Jun 26

Let’s Get to Work

Tuesday~Check in to our gathering place, Melissa’s blog, for today’s assignments. There will be a few discussion questions posted for Chapter 8.

Show me