Jun 25

Make it Simple

A reminder of today’s plan in our study:

Monday~ Read Chapter 8, Simplify Your Schedule First. Check in at our gathering place (my blog) to share your thoughts.

Monday~ Our first conference call! 8 pm EST. It will be recorded, so if you miss it, no worries, you can listen later.  The call in information will be emailed to all who signed up.

Our memory verse this week is from Psalm 25. It is a request to the Lord to be shown, taught, and led. It is a confirmation that our hope in in Him all the time.

Show me Your ways, O Lord, teach me Your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. ~Psalm 25:4-5 NIV 1984

Begin learning this verse and I pray it encourages us that we can ask God for what we need and put our hope in Him. He won’t fail us.

Today, read chapter 8, Simplify Your Schedule First.  After you have read, would you return to my blog and share 3 main things that you took away from your reading?  I think we could gain a lot from hearing what each other has to say about the message in this chapter.  What do you plan to do as a result of what you’ve read today? Is it possible to make it simple? Can you simplify your schedule?

Tonight we have our first conference call. It was announced that Glynnis Whitwer would be our first guest. That has changed. I spoke with Glynnis over the weekend. She is in California with her sister who is undergoing surgery for lung cancer today. The lung cancer came as a side effect from her breast cancer a few years ago. This was a shock to their family and it happened fast. She needs to focus fully on her sister and not have to worry about this call. Please pray for Glynnis’ sister, Helen. Glynnis will reschedule and she will still be a guest on our calls at a later date.

Fortunately, Stephanie Clayton will be with us tonight on the call! We are so blessed to have Stephanie as a part of our Online Bible Study team. Her wisdom and knowledge in her field have been a major help to so many as we deal with our emotions in these studies. She has an outline and a message for us on decluttering our minds. I’ve seen her notes on this and you are going to take away so much from what she shares. I can’t wait!

It’s still not too late to sign up for the calls. Just call the Proverbs 31 Office today, 877-731-4663. Ask for me and I’ll get you signed right up!  Or you can sign up online here.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?  It’s on to Chapter 8 and one step closer to getting ourselves organized!

Lord, help us to simplify our schedules and declutter our lives by allowing You to show us what we need to do next. Amen!



  1. I couldn’t wait so I read the chapter yesterday. This study is like applying balm to an open wound in my life. I learned that it is harder than I thought to break old habits of letting others establish my schedule (usually by quilting me) instead of seeking God for my schedule. I am such a man pleaser! Yuck. Heard other women at church yesterday talking negatively about those who don’t help out at church & was ready to sign up for everything even though I know God is not calling me. Apparently their opinion of me matters more to me than God’s. :-( also learned that Glynnis’s statement “I lived w/an ongoing sense that I should be doing something at all times” is robbing me of joy in whatever I do. Feel like I am just going thru the motions, never really enjoying anything. And learned that I don’t even dare think about what dreams I might have much less talk to God about them. I squashed them a long time ago & don’t even want to believe I ever had any dreams for myself.

  2. Today’s reading was just the kind of detailed instruction I was hoping for. I needed to hear that I can do all the responsibilities that God has given me to do and I am not called to do everything. It was especially good for me to hear that even though God may have called me to do something years ago, I may not be called to do it now and I can/should let it go. Thank you for choosing this book for the online Bible study this time. I am praying that God will help me establish and live by the priorities that He has for me.

  3. Wow! I re-read the chapter this morning after reading the email and boy did I get more out of it the second time around.

    My schedule is one that I craved for years. The Lord has closed doors on things that were how I defined myself, things that gave me my self worth. It is painful to lose the mask we hid behind, and I wore alot of masks. The wounds from removing those masks are deep and do not heal in an instant.

    From the chapter, I so identify with the need to simply my life – the Lord took care of that for me – yet I still struggle with that nagging feeling that there is something that I should be doing. I feel guilty if I am not doing something all of the time. When I write out my projects/tasks, I clearly see that they are all doable and that there is no reason to feel overwhelmed or anxious, yet I do. That tells me there continues to be a heart problem.

