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May 30

If You Saw Me Today…

You would definitely disqualify me from leading our next Online Bible Study, I Used to Be So Organized.

When you sign up for a particular study, you probably are hoping to be taught/led by an expert in that area, right?  Sorry, to disappoint you. I am a participant in these studies, just like you!  LOL, I need them even worse than you I bet. Seriously, every study I’ve selected so far has been driven out of my own need. Ok, now you know it. I’m not only unqualified, I’m also selfish!

Today my thoughts, desk, actions, and life feel like they are spinning out of control!  So much on my plate, not enough hours in the day to complete, and so much of it could be prevented if only, I were a little more organized.

I have high hopes for this Online Bible Study in my own life and I’m honored and excited that you are joining me also.

And since, I’m no expert in organizing life, I’ve invited a few friends to help me out. Read about our fantastic conference call series below. These are an extra part of this Online Study, not required, but very beneficial. If you sign up for the conference calls, I guarantee your time will not be wasted or I’ll gladly refund your money.  

If you’ve been a part of our conference calls before, please leave a comment how they helped you with the Bible study, helped your life, or encouraged you.

Have a great day y’all! I’m so excited to begin this study with you! Hopefully when it’s all over I can write a book titled, I Used to Be So Unorganized: but now I’m not.

Conference Call Series

For this study, I Used to Be So Organized, we have a great line up of guests (see below). During this conference call series we will explore physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of organizing our lives, homes, and minds. 4 power packed messages and great interviews to help you as your apply the truths in this study to your life.

Each call will be recorded so if you can’t be on the live call, you can listen to the call via phone, computer, or download. You do not have to be a participant in this study to participate in these calls. Anyone can sign up.


Glynnis Whitwer~

Glynnis is the author of I Used to Be So Organized. She blends Biblical truth, wise counsel, and Godly advice into this book (and everything else she writes too). She will be sharing on this call what led her to write this book and how she lives it out in her busy daily life. Glynnis has been married to Tod since 1983 and they have five wonderful children.  She is the editor of the P31 Woman Magazine and has a degree in Journalism and Public Relations from Arizona State University. Before joining the staff of Proverbs 31 Ministries, she worked in public relations and marketing for developers of retirement and assisted living communities.  You can keep up with Glynnis and learn more about her on her blog, .

Eileen Koff, CPO®~

Eileen is a member of the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) where she is presently the Publication Chair.  She received her C.P.O.® certification in June 2007, in the inaugural class certified by the Board of Certified Professional Organizers. Eileen is a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD)in which she completed the Chronic Disorganization Level II Specialist certification. She also writes a monthly devotional as the Faithful Organizer’s Devotion and Prayer Director, a national Christian professional organization. In 2011, Eileen became a certified Family Manager Coach.  “Coaching new Mom’s and families’ has given me that missing piece that I had been looking for in my business. With this level of expertise, I can confidently not only organize busy homes, but can actually help them manage all aspects of their families’ busy lives.”

Eileen’s greatest asset is her ability to look at even the most hopeless scenario and then see past it, visualizing the solution. She puts her clients at ease and makes them feel excited about finally restoring order and control to their lives, eliminating the chaos, and reintroducing peace and tranquility.

You can learn more about Eileen and her fabulous ministry at her website, .  (Warning: Her website is addicting! She offers so much helpful information and services, I had a hard time leaving it!)

Heather Bleier~

Heather will be addressing the area of spiritual organization and discipline. We’ll also chat about how she balances work and home life. Hear what Heather has to say:

“I grew up in the great state of TX which I absolutely LOVED!  I earned my degree as a Director of Christian Education at Concordia University in Austin, TX before I moved out here to sunny South Florida in 2005 to serve at Our Savior Lutheran Church and School.  I also volunteer at Proverbs 31 Ministries in Matthews, NC serving Melissa Taylor as she leads the online Bible studies. In 2010, I married my best friend and love of my life Daniel Bleier.

Things I LOVE to do?  Help women and youth draw closer to God through the study of God’s Word, prayer, worship, and fellowship.  I am addicted to coffee, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to sing and act and will do so at the drop of a hat…seriously!”

Aren’t you so excited to meet her? You can read more from Heather and keep up with her on her blog,

Stephanie Clayton~

Stephanie will be sharing with us how we can organize our thoughts and mind.  We will also talk about how she balances (and juggles) motherhood, full-time work, and home.

Stephanie lives in Amarillo, Texas with her husband, 2 children, miniature schnauzer, 2 guinea pigs, and beta fish. She has a master’s degree in counseling and a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but her true passion is ministry. God has put a call on her heart to reach out to women who are feeling stripped of the joy in their life. Besides regularly writing on her own blog, Stephanie can often be found blogging over at as part of the Proverbs 31 Ministries Gather and Grow team and Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies. She is currently working on a non-fiction book project titled “Regifted” that I hope to have published some day soon.

You can keep up with Stephanie on her blog,

Angie Combs~

Angie will share with us her secrets on organizing life.

Angie is on the Proverbs 31 Ministries staff. She is married to Brent and will become “Mother of the Bride” to their only daughter, Laura, in September. She provides social media assistance to numerous Proverbs 31 fb and twitter accounts. Angie has become our go to girl when help is needed in the office with assisting in the resource department to killing spiders and fixing toilets. Organizing things comes naturally to her. From color coordinating her closet to organizing her grocery list, she makes finding things “easy peasy.”  (a side note: I don’t know what I’d do without Angie in my life. If any part of what I do appears “with it, together, or organized,” it’s because Angie had a hand it. Really.)


