Apr 19

Dirty Bad Girl

On the conference call Tuesday night, I made a comment that I hoped didn’t offend anyone.

Lelia Chealey had just shared her incredible testimony about how she had an affair, got pregnant, had an abortion, and didn’t tell her husband for years because of fear. She did finally tell her husband and today they are a part of a marriage ministry and she is using her life for Christ in amazing ways. Not many women share secrets like that. I call them secrets, because most who have done what she did (and there are MANY), will carry those offenses to their grave. And I can understand why. But not Lelia. She and her husband both agreed that it’s a story worth telling. It demonstrates the healing, cleansing, redeeming, and restoring power of Jesus Christ and if we are still alive and breathing, God ain’t finished with us yet!  I love it!  In fact I love it so much, I said on the call,

“I love dirty bad girls who get wiped clean by the Lord! I LOVE THEM!”


I so hope no one thought I was calling anyone a dirty bad girl, I didn’t mean it offensively. In fact I think the reason I felt free in saying it is because I’m a dirty bad girl. I’m not gonna share all  my “secrets” with you, but I am!

When you think about it, aren’t we all?  Who doesn’t need the love and forgiveness of Jesus?  There’s not a one of us who doesn’t need to be wiped clean by the Lord!  So therefore there’s not a one of us who is justified in judging another or looking down on someone because their sin is worse than ours. We all need Jesus and He died for dirty bad girls just like us!  I pray that message alone gives you hope, freedom, and a little less trouble in your heart.  Sweet sister and friend, you are loved by Jesus.  And I love you too. Might sound corny, but I do!

I seem to be a magnet for dirty bad girls, and I think it’s because God knows where I’ve been and that I see potential in every created being. I’ve seen victory stories like Lelia’s and so I can see a victory story for everyone. Sometimes they happen and sometimes they don’t, but I still choose to see the potential and let God do the rest. That’s not as easy as it sounds, but I’ve learned that a lot of times, we have to get out of the way so God has the chance to do His work. It’s hard to step aside, especially when you love someone, but it really comes back to trusting God. Trusting that not only is He enough for us, but He’s also enough for anyone we might be trying to help.

Lelia had no problem with me referring to her as a dirty bad girl, do you?  Are you a dirty bad girl?  Have you experienced the wiping clean that Jesus can give you?  Or do you need to experience it, but something is holding you back?  Dish it sista, let’s hear from you.

This week in our study, we are “Learning to Trust Again” and contemplating the question “What’s the Worst That Can Happen?”  Great week for us dirty bad girls. There is hope for us all.

Dirty bad girls unite!  There is a clean life for you and you can find it in One Place…the loving and forgiving arms of Jesus!  Join me there okay?


You can read more from Lelia by visiting her blog.

***Thank you again to Lelia Chealey and Robin Rohrbach for sharing their difficult stories with us this week on the conference call. If you would like to sign up for our conference call series, it’s not too late. Each call is recorded for later listening or download. You can sign up here. These calls are fabulous. I don’t say that as a pat on my own back, because I have very little to do with them. It’s God and the guests and messages He provides. It’s like attending an event without leaving your home.



  1. This was such a wonderful conference call and naturally the Lord led you to do it in the right week! :-)
    I didn’t have a problem with that phrase LOL It reminded me of the Bad Girls of the Bible study. It is such a wonderful testimony we can all give that we are all dirty , we all fall short and are able to be washed clean by the blood of Jesus. so as far as i am concerned you were kinda quoting scripture 😉 p-)
    I love the Lord has indeed turned it all around for His glory and good for those who walk in His ways. This is for each one of us.. how awesome and amazing is that….!!!!
    The Lord uses you in many wonderful ways, Melissa! Thanks for all you do and i will be praying for you this weekend. Wish i could be there…. someday… :-)

  2. Sarah Rose says:

    Melissa…Your love for others (me!) despite our setbacks, our sins, and our “dirty little secrets” is what makes you perfectly equipped to be our leader on these Bible studies! :0) So grateful for you and your candor!

    I believe that when we let ourselves be used for the glory of God, especially when it comes to our sins, that our true strength and beauty will shine through…and that we can reach people who otherwise would pass us off as a “Good Christian Girl.” Don’t get me wrong, I want to be a Good Christian Girl, but lets face it…ministry is Dirty! And those “Dirty Bad Girls” are where a wealth of power for ministry lies!