    …”search your heart for what truly matters..what are my dreams?….what ache is in my heart?…what has God asked me to do?… Again, heart matters.

    The chapter says that “…sometimes God keeps me in a difficult situation to refine me – to change something inside me.” I am still apparently defining “me” by those things from my past, because I feel like I am just sitting still. I realize that until I can be calm and at peace in the stillness, I may just remain in this place. While I ache to know what He wants me to “DO”, I am growing more concerned over who He wants me to “BE”.

    I highlighted a paragraph in the chapter and asked “Lord, are you overhauling my heart?” Next to that question, I wrote “DUH, Wendy!”

    This book, while not directly, emphasizes what I have become passionate about over the last several months: so many are hurting – deeply hurting, and it is carried around almost as if a dirty little secret. Satan uses our pain against us and often convinces that we cannot share our hurts, mistakes, downfalls with others. By keeping us isolated, he can feed the lies that tell us we are less than God created us to be. Thank you, Glynnis for addressing the internal clutter, not just the external.

    • This is soooooo helpful.

    • Lynda in South Carolina says:

      Wendy, so much of what you said, I was thinking. “..I so identify with the need to simply my life …yet I still struggle with that nagging feeling that there is something that I should be doing. I feel guilty if I am not doing something all of the time..” The unending lists & appearance of what I “see” & “perceive” to get done immediately, is just that images in my head, my notes frantically scratched on a page to hold me accountable & not allow me room to breathe & rest.. exhausting…Where has my sense of balance & patience gone?? The difference b/twn projects & tasks in my head has never been as clear as it is now after reading this once, twice & outloud… I have been so consumed with getting it all done now & getting thru to the next day. Where does that leave time for joy & what the Lord desires for me?? I realized that one of my top priorities is my son & that by overloading myself, my schedule, my heart; I have been short-changing everyone! I am now making it a point to work into my schedule time to just play/have fun, etc with him everyday, not just when my schedule allows , etc…Also, being a the difficult situation our family has been in, I believe is where God has wanted us/me to be, maybe that will change soon, but it definitely had taught me a lot & still is..like you said “refine me”.. I still have a lot of refining needed but I guess that is why we have to keep on ongoing review process.. I have hope in the Lord all day long :)

      • Wendy and Lynda,
        Both of your responses resonated deeply with me. I had a seriously hectic schedule of school, work, internship, volunteering at church and in the community. I graduated and right now my work schedule doesn’t really allow me to do anything else. I keep knocking on those doors but they are firmly shut. I was also looking for a new job, which was the reason I went back to school, but I wasn’t be led… I was asking “why God” and when I changed that question to “What do you want me to learn/change in this situation?” as Glynnis suggested (Note: my church message discussed this same thing).He responded immediately.
        It turns out that I am being kept in this job in order to be refined and changed. I was shown some behaviors and priorities that need to be changed now, so that I don’t take them with me into that next job. I do too much at work and not enough at home. I’m not ready to move forward. I am not a good steward of what I already have. (Ouch) And if I keep trying to get involved with outside things, at this time, I won’t be doing what He has called me to do. My priorities are to be: my husband, my body/mind and my home. These 3 things have been neglected for too long. In my heart I knew this, but it felt wrong/weird to not be “doing” outside the home. He redirected my gaze and showed me that there is more than enough to keep me busy… Acknowledging and following who He wants me to “BE” is preparing me for what He wants me to “DO”.
        Lord, please forgive me for taking my family, my body, and my house for granted. Lord, I have developed a very bad habit of assuming they will always be there for me whether I nourish them or not. I thank you greatly for showing me the untruths of this belief… Thank You that You value my marriage and my body/mind enough to shake things up and grab my attention. I look forward to putting in the work here, where it is greatly needed, so the fruit of Your love will be evident in my life. I am relieved to let go of those things that interfere, so that I may experience your peace in this stillness. I thank you for bringing me to this study which has continually confirmed for me what is happening in my life right now and which offers me the tools, alongside Your Word, to make these changes easier. Thank you for the women in this study who share their experiences openly and honestly; revealing that we are not alone and we don’t need to feel isolated or ashamed. We all become consumed by life in one way or another, which is why You remind us… “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is —his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2 NIV. Thank You for shinning Your light so brightly and for the many blessings found within this study… In Jesus’ name I pray!

