Mar 2

Well, Here We Are…

I cannot believe it!  I am both sad and happy that we are here.  We are wrapping up our last week of an amazing, life-changing study~ Made to Crave.

How are doing on this last week?  I have prayed for you and no matter where you are on this journey, I want you to thank God. No matter what’s happened or not happened. Thank Him, praise Him, allow Him to use what you’ve learned, allow Him to use your successes, struggles, and even failures. One of my favorite books in the Bible is Romans. Specifically Chapter 8, where we are told there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus and God can work it all for good. And yes that was highly paraphrased by me!  Look it up for yourself  :)   Smiles!

Speaking of smiles I have a few to share with you.

1. The winner of The Cause Within You by Matthew Barnett is  Gerri, who posted her comment February 28 at 7:44 pm. Yay Gerri!  Email me your address girl and I will send you this fabulous book!

2. If anyone is interested in purchasing The Cause Within You by Matthew Barnett  visit

3. Everyone is invited to listen to the last conference call. If you’ve never been a part of the conference call series, you can hear for yourself what you’ve been missing!;1NDc2ODk2Nzc=1

4.  Our next online Bible study will not disappoint. A few OBS team members have already begun reading An Untroubled Heart by Micca Campbell. They said they can’t believe how it is EXACTLY what they needed. I know I tell you every time that the book we are studying is life changing. It’s true. I don’t select books that I don’t believe guide and direct you straight to Jesus and the Bible. They are life changing if we are open to change.  Sign up for our next study and get your book today. The study starts in 3 weeks. Sign up in the right column of this blog. Order your book wherever books are sold or from us at Proverbs 31 Ministries.  Sign up for the conference call series here.

5. Remember Sarah Rose’s message from last Friday’s blog post?  Well she’s done it again. She shared with me from her personal blog and has given me permission to share with you. May you be as on fire and enthusiastic as I was after reading her message.  Here it is:


Good Morning!
Today, I hit 25 lbs lost.  That’s about 1/10 of what I have to lose in total.  That’s still 13 lbs above my 10% goal.  That’s still 35 lbs above my first major goal…but HELLO!!! I LOST 25 lbs!
I could choose at this point to think about how far I have to go.  And in someways, its very beneficial to look forward.  But, for the next few minutes I’m reflecting over the last 25 lbs.  It’s taken me 2 months, which for someone in the 300’s is actually sort of slow.  I’ve cried more times than I would like to admit over not having a food of my choice.  I’ve laid in bed listening to my tummy churn with hunger.  I’ve been battling my body adjusting to life wthout all my fried “friends.”  But, in reality, the last two months have not been all misery.
In the middle of my bad attitude spells, and my feeling like I would die without a piece of chocolate pudding cake (I didn’t eat it and I’m still alive!), I’ve been studying Made to Crave again.  This time, I’ve been studying it as part of an online group of over 9000 woman. Lead by a woman I have to come to love and respect, Melissa Taylor.  And, in the Made to Crave study, I have found tidbits that I will hold on to the rest of my battle with food, which, lets face it, will probably be the rest of my life.
The biggest thing I have learned is a quote I’m going to borrow from Lysa Terkerst.  It’s called a go-to script to help us replace our former thought that have entangled us and tripped us up.  Ok, everyone, listen up to this:
Do you get that?  God’s not being mean to us “fatties!”  He’s reminding us of our need for him.  I took that thought, and my intense cravings as prompts to pray.  My pounds lost have been significant, but the spiritual side of me, the part that controls my thoughts has grown so much more than I could have ever dreamed.
I am not joking when I say that I currently wake up craving God’s word.  Not breakfast.  And this doesn’t mean that I’m perfect, or somehow have it all together.  It’s just where I am.  I still struggle with sin, cravings, desires, etc, every single day.  But, I just can’t wait to open up the Word of God and see what He has for me every single day! It’s exciting, as I am finding that the Bible is really strength for this battle!  Who would have “thunk” it?!?!
I know lots of people are thinking I’ve overspiritualizing things.  And that is ok for them to think that.  Two months ago, I would have said the same thing.  But, I know in my heart of hearts, for me to come back here in a few months and claim victory for losing 50 lbs, it’s only going to be if I’m centered in the Word and right thinking.
I just want to praise God for creating people like Lysa TerKeurst and Melissa Taylor.  I want to praise God for my husband, who holds me when I cry over cake, and my kids who tell me every day how pretty I am (me! their 335 lb momma!).  I also want to praise God for my accountability partner, Mary Beth.  She puts up with more than any one human being should have to…reading all my journal posts, and answering nighttime phone calls, and helping me meal plan when I’m just not strong enough.  I have friends like Robin, Lareina, Adriane, and so many others that are constantly cheering me on.  And my friend Brandy who graciously agreed to be my MOPS food police!  I LOVE IT!!!!  And my parents (all of them, my mother in law too!!!) have cheered me on more than ever this time.  Oh, and there’s my First Place For Health peeps….I think this list could go on and on and on!!!!!!  JUST PRAISE GOD FOR HIS PROVISION!!!!!
God bless you Sarah Rose!  You have blessed and encouraged me as well as many others!
Y’all have a great weekend! I will post my closing MTC message over the weekend.
Love and Blessings!




