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Jun 30

You Won Michelle L!

Michelle L, you won a gift card to Wal-Mart!

Send your address to and I will send you your card as soon as I get back from the beach!


Blessings and Congrats!


And hello to the rest of you too. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your clutter stories! I loved them and don’t feel so alone anymore.


Jun 29

Where to Start?

Friday~ Three things to do today.

First, read Chapter 10, Where to Start.

Next, if you didn’t comment on yesterday’s blog post, Are You Brave Enough to Share Your Clutter Story,  then you are not entered to win the $25 gift card to Wal-Mart. Drawing will be done TODAY (Friday) at 12 pm noon EST and announced tomorrow (Saturday).

Finally, head over to Glynnis’ blog. She has some weekend “home” work for us to work on.


 If after reading Chapters 8 & 9, you are thinking, “There is just no way I can do this. It’s too much, I don’t even know where to start?”  Well, then you are in luck! Glynnis wrote Chapter 10, Where to Start just for you!
Read Chapter 10 today then hop on over to visit author, Glynnis Whitwer on her blog today. She has a message just for you!
Looking Ahead~
I’m going on vacation with my family for a week beginning today! Carolina Coast, here I come!  I will be keeping up with our study, but I won’t be leading it. Instead you get the privilege of having one of my favorite people in all the world lead you next week. Stephanie Clayton is taking over.  Steph was our guest last week on our first conference call. Many of you know her already, she’s been involved with our Online Bible studies for over a year. You will really enjoy what she has to say and getting to know her.
Week 5 Assignments will be posted on my blog as usual on Sunday.
Enjoy your weekend and have a great week 6!
Jun 28

Are You Brave Enough to Share your Clutter Story?

Thursday~ I have a few questions for you on my blog today about Chapter 9. Join in. There might even be a prize today. Just sayin.’


If you’ve read Chapters 8 & 9, then you know that this getting organized stuff is going to take some time. Time ladies. This won’t happen overnight. This week, I have taken notes and made some decisions about what I’m going to conquer and how. I’m not quite ready to begin. I leave for the beach tomorrow, so putting any expectations on myself this week would have been silly. Instead, I’ve been intentional on making an action plan which I intend to begin implementing this summer. I don’t plan to finish first, but I do plan to finish.

Chapter 9, Remove the Clutter, could have been written for me. That whole scenario at the beginning of the chapter with Glynnis forgetting her appointment with the speech therapist and about her son’s school party, well that could be me. I’m so bad about reading when something is due, then sticking the paper in a bin to look at later, only for later to come and go. Or I’ll write my appointments on my calendar, but not look at my calendar. Then the dreaded phone call comes, “Mrs. Taylor, are you coming?”

This year seemed to be the year of forgetting Hayley Grace (my 10 year old daughter).  I know, I know, that’s awful isn’t it?  I’m embarrassed to even tell you how many times this school year I forgot to pick up Hayley Grace from school. It was usually due to a lack of communication with my family, I thought her brother or father was picking her up. Or I got so involved at work, the time just crept up on me. That’s a horrible feeling when the school secretary calls (again) and says, “Mrs. Taylor, who is picking up Hayley Grace today?”  And I just picture her sitting in the office feeling abandoned and alone. (Although usually she’s having fun helping one of the teachers out and asks if she can stay longer!) Still, there’s no excuse. Whether it’s physical clutter or mind clutter, both have a cost. And not only we the guilty suffer, but also those around us.

Another example:  I’m usually a little late wherever I go. It’s not because I’m lazy or I over sleep. It’s not because I forgot where I am supposed to go. It’s usually because I can’t find my keys, cell phone, or an item I’m supposed to bring with me. I spend minutes and minutes searching, when if I’d just had it in it’s proper place, I would have left on time. I’m sure you cannot relate.

Yep, it’s time for a change.

Do you have a clutter story that you are brave enough to share?  One that will make the rest of us feel better about ourselves?  Would you be brave enough to tell us about it?  Maybe you’ve paid a price due to your clutter?  Has clutter in your life numbed you? Have you struggled with others due to the clutter in your life? Do you have anxiety due to mind clutter?

Share you clutter story with us today and you will be entered to win a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart. Maybe you can purchase some containers to help with the decluttering in your life.

Blessings Fellow Cluttered Friends! I can’t wait to read your stories :)