    What a blessing it is to let go of those secrets that Satan has held over our heads for so long, and instead share our stories and the hope of the truth of the gospel at the same time! :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Beautifully said Sarah Rose!

    • ‘And those “Dirty Bad Girls” are where a wealth of power for ministry lies!’ THis is SO true! So many times God wipes us clean, then uses our ‘dirty little secrets’ to minister to others!

  3. I can’t tell you how excited I am to share with all of you that I gave my life to Christ last night. Pretty amazing stuff. I had no idea how or when it would happen but God did! He’s doing crazy God stuff right now and he’s surrounding me with the people I need and who need me. I never understood it. What it meant to be saved. Last night that crazy creepy weird God stuff happened to me! It all started with this bible study and another one I’m doing Not A Fan….reading the Word of God and going to church. I was told this will be the first day of the rest of my life! I don’t know what he has in store for me but I’m ALL IN!!! This song did it for me….One Sonic Society Forever ReIign. And then preceding it was No Chains on me by Chris Tomlin! Listen to those songs :)
    Love your sister in Christ

    • Sarah Rose says:

      Ellie!!! I”M SOOOO EXCITED!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :) KEEP Studying His Word!!! And Welcome to the Family! :)

    • Praising Jesus with you!!! Yay Ellie… Yay GOD …. you will never ever be sorry that you said “YES” to God!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story. Praying these words over you ….

      For this reason I kneel before the Father, 15 from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name. 16 I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, 17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, 18 may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, 19 and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.
      20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

      AMEN AND AMEN !!!!!

      • Ellie, that is the MOST AWESOMEST NEWS!!!!! Don’t let anyone tell you it will be clear sailing from now on, because as you know from our study, it’s not. But you have the Most Awesome God to walk beside you and He has some awesome people that He will put in your life to be “Jesus with skin on” for you. And no matter what is staring you in the face, remember this, For I know the plans I have for you, saith the Lord. Plans for your welfare not disaster, so that you may have a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11. Continue to look for leaders who are true to God’s Word and don’t preach a “feel-good” ministry. Be ready to grow. Much love to you my sister.

    • Ellie,
      You have our entire P31 and Online Bible Studies Team, cheering out loud for you! I’m so happy for you and your new life in Christ.

      My advice to you: stay connected with others. The Christian life isn’t easy and life doesn’t get easier, but it is better. You now have a new hope that you didn’t before. I am so happy!

      Thank you for being a part of this online Bible study. If there is anything that I can do for you, please let me and the OBS team know. We are praying for you and praising God for this decision you’ve made.

      Love and oodles of blessings,

    • OH Ellie!!! I am so thrilled and excited to hear your news!!! Welcome to the family! We are here for you… We will certainly be continuing to pray and give thanks for you!!
      Love you,lady!!

    • ELLIE!! So you were the reason the angels were rockin’ out last night in heaven! PRAISE GOD and welcome to the family girl! :) I agree with Melissa..stay connected. This is not an easy path, but so worth every step forward. Love & prayers from Nebraska!

    • God knew exactly who to connect you with and where to lead you. Nothing He does is by accident. We are so excited for you and that you have joined the family of Christ. It is the best for you and for all of us that now have the privilige of calling you our Sister in Christ. God will do amazing things in your life if you will let Him take the lead. Be viligant in your reading of the Word and Melissa and this group of women are some of the best to stay connected with. God Bless you in this new life,
      Angie Webb

    • Anonymous says:

      Welcome, beautiful sister! You will not regret the journey. Now always remember that He will never ever give up on you even though you might feel like He has. He loves you somuch and He and all the other souls up there in heaven are dancing and singing abd having a great party for you now. God bless you, sweet sister! ~ Sonja

    • GOD is Great! What a wonderful testimony! We are so blessed to get to share in this news. We are all sisters in Christ loving, supporting, encouraging, and being there! Blessings Ms. Ellie! God has you COVERED!