  1. While feeding myself with food isn’t one of my personal short comings, this study has done it’s job by bringing me closer to my Lord and Savor, Jesus Christ. I wanted to take a moment to thank the Proverbs31 Woman that have put time and efforts into making this study possible and available. You ladies TOTALLY ROCK! And Sara Rose … girl, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I love to see God’s work in your life, it is truly an inspiration.

    I am looking forward to the next study, An Untouched Heart. Until then my sisters … GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

  2. Robin Packer says:

    Melissa you are SUCH a blessing sweet lady! I am truly grateful to God for many, many things and one of them are the beautiful ladies of Proverbs 31 ministries. I honestly cannot begin to describe what you ladies and your blogs/posts/books have done to enhance my life. I “stumbled” (thank You Holy Spirit) upon your site during one of the darkest times in my life and God used this site and you ladies as one of the tools to see me through. Love y’all and your hearts!

    Sarah Rose your posts are AMAZING! Would you please consider making your blogs public? We’ve had requests for your blog address. These would truly be a blessing and encouragement to many women (including myself) regardless of how much weight they wanted or needed to lose. Thank you sweet lady for your honesty and we’re rooting and praying for you on this journey. You already have the victory through Christ Jesus! (((hugs)))

  3. Sarah Rose says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I did decided to make a blog of my own. The address is Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and support. Love, Sarah Rose

  4. Just recently found your website and have ready Miccas book in the past so I do hope to join that study.

  5. Sarah Rose – thanks for being an AMAZING inspiration! For sharing your heart and your soul and allowing us in. This post touched me personally and has confirmed for me what I know God has been working in my heart, how to multiply for His kindgom; by being a vessel for Him sharing thru words my testimony, sharing and caring, and being the child of God, using the gifts He has blessed me with, to bring others to Him. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Melissa, I wanted to thank you for this study. It has really helped me discover and repent of the idol I have made with food and also let go of past hurts. I’ve lost some weight, and still have a long way to go, but this study has left me with valuable Scriptures to encourage me to keep at it.

    I have been having a rough couple of weeks because my back started giving me troubles again; I have arthritis in my spine like someone 20 years older and degenerative disk disease. With the pain I’ve been experiencing the last two weeks, I could have easily caved in to the false comfort food had given me in the past…or start feeling sorry for myself because I had to stop walking and exercising (I was going to the YMCA 3 days a week and was going to start adding more days). Instead I continued with the study and just did my back therapy stretching exercises. I’m so VERY thankful for this study because it’s drawn me closer in my walk with the LORD and helped me clean up my “house” (temple). God is SO good in His provision!!! I am really looking forward to the next study.

  7. Linda Schuhmacher says:

    Melissa, It has been a joy to be a part of this Bible Study. You have been an awesome host! :) I was wondering if Sarah Rose has a blog I could follow & if so if you could get that address to me. I’d love to write more, but am feeling a bit under the weather. Take care!! Keep shining for Jesus!!! Hugs, Linda

  8. brennie says:

    Cheers to all the Made to Crave followers. 6 weeks just flew by and so nice to spend part of that time with all of you. l wish everyone success in achieving a closer walk with our heavenly father, and hopefully we have shed a few unwanted pounds together.

  9. Lisa Malinowski says:

    I wanted to share a verse that I stumbled on this morning that seems so appropriate for we MTC study members. Psalm 4:7 “You have filled my heart with greater joy then their grain when and new wine abound.” What a wonderful way to complete this study. Thank you Melissa for your time and energy it is so uplifting. This has been a valuable study for me. Lisa

  10. thank you so much for doing this, the calls, the support on line in our groups on Facebook and all you have done to be our lead cheerleader is so appreciated! Thank you for being an on line friend to so many of us! Love you P 31 ladies!

  11. Leigh F. says:

    Melissa, I tried the URL link to the conference call but it says that it is expired.

  12. Kristi S says:

    Sarah Rose. I want to thank you so much for sharing your story with us. What an inspiration. Courage is often a function of being real with others and with yourself in order to glorify God through your story. Thank you so much for following His will in your life. God bless!

  13. I am so thankful to have been a part of this bible study. Thank you Melissa and Lysa and everyone else involved with putting this together. Thanks to all the women and men praying for all of us. I had been in a car accident on Jan. 10th and have been on bed rest. I do my physical therapy exercises and then come home and go back to bed. I try to work 1/2 days every other day then go home and go back to bed. While healing is slow, it’s moving along. What I look forward to each day is participating in this wonderful bible study. In each and every chapter, I could relate to everything Lysa said. I felt like I could have written this book; our lives are so similar. It has been a great blessing to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering this study and sharing your thoughts and prayers with us.

    • Tammy,
      You have blessed me so much with your comment. I forwarded it to Lysa TerKeurst, the P31 Exec team and the online Bible studies team. You are why I started doing online studies. I give God praise and thanks that He used Lysa’s MTC message and this study during this time in your life.

      I prayed for you. Asking the Lord to heal you completely and give you strength and rest during your recovery.

      Love and Blessings,