  4. Ky'Anne (Pepper) says:

    Just finished the chapter, Wow! Think I have the opposite problem. I tend to be a “Mary.” I don’t do enough. I’m content to lay around on my couch and read. I know that I God has entrusted me to be a good steward of my home and family. I take care of it, I just don’t feel I have to do everything. When all of the sudden, I have a ton of stuff to do happens, I tend to become overwhelmed and become a grizzly…yeah, not a good quality. God is perfecting me! I am praying for balance in my life and in the life of all of you.

    • Kristen Barkdull says:

      I feel you on this one. Sometimes I feel like I can be lazy and not do enough. Then I end up with so much to do at the last minute. I will put off cleaning until I just cannot stand it anymore. I will leave clean clothes in the basket for days before I fold them. I may not be doing to much and have a crazy sceduled but I am still unoranized by being lazy. By not doing those things, my house/bedroom get dirty and cluttered. Not a good quality at all. But I am working on it….and with the help of this study and God I know I can do it!

      I am really looking forward to listening to this call. I have looked over the outline for the call and boy am I excited! I worry so very much and I am looking forward to learning how to deal with that.

      Before this study started, I kept reading about it. The first couple times I was thinking “this does not apply to me. I have never been very organized.” But the more I kept seeing things about it, the more I thought God was trying to tell me something. So I signed up. And boy am I glad I did. God sure is working on me right now and I am very much excited about all to come! Praying for you!

  5. I have everything I need to accomplish the responsibilities God has given me. Not what I wish I could do or what others are able to do. If I could just grab on to that. To often I play the comparison game & it’s deflating. I once saw a quote that said, “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes w/ everyone else’s highlight reel.” To move past that and focus on what God has for me will be good. I also need to put into practice placing what comes to mind or what comes my way from other sources, in the light of my priorities.
    As far as writing everything out, I have to say I’m not thrilled about it. For some reason I’m resisting the idea. Maybe I know the work it will take & I’m anticipating the interruptions from the kiddos & so sabotaging myself w/ negative thoughts. Somehow I have to figure out how to work w/ interruptions. Well maybe I should be saying that I need to inquire God in how to handle interruptions. :)

  6. so… 3 main things:
    – one statement that glynnis writes—and she has said it before—is that this is a process. and, as i was thinking about the truth of that, certain words kept popping up to me: REclaiming, REsign, REview, REdefine, REassign, REplace, REalize. and these are all actions that are part of any process.
    – further on there is this gem of a statement: “i was gifted….but not called.” oh boy, if we could get to the place where ‘called’ AND ‘gifted’ were both requirements before we take on responsibilities outside of our homes!
    – and i love what glynnis says about not “drifting into an organized life…it takes ongoing discipline.” keeping these thoughts in our hearts will surely help during the times that we might feel we are failing in attaining our organized lives!
    glynnis, i/we are praying for your dear helen! and how good of God to provide a way for you to be there to love and comfort and bless her! <3

  7. I am seriously feeling this chapter. I feel like I have to be doing something all the time, but trying to fill up all of my time makes me neglect my home, which then becomes a disaster and my perfectionism stops me from doing anything because I know I can’t get it all done perfect today. This has put a strain on my marriage and finances.

    I love the thought of doing things for which we are gifted AND called. I am too often doing the things I am gifted for. This study even has me thinking twice about one of my jobs. I am developing major resentment towards things going on at my church due to the things I see happen from the other side. It has definitely been an eye-opening experience.

    I am also with Jeni on dreading writing everything out. I think I am afraid of what God is going to tell me to give up. I know that if I just turn it over to Him, He will supply everything I need. That is just a little more than difficult for my perfectionist, control-freak self to figure out how to do.