    • Kristi S says:

      So happy for you Ellie! And, thank you for sharing. That is a bold step for Christ and He will not leave you hanging! Praising God for you. You don’t ever have to fear whether you will be alone. Continue to look and listen for His voice in your life-He may whisper or He may roar. Those God-moments are awesome. I rededicated my life in August 2010 after He showed up BIG in my life. But, there will still be challenges. Surround yourself with people of faith who love you like crazy and will speak truth into your heart. Get into the Word and bible studies. When the devil tries to attack you, the promises that you discover and the love of God and those around you will keep you afloat. And, girl, I’m with you with you spoke about the lyrics of a song. When I wasn’t walking with the Lord or even now, God uses the words of a song to draw me closer to Him. Thank God for K-Love and other radio ministries out there. It’s wonderful to wake with a song on your lips. And, it’s a good way to remember bible verses too-put them to music! That’s still how I remember 1 Corinthians 13-a song from VBS as a kid.

      You will be in my prayers daily Ellie and please continue to share your journey with us! The angels are definitely singing in heaven! We love you sweet sister!

    • Melissa S. says:

      Yaay Ellie! So happy you have joined your life with Christ! The ladies are right—read His Word and stay connected with all of us! And girl, talk to Him! Talk to Him whenever you can throughout your day! He’s like having a friend with you all the time. Tell Him thanks for everything, even the small things, and just share your troubles with Him. He’s always there and loves to hear from you! Love to you girl!

    • Ellie, CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!! Thanking God for bringing you to Him and praying for you. I am so happy for you and I agree with Donna’s post – you will never be sorry for saying YES!!! From this point forward you will NEVER be alone, He will always be by your side and you now have a whole family to lift you up. Welcome home, sister <3

    • I know it has already been said, but welcome to the Family! Awesome news Ellie!

    • Ellie that is fantastic. My advice would to get an accountability partner. Another christian woman who has been following Christ and is knowledgeable about the bible. After giving your life to Christ you have to be diligent in seeking him daily. So many times we pray that prayer and go on with our lives never truly understanding what we are really doing when we do give our lives to Christ. With another person helping you to understand you will gain a closer and deeper connection to Christ and you will not be easily swayed away from Christ. Welcome to the family I am so glad to have you as part of my family. I can’t wait to meet you in heaven when we all go home.

  4. Uniting with you … and nope you did not offend this dirty bad girl!! You caused me to praise Him even more!!! Some of my “dirtiness” was at the hands of others … and some of my own doing …. but NO MATTER MATTER or who was responsible …. I am still redeemed … still washed white by His blood …. and so thankful to Him for looking past my dirty bad girl self and seeing ME and my heart! Washed by the blood of the LAMB …. I was …. and I am every day!

    And thank you for seeing Jesus potential in me …. I will never ever forget you tilting down that mirror in your car and looking me square in the eyes and saying that you believed in me …. touched my heart to the core!!! So thankful for your magnetism to this dirty bad girl. LULNMW

  5. Here’s the dish on me. I’ve done things in my life that I still have trouble allowing God to clean me fully from. In fact I’ve fought him every step of the way for a year now. I’ve stood in his way, refused to talk & kept up the lie that I never did any of those things. Only you know what, I did & I knew it no matter how much I tried to convince myself that I didn’t do anything, & God knew it too, only I didn’t want to see that so I closed my eyes to it. For a long time now, I’ve been telling God one of those “but if you only knew such & such” then you you would see that I’m right, you’re wrong & that I really don’t deserve to be cleaned from it. I’ve told him lots of those & just earlier this week too. Just on Sunday I was telling God again that he shouldn’t love because “if only he knew all that I was keeping back still”. Well He does know. He knows it all, he always has, I just didn’t want to see that. But you know what happened on Tuesday night at my weekly counseling appt, I finally stepped out of God’s way, really stepped out of his way this time & for the first time I talked about the really hard stuff that I had been keeping back for so long, the worst “secrets”. And God met me there. He gave me the strength to push through it even when my emotions & feelings were screaming for me to stop, that I couldn’t do it, I kept going. That night was the first time that I can say that I actually beleived God really loves me. Before that I had a head knowledge only of his love for me but now i can say that I know God loves me & is going to bring me through it all because I stepped out of his way finally & let him in to start the clean up process. So I’m still working on this & I’d have to say that I am in the process (yes I said my most disliked word) of experiencing Jesus’ cleaning from those things. You know what the difference is now though, I’m getting up & making the choice (yes, another most disliked word) to get out of God’s way so he can keep working to clean me from those things completely. He loves me & he has always wanted that for me.

