will be perfect to share with them. I appreciate you taking the time to research God’s promises and help us to see when we are having a pity party, God has answers for us.

  33. I loved what Lysa said about how our “flaws” can actually be good things. I don’t like my wide-set hips, but they do come in handy when I babysit because I can easily carry a toddler on one and have one hand free to do other things. I personally would enjoy it if my ankles weren’t as skinny as they are because they are weaker. I have to be careful what types of shoes I buy because having wide-set hips and skinny ankles makes it hard to wear high heels without hurting my ankles.

  34. I am going through this bible study, not because food is my issue that I need to conquer, but because God has shown me the idolatry in my heart is my husband. I crave him more than I crave HIM. I go to my husband first for comfort, rejoicing, when I’m stressed, when I’m afraid, when I’m lonely, when I’m tired…etc.etc. I didn’t realize it until I started this study. Since I’ve started, I can’t say that I have received 100% victory in this area, but the Holy Spirit quickens me now and I am aware of how much I want to turn to my husband before I turn to God. Melissa, what is the balance in this area? Do you have any insight and wisdom you can share? Thank you for going before us and paving the way!!

  35. anonymous says:

    I just finished the reflection questions for Chapter 8, and though I have never shared on this blog, feel prompted to do so now in case this hits home with anyone out there. In answer to the last question of which would you like…I would whole-heartedly choose the second choice–to have a permanent reorientation of how I think and feel about my body, and to see myself as beautiful and like my beautiful. In part, this is because I HAVE HAD several cosmetic surguries–they were expensive, intensive, painful, and the recovery was long. They were not fully-transforming, the results were not permanent, and they were not fully satisfying. They were more like partial tweaks. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the changes they made, but there are no guarantees of satisfaction or change. To some extent, I think beauty is in your head–it’s your perspective. And so that’s why I would like to fully embrace the second choice. I am closer to it now than say 15 years ago, or even 5 years ago, but still haven’t quite fully embraced these truths for myself. Lord, help me to believe in your love for me. Help me in my unbelief. Help me to see myself and others through your eyes. Help me to see myself as you do–beautiful!

  36. Hi Melissa,
    I completely know what you mean about pity parties. I can throw a really good one. Your “beyond” scriptures are posted in a very prominate place now. Thank you for sharing your insights and struggles with us.

  37. WOW! I just can’t believe how mind transforming this study has been. I intentionally WITH HOLY SPIRIT STRENGTH have made choices to not eat unhealthy food through out this week. IT FELT AWESOME. So empowering.

    I pray that all of you on this journey can experience that strength.

    Now my next hurdle is to start some kind of intensive exercise. I do walk some (mid afternoon work breaks) and it helps both mentally and physically but need to step it up a bit. Sure would covet your encouragement and prayers.

  38. I have so fallen off the wagon…. But I m climbing back on. Prayers will help me stay strong.

  39. I was very excited to read this post as this is exactly what I have been saying for a long time! I kind of get excited during trials as I know that if the enemy is hitting out it means he’s scared and that means something exciting is in the works! When you’re losing your grip and about to fall is when you grab on hardest and the same is true for the enemy so I know if he’s clawing at me, it’s a good thing!