  8. The 3 main things that I took away from chapter 8 are…

    This one really got me!
    “However, just because you were called to work in a job five years ago, doesn’t mean that you are still called today.”
    That’s talking to me right where I’m at. It brought tears to my eyes when I read it last night, I’m getting teary eyed right now from writing it out. See I don’t like my job but am having a hard time with moving on from it. My job has served it’s purpose, it allowed me to be able to stay home with my kids & work at the same time. But it’s not what I want now & it’s not where I believe God has for me to be anymore.

    I really like the idea of creating your own project management system & I love that Glynnis shared that with us & also took it a step further to outine for us a way to do that.

    I also thought the reasons Glynnis shared on when to delete a responsibility were a great tool to keep on hand too. I asked myself some of those last night. With my job, four out of the 5 apply to it. It’s time for me to stop allowing my past to keep me where I know that I don’t need to be anymore. I can’t keep letting my past call the shots on my present & future.

  9. Julie S. says:

    The three things that I took out of this chapter were:
    1. Record all of my responsibilities (divided into projects and tasks) on paper.
    2. Focus only on those responsibilities God has given ME to do, not my neighbor, friend, coworker, women’s ministry leader etc…
    3. Wait and Pray before accepting or placing new responsibilities and tasks on myself. I may feel called but not gifted or may misinterpret called out of guilt or trying to please others. I need to remember God has given me and will provide all I need to accomplish what he wants me to do.

  10. I am so loving this study!! I read Chapter 8 this weekend, and reread it this morning. What I especially liked from page 93, When to Delete a Responsibility:

    *When you know you aren’t called to it.
    *When your capacity to love those closest to you is diminished.
    *When unkind thoughts fill your heart.
    *When the joy you used to feel is replaced by resentment.
    *When it’s holding you back from pursuing God’s new call on your life.

    I was “one of those” who thought negatively (NEVER said it out loud to anyone…but sadly, I admit that I thought it) about people who don’t do anything in the church. I won’t EVER judge anyone again: 1) It’s not my place, and 2) their family should be their first priority. I’m tired of hearing that 90% of the work in the church is done by 10% of the people. MAYBE the answer is that we NEED to do LESS work in the church? I never ever did things to look better in other people’s eyes— I just love the LORD and have a strong desire to help. But I see how all that I did kept me away from my first priority, my family.

    • Thank you for not judging. I used to be VERY active at church but 5 yrs ago I was stopped in my tracks by a disability. You can’t tell anything is wrong with me by looking at me & because it is so personal not everyone knows. I often cry when I can’t do what I used to, which were very public ministries. Praise God, even though he has changed my ministries to fit my new body He still uses me & I am so grateful. but now they are very private ministries & to another it would look like I do nothing. Bless you. I, too, will never judge another woman on this again.

      • Suzi, I, too, am not able to do as much as I used to. It has taken some getting used to, but God is so good in His provision!! I am thankful the LORD is showing you new ways to minister to others. :)

    • I liked that section too, on when to delete a responsibility. My last job felt that way at the end- had been a blessing at one time, but was no longer my calling.
      This chapter has also reaffirmed what I feel God has been telling me- what feels like “not much” in terms of ongoing service at my church allows me to be obedient when I am called to do something short term there. Serving my family has taken it’s rightful place on my hierarchy of priorities, and becoming a better steward of those responsibilities has opened up other ways of serving by being available to do little things as they come up.
      I’m not one to be swayed by the “judges”- its between them and God, just as with my service to Him. Probably why my schedule is somewhat in balance! People sure can get nasty when they think someone else should do something because they want it to happen. Thanks for the reminder not to slip into judgement of others as well.

      • Mel, I’ve been on the receiving end of that nastiness recently…not very nice at all. I agree that we need to be better stewards with our time, so that we’re available when He really needs us.

        I’m really thankful your schedule is already somewhat balanced!! :)

        • Pat, I also liked your comment that maybe we need to do less work in the church. Of course there are some truly amazing ministries out there, I’m not against that at all. But It makes me wonder how many of us (myself included) are running around doing things “for” God not listening to what he’s really asking of us. Stuff like instead of rushing off to church activities, slow down, get to know your neighbor and invite her too.