    • So proud of you Tricia …. God so wants to work in our hearts and our lifes … and yes…sometimes it comes down to making the right and only choice!! The choice to get out of His way so He can do His work!! One choice at a time .. one day at time. Praising God for the work He is doing in your life! Love ya.

    • Melissa S. says:

      So proud that you are letting God come into your heart! Sometimes we hang onto those burdens and cling to them so that we feel guilt over our mistakes—that way we don’t forgive ourselves but God forgives. It’s just one of the many things that makes Him GOD! We are not the most forgiving people but God, his forgiveness fills every inch of this world and more! I pray for your healing as you learn to let go bit by bit and begin to feel God’s peace. Love to you!

    • Kristi S says:

      I’m so proud of you Tricia! You are such an example of perseverance amidst the storms of life. You are such an encourager and I don’t think you realize how much you impact those around you with your words. I keep going back to Micca’s words on p. 115 but they are so true. “If you and and I will choose faith over fear, we will see the glory of God turn our worries into life and blessings.” Hugs!!!

    • Thank you Donna, Melissa & Kristi! It’s about time I started to really listen & get out of God’s way. He knows what’s best, not me.

      Kristi, I do have trouble seeing myself as having the ability to impact others with my words & experiences. God’s working though & who knows what he’ll lead me to through this.

    • Tricia, I hate the phrase “I feel your pain”, but I don’t know any other way to describe it. I am still having issues with believing in my heart that He can love me when I so obviously don’t deserve it. What makes it even harder is those messages you get in childhood; you know the ones, you’re not good enough, your sister is so much better, if my earthly father doesn’t love me how can I expect God, who knows EVERYTHING about me to love me. The truly sad part is that I know in my head that He does love me; I just can’t get my heart to completely agree. It doesn’t help that my father passed away this past Friday and left many of those issues unresolved. All I can do is lean on my Heavenly Father and ask Him to fill the empty places in my heart; those places where the “dirty, bad girl” lives and is cowering in terror that someone is going to find out she exists. But I WILL MAKE IT THROUGH. I can’t go by my feelings. My feelings do not change the fact that Jesus died for me and that He loves me unconditionally and I have to learn to love myself in order to love my neighbor. This study is helping so much and I know it is a God thing. I didn’t mean to rant on and on. Thank you for listening.

      • Teresa, I’ll be praying for God’s love to go from a head knowledge to a heart knowledge for you. It’s amazing how that alone can be of such great help to you all by itself. I’ve had a couple of amazing days since this finally sunk in for me. It’s true, don’t go by your feelings. I did that for a LONG time & it kept me always at a distance with God. I’m not going to say that it’s all been like magic & POOF, now I don’t still have those times where those “does God REALLY love me” moments don’t still happen. They have but now i know they’re not true & that those thoughts & moments are lies. So I’ve been better able to resist giving into that lie & believing it. I’m doing better at going to my favorite scriptures to combat those times. I truly did not think that I would ever get to this point. I’m so happy that God is in charge & not me because he knew when I would get here. You’re going to get therer too Teresa. One day it’s just going to all click & you’ll be able to say that you really do know, feel & believe that God loves you completely, just the way you are & exactly for who you are.

      • Melissa S. says:

        So sorry about your father’s passing. Praying for you <3

  6. I’m so bummed I missed the call, but I can imagine!!!

  7. Melissa, the topic really speaks to my heart personally I want to move on past my own secrets but just can’t seem to let go. I feel like I don’t deserve it. Please pray for me!

    • God, fill Maria up with your courage! Your courage to move past her secrets. Your courage to live in the hear and now. Your courage to forgive herself. To forgive others if needed. Boldness to accept herself as she is. Boldness to see herself through your eyes. An understanding to know that no matter what the secret is you love her just the same. Understanding to know that you already know the secret. Understanding to know that you just want Maria to lay the secret at your feet and LEAVE it there. Understanding to know that you have already forgiven her. Cause her to let go and let you do the work in her heart. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  8. I have no problem with the phrase Dirty Bad Girl because Lord knows I was one and sometimes when I fail and sin I still feel like one. Our sin can be a dirty bad thing but Jesus loves us no matter what “dirty bad” thing we’ve ever done or WILL ever do and he continues to draw us to him and call us to repentance and restoration.

