May 2

It’s Already Been Given to You: Take Action

Dear Lord,

You know I love You. I want to trust You. Depend on You. Honor You. I’m struggling though. You see, I’ve been living with fear and doubt a long time. I’m reading Your Word…admittedly not every day, but a lot of days. I’m praying. God I’ve asked you for more confidence, more faith, for help….but I don’t feel it. I want to live a full life, like so many others I see in this Online Bible Study. Why do others seem to get it and I don’t?  I’m scared now that this study is coming to an end. I still have problems! What if my heart is still troubled, then what?  Father, please give me what you’ve given to so many others. I want faith. I want peace. I want confidence. I want security. I want joy.  I’m just saying….You know my thoughts anyway, so I’m being completely honest.  I love You Lord. Waiting and waiting on an answer from You.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Is there a sister out there who can relate to this prayer?  Come on, fess up, don’t be shy….

I hope today’s message will enlighten you.  Do you realize, that if you have invited Jesus to live in you and be your Savior, that every single thing asked for in the prayer above has already been given to you?  It’s been wrapped up with a nice bow called the cross.  It’s yours for the taking. God gave it to you. So maybe the question isn’t, “God, when are You going to give me these things?”  but maybe it’s God’s turn to ask you, “My child, when are you going to receive and take these things that I’ve already given to you? When are you going to open up the package of faith, peace, confidence, security, joy, etc and actually claim and use them in your life?  I’ve done My part. I provided you with an Answer…My Son, Jesus. Now it’s your turn to accept, believe, and receive, and live fully.” 

Ladies, I don’t typically assign a video/audio message, but I thought this one was so spot on for where we are in our study, especially as we are nearing the end. So, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever soothes you (coke zero for me…just saying!), sit back~with a pen and paper…you will want to take notes, and soak in these Truths from my pastor, Steven Furtick from Elevation Church. It will only take 47 minutes and 15 seconds of your time and it’s well worth it!  The message is titled, What Are You Waiting For? (Get your own goat) and you can watch it online by clicking the title in this sentence.  Or if you’d rather listen via iTunes, you can find the podcast here. Currently it’s the number one selection, titled What Are You Waiting For?  (And just FYI, the guy, Buck, who Pastor Furtick brings on stage at the end, that would be one of my boot camp trainers~he just kicked my booty this morning so don’t feel too sorry for him!  LOL!)

Sweet friends, I don’t want to see this study end with you still paralyzed with fear or in a pit of despair. That’s not the way God wants it. What you want has probably already been given to you (not always, but often). It’s time to take action and access what He’s given you.  Start by listening to this message.

I believe in Truths behind this message so much, I’m going to host another give-away.

In the comment section, give me 3 main points from Pastor Furtick’s message and you will be entered to win one of 3 copies of Pastor Furtick’s book Sun Stand Still: What Happens When You Dare To Ask God For The Impossible.  ***Note, these books are the Advanced Reading Copies that were given to me before the book was actually released. They are technically uncorrected proofs of the book. With that said, I also own the real book, and the contents are the same.  Winners will be announced on Saturday, so you have plenty of time to listen to the message.

I love you Online Bible Study Friends!!!!  And I’m praying for you as we near the end of this study and prepare for the next. We got this because God has got us! Untroubled Hearts Unite Under God!


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  1. Jenny Kozar says:

    I look forward to listening to this tonight when I am in my jammies and a cup of tea for some quiet time. Thank you for sharing.

    I have found this study to be truly amazing. God wanted me to read this book – injest it really. WIll I ever be completely fearless – not yet – I am always going to be a work in progress. But I have truly come to appreciate how much He loves me just as I am.

    I look forward to our next study as well, to continue to grow with such loving sisters is truly a gift in itself. Thank you!

    • Jenny I think that is a perfect wrap up “I will always be a work in progress” so true bc once you “master” one area God shows you another area to work on.

    • Jenny, let us know when you listen to Pastor Steven’s message. I’m thankful for the work God is doing in you…and you are right, He loves you…loves you WAY BIG!

  2. Thank you so much Melissa, for once again being brave enough to put my deepest fears into words and sharing them with all of us! I am so grateful for this bible study and your unselfish words!