          I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that right now. Hope it gets better. The schedule is like clean laundry- there’s getting it that way, but keeping it that way…?! 😉

          • This study is showing me what I did was right, and I can finally let go of that negativity. Good, good lesson for me. 😀

            You’ are so right about slowing down! Now that I’ve slowed down, I have more time to visit people who are sick, and I have time to actually visit with someone when I bring them a meal and not just drop off the meal and run. I have time to visit ladies who are widows, and not just make a quick 5 minute telephone call.

  11. Sheila McGee says:

    Wow, is how I am going to begin this post. This entire bible study I feel has been designed just for me, where I am at this season in my life. I have been given so much “meaty” revealation, confirmation and instruction from this series, until I am just like in AWE. Last week, one day I literally stayed in bed all day allowing the book, my jounarl and bible saying “yes, yes, yes, this is where I am, this is what I going through…… Today what I got out of my readings are:
    1. That God has a ” New Call on my Life” this is based on also from the readings, ” just because you were called to a job five years ago, doesn’t mean that you are called to that same assignment today…. I am in transition, and because I have outwaited my time, and did not trust the process…. things are happening that perhaps should not have, but God….even in the midst of the mess he is going to bless.
    2. That I have to “edit” my life, to resign or redefine certain responsiblities
    From this I learned that God will do a complete overhaul, in your circumstance or situation, he will remove anything, and or anybody that has become an “idol” in your life to get you to the place that he desires for you to be……. I too years ago was removed from family, church, friends, etc to get it right….now at this season it is not so drastic, however there is some shifting going on.
    3 Pray about new opportunities, ask God about them and wait until he confirms them….at this next venture in my life, I only want to do and will do what God has called me to do, I trust him like that, and as it was said on last week…” God has given me enough time, energy, finances and resources to accomplish what he wants me to accomplish……..I am already equipped for what I am SUPPOSED TO BE DOING….. listening and waiting for directions and instruction.

  12. Kari McClain says:

    The three things that I am taking away from this chapter is #1 to focus on what God is asking me to do today, this week, and this month. #2 to take a personal assessment of all my responsibilities, projects, priorities, and tasks, and to put them all to paper. #3 to start unloading my brain and start my project-management system. And most importantly through all of these steps to pray for God’s leading and direction and to not make any moves with His direction and leading.

  13. Carissa D. Huffman says:

    You can’t drift into an organized life. I need discipline. I gotta admit–this is the stuff I typically have a massive fail over. I hate lists. I don’t like to review lists. I just want things to be easy. But, that is how I have gotten in this mess. I need prayer…

    Avoidance makes things worse–I am living proof. I haven’t wanted to do this stuff, so everything is in a shambles.

    My mind cannot hold all the information I am trying to make it keep, so I have to make and keep up a project management system in order to simplify my life.

    And a number 4 & 5, for good measure–this process could take days or even weeks to get right. Sometimes God keeps me in a difficult situationto refine me, and I really need to change something inside me.

    This is where the rubber meets the road, and this is where the flesh wants to shut me down and just quit, because “that is too much work”, “you want to make things simpler, not jump through a bumch of hoops”, or “this has never worked for you before”.

    I do need the Lord to be my teacher and my hope. I am trusting Him to really show me the path to changing on the inside. This is the deep end of the pool–so I need to keep swimming!

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

    • Kesha M. says:

      Carissa, what you wrote could have come from my own pen. It’s like you have been living “my life”. I so relate to everything that you wrote;I so need to be more disciplined in my life and oftentimes avoidance is how I deal or rather not deal with the clutter in all the areas of my life. Chapter 8 was a good read because it gave me some very specific things to do;although I a part of me desperately wants to “avoid” the work involved, I so want to see some changes in my life. This week’s memory verse is such a timely one for me and one that I hope will get me on the right path to clear the clutter from my life. Show me Your ways, O Lord, teach me Your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. ~Psalm 25:4-5. I know that my only hope for real and lasting change is in Jesus!

