Mar 21

Quit Talkin’ and Start Walkin’

In other words, let’s apply action to our lives.

We’ve talked about wanting to make changes. We’ve talked about wanting to make time for prayer and Bible study. We’ve talked about getting in shape and taking care of ourselves. We’ve talked about fighting for a faith that is stronger than our fears. We’ve talked about a lot of things.

It’s time to quit talkin’ and start walkin.’  Ever heard the saying, “talk is cheap?”  Well what that means is our words aren’t worth a whole lot unless we are willing to do what we say.

How are you doing in this area?  If I’m honest, I’m just doing ok. I’m full of good intentions and you know about that road paved with good intentions right? Well, I’m ready to get off that road. Who’s with me?

Our next study, An Untroubled Heart, is not going to be a fluffy fun Bible study. It’s going to require that we not just say we want a faith stronger than our fears, but that we apply the action it takes to live with a faith stronger than our fears. If we apply what we learn as we go along, we will be inviting the Lord to do big work in our lives. Isn’t that exciting?  I want so much more from God and I know He has it, I just have to choose to receive it, believe it, and apply it.

This study begins right here on this blog, March 25th. It’s not too late to sign up. Check the right column of my blog to do that.

A great way to quit talkin’ and start walkin’ is to participate in our conference call series. One thing I’ve seen is that the ladies in the online study who participate in the conference call series experience higher levels of success in completing the study and applying God’s principles in their lives. Each call is like attending an event featuring a Proverbs 31 Speaker plus testimonies from guests who understand and share what real life and real faith are all about. Just look at who we have joining us in our An Untroubled Heart Conference Call Series:

March 27, 8 pm EST

Micca Campbell

Micca knows all too well the unpredictable nature of life. As the twenty-one-year-old mother of an infant son, her world was shattered when she lost her husband in a tragic accident. Micca feared for her future and struggled to overcome loneliness. In her darkest moment, God began to teach her His remedy for fear. Micca Campbell is a national speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries. She was named Mother of the Year in 2004 by ParentLifemagazine. In 2009, she released her first book, An Untroubled Heart. Micca, her husband, Pat, and their children reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

April 9, 8 pm EST

Samantha Reed

Samantha works at Proverbs 31 Ministries as an Executive Assistant, Daily Devotions Assistant Editor, and She Seeks Coordinator. While she has a strong faith, Samantha struggles with fear. She’s often experienced sleepless nights and panic attacks. Samantha’s going to share how God has helped her in this battle and how fighting for her faith was worth it. Samantha is also a gifted writer, which you can check out on her blog.

Carol Davis

Carol is no stranger to fear. As a single mom working full time in Christian radio, she is one busy woman. She is candid and honest in her sharing about how God has seen her through tough times like a divorce and raising a child alone. She’s also honest about her fears of remaining alone and providing for the needs of her daughter.  You can read about Carol on her blog and listen to her each weekday at noon on 106.9 The Light. Her testimony will have you laughing and crying, but you will also be thanking God for the opportunity to know her.

April 17, 8 pm EST

Robin Rohrbach

Robin suffered every mom’s worst fear, the death of her child. Hear her amazing story of how her family pulled together, going through ten years of her daughter’s illness and eventually her death. Robin lives in Georgia with her husband, Chris and daughter, Jenna.

Lelia Chealey

Lelia is a wife, mom of 3 and became a {very young} grandma of 2 before she turned 40 in 2010. She is a woman who has an ugly past that only God can handle all the details of and she will tell you He still finds her usable. His grace enables her to write and speak of His greatness despite all she’s been through. Most in Lelia’s shoes would keep her secrets to herself, yet God is using her story (which includes abortion and adultery) in a most amazing way.

Above saying “I do” to Gene Chealey, having his babies and becoming a Grandma, trusting God has been the best thing this woman in Nebraska has ever done. She loves Jesus, family, friends, reading, exercise and a cup of cappuccino with cool whip on top.

April 24 8 pm EST

LaGena Lookabill Green

LaGena Lookabill Greene had a bright future ahead of her. After graduating in the top 1% of her class, she attended college on an academic scholarship and graduated with honors. By age 25 she had been featured as a model on the pages of GlamourSeventeen, and Cosmopolitan magazines. As an actress she had guest-starred in 25 prime time television shows and 5 films. After a marriage proposal, she had sex with her fiance and contracted AIDS. Through his betrayal and abandonment, LaGena turned back to her Lord, who has miraculously sustained her for 25 years. Her inspirational story has been featured on 20/20, 60 Minutes, The Today Show with Katie Couric and The 700 Club. Today, LaGena is happily married to the love of her life, Danny. They reside in North Carolina.