  3. wow..what can i say?! That prayer was like word for word my thoughts. my struggles. I sat with tears streaming down my face as I read on the screen to be what my heart struggles with. I have had that same thought about coming to the end of this amazing book and being disappointed that I did’nt “arrive”. Thank you thank you for that encouragment! Adding Pastor Furticks message to my ipod to listen to right now!

    • Alli, let us know when you listen to the message. After reading your comment here, I think you will really benefit from it and God can use the message powerfully in your life.

  4. Linda Leighton says:

    Hey Melissa–

    I’ve listened to that message 1.5 times already on the Elevation Network, and I loved it so much, I shared it on my timeline! It is so very true–if you are waiting on God, you are going backwards; He has already given you your answer…you just need to receive it! Words that are admittedly hard to comprehend when you are in the middle of watching someone struggle with cancer (or whatever it is you are waiting on God for), but if you go to God each day with that expectancy, then whatever happens, you can receive His answer. If my friend lives, then God wanted him to do so…if he doesn’t, then he’ll just get to go hang out with Jesus before we do and then we can be together for all eternity. No matter what…my friend WINS!

    I already have Pastor Steven’s book, so I won’t try to wrack my brain for the 3 points, but, suffice to say, that message meant a lot to my praying soul. Thank you for “making” us watch it–your Jesus Girls will not regret it! : )


  5. Molly Freeman says:

    He is my strength when i am weak, He loves me where I am no matter what Ive done and to be open to what ever he leads me to do He is waiting on my Im not waiting on him .. Thank you so much for sharing this message. I have my passport I can read it everyday.

  6. Donna Mahoney says:

    Dear Melissa,

    Thank you so much for sharing this sermon!!! WOW, God used it to speak to my heart about something He’s been telling me to do! Comfort others, with the comfort I’ve given you. Anyhow, Three points to spoke to me.
    !. You want some? Get you some! (lol love this!)
    2. Make a decision to ACT! (emphasis mine)
    3. I’ve got my passport. He’s already given me what I need.
    Whom the Son sets free is free indeed! Amen
    AND Thank you SOOOO MUCH! wow

  7. All i can say is wow! Those have been my thoughts exactly this week. In fact I wrote it down in answers to the questions, I know it in my head but I don’t feel it in my heart. The link you shared was Amazing! Loved every minute of it! For me the 3 main points were:

    1) Waiting is not permission to be passive but a charge to be active. I need to move forward, trusting God. “If you’re waiting on me you’re backing up”

    2) God has already given me what I need. Everything He has is accessible to me I just need to take it. Loved “You want you some? Come get you some”!

    3) Instead of asking God for it I need to start believing I have it. I need to plant it, cultivate it, water it & grow what God has already given me. It is already mine, I just need to take it & use it.

    Melissa I cannot tell you what a difference this has made. This message has given me an “elevated perspective” :) I finally get it! I cannot describe the way I feel right now, like I am lighter, freer some how. Thank you so much for sharing

    • yay! yay! yay! I’m bouncing up and down on my ball at work! (I sit on a big ball as my desk chair~haha) Cynda, I’m so excited for you. I felt the same way about this message when I heard it on Sunday!

      And as for the passport guy, that’s Buck! He runs the boot camp I attend every MWF :)

  8. Carolyn Johnson says:

    Inspiring truth in this message! I’ve listened twice . It doesn’t matter if I win a book but these are truths I am taking away. As I abide in Christ day by day and live this Christian life I will be encouraged to apply what I heard by:

    1. Ask myself daily “What am I waiting for?
    2. Do I recognize the truth that the Lord has already provided what I need. I am actually running behind by sitting and pleading and just waiting!!
    3. Since He has already provided I need to take by faith and promise what he has provided. If I am waiting on Him I am backing up!
    4. “If I want some ….go get some!”
    5. Isa. 40:39. He gives power to the weak! I qualify!

    I am still completing questions in the chapters. I have a women’s small group of 9 ladies (Yada Yada Lunch Bunch) and after we complete the study of Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study girl I have suggested An Untroubled Heart because of what I have been learning. I honestly feel transformed in the area of fear! Thank You! Any chance of a refresher class for us slow learners? Giggle, giggle :)

    • Love your 5 POINTS!!! Look at you trying to get Extra Credit! LOL, just kidding. Awesome indeed. And hey girl, I’m a slow learner too! I keep having to repeat! Let’s go get our goat!