Call 1- June 25
Call 2- July 9
Call 3- July 30
Call 4- August 6

Each call contains an interview with one (or more) of our special guests, a message designed for immediate life application by Online Bible Studies Leader, Melissa Taylor, and a time for Q & A.  Each call is recorded, so if you cannot be present on the live call, you can listen later or download it.

 Calls can be ordered here.


May 28

A Personal Message from Author, Glynnis Whitwer

Hey! Happy Memorial Day to you!  To all of you who are serving, have served, or are friends or family of someone serving or has served in our armed forces, I am so thankful for you! I am so thankful for those who have fought for our freedom.
If you are visiting from Glynnis Whitwer’s devotion on Encouragement for Today, welcome! We are getting ready to begin our summer online Bible study in exactly a week! If you haven’t signed up, it’s not too late! All you need is a copy of the book, I Used to Be So Organized, by Glynnis Whitwer and internet access. The study takes place here! We will be uncluttering our homes, lives, and minds. It’s going to be fun, practical, and Biblical. I would love for you to join us!
Glynnis is so excited about us studying her book here online. Read a message she has just for you below.
Dear Friends,
I’m delighted to welcome you to Melissa’s next study using my book, “I Used to Be So Organized.”  Thank you for investing part of your next nine weeks with us.   We trust that the Lord has something  amazing planned for you.
Each week you’ll hear from Melissa as she guides you through the chapters of my book.  And on Friday, she’ll direct you to my blog, where I’ll step in with a practical application of the theme for the week, and some weekend “home” work.  I promise it will be fun and easy to accomplish.
But before we get started I want to share a short message. If you are starting this study feeling overwhelmed, I want to begin with some encouragement and sisterly advice.  First, be open to whatever God wants to do in your life through this study.  I find that God and I often have different goals.  I may want to get my house in order, and He may want to get my heart in order.  I’m learning to hold my goals with open hands rather than clinched fists.
Second, remember even small steps forward are worth celebrating.  Too many of us are perfectionists, and end up being our own worst enemies. So don’t be discouraged if it takes longer than you wish to get your schedule or home back in order.  There’s no deadline for this.  Just make one change at a time.  And Melissa and I will  be on the sidelines cheering you on
Thank you again for participating in this study.  I’ll be praying weekly for you, and would love to hear your thoughts on my book, and how God is using it in your life.  So please stop by my blog and post a comment when you think about it.
Grace & Peace,
If you haven’t already, sign up for this Bible study in the right column of this page.  We can spend the next nine weeks growing closer to God while getting our lives in better order, and making some friends along the way.
Thanks for stopping by today. Just so you know, I don’t consider this page just a blog, but I consider it a gathering place of friends.  Please leave me a comment and introduce yourself.
*****Visit Glynnis at her blog today for some surprise give-away information!
May 24

Drum Roll Please….

I get so excited when I get fun news, especially when it involves giving things to people I love.  That’s why today’s blog post has me so happy!

Grab your calendar and pencil or set the alarm on your phones, you will not want to miss these opportunities.

1. Visit my good friend, and Online Bible Studies Team Member, Veronica Herzing’s blog TODAY! Yes, that’s right, visit TODAY. She is giving away a copy of our next online study book, I Used to Be So Organized AND the Organized Conference Call series! (that’s a $30 value!)  All you have to do to win, is leave a comment on a few blogs. EASY!

2. Visit my good friend, and Gather & Grow Group Team Member, Sharon Sloan’s blog TODAY! Yes, that’s right, visit TODAY. She is a seasoned Gather & Grow Leader for Proverbs 31 Ministries. On her blog, she shares about her wonderful G & G group and has a very special give away. It’s a Virtuous Woman Pendant designed by one of her group members. It’s is beautiful. Hop on over, check it out, and be blessed by Sharon.

3. Visit my good friend and Online Bible Studies/Gather & Grow Ministry Partner, Stephanie Clayton’s blog TOMORROW! Yes, that’s right, visit TOMORROW (Friday, May 25). She is keeping it real and sharing her own disorganized pictures of her closet. She tells me it’s pretty scary in there, so you will want to see it! She is also giving away 5 copies, yes 5 copies of I Used to Be So Organized. Whoo Hoo!

4. Visit my good friend and Author of I Used to Be So Organized, Glynnis Whitwer’s blog. She will be announcing her next give away. She has a devotion running on Proverbs 31. All this takes place Monday, May 28th.



And finally, my big announcement!  We have a winner of our big prize, the Organized Gift Pack, which contains a copy of our study book, post it notes, a journal, pens, highlighters, and a daytime.  The winner is….DRUM ROLL PLEASE….


Jenny, Congratulations!  Thank you for signing up for the online Bible study!  I will be contacting you via email about your prize!  You can also contact me at


Wow this was fun!  I hope you all will take advantage of all these great give aways. Visit these blogs, they really are super and I meant it when I called these ladies “good friends.”   Even if you already have the book, maybe you can win one for a friend!

Blessings Dear Sistas & Much Love!