    He is the God of restored lives and my life is a living testament to that.

  9. Reading this post made me think to myself…..when you said “we have to get out of the way so God has the chance to do His work”…that made me think about myself. I think I’ve been fighting so hard in my own healing and recovery process from a few of my own “secrets”…that I just realized God’s been trying to help me all along. It is so tough to do that…just get out of the way. Thats whats keeping me from being wiped clean…..
    God Bless……

    • YAY Brooke… you’ve just done the hard part. You admitted that you can’t do it by yourself and that you need to get out of his way!! HUGE steps.

      God, I pray for Brooke. Give her your courage, boldness and strength to lay it all down at the foot of the cross. Never to be picked up by her again. Only to be picked up, wiped cleaned and forgiven by you. Give Brooke the courage to say YES to you and Yes to getting out of the way of your cleaning job – not hers – but yours. Cause her not to get in the way of your cleaning. Just allow her to sit and relax and be filled with you. Flood Brooke with your love! Your Grace! Your Mercy! Your Kindness! Show Brooke that she is the strongest in her weakest moments when she is giving it all to you! All to you for keeps! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • That’s so great Brooke! I get that standing in his way & how difficult it is to move so he can work. You’ve taken the first step though & that’s awesome. Now the healing begins. Keep on stepping out of his way over & over again, every time you catch yourself back in his path again. That’s what I’m telling myself too. You’re going to get there! I’ll be praying for you.

    • Melissa S. says:


      You’ve taken a huge step! Always remember that His power is made perfect in weakness! He’ll give you strength!!!

  10. Jenny Kozar says:

    Dirty Bad Girls Unite!! I Love It!!

    It think the greatest challenge for me is feeling worthy enough. I know – I know that really what more can God do but when you grow up in a broken home, full of abuse (mental, physical, and sexual), escape to a bad marriage that is full of mental abuse you just get this feeling that you are not worth it.

    This study is amazing and I have LOTS of highlights in my book. I so appreciate digging into the scripture and I am praying to be molded by the potters hands.

  11. Love this Melissa. Love your honesty and way to get real with us! I will always be a bad dirty girl to the core no matter how white as snow Jesus gets me, but no matter what I will stay focused on Him and let Him continue to use my ugly for His glory. He really is worth sharing about and I love that He has us share things on so many levels. I’m like you Melissa I don’t share everything and trust me when I say you girls need to thank Him for that because if you knew all my dirty, I’d have you all glassy eyed running away from me in fear I’m contagious! :)
    Bottom line is that there is NOTHING one of us has done 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago that is too much for our God. He wants all of us…the good, the bad, the very ugly. Let Him have you…today, He’ll make your decision of choosing Him completely worth it.
    Love from one dirty bad girl to another! :)

    • Lelia, loved your courage and boldness on the call and in the post above! And your honesty and realness is amazing! Love watching God use you to impact so many hearts for His kingdom!

      And BTW … where do you live in Nebraska. I’m in Lincoln and Omaha at least once a month for three days at a time. If you are near there, would love to treat you to lunch or dinner.

      Thanks again for blessing us with your story.


      • Donna…thank you so much! I’m in Lincoln!! Send me a message on FB and I’ll send you my #,I’d love to get together with you! :) You bless me!

  12. Thanks Melissa and Lelia. Even though I know in my heart nothing is too much for God, I am having a hard time accepting that. My past is awful. I am haunted everyday by it. So much it paralyzes me with fear. I am trying to keep up with all of your blogs, bought a Confident Heart and started reading that. Also listening to Joyce Meyers daily. I just can’t seem to escape it. I don’t know how to give it all to God.

    • Melissa,

      The best place to start is on your knees in prayer. Ask God to give you his power and strength to let it all go. And always remember that there is nothing in your past that is too BIG for God to take from you. But that does take action on our part … giving …. giving it to Him and not taking it back.

      It’s also as easy as a choice. A choice to let the fear and let the pain go. I know that seems so shallow … but it’s the truth. Every day we get to make the choice to let go and let God handle the fear…the pain … our past…our future.

