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Jan 25

Happy Wednesday!

Just checking in!  I hope you all are having a great week!

I wish I time to write. Once again, life has interrupted. I have 2 children who need their mama in a big way and so I will be keeping it short.

Our first conference call DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  Ladies, who were on the call, what did you think?  I’m praying you were empowered by Dr. Chilton’s awesome information and inspiration. We are not victims, we can do this. I also hope you gained some encouragement from the message I gave you, Dare to Believe This Time Will Be Different.  We have to.  It can be. It is!  I sent out the recording information for the call Wednesday morning. If you signed up for the calls, then you should have received it. Check your spam folders as well as your inbox. If you don’t receive it, call me at the office Thursday, 877-731-4663.  If you are interested in the calls and haven’t signed up yet, you still can. You can listen to the recording of the first and we still have 3 more to go! Call me at the office or sign up here.

Many of you expressed discouragement in the comments on this blog because you don’t have an accountability partner. Don’t focus on that. Don’t focus on your obstacles, overcome them. An accountability partner is beneficial but not the make it or break it of this journey to good health!  Believe in yourself. You are God’s beautiful child, do not entertain lies. Dig into God’s Word and listen to the Truth.

Oh yea, one more thing…we have 4 winners of the Made to Crave Action Plan and DVD. Anita Wallace, Sue Ryno, Julie Angeny, and Patricia Daniel you have won!  Email me or call me so I can get your information and send you the awesome Action Plan Bundle.

I’m praying for all of you! I’m so proud of you for sticking with this. Don’t give up, keep going. I believe in you. God believes in you, that’s even better!  Stay DETERMINED. We got da POWAHHH! :)

Big Blessings!



Jan 21

Made to Crave~2012, Week 2

***Week 1 Vlog, has not been posted yet. Technical difficulties and life interfered. Will post sometime this week! Thanks for understanding!

With Week 1 of the study behind us, do you still believe that this time will be different?

Hopefully you believe it now more than ever!!  Or even if you aren’t there yet, you at least think that maybe just maybe this time will be different! Wherever you are or however you are feeling, stay committed and let’s get ready to dig into Week 2 of our Made to Crave Online Bible Study!

Quick explanation: I’m not sure what you envisioned the Online Bible Study to be like, but you will not be spoon-fed here. You will do the work on your own, at any time of day, and at your own intensity. I will be your guide and serve as a resource, encourager, and sometimes teacher, but the workload is all yours. (and mine too, because I’ll be doing the study with you!)  I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

Visit the Made to Crave website to download and print the Fridge sign for week 2. This week’s word is:



Now is not the time to quit. Be determined to make it!  We are going for life long changes, not a quick fix.  There is no end date or goal weight that we are striving for.  Healthy eating and activity will get us where we want to be. But it will take determination. This week’s reading assignments, Chapters 4, 5, and 6 will help you stay determined.  Romans 8:37 reminds us that we are more than conquerers.“Marinate” on that and be determinedDetermined to do whatever it takes to satisfy our deepest desires with God and NOT food!

You May Want to Copy and Print the Rest of This Post

Reading and Homework Assignments for Week 2:

Sunday-Spend some time in prayer for yourself and your study sisters about Week 2.  Share in the comment section of this blog or on the Online Bible Studies Facebook Page where discussions and prayer requests about Made to Crave are ongoing 24/7.

Monday-Read Chapter 4.  Highlight and take notes as you read. When you get to a Bible verse that Lysa mentions, take our your Bible.  Look up the verse for yourself. Underline it and write “MTC” beside it. Think on the verse or passage a moment. Journal or make a few index cards with Scripture or quotes that will keep you grounded and give you the determination to stay strong. Begin sending Melissa questions for the Friday (or Saturday) Vlog. Email them to

Tuesday-Complete Chapter 4 Reflection Questions.  Read the questions and record your answers in a journal or notebook. Be honest. These are just for your eyes or whoever you choose to share them with. Share as much or as little as you like in the comments section of my blog or on the Online Bible Studies Facebook page.