  9. WOW Melissa!!!!!!! I’m not even finished with Pastor Steven Furticks message yet, but I can NOT wait to write this!!!!!! I am SO THANKFUL that I was obedient to God and started listening to this message!!! I am SEEING TRUTHS that I have NEVER SEEN OR HEARD BEFORE!!!!!! I am TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!! God is soooooooooooooooo AMAZING I can’t hold it all in right now!!!!! I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to YOU for joining GOD in His work and posting this for us!!!!!! <3

  10. Well, Melissa, I finished the sermon and am soaring on wings like an eagle!!!! Phew!!!!!!! Picking three points is going to be incredibly hard, but I’m sure going to try!!!!! : )

    1. They that wait on the Lord take ACTION!! If I’m going to wait on God, I’m going to SERVE Him! “What would YOU have me to do, think, say?” EVERYTHING is accessible to me anytime I desire to use it!! I need to GET MYSELF A GOAT!!!!!

    2. Instead of asking God to give it to me, why don’t I start believing in faith what the Bible says I already have?! WOOT, WOOT!!!!

    3. John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Another big WOOT, WOOT!!!!!! God’s waiting on me!!! He wants me to respond!!!!

    Oh, Melissa, there is so much more running through my head!!! Again a HUGE, MAJOR THANK YOU!!!!!! Blessings!!!!!!!!! Anita x0 Oh and If you want chu some – get you some!!! That’s right – Sista!!!! ; )

    • Seriously, I felt the same way in church on Sunday! It was one of my favorite messages ever and I felt like it was perfect in our group and this study! “Get you some!”

  11. DonnaBa says:

    Oh boy oh boy oh girl oh girl!
    1- waiting on God – is really serving him –
    — It’s action – not a passive wait – ( an expectation, as a daddy giving his daughter the keys to the car; I take the keys to go drive the car to get to my destination! !)
    — (Personally), I am gonna Uncross those arms – gonna go GET that goat! – then gonna have a big ol’ party at my new home! (still trying to figure out wwwwh!)
    cuz I want me some of my own home! NOW!

    2. I just have to look at it – for it – it’s right there! Open up the eyes – heart – and mind – get my vantage point – Its IN ME NOW, even if I can’t see it!

    3. He’s just waiting for me – to “get” it! It’s already mine! Praise Him – Thank Him – Love Him!

    Whatchoo gonna do? I know what I’m gonna do!!!! Get myself unstuck ~waiting~ on God – I am gonna stand up with strength, and wings like eagles – Stretch my faith, I’m gonna take another step – and EXPECT him to deliver for me – Because – he’s already given it to me, and done it for me! ~ after all, I am His Princess – and oh, how he loves me so!!!!!
    (oh yeah, get to that orange tent – anyone needing to serve with your gifts – You get more out of blessing the church and those in it – every time!)
    Yep, it’s alreay mine! Goin to get it – every time!

    • I can hear the excitement in your voice through your writing! I love that! I can Pastor’s message encouraged you! In fact, I think it lit a fire, even better!

      • :-) – oh, if you only knew how this study as a whole has lit that fire! I have been pretty paralyzed with fear for some time, after loosing my home, and as a widow – it’s pretty darn scary!
        the crazy thing is – I do know better! But I let the enemy of my soul scare my silly – to get me to give up – what is rightfully mine;
        This study, and that video – did just that ignite the fire again! Praise God!
        I am not going to pretend and say to you ladies that I have zero fear, but the really cool thing is, NOW, when it creeps in – I get the Word open, or my journal that i keep full of His Promises for me, and w/i minutes, I can feel the anxiety LEAVE – because I speak LIFE, and VALUE, and His Promises, his unconditional LOVE oozes through my soul – and settles my unbelief, or my feeble forgetful mind! I am expecting God to take care of it – b/c I seriously have done all I know how to do; I seek His wisdom – and I believe this past year for me, has been a year of quietness – to give me restoration in my body, mind and soul; I can sense the answer near – I have SO many things he has been preparing me for – the floodgates of heaven are about to rain over my life, and my kids lives – and I can hardly wait for it to be a huge testimony – HUGE! Yep, gonna get me some – and have a celebration party – Full of PRAISES to the KING OF KINGS!