      God, fill Melissa with your strength, your will power, your confidence, your love, your understanding, and your peace to just let the past go. To let the past go and not pick it up again. Fill her with your courage and boldness in saying “YES” to you and your promises and “no” to fear and anything else that is not of you. Fill her with your promises and cause her thoughts to dwell on and the promises that you have made to each one of us. The promise that you will carry our burdens for us. The promise that your love is greater than anything else out there. Give her that confident heart that she desires for herself. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

      If you need to talk with someone, please feel free to call Melissa at the P31 office. Her number is 877-731-3354.

      Thanks for sharing your struggles and please know that you are not alone.


      • Thank you soo much for your words and prayer, Donna.

        • Melissa S. says:


          Joyce Meyer has several videos on her website regarding letting go of the past and forgiveness. I watched a couple of them and they were very helpful! It’s hard for us to let go because we want to keep holding on but when we do that, we’re allowing the devil to hold us down. He wants us to feel guilt and shame so that we don’t live the life that God intended us to live. When we do as Donna said—we pray, ask for forgiveness, and begin to let go of the past, we experience God’s peace and the devil HATES that! He wants us to live in turmoil and be filled with anxiety. As Joyce Meyer said, “Tell Satan to mind his own business!” Praying for you!

          • Thank you Melissa S.! I really appreciate your comments! Sorry, I am responding so late, I just got back on when I saw Melissa Taylor’s new email come up today. It’s really encouraging to come on here and see women praying and uplifting each other. May God bless all of you reading this.

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Our God is one awesome God!!!! <3

  14. Orenda Smith says:

    There was a time in my life if you would have said those words” dirty bad girls” I would of have been offend. Because I was a shame of what I did and what others had done to me. I grew up in a family where secrets was top priority.You dare not say anything that could hurt or shame the family. It was better to pretend that everything was honky dory,then to dare tell the truth. I stayed this way for a very long time keeping everything I did and happen to me inside of me. And all that did was torment me and made my life hell. I don’t remember when but I got to a point in my life where I said forget this secret stuff. And I started spilling about everything that I ever did and what happen to me. I got so much grief from my family, friends and strangers for begin so honest. No one could understand how I could be so open and honest. Now looking back on this I can see it was God’s way of preparing me for the time I would have to tell my testimony. We all know there is no way you can share with others about what God has done for you, if you still walking around in shame,guilt and feeling bad. So as I write this today I am proud to say God has made me to be an open book. There are still some out there who tell me it is not good to be so open and others who wish they could be as open as I am. All I have to say is that I am just doing what my Father wants me to do, to be proud of who I am in Christ. Now I am willing and able to share anything with anyone who ask. Even with my hubby I am open there is nothing he don’t know about me. Secrets are no longer live here or are welcome here!!! I seen what they can do to me and others. I have to say no thank you, I don’t want them no more!!! All I want is Jesus peace, love,forgiveness and cleansing. This is not to say that I am perfect, because I still do struggle with telling things right a way, but soon or latter I do tell. My hubby and I policy in our marriage is no secrets and 100% honesty no matter how much it hurts the other. Here’s to living a secret free life!!! God Bless to all :)

  15. Jeanie Kelley says:

    I was sad to have missed the call;however, had to be at a parents meeting for church for our Junior Higher who is going into the 7th grade next year. As for the study of chapters 6 and 7 I did find it challenging, but also found it very uplifting. The one question that I had was letter D on number 9. It was about Joseph going to prison, but it also asked if God was with Joseph in prison. I had written to take Joseph out of a bad situation with Potiphar’s wife. To be able to rescue Joseph. Granted I realize it is prison, but did not God watch out for Joseph in prison? If someone has the answer I would appreciate it. I know that there are no bad answers. Thanks so much.

    • Kristi S says:

      Hi Jeanie,

      Joseph could easily have given up on God during that time. He could have said, “Hey, God, I didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve worked so hard for you all this time. I was tempted by Potiphar’s wife but I did the right thing. Why am I in jail? I just don’t understand.” But, instead, he continued to be faithful to God and was an example in spite of the accusations. To me, it reminded me of what Micca said on p. 115 “If you and I will CHOOSE faith over fear, we WILL see the glory of God turn our worries into LIFE and BLESSINGS.”