 I hope you will prayerfully consider signing up for this conference call series. I’d love to have the honor of personally speaking with you during the study.

A Free Gift For You:

Last night, we had a free conference call that everyone was invited to be a part of. The message was “A Faith Worth Fighting For” and featured personal stories and an introduction to An Untroubled Heart. If you were unable to be a part of this call, you are in luck, because it was recorded.  If you’ve ever considered signing up for our conference call series, this would be a great way to listen for free and see if you are interested.  Feel free to call in and listen via phone or click this link to listen via computer or download it. Enjoy and please share with your friends! Phone: 530-881-1499, Code 599269. Link:
To sign up for An Untroubled Heart Conference Call Series, Click here.
To purchase An Untroubled Heart book, Click here.
Ok ladies, it’s time. Let’s quit talkin’ and start walkin’!  I’m ready. And just to show you one way I’ve applied this already, is my commitment I recently made to exercise. Enjoy this make-up free, sweaty, stinky look at me, Lysa, and Kelly after our boot camp workout this morning:

If you cannot see the video above, click here. And if the video is appearing sideways, forgive that too. Work in progress with the editing videos, lol!

How do you plan to put your words into action? Please share with us today in the comment section of this blog. Thanks Ladies!  Have a wonderful day and take note of each and every blessing in your life today.


  1. Once again, I needed this!! I am starting to think I am might “needy”. :) Last night as I sat down to watch the Biggest Loser with my toaster strudels, God spoke to me and reminded me about that Biggest Loser workout CD that I bought a while back and how I could have been using it to get in a little work out. I am SO not a morning person and so that is my first excuse, and then last night I gave the excuse to God that I would be all sweaty and need a shower before bed and I would wake everyone up…..I know He was saying “and the next excuse you have is?”. So anyway, I am going to put my words from the “Made to Crave” study into action by getting off my booty and working out. I haven’t quite decided if I want to do evening or morning workouts, but I will have that decision made before the work day is over.

    You are AWESOME Melissa. Keep speaking to our hearts and minds by being obedient to God. Love ya girlie! <3

    • My own experience is that I enjoy morning workouts. When I eat a light breakfast, have some water and workout in the morning, it really sets the tone for my day. It also boosts my energy for several hours after I workout. Just my 2 cents. :]

  2. I was doing really good working out last week, but this week I am ovulating. :( I have started having problems with ovarian cysts developing and causing some pretty intense pain when that happens. It’s been checked out by the Dr. and nothing that requires surgery. But, the pain is just at a “manage” it phase. I would ask for prayer for this please. It’s annoying that the best the medical field can offer is prescription ibuprofen and pain killers. Since I went the medical route, and they were not able to do anything(I do believe God can work through Doctors) So, I am asking for some sisters in Christ to believe with me that God can heal it, I want to be healthy, but it’s hard to do that when you hurt.
    I did quit smoking a few months ago, and now I feel like this is hindering my progress to get and STAY healthy.

    • I’ve had ovarian cysts in the past and can relate to how painful they are. I’ll be praying for you Anna. I was only able to take ibuprofen also until they popped on their own. It hurt just to breathe. God will heal you.

    • Sweet Anna,

      I have just developed some ovarian cysts recently and can empathize with your pain. At the same time, I’ve had God work miracles through doctors and through His own healing. It is so frustrating when you go to doctor after doctor and are admitted multiple times to the hospital for the same issue and they say “Oh. It’s all in your head.” I will pray that God will ease your pain and will heal you in a way that He can be glorified. Sounds odd but can be so true?!? I’m believing the same this week because I feel the Devil tries to defeat and distract me through medical issues. I will pray that Jesus will intervene in your situation and will show Himself mightily in your situation.

      So proud of you for quitting smoking. That is an awesome victory. Keep moving forward girl!!!

  3. I always love how real you are Melissa! I’m wanting to quit talkin’ and start walkin’! I have to get over this stomach bug first but I’m ready! It’s time for change that includes God’s word and some much needed exercise. I’ve been getting my diet changed over to a much cleaner eating plan and I’m ready to take it to the next step. Have a blessed day!

  4. Sherry-Ann says:

    I have begun to walk the walk and stop talking at the beginning of this year. I have make a resounding commitment to fulfil God’s plan for my life. I have taken the steps by signing up for this study session, doing my own personal devotions on a daily basis and encouraging my family in continuing to seek God regularly. But I have not found the time to exercise my physical body, which is desperately needed to fulfil my holistic commitment.