  12. Kathy A says:

    How inspiriing. I thank God everyday for putting this bible study in front of me. I was in need of this. As God says I know the plans I have for you.
    1. With my fears I need to be walking in faith.
    2. If we cultivate the seeds they will grow.
    3. What I need is there waiting for me. No invitations I just need to reach out for it.
    This lesson spoke to me big time. My sister has not spoken to her family for 5 months. We have no idea why. She just quit talking to us. I need to have the courage to seek her out. Please give me the strength. Thanks you

  13. christy says:

    Thank you so much for being honest and open Melissa!
    I feel the very same way that you wrote in your opening message. I am scared…I have to tell myself..what would I do if I wasn’t scared. Go forward! I heard a sermon today about dreams- like dreams that we have for our self as a child and as a adult. So, sad but I am not sure I ever had a dream when I was young… I just lived for the moment. Sad..way to live.. Now, that I know my Lord and Savior made me for a reason and a purpose..I wonder..What would I ever dream to be..I am a wife, mother of three, a daughter, and I am finding out more important I am a daughter of the most high! Did you or do you have a dream?
    Thank you again for the study and I can’t wait to listen to Pastor Steven. Thank you for your prayers! I can feel them!

    • Let us know your thoughts after you listen to Pastor’s message. And girl, get you some dreams! Dream big!

      As a child, my dreams were practical. I wanted to be a wife and mom. (which is the best dream come true for me) As an adult, I dreamed God would use me in ministry. I prayed for 50 people to join me in online study. So far, I’ve had close to 30,000 join me online study in just a little over a year. Amazing. I would have never dreamed or prayed for that.

      Thank you so much for sharing. I think there are many who are scared to dream. Let’s get us a goat! (you will understand after you listen to the message)

  14. Sharon says:

    How true are your words. Sometimes when you think your moving forward you’ve taken a step back. I have lived in FEAR for 63 years and it’s hard to get off that Merry Go Round. Thanks for all your comforting words.

  15. Ana M. says:

    Wooooohooo! what a message!

  16. Sheilah says:

    Wow..Pastor Steve was great-his message tells me an obvious importance: I already have Gods love, I already have what I need to do to serve Him, and I have the wisdom and guidance of his Holy Spirit. I don’t have to wait, I can get my goat anytime! He’s given me the blessings and continues to give them to me. Now, what do I do? I listen to His word and I let His light shine from me. Amen!

  17. Beth Odell says:

    Dear Melissa,
    I am the deaf grandmother who sent you inspired lyrics. I’ve been following your email devotion and comments. I didn’t have to funds to purchase your book but will tomorrow when my social security is deposited.
    I clicked on Pastor Furlick’s video but could not follow along as it was not closed captioned. I went to the Amazon site and read the book’s selected pages of different Pastor’s comments/etc.
    I cannot offer 3 main points but gather that Pastor is exhorting and giving scriptural teachings to believe and receive all our Lord’s blessings which God will be glorified in His children. I am certain this out pouring of genuine faith is spreading thoughout the earth. I am certain many of my generation has prayed for such times as theses. Again I share I am one of the lest in His kingdom and I know that the dogs eat the crumbs that falls from our Master’s table.
    How much more shall I, His daughter eat and drink of His communion.
    Thank you for encouraging my Faith but then, you love the Lord and He has chosen you and equipped you to do His will.
    God bless you & much love,

    • God Bless you Beth! I loved reading your writings. I’m so sorry you couldn’t hear the message. Please email me your address if you don’t mind. I’d like to send you something. <3

  18. Kristi S says:

    So glad you posted this sermon Melissa!!!!! It’s one of my favorites. I actually tagged it in my sermon notebook on Saturday after watching it live on [Dogsitting but Mack wasn’t there so I survived ;-)-and I think only YOU may know to whom I’m referring. teehee ]

    And, it prepared me way big for Chapter 10 as well as some events that occurred on Sunday evening. I already own the book which is such a perfect companion to Micca’s book because He addresses the idea of “audacious faith”-a biblical faith that believes that you can ask God to make “the sun stand still” in your life just like in the Old Testament. However, audacious faith is predicated on MAKING BOLD MOVES in YOUR OWN life. If you feel God is calling you to do something, take action and He will do the rest. I lovelove how he addressed Isaiah 40:27-31.