  16. Heck yea! I’m an ex-dirty bad girl! And no, it doesn’t offend me to be called that.
    I’m living proof that God can clean up anybody!

    • Kim Golds says:

      Amen . Wanda. I too am living proof of what God can do in someone’s life. Thankful everyday for Redemption.

  17. In reality, aren’t we all dirty, bad girls in some form or fashion. We can act all put together and like we have nothing to be ashamed of, but in reality, we all fall short in one way or another. I know that is something we are talking about in our FB group for the study. God knows exactly how to connect us all together so we can all help each other find healing from our past and our short comings. I know that my life has so much “junk” yet He still loves me and wants me as part of His family even when those close to me may chose to not accept me or want me. Thank God we having a loving, heavenly Father because I know earthly people will let me down for sure.

  18. Melissa S. says:

    So true Melissa—-It’s like Jesus told the crowd when they were going to stone that woman who was caught committing adultery, “He who hasn’t sinned, cast the first stone” and they all left! We are all sinners in some way and we are not placed on this Earth to judge one another! Christ wiped away our sins!

    Melissa, you are an excellent example of a woman of God! You are an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many of the women in this study! <3

  19. Kristi S says:

    Although I grew up in a loving, Christian family, it was also a very sheltered “bubble.” A divorce. Not in our family. A drinking problem. Not in our family. A rape. Not in our family. An abortion. Not in our family. As a tender-hearted girl of 13, I couldn’t understand how my family would turn their backs on my cousin because she did get a divorce. And, it was very disheartening to me that she was only accepted once she sent everyone a letter years later once her life was “back on track.”

    I’ve always been one to fight for others and to question things which can be both positive and negative. Consequently, I found myself in many situations where I was fighting for the wrong person. Abuse was prevalent because I couldn’t fight for myself any longer. I felt so ashamed and couldn’t tell anyone so I turned to other things to ease the pain. Such a downward spiral!

    God literally had to pull me from the pit but I’m so thankful for His grace and mercy. Although I’m still working on “sharing” my story, I can definitely say that the “real me” picked up layers of grime and grease over those years. Of course, I laid a nice varnish of secrecy and “success” over those layers so NOONE would EVER know. Thankfully, God picked me up and threw me into the bathtub and started scrubbing! I’ve since discovered that my family wasn’t so perfect. They were just as scared as I was that someone would discover the mudpies in their own lives. And, I think that is what is most important. We each have layers which are painful to share with the world. But, in sharing your story, God may use the mucky-muck you tried to hide to bring another human being to His “bathtub” of salvation. (Cheesy but I like the visual!)

  20. OH, I am SOOOOO dirty bad girl. I mean seriously, you really have to watch out for those QUIET catholic girls because they get into the most trouble (and I am speaking for myself, no one else) but I am so thankful that I am His daughter, that I have sisters lifting me up and that I can be redeemed by Him. My life was nothing until I gave Him everything and He became MY EVERYTHING!!!!! Great post Melissa and some awesome comments here, including a new family member – it’s been a great day – despite several asthma attacks, the devil can’t distract us that easily when we stand united as one FOR and WITH Christ :)

  21. Michelle N. says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I needed this post and ALL of these comment today! I am also a dirty bad girl and although I am so trying to let it go and leave it there like Donna said I just keep struggling and letting the past trip me up again. But, this is the first time I’ve admitted it outloud. I know Jesus loves me and forgives me- and he has given me so many many gifts but yet I keep turning from him and trying to be fulfilled in other ways. THERE is NO OTHER WAY, MICHELLE!!!!! (That was me yelling at myself, but kindly! =) thank you Melissa and all the rest of you that responded and commented. I can not ever express how much I needed this today, this moment, this second. <3 I love you all and cherish this wonderful group of women!