  14. Veronica says:

    Two things that struck me right away were the statements that just because you are gifted to do something does not mean you are called, and that you may have been called to something once but your call may be to something different today. The only problem I have with this is: in a small church, there are only so many people to accomplish what needs to be done. I am sure the Lord will bring someone on board to do these things, but what happens in the meantime? If you are renting a building and “church” needs to be set up every week, someone has to do it and it cannot be put off.

    The questions to ask yourself to find out if a responsibility should be deleted are helpful also, though unkind thoughts and resentment may just be you having a bad day.

    That said, I will certainly try this. I may indeed be doing too much, or as Glynnis says, just “spending time in the wrong places.”

  15. Good chapter. I see that I have to really allocate the time to define and plan steps to accomplish my “projects”, which in my notes were really my goals. The questions posed to re-evaluate current tasks really hit me, too. I find myself feeling resentful and negative about some roles where I have always been willing to serve because I have felt gifted. Perhaps, I need to evaluate whether I am truly called at this season of my life. It also helped me feel good about my priorities. Unknowingly, I have made some solid steps in the last year towards acting on some of the neglected areas. Yay!

  16. Nichole says:

    1. I have everything that I need to accomplish the responsibilities that GOD HAS GIVEN ME. – I need to pound that one into my head!
    2. I realized my mind was trying to manage more stuff than it could hold. – This is exactly how I have felt! I always feel like there is something else I should be doing than what I am currently doing. This statement was encouraging, “You can live a simple life with clear priorities and the right amount of responsibilities.”
    3. I love the list of questions to ask to figure out if you should delete a responsibility.

  17. Rebecca Portteus says:

    This chapter was a wake up call for me on my service to others. I have been searching for ways to get involved in my church (which is actually quite difficult do to the fact we are the only family with small children). I have been searching, leading Bible studies where I would spend a lot of time for only a couple of people and getting frustrated with myself when I could not find something that “fits” our family. As I have been prayerful about this over the past several weeks (I am reading the book for the 2nd time), I believe God is trying to smack me over the head and say, your young children are your ministry and you are already following my path with the Community Bible Study ministry. I keep feeling like I am not doing enough, when in reality I was way over booked. I was stressing myself out and being grumpy with my family. I have been working on my tasks and projects lists and it has been super helpful for my sanity to have the things that “have” to get done and then the things I can plug in during a “calm” time. This study was written just for me. :)

    Melissa, I did not get the email about the conference calls. I sent a message to the info email, but I wanted to let someone know. I cannot wait to start listening!!!

  18. One more thing- I’m excited about using the project notebook. I learned about it in January from Glynnis’s clutter challenge, and started it but it was a mess. I like to hand write things, but I am a disaster with paper lists. They multiply, I start another one, then maybe a sticky note or ten, then another…. ! Soon The desk is lost under the mess. My notebook looked like that too. So I found a program for I pad that allows me to “hand write” with a stylus, but I can keep the pages in a digital notebook (and not on my desk!) and then delete them when the project’s done. There’s something about seeing it in my writing that works better for me, like it’s more real. But no paper for paper crazy me! The study has helped me get to a place where I’m able to focus enough to allow God to show me how to follow through- my biggest organization problem.

  19. Andrea M. says:

    The part where Glynnis talks about the uneasy feeling that she needed to constantly be doing something has really stuck with me. I read it and re-read it and then read it to my husband. I realized that this is the root of my “disorganization”. I’m not really that disorganized but I deal with a lot of feelings of anxiety. Even when everything is checked off my to do list I still feel like I’m missing something. I make things up that aren’t really priorities so that I can put it on a to do list and then I feel bad that I don’t have time to do the things that I want to. I need to learn how to empty my mind and take time to be still with God. I know that this will be incredibly difficult but I think if I can master it then it will help so many other parts of my life.