    v.29-What He Gives (Power, Strength);
    v.30-How we feel (Weary)
    BUT, it’s predicated on our action.
    THEY will (not HE will)…
    …SOAR on wings like eagles;
    …RUN and not grow weary (EFFORT)
    …and will WALK and not be faint. (DAILY OBEDIENCE)
    “What seems to YOU like a POINTLESS or even PAINFUL waiting room may be God’s MOST PRODUCTIVE workroom. “(~Holly Furtick, 15 April2012)

    Be PURPOSEFUL and INTENTIONAL FOR God because…REMEMBER…”those who (hope/wait) IN the Lord WILL renew their strength.” (V.31) WILL-It’s a promise that you can take to the bank!

  19. Thanks Melissa, I really needed this. For some reason it never occurred to me that I already had what I was looking for. The part where he was talking about his friend telling him to go to lunch instead of waiting on the teacher combined with Buck telling losing his passport only to find out he had it with him the whole time was me in college. I spent nearly two weeks not eating because I didn’t have the money only to realize that I had it on the I’d card they had given me at the beginning of school. I didn’t know I was to use that. Instead I was looking for a job and waiting for the first pay check. Someone finally told me how to get food. I had the money the whole time all I had to do was realize it and use it.

    • I forgot to mention the three points. Stop waiting/procrastinating and accept what God has already supplied me with. Use those things to serve God by serving others. Wait on the Lord actively not passively

      • Thanks for sharing this Kelly. You had almost the identical experience at Pastor’s friend! Now you can use your personal experience as a ministry tool to share with others!

  20. Donna B says:

    Melissa Ross Taylor!!!!! I loved this!!! And yep, I am getting my own goat …thinking I want more than one!!! :0) What an amazing message from Steven Furtick. Thank you … thank you ….and thank you for sharing!

    I loved how he stated that we have a CHOICE to act on what God has already given us! Talk about an entire change in thinking and praying ….especially praying! And to know and BELIEVE that He has already given us the FAITH to overcome our fears!!! And how we always think we are waiting on God to do something for us when in reality God IS WAITING on us!!! God is waiting on me!

    And then the comment if we are waiting on God, we are going in the wrong direction!!

    I loved this from you: Do you realize, that if you have invited Jesus to live in you and be your Savior, that every single thing asked for in the prayer above has already been given to you? It’s been wrapped up with a nice bow called the cross. It’s yours for the taking. God gave it to you. So maybe the question isn’t, “God, when are You going to give me these things?” but maybe it’s God’s turn to ask you, “My child, when are you going to receive and take these things that I’ve already given to you? When are you going to open up the package of faith, peace, confidence, security, joy, etc and actually claim and use them in your life? I’ve done My part. I provided you with an Answer…My Son, Jesus. Now it’s your turn to accept, believe, and receive, and live fully.”

    So yep … accepting …. believing…receiving …and living fully!!!!


  21. I have listened once and I am watching now!! This is an AWESOME message.

    1. Are you going to stand outside with your arms crossed waiting on me to give you something. I told u it was yours a long time ago. —-It’s so amazing how we wait for things to magically drop out of the sky

    2.When I say wait on me it doesn’t mean u have permission to be passive
    Ur not sitting around waiting on Him to send something down, ur moving forward trusting him 

    3. You want wisdom? Pick up a book and read!!–sometimes I worry about reading “books” and not the bible exclusively, but I worry about a lot of stuff unnecessarily. Lol

    Thank you for assigning this. I have shared it with my friend also…

  22. Heather B says:

    Wow, what an amazing message. A point that I would have never thought of. You are right Melissa, spot on! Now…I’m off to look in the last place I would ever think to look:)

    Thank you Melissa for this study!!

