May 28

A Personal Message from Author, Glynnis Whitwer

Hey! Happy Memorial Day to you!  To all of you who are serving, have served, or are friends or family of someone serving or has served in our armed forces, I am so thankful for you! I am so thankful for those who have fought for our freedom.
If you are visiting from Glynnis Whitwer’s devotion on Encouragement for Today, welcome! We are getting ready to begin our summer online Bible study in exactly a week! If you haven’t signed up, it’s not too late! All you need is a copy of the book, I Used to Be So Organized, by Glynnis Whitwer and internet access. The study takes place here! We will be uncluttering our homes, lives, and minds. It’s going to be fun, practical, and Biblical. I would love for you to join us!
Glynnis is so excited about us studying her book here online. Read a message she has just for you below.
Dear Friends,
I’m delighted to welcome you to Melissa’s next study using my book, “I Used to Be So Organized.”  Thank you for investing part of your next nine weeks with us.   We trust that the Lord has something  amazing planned for you.
Each week you’ll hear from Melissa as she guides you through the chapters of my book.  And on Friday, she’ll direct you to my blog, where I’ll step in with a practical application of the theme for the week, and some weekend “home” work.  I promise it will be fun and easy to accomplish.
But before we get started I want to share a short message. If you are starting this study feeling overwhelmed, I want to begin with some encouragement and sisterly advice.  First, be open to whatever God wants to do in your life through this study.  I find that God and I often have different goals.  I may want to get my house in order, and He may want to get my heart in order.  I’m learning to hold my goals with open hands rather than clinched fists.
Second, remember even small steps forward are worth celebrating.  Too many of us are perfectionists, and end up being our own worst enemies. So don’t be discouraged if it takes longer than you wish to get your schedule or home back in order.  There’s no deadline for this.  Just make one change at a time.  And Melissa and I will  be on the sidelines cheering you on
Thank you again for participating in this study.  I’ll be praying weekly for you, and would love to hear your thoughts on my book, and how God is using it in your life.  So please stop by my blog and post a comment when you think about it.
Grace & Peace,
If you haven’t already, sign up for this Bible study in the right column of this page.  We can spend the next nine weeks growing closer to God while getting our lives in better order, and making some friends along the way.
Thanks for stopping by today. Just so you know, I don’t consider this page just a blog, but I consider it a gathering place of friends.  Please leave me a comment and introduce yourself.
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  1. i am looking forward to the bible study
    i used to be so organized i can,t wait

  2. I just learned of this study this morning and am 100% certain it is direct answer to prayer! I am a recently widowed (18 months) mom with 2 kids, ages 11 and 15. I had just been talking with the Lord this morning about needing help “setting the stage for deeper conversations with” my son -these were my exact words from my prayer journal. And I recognize much of my distraction has been the inablility to reorganize myself in this new season we are in; and I feel like it may be impacting my ability to connect well with my kids. So I am really looking forward to the study and hope I can get the book in time! Thank you for doing this!

  3. Just stumbled upon your Bible study through an email from Proverbs 31. I, too, feel it is an answer to prayer. I spoke to our women’s group at church earlier this year on busy-ness and not letting being too busy have a negative effect on our lives. I tend to either by hyper-organized or just a mess much of the time, so I am really looking forward to not only the practical wisdom from this study but connecting with women who are in the same boat as I. Many blessings for a successful study.

  4. I am so looking forward to doors opening (and hopefully drawers being organized) through this study. I’m in a big area of transition right now, and I have a lot of areas of my life that need some sorting. God’s timing for this study is amazing, and I know it’s up to me to be still and listen to what He has in store for me.

  5. Melanie says:

    Just found out about your study and can’t wait! God has great timing! I am in transition and need to know what to do when so it all gets done.

  6. Sharon Serrano says:

    All signed up, can’t wait!!!! Really I was super organized when I lived at home, but almost 2 years out of our home I feel like everything is chaotic. Hoping to get back on track especially in my spiritual walk!!!

  7. Kristi S says:

    This will be my 5th study and I’m so excited!!! My first bible study EVER was “Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner” by Wendy Blight. I lovelovelove reading but never thought that my life might change in the process. The women I have met through this forum have spoken life into me and I call many of them dear and treasured friends. Was this expected? No. Was I at a low point when I started? Yes. But, through these studies, I have grown closer to God and have found the “me” that was hidden for so long. However, I CANNOT discount the community of women who will touch your heart through the blogs and on the Facebook page. Women who will pray for you. Women who will help ease your burden. Women who will laugh WITH you never AT you (Well-only after they have known you awhile and have asked your permission first!). See. You can start right there with me! Haha. Simply, women who care about YOU!!!

    This girl here was exactly like Glynnis in every way. I was on my way to becoming a pharmacist. My career was the most important thing to me. And, I worked hard to graduate summa cum laude and I worked hard in the trenches as well. I never realized that I had removed God out of the equation. I didn’t realize that my constant anxiety when I was alone was a symptom of something far deeper than my workload. Looking back, I realize that God had given me so many gifts and, yet, I wasn’t complete. I looked everywhere-usually to a relationship that would complete me. And, for some reason, most of those relationships would leave me black and blue literally and figuratively. I completed one year of my doctorate of pharmacy but my body literally broke down and I was forced to a life where I had no “identity.”