  20. 1.” regardess of your available time, energy level and resources you have everything you need to accomplish the reponsibilities God has give you.” Pg 87

    This reminds me of a verse God showed me a few days ago..2Peter 1:3 “as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and Godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue. ”

    It has been clear to me that God wants me to organize my home but I was scared if I had it in me. This is God’s way of reassuring me that I can do what He wants me to do.

    2.”What are your dreams? What ache is in your heart? What have you neglected? What has God asked you to do? These are your priorities.” pg 92

    I love this. Combining this with the idea that the way I spend my time should reflect my priorities, makes it very easy to figure out my priorities. –to pursue the dream God has put in my heart– for a beautiful and organized home.

    3.I also like the section on Delete Some Things. Pg 92
    One thing I am going to delete is talking unnecessarily to my family. That will save me energy and time.



  21. Wendy H. says:

    I always tried to get involved in something…anything at church. It always seemed like I could only work with the kids and it was usually jobs like taking kids to the bathroom. I have 4 children of my own. Ages 7 and a almost 6 year old set of triplets (I did say triplets). I am overwhelmed with children. I love my children but I don’t want to work with children. The first of the year we switched churches. Now I have the opportunity to do more than work with children but recently I have come out of a year long depression. During the depression my house and heart both got out of order and I’m trying to get them both back in order. This study couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I have been soooooo overwhelmed and stressed because I don’t even know where to start with my home. Learning about how to prioritize and separating list making has been so great!

    • Bridgette says:

      I understand what you mean about kids’ activities at church! Why is it that teachers and people with kids are always asked to work with kids at church? I LOVE my teaching job and my own children, but we sometimes really need a break. I also can relate to your mention of depression. It is hard to describe to others how overwhelming it is. I thank God every day for Christian counselors, one of whom helped this stubborn, independent heart of mine break through those chains. I am praying for you :)

  22. First, I would like to say how much I am enjoying this study and I have learned so much already! Also, I would like to thank the ladies who donated the conference calls. I was one of the lucky winners and I thank you very much! I was not able to listen to the call live, but I am looking forward to listening to the recording as soon as possible. Also, my prayers go out to Glynnis and her sister and their challenging situation right now. Glynnis definitely has her priorities in the right place to be with her sister this evening.

    Here are the three things I picked up the most from Chapter 8:

    1) “Focusing on what God is asking you to do today, this week, and this month is the first step in becoming a woman who manages time well. For most of us, this means simplifying our lives.” I definitely have a problem with thinking that I need to be busy all the time and that is SO not true. I am going to be working hard on the simplifying part.

    2) Establish two different types of lists – Projects and Tasks. I really like this! I have written “To Do” lists forever and get frustrated because it is hard to keep everything straight. I like this way of looking at organizing much better.

    3) “I realized my mind was trying to manage more stuff than it could hold, and a to-do list wasn’t the answer because it wasn’t keeping things in safe places.” I can very much relate to this statement. I always have a ton of thoughts and ideas swirling through my head at any given time and I know that isn’t good for my mental or physical health.

    I can’t wait to read the next chapter and Glynnis has such an awesome way of pulling everything together to build each chapter on the ones before. I am very glad that God led me to this study and this book.

  23. There was so much that I took away from this chapter, but the three that stood out were:
    1. I need to have separate lists, one for projects and one for tasks. Right now I have everything on one list, and that just doesn’t work for me because then I never have enough time to finish projects because I don’t take into consideration how long completing it will take. Then I feel defeated because, after having spent so much time on a project, I didn’t get simple one step tasks done. I know that sounds silly, but for me, it can be very frustrating.
    2. I need to prayerfully seek the priorities God has for my life today. Not ten years ago, but for here and now.. for the season that God presently has me in. By doing so, I am seeking His way, and His path and getting to know Him better.
    3. This is an ongoing process that needs to be reassessed constantly. Things happen. Life happens, so I shouldn’t fall in love with “my plan” for the day, or the week. God has the ultimate plan, and there are parts of His plan that I may not be spiritually ready for just yet. So, we He deems the time right for those parts of His plan to be revealed, I need to be ready for “the plan” to change.