    • Heather B says:

      Oops! 3 points. Was just too excited the first time:)

      You already have what you need, so go have a party

      Serve God through others

      Don’t wait, act

  23. Tricia says:

    I thought I’d share a fear that I was able to push throug & accomplish last night. I haven’t been able to watch the video yet but plan to today. It sounds great. Anyway, back to last night. I have small group at church on Wed. nights & last night our leader wasn’t there for the begining of the evening. So she had asked me to open us in prayer & go ahead & get us started until she could join us. Now asking me to pray out loud has always been a big problem for me. I had a huge fear of how it would sound, what others would think, if it would sound stupid or the dreaded “what if” I “can’t’ do it because I get so anxious & forget my train of thought. You know what I did it! I prayed out loud for us single moms last night. It wasn’t a long prayer but rather short & to the point but I did it anyway. I pushed through that fear, prayed for God to give me the words to say, talked with a friend who encouraged me & I did it. Granted, I did write a few things down on a piece of paper in case I lost my focus & couldn’t think what to say but I decided that was Ok because I was still able to push through that fear with God by my side. I think everyone is right, I have been growing even if I’ve had a hard time seeing it. Just wanted to share that. I was happy with the step I took last night & showing myself that I could do something, that I thought never in a million years I would do, was a pretty neat thing. Only now I have no excuse to not want to pray for the group the next time the group leader asks me to, Lol! That’s ok though, I know it will take some practice & work to keep getting better at wanting to pray out loud. Now I know I can do it though so the next time will be a little easier & so on from there, until I’ll wonder some day why I worried so much over that in the first place. Thanks for letting me share this!

    • Kristi S says:

      Praising God for you. I’m in the same boat. I can pray with my fingers but ask me to put into words and I’m afraid that I will miss something and that the prayer will be negated somehow. I’m so proud of you for taking that step. Definitely action girl!

      • Thank You Kristi! So much has been changing for me lately & I’m really loving it!

    • Tricia,

      This was a ball bouncing moment for me! (Me sitting on my big ball at work bouncing because I’m so dang proud of you!!!!)

    • I am soo incredibly proud of you Tricia…Keep trusting God…He will answer everytime…Remember praying is just talking to God…and outloud? You are just talking to God out loud. I don’t know about you, but I talk to myself outloud all the time….so might as well talk to God out loud…Also, I think it was Beth Moore who taught me that praying out loud is sooo incredibly powerful. Be ready, God is moving you!

    • Donna B says:

      TRICIA !!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!! So proud … so excited ….love watching your faith overcome your fears!!!! Amazing God work!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  24. this was wonderful, Melissa! Thank you for sharing this awesome message <3

  25. First, that you for your prayer. I could have been speaking with the Father myself.;-)

    Second, thanks for the link. What a powerful message. I can’t give There was too much… but I will basically second what everyone else has said because a lot of what they have, it’s what I was thinking.(Does that count.?lol)

    • Cheater!!! LOL, just kidding Danielle! Of course you can second what everyone else has said, the comments on this post are AWESOME!!!!!

  26. Wow. This sermon really brought a whole new light on the prodigol son for me. I knew the story but never thought about my life like this. Hearing this has taught me how I need to pray differently. What I am asking for sometimes God has already given me I just need to ACT on it.
    Thank you Melissa for sharing such a wonderful message. And thank you for this Study!! I have learned so much from this and can not wait for the next one.

    • Tina, Thank you for participating in this study with me. I wouldn’t want to do it alone and I’m grateful for each person joining me! Glad you like Pastor’s message!

  27. Ida Mills says:

    Melissa Thank you for the word I started to cry just reading the prayer and i thought you was truly talking and praying this for me. I am in this place of unsure if I am doing the Lords hearts or if I am even hearing him. I want so much of him but it seems that the more i pour out the more I get attacked all around me.

    • Ida, This happens. Satan’s attacks are strongest on those who are seeking the Lord. I understand your fears and the reality of attack. Trust God. Just do it. And if you haven’t already, go to the link in the blog post and listen to Pastor Furtick’s message. I think it will really help you. I’m praying for you.

  28. Thank you SO much for sharing this sermon! I’ve forwarded it on to others–it was exactly what I needed to hear today! The three main points that I got out of the sermon was
    1) It is not about you–it is about God – His party is ongoing but you must choose if you are going to be a part of it!
    2) Go to lunch–don’t wait on others–God has already equipped youto do what you need to do-You must cultivate the seeds given to you in faith
    3) If you’re waiting on me- you’re backing up! God has already given us a gift- we need to be secure in our faith. God’s waiting on me to run into his open and loving arms!

    I am looking forward to listening to this message again, and will keep the link for those hard days! Love the way this familiar story was presented in a fresh new way for me!