Tuesday  Conference Call– Tonight we will be talking with co-author of the Made to Crave Action Plan, Dr. Ski Chilton.  He will be answering our questions on health and giving us the low down on what we need to do to live healthy lives! So honored to have him. If you want to sign up for the calls, it’s not too late!  And even if you can’t be on them live, they are recorded for later listening! Sign up here.

Wednesday-Read Chapter 5. This is my VERY FAVORITE chapter in the whole book! Follow the same directions as on Monday.  Check Melissa’s blog for an encouraging mid-week message!  Post a comment to encourage others.

Thursday-Complete Chapter 5 Reflection Questions. Follow the same directions as on Tuesday. Share as much or as little as you like in the comments section of my blog or on the Online Bible Studies Facebook page.

Friday-Read Chapter 6.  Follow the same instructions as Monday and Wednesday.  Happy Birthday to me! Feel free to send me a happy birthday message :)   (haha just kidding you don’t have to, but it really is my birthday. I’m 45!)

Friday Vlog!!! Log on to this blog,  Watch a short video of me answering some of your questions from the week. (Sometimes this post may be on Saturday)

Friday Option: If you want to have all your work done before the weekend, go ahead and complete the Chapter 6 Reflection Questions.  Follow the same instructions as Monday and Wednesday.

Saturday Option-If you didn’t do the Chapter 6 Reflection Questions on Friday, do them today.

Okay, that’s it!  Print or “favorite” this page so you can keep up with this week’s study. I won’t be posting the schedule daily, so hold on to this!

Determine now that Week 2 is going to be a great week for us!  I think you will absolutely fall in love with God all over again after the material you cover in this week’s assignments!  We were made for more!  Rock on Sistas!





Jan 19

Made to Crave God, not _________.

If you are visiting here from the Proverbs 31 Facebook page, welcome!  If you’d like to join this online Bible study of Made to Crave, the sign up space is in the right column of this blog. If you are interested in our awesome conference call series and how to sign up and qualify to be entered to win a prize, read on!  Thanks for stopping by.

Ladies and Gentlemen 😉 ….. yes I know we have a few men joining us, welcome guys,

Here’s the deal. We were made to crave God. That’s why when we attempt to satisfy our cravings with anything other than God, we are not satisfied for long. We are still empty.

We were made to crave God, not…

Food. People. Attention. Validation. Perfection. Drugs. TV. Computer. Cell Phones. Friends. Stature. Alcohol. Children. A spouse. Job. Position. Shopping. Material possessions. A nicer home.  A better church.  Family.  And the list can go on and on.

If you are keeping up with us in Made to Crave so far, then you are beginning to grasp this. If not, it’s not too late to join and catch up. This is a journey, not a Bible study full of rules and regulations. We are pretty casual around here, but serious about God.

Our conference call series begins next week. Our first guest will be Dr. Ski Chilton.  Visit the Online Bible Studies Info page on this blog for more info. (you will need to scroll down just a bit when you get to this page.)  Our line up of guests is absolutely amazing!  You can sign up and pay for the calls here.

Big News!!!  Anyone who signs up for the Conference Calls between now and January 24th will be entered to win a Made to Crave Action Plan Guide and the Action Plan DVD written by Lysa TerKeurst and Dr. Ski Chilton. (Both Lysa and Dr. Chilton are scheduled guests on our calls!)  I will be giving away 4 sets! The calls are so fun and informative, I hope you will consider joining me on them.  (I get a record of everyone who signs up from the Proverbs 31 Office)

If you have participated in the conference call series in the past, please share your feedback in the comment section today.  Also share with us what you are craving…you can be honest here :)  Also share how you plan to turn to God instead.

Ok, that’s it for today!  Blessings to all of you!


****If you have signed up for the calls already, you will be receiving an email from me within the next few days.  Our first scheduled call is January 24th at 8:00 pm EST.  I will send you the call in information prior to the call. The call will be recorded for listening via phone, computer, or download, so you don’t have to be on live.