    Through these studies, I have discovered that my story, however crazy, is God’s story. God is a redeemer no matter what your circumstances may be at the present time. He can use His Word, a song, a sermon, a book, a friend to begin to piece together the fractured places of your heart. In Him, I found my identity. I may still be broken but God has promised that “His power is evident in our weakness.” My identity has and always will be in Him alone. He will use your spiritual gifts and natural abilities to show you the hope that is available if you trust in Him. I am a book nerd and have written in diaries since I was 3. However, I often don’t speak unless spoken to based on some of my past situations. However, he has taken me from a girl who detested Facebook and had no hope that I would ever get out of bed a year ago to a woman who is leading an online Facebook small group and is finding a new path to tread with God at the helm. I’m discovering a different story that God wants to produce with my life.

    This book nerd is very excited to read Glynnis’s insight into the world of order and peace. I am a bit wordy (ya think?) which is also carries into my endeavors at times. To say I was organized and color-coded and bullet-marked and alphabetized is an understatement. Yes. at the age of 5-I even had a specific list for everything in my room-Barbie did NOT sit next to Jem or next to Orko or next to Liono or next to She-Ra in the line stemming from my closet (Ok. I’m seeing how many of you can tell what age group I might fall into based on the cartoons at the time!). Yes. I was organized but my life has been in disarray for the past 7 years. So, although I know God may be guiding my life now, I so need him to guide my priorities as well and to edit my life (and words too. it seems!).

    Please join us as we delve into this awesome book by Glynnis and please read the comments and interact. You will find that what may seem inconvenient or even silly to you may change another woman’s life. Oh, and sign up for the conference call series!! These will bless your heart in a GOOD way-Listen to the author as well as other women just like you and me who may help you along your journey. And, you can ask questions of our guests! So DO that! Love to all of you! Looking forward to getting to know all my sweet sisters!!!

    • Kristi, I’m so in awe of how God has been working in your life. You’ve come such a long way since we met in the Hidden Joy study. Back then you were pretty quiet, but look at you now, you’re leading others. That’s so great! And I always love to read all that you write! I can always tell that it comes straight from your heart.

  8. Laura fluke says:

    I am excited, just got the book for my kindle… Looking forward to this.

  9. Michele O'Connor says:

    I am looking forward to this study. I feel I can use organization in all areas but am really wanting to see where God feels I need organization.

  10. Michele Caséca Olaniyan says:

    Hi Mel,

    I hope I´ll be able to join your next BS. I´ve been feeling really sick everyday (morning sickness), and computers have made me a little nauseous.
    I hope you know how much I love you and your ministry!
    I´ll always be around!

    Mi and baby Caséca Olaniyan

    • Ohh Michele, I sure hope you can join. Get the book and then check Melissa’s blog and print it out. That’s what I have done..that way I can do the assignments during the week. Once it doesn’t bother you to read on the computer, you can add comments..questions…encouragement and prayers…

  11. Oh Glynnis, thank you so much for this wonderful post. I am sooo excited to start this study. Just like you said, I have found God speak to me in ways I never expected when I start a study. I love the reminder of giving God my life, my hopes, my dreams with open hands… I am sooo incredibly excited!

  12. Julie J. says:

    My friend, Laura F. turned me on to this. I’m excited. I need a Bible Study that doesn’t require a specific timeslot in my summer schedule. I’ve not participated in an online study before. I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 and work part-time as a nurse. I need all the help in organizing my life (spiritual and physical) that God will allow me!

  13. Jessie T says:

    Ok I am signed up…. I think?? I have the book and am looking forward to this “first” for me. I have never done an online study before! I have some issues right now and although I am still attending church services at my home congregation, I feel disconnected from them. I DO NOT want to be disconnected from GOD!!!! I want to continue to worship Him and seek His guidance! I am praying He is leading me here!

  14. Shannon says:

    Very excited for this study! However “I used to be organized” doesn’t really apply to me! I’ve kind of never been, so I hope that is ok! I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us!

  15. Karen W says:

    Glynnis, I teared up when I read “if you are starting this study feeling overwhelmed.” I’ve been working on decluttering our home. Like Shannon and others, I have never been organized so this is a real growth area for me. I feel like I’ve made so much progress and feel God’s strength as I keep taking another step each day. But yesterday I looked at the kitchen and thought, “How can I ever make progress. I’m not even treading water. It looks like I’m getting further and further behind.”

    So yes, I’m apparently feeling overwhelmed! (Pass the tissues, please.) This group study is just what I need. I’m hoping to learn a lot from you and my sisters on this journey to an organized, God-honoring life.

  16. Kathy Roberts says:

    I wanted to participate in this much needed Bible Study, but I do not know what happened, I did not realize I had to purchase a book! Duh! I feel so stupid! Well, I will try and join the next one and in the mean time, purchase this book for my Kindle and read it, who knows, I pray to God it will sink in!
    Thank you,