    Thank you, thank you!

  29. What an awesome video!!! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  30. Melissa. WOW, just WOW! That message from Pastor Furtick was incredible. I usually try to listen to his sermons each week but I didn’t get to this week and WOW was it JUST what I needed. I’m struggling with something I KNOW he has led me to do and I am being down right STUBBORN about doing it and have been waiting for that FEELING to propel me into action and He is saying YOU HAVE WHAT YOU NEED HOPE!!!

    The three points I got out of the sermon were:

    1) Waiting is not supposed to be passive but ACTIVE. We are to MOUNT UP, RUN AND WALK!!

    2) I already have all that I need. HIS WORD tells me everything I need. Jesus died and gained the victory and I HAVE IT THROUGH HIM. Every fear I face has been defeated through what Jesus did and what God has given me. He has given me VICTORY in Jesus. POWER over the fears and anxieties in my life in JESUS and HIS WORD, but it is UP TO ME to GET ME SOME !!!

    3) Even when it seems like everything has gone wrong and it SEEMS like I’ve lost my Passport and am stuck ‘waiting’ for things to turn out – I HAVE MY PASSPORT – I have Praise, I have Joy, I have Peace, I have strength, Jesus has done it all and has given me Access to it all. If I want a GOAT HE HAS MY GOAT I just need to go and get it. He has planted the seed of faith in me and I need to water it and care for it so it will grow and grow.


    God is saying to me – YOU WANT SOME COME GET SOME HOPE!! I have it all just waiting for you to take advantage of. I’m your heavenly father and I have provided it all for you but you need to take advantage of what I have for you. You say you’re bored – GET BUSY searching my WORD for power and truth because that power and truth is IN my word. You feel fear – ATTACK that fear with the power of my WORD. For my Word is sharper than a two edged sword.

    Wow Melissa this was the perfect culmination of a study that has brought me so far. I am so blessed to be a part of it.

    • Another ball bouncing moment for me!!! (bouncing on my big ball at my desk because I’m so stink in’ excited for you!) Preach it sista!

  31. Mary S says:

    That was a great message that was ready to be heard here. Thank you for sharing the link to it! Three of the points I took from it were: 1) Our mindset is important when we go to church – do we wait to feel or hear something before responding or do we respond with praise to God regardless? 2) waiting on the Lord is a charge to be active, not a pass to be sitting around. Instead of being a “waiter” be a “server” – What can I do for you, Lord? WHat shall I say, Lord? and 3) Many of us want God to get us out of our circumstances while God wants to take us through our circumstances– not by giving us something from above, but by something he’s already put inside us.
    So good, so good! It gave me a new perspective. Thanks!

  32. Melissa says:

    WOW! I first heard Pastor Furtick when I attended Willow Creek simulcast of the Leadership Summit last August. He had an amazing message then, and this sermon is no different! Thank you for sharing.

    I didn’t realize how much I loved Christ until I came on staff and became a member of my church here in Greenville, Ohio. I had grown up in church, participated in Sunday School, went to bible school, was in youth group and moved onto a young adult group in college. Worship and the love of God had been a part of my life for as long as I had remembered. My faith was solid and I just loved Christ.

    Then…I moved to Greenville and became part of EUM Church. I realized that I didn’t just LOVE Christ — I was IN LOVE with Christ! This new feeling created the realization that it wasn’t just a one-sided relationship with Him where He kept giving me grace, mercy and love; but rather, I had an active, two-way relationship with Him. I had a responsibility to myself and others to be an active participant in the life of Christ. I couldn’t just continue receiving, I had to “get me some” as Pastor Furtick states in his message. Just like in being an “active” participant in my marriage with my husband, I had to be an “active” participant in my marriage to Christ!

    Christ already planted the seeds of grace, mercy and love in me; now it was my turn to act on that. I am so in love with Christ now and what an amazing feeling it is! I want to delve into His word more and more; I want to talk with Him through prayer more and more; I want to praise and worship Him more and more; and all the while, be active about it and continue to grow more in love with Him for the rest of my days.