    • Michelle,
      Your birthday has to be October 5th too because I just know we’re twins separated at birth!! I see myself so much in your comment. I want to encourage you instead of telling yourself there’s no other way to talk God’s Word to yourself. I say this because for me when I tell myself stuff like that I find myself in a place either mentally or physically I have no business being. It’s as if I give in to my patterns of comfort and give up moving forward with Jesus. When I’m feeling defeated I love saying out loud to God Psalm 41:11 For I know You are pleased with me , for my enemy does not triumph over me.
      I’ll be praying for you girl…hang in there my separated at birth sister 😉
      Hugs from Nebraska,

  22. Thank you for this post Melissa! I can totally relate to having a past and knowing the awesomeness of redeeming grace! I didn’t hear the conference call but I, too, did a lot of things “backwards” in my life. I strayed away for
    God in my teenage years and I am trying to fix some things that have resulted from it. I am still struggling with my relationship. I know that God has a plan for me and I want to use my life for His glory but often times feel so held back! It is so hard to not remain STUCK in those consequences. It is easier to hide behind those choices and put on a front then to face them. I am trying so hard to move forward after doing too many things backwards. In the meantime I will continue to trust in the Lord every step I take!

    • God, I thank you for the past that you have given Krish. I thank you for how you use our messed up pasts to mold us and make us into the image of your Son. Fill her with the courage to let her past go and to move forward taking those steps in the direction of your heart – one step at a time. Give Krish the boldness to leave her past at your feet, never to be picked up again. I thank you for the promise that you not only give Krish, but that you give all of us – the promise found in Jeremiah 29:11. The promise that you are our future and our hope and that your plans are so much better than ours. So much more than we could ever dream of. Fill Krish with these promises and let her lean into this promises and believe them with her entire being. Give her the strength to get unstuck in her consequences. Cause her to remember your faithfulness and the fact that you are the author and perfecter of her faith and that you are the fixer of all things. Remove her doubts about being used for your glory and fill her with your promises that you will complete the good work that you started in her. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • Krish…
      I love how honest you are in saying that you want to use your life for His glory but feel held back. I just hate how the enemy does that, BUT at the same time the growth you will get with God with every step of trust you take with Him will be amazing for you.
      Keep trusting God!

      • Thank you so much Donna and Leila <3 your responses are so encouraging – please continue to pray for me! I know I serve an awesome God that can fix all things and use it for His glory.

        • So as I was reading all these posts this morning, the Lord prompted me to look this verse up for you. It is taken from a devotional from the great Adrian Rogers.
          “”And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten.” Joel 2:25

          Hosea had a wife whose name was Gomer. She not only committed immorality, but she finally ended up as a prostitute on the street.

          In the strength of the Lord, Hosea went to her, reclaimed her, forgave her, remarried her and restored her as his bride. What a picture of the restoration of our Lord with us!

          God has promised to restore us from all the pains of our past, the heartaches from broken relationships, the struggles from defeat, and the frustrations of our lives. All the times that we’ve felt broken beyond repair, God has promised to restore.

          God is in the business of restoring His children into beautiful works of His holiness.
          Is there someone in your life who has wandered from the faith and felt the abandonment of friends and family? If so, go to that person today and encourage them in the love of Jesus. ”

          To buy us back is why God sent His son Jesus to earth in the first place. For us to reject that perfect gift is the ultimate slap in the face to our Heavenly father. I am claiming in my life, too, that He will restore the years that sin (the locusts) have eaten. I know when He looks at me He sees me through the blood of his son, Jesus. It doesn’t get much better than that. Every sin, every wrong is the same in God’s eyes. They are not “weighted” and some more forgiveable than others. It only takes one to separate us from God and that’s why we need a redeemer.

          You ALL have spoken to my heart today.

  23. Wow these r the best comments ever! So exciting to see God working in our lives!

  24. Ruth Hidalgo says:

    It is great to be cleaned by the Lord, and to know that it is only because of him, that you can stand with head high and walk in faithand hope of what the future holds! However, I do not think it is necesary for to expose the past. The Bible says ” when you put your hand to the plow, don’t look back.” I have done the looking back before, and it got me in a lot of trouble. I looking back leads to new temptation, unless you are very strong or surrounded by super strong support.. it does not work. Also I have had friendships ruined for life because I belived with all my heart, “confess your faults one to another that you may be healed” and instead, It was like a knife in my heart it killed me …..

  25. I love this post! I’m a big dirty bad girl! I carried it around with me all the time, thinking I was not worthy of God or going to church! Been on my knees alot, wondering if God could really forgive me, as well as my kids forgiveness and their father. I continue to struggle with this! Thank goodness for this Bible study and the women I have met here!!!!


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