    • Sounds like you are placing God first. Lean on Him and He will provide you with the strength to get your body moving. Look at all the small victories. I’m so glad you are joining us Sherry-Ann!

  5. Jenny Kozar says:

    Oh I so need to quit talkin and start walkin!!! I am so looking forward to the Untroubled Heart study as I need to unburden so much. I know it but I don’t KNOW it (head vs. heart). Thank you for providing a SAFE environment and SAFE people who will pray and walk together with me on this journey.

    • I’m so glad that you feel SAFE Jenny and thank you for commenting. I pray that when you come to this page and as you delve into the Word and this book that you will draw ever closer to Jesus. He will work out the details. Thank you so much for sharing and looking forward to walking this journey with you!

  6. Tanisha Grant says:

    Hello Melissa:

    I truly enjoyed listening to the conference call last night. I am a Woman who is after God’s heart. I want to be more like him daily. The conference call spoke to me and as I was listening I was signing up for the study and I was ordering my book. I am so excited for this new journey that God has brought into my life. You are an awesome woman of God. Thanks for being my Sister! ” Let my Faith be bigger than my Fear!!!”

  7. What a great reminder and message! I was just re-reading Chapter 5 of MTC last night and when it said I need to ask God ALL THE TIME for His help in my getting healthy journey, it clicked why some of my progress had slowed. I had forgotten and wasn’t doing that part. As of today I am re-committed to asking Him daily for His help and strength to make the right choices. Only He alone knows what is best for me and what will work to get me to where He wants me to be. Praise the Lord!

  8. Yes, it’s tough to “walk the talk”. Made to Crave has helped me tremendously with the psychological/spiritual change and Weight Watchers is helping me with accountability in the health/diet department. After being “too busy” to work out last week, I made a goal of working out 5 days this week, and today was my Third day! (I did promise myself a reward of a wallet/purse combo that I saw while birthday shopping for a friend a couple of weeks ago :) I wasn’t going to sign up for the new online bible study as I felt I had already dealt with giving God my fears in the past, but He nudged me to do so anyway. I started reading The Cause Within You this week, as well. Somehow I think God’s up to something! Thanks for all of the encouragement to live as a Jesus girl!

    • So proud of you Lisa! I’m glad you followed that call. It sounds like God is showing you daily how you can depend on him to “walk the talk.” I love that little phrase. I need to write this everywhere. I know this study is going to deal with some touchy subjects but I also realize that we are all here for a reason. Trust Him to do something great and continue sharing. I was so inspired by your comment-I will try to get my butt out of bed tomorrow and get moving! Thanks girl!

  9. I am definitely in that place where I need to quit talkin’ and start walkin. My biggest struggles are with my children, battling fears over their choices, their walk with God, their future, etc. My oldest son graduates high school in June and will be going into the military–fear sometimes plaques me over this. My daughter is in high school and going through some difficult times–fear plagues me. My nearly 13-year-old son has me already anticipating trouble, for no other reason than my OWN fears. I want to conquer these fears once-and-for-all, trusting more in God and HIS plans for my childrens’ lives.

    • @Stephanie–I know the fear with your oldest graduating and going into the military. My daughter gradauted in May, went in the Navy in Nov. and is living over 1000 miles away going to school in Florida. I worry about my other daughter and younger son! I know how you feel. What branch is your son going into? Find some Mom support and it makes it so much easier to deal with! I will try to keep you in my prayers.

  10. Michele Caséca says:

    I´m so ready for this Bible Study, Melissa.

    Can´t wait to get started. Right now I´m full of fears and doubts, but I´ve been covered by God´s love, His promises, mu family and some amazing women from church who are more mature spiritually and have prayed with me and for me.
    I know God has lots to teach me through this Bible Study.


  11. Debbie Johnston says:

    Missed the conference call last night due to kids and sports:) Listening now, crying, praising God for my Mom. The hardest part to listen to is the fact I will not hear her voice again, not get a hug or kiss. But God is faithful and I’m clinging to Him. Thank you!

  12. Loved the call last night. Stephanie could have been telling my story. I can’t wait for the new study. I bought the books months ago but I have never read it so I am ready. I hope to be able to do he calls as well.

    • So glad that you are joining us Angie! If you can make the calls, try to do so. If you are like me, you won’t have a dry eye after each one but you WILL FEEL God move. And, there is always the opportunity at the end for Q&A so keep your questions handy :)

  13. Karen R. says:

    I am not sure the reason this study is calling out to be but it is! I am 44 and have jus

  14. Karen R. says:

    I am not sure what happened above! LOL

    I am 44 and have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Have already had two surgeries and getting ready to start chemo and radiation. I have 3 beautiful daughters and one granddaughter. I know that this experience is to draw me closer to God and I am excited yet scared!