  24. Stephanie W says:

    The 3 main things that I took away from chapter 8 are major! Again this chapter confirmed or clarified some things that I had been dealing with on my own, and am realizing that I am not alone!

    1) pg. 87 “…you have everything you need to accomplish the responsibilities God has given you.” It’s so easy to look at what others are doing or what you don’t have, but the truth is I am me – unique…fearfully and wonderfully made.

    2) I wrote the definitions of the words project and task in my journal as a reminder. I used to love making to-do lists and could easily check things off. Notice the words “used to”…this was before my world included my own family. As I adapt and acknowledge that I can’t do what I used to do, it helps to differentiate things on the two types of lists.

    3) pg. “It takes ongoing discipline.” My, my, my! This is a biggie! I have so many projects that I’ve started that have not been finished. Plus it’s like I get “bored” doing the same thing over and over again…I’ve definitely got to work on being consistent!

    There is a reason I am apart of this study! I can now look at my clutter and know that it’s not the end of the world if it all doesn’t get done today. I can also look at my clutter and know that things will be different! I have complete confidence that I can simplify my schedule by applying what I’ve learned thus far. Looking forward to more!!

  25. Lee Ann says:

    The part about deleting responsibilities hit home with me. The list of questions are awesome and have help me realize it’s time to step down from a board I sit on. I also find comfort in the statement about I have what I need to do what God wants me to do. I have got to quit letting people and things dictate my priorities and take care of me and my family. I worry way too much about what others think of me and my actions–a lot of it us because I used to be very critical and judgmental. I am working on completely overcoming that habit; and with Gos by my side, I will! Thank you so much for this study–can’t wait to listen to the conference call tape today!

    • Bridgette says:

      I, too, worry waaaayyyy too much about others’ opinions of me. I think that’s a woman thing. Men don’t seem to have this problem…*sigh*

      • kristen barkdull says:

        I am the exact same way. And sadly I do think it is mostly a woman thing. Guys do not worry about much of anything sometimes. My boyfriend can go right to sleep while I lay awake worrying for hours after he goes to sleep! Will be praying for you all!

  26. Leslie S says:

    It’s hard for me to delete responsibilities because my only responsibilities are my home, family and finances. I don’t do anything outside the home right now. I have a 14 yr old and a baby (15mos.). My husband works out of town 4 days a week every week. I guess just trying to priorities my have to’s is where I should start. My task list would be more like, finish painting the bathroom…when I really didn’t have time to start it in the first place. This baby has changed my life at 40. I really can’t do anything I used to do well. And I’m not talking about being the director of VBS. but just going to the grocery store is a challenge. I love this study. I’ve always been a organized person. But this “Simplifing Your Schedule” will be a little hard since I am really going to have to priorities rather than delete. I guess my teenager could take on more responsibilities than she already has but I hate to do that when these days you have to do so much in HS to show how well rounded you are to get college scholarships etc. Really could use some pray in this area.

  27. Lauren Beach (group 10) says:

    Okay so I know I am a day behind but I had a horrible Lupus Flare yesterday, So I was in bed resting. So the 3 main things I touch from Chapter 8 so far are:

    1) Need to do assessment of my life and Edit my Resposibilities
    2) Make a Projects/Task Binder (to help simplfy my week)
    3) When to Delete a Responsibility——-this is my biggest one and it hit me hard while I was reading…GOd really spoke to me through this one. On pg 93 it says” When unkind thoughts fillyour heart – When the joy you used to fel is replaced by resentment” — this is how I have been feeling about my job for several years now. I get sick to my stomach just driving to work. in the Gray area it says ” Pray about new opportunities and ask God to confirm them , Wait until he does”

    So withthat said I have been praying hard for God to guide me on what I need to do about this situation, because obivously I can not just quit tomorrow, So I am praying for God to give me the signs and direct me on the path I am to take regarding #3!

    So pray for me ladies <3 Blessings to all. This book is awesome ~ Thank You Glynnis!!!!!