  33. Bravo Melissa! I’m giving you a standing ovation…well you and God! Thank you for sharing this personal testimony! So powerful!!! I love love love this! In fact I may want to use it in a blog post, is that okay? Your excitement is contagious! I’m more in love with Jesus just by reading your words! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Melissa says:

      Absolutely! They are not my words, they are His! In fact, I get emotional when I think of my love for Him! (WhenI met our new pastor last summer as he was starting his appointment here, I told him exactly what I posted above and I cried as I told him. Not the best way to introduce myself to my new pastor and supervisor, but I was authentic and Christ laid it on my heart to continue to show and speak my love for Him!)


  34. Edwina Botha Howard says:

    I am getting my goat!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this link, I listened to all three messages.

    • Edwina, you get triple extra credit! But since you listened to all 3, let me ask, how did you like the Bishop TDJakes???? Pretty awesome huh?

  35. Thanks for sharing the link. Really liked this and the way that he presents the truth! There was way more than three points in the message, but here are my three:
    1 – He gave you faith to overcome fear!
    2 – Develop the strength already inside of you!
    3 – God wants you to respond to Him – so get moving!
    As you can see this is about us doing something with what God has already given us, not about Him doing something.

  36. Thanks for posting this Melissa. There is so much meat here in this sermon and as Steven mentioned it’s already mine, God is “waiting on me” to eat it. This whole study and now this word has really spoken to me. It’s about taking action…what a blessing.

  37. God bless you for this blog entry, Melissa….whew, tears.

    • Thanks Megan. Dry those tears and claim the faith, peace, joy, and confidence that have been given to you!
      Have you had a chance to listen to Pastor Furtick’s message? I think you will be blessed. :)

  38. Powerful message loved it! My three points are:
    God has put the power inside of us (Holy Spirit) to equip us to do the work
    God has given us something to rejoice in Jesus Christ his Son
    Renew your strength by moving forward–take an action serve God
    There were so many meaningful “learning lessons” in this sermon. Thank you for sharing–This study has been heart/eye opening for me. I’m so ready for the next on line study–Blessings to Melissa and her on line team! You bless me everyday with your insights and words–

  39. Well Sue, aren’t you so sweet? Thank you for your kind words! I agree that the sermon was packed with learning lessons! Thank you for joining me in these online studies, we are both blessed :)

  40. Brenda says:

    Wonderful sermon! Thank you for sharing!
    1. God has already given us everthing we need.
    2. He uses our weakness to make us strong.
    3. Stop waiting for God and wait on Him (serve)

  41. Melissa S. says:

    Wow! I truly enjoyed that and can’t thank you enough for sharing it!
    Here are my 3 points:

    1) I LOVED when he said that we are not waiting on God, God is waiting on us with His arms wide open! Wow, that visual just made me want to jump up! He’s so right. Like the Pastor said, we’re expecting Him to show up but we need to show up. We must use the STRENGTH God gave us…that’s inside of us!!!!
    2) “What I need isn’t out there somewhere, it’s in me right now!” What a powerful statement! Again, the Pastor is calling for us to use our inner strength to move forward, to get through times that are difficult.
    3) “Would you take away the fear, Lord?” “I’m not going to take away the fear because you’re going to use your Faith to get through it.” This sentence spoke to me! God gave us the strength, the Faith, the courage through His word…we need to draw from that strength to get through things—to conquer fear. You want you some? Come get you some!!! :)

  42. Debbie says:

    awesome, thank you for sharing. There are so many points that come to mind I can’t list them all but the main one for me is that God has open arms for me & I need to walk into them.

  43. I was a little late to the party, so to speak, but the message was soooo worth waiting on. Pastor Steven has shown me that waiting is not a passive verb, but one of action. I have to do my part because God has already done His. Thank you so much for posting this. It is saved on my computer and I know I will be hearing it many times to remind me not to stand still.

  44. Christel says:

    An Untroubled Heart Bible Study has been an amazing journey for me. I now know and understand that God did not place fear in my heart; fear is the work of the enemy. I can now confidently stand on God’s word and His amazing power to courageously move beyond my fears. He wants me to live beyond fear ….God will sustain me in any and all situations and circumstances….and will provide me with all that I need.

  45. Christel says:

    Pastor Furtick’s message was AWESOME! Thank you Melissa for sharing! I am saving this message so that I can listen to it again! Actually I will probably listen to it many more times. God is calling us to take what He has already given to us to get moving….so, with that said I am going to go get my own goat!