    • I’m praying for you Karen R! I’m so glad that you’re in this study. It’s going to be an amazing journey for so many women, including you. How soon does your chemo & radiation start? Be sure to let us all know how you’re doing & how we can be praying for you through the treatments.

    • Karen,

      I am so glad you are here. I fully believe God will show you why this study is calling out to you…It just maybe to have the love and support of the women here. If you aren’t already in a prayer/study group, ask Lisa Kramp to put you in one. I think you would like it.

  15. I’m so ready to quit talkin & start walkin!!! God has been placing that on my heart a lot here lately. He’s been telling me over & over again that it’s time to quit living in my fears & in my past hurts & it’s time to start living my life again. Truly living my life to honor & glorify him, that’s what God has wanted for me for quite some time now.

    So I’m ready! Let’s get started! How I plan to put my words into action is by being mindful to go to God the instant that my fears, negative thoughts or past hurts come calling. I’m going to stop & go to God in prayer. I’m also going to have several verses written out to carry with me so that I’ll have them easily accessible wheh the rough times hit. I’m going to be ready with scripture to be fighting back with. God wants more for me than fears & hurts that occupy my time & I’m making the choice to start focusing on that truth over my fears & hurts.

    I can’t wait for Sunday to start this study!!!

    • Yay Tricia! Such great inspiration! I’ll be praying that God will give you the strength and comfort that you need. So glad that we are sharing this study together. Hugs!

    • Tricia,

      You HAVE been putting your words into action. You have grown sooo much. Be ready to hang onto the hem of Jesus, for I think this study may be a ‘wild ride’.

  16. This past year has been filled with changes desired and undesired. But, I just have to admit that if it weren’t for Jesus, I wouldn’t be here. So, I’m LEARNING (and learning is the key word) that I HAVE to DEPEND on Jesus alone. Family and friends can disappoint but He never will.

    I have participated in the last three studies and am still in awe at God’s blessings and the individuals who have blessed my life. I can be quite introverted at times. Sometimes, it’s great, right? But, I think I’ve missed out on many opportunities because I felt as if my words didn’t matter or that I was clumsy or I couldn’t cook so why try? No guy will ever want to marry me right?

    I know those items are silly but these are the thoughts that plague me not to mention those moments when I used to feel so sick that I didn’t know how I would make it through ONE MORE DAY! But, God has moved so mightily that I can’t deny it once I gave my life over to Him almost a year and a half ago. When I decided that I would inconvenience myself for him. My life is still in shambles in some areas and I know that this study is going to bring up some demons. But, we have each other and the Lord right? If God is for me and all of us (!), then why should we fear? Because we are human. But, God will be with us the entire way AND I commit (with the Lord’s help as well as through prayer) that God will provide me with strength to walk in audacious faith. I pray that He will provide me with courage to speak His truth. For His word tells each of us that “we are a masterpiece”. He is the “author and perfecter” of OUR faith. He knew us before we were formed in the womb and has a plan for each of us. In being silent, I am only pleasing the Devil NOT God. I pray that God will simply provide me with the discernment as to what my priorities should be and the faith that He truly can calm all my fears. Thanks for listening y’all and so happy to walk alongside y’all!

  17. I so love the conference call series for each study…..I highly recommend purchasing them. And for $14 for 4 calls plus the download to keep the call forever, that’s such a great price!!!

    Looking forward to this study and the calls. I am ready to lose fear and find my faith, to walk the walk <3

  18. Ruth Hidalgo says:

    I have had many an experience to make me want to “hang my head low” and give up. Most of which, I am still too ashamed to even openly discuss. I made that choice to start walkin.. it goes with “when you put your hand to the plow, don’t look back” the temptation to be like Lot’s wife and take just one more look- at first was heavy and great. The tempation to have my own pity party overwhelmed me. But with the Grace of God and determination to keep on walkin’, I am on the other side and am stronger for it. Thank you for putting a bold and courageous Blble study together for women struggling to get up and walk.

  19. I’m ready to face the Goliah’s in my life. To accept the power, love and self-discipline God has waiting for me. VICTORY IN JESUS111

  20. Maria Escalante says:

    It’s my first time getting involved in something like this ,and it sounds really interesting and I want to be part of it .I want to learn an not only be hearers of his word but doers too.Thanks a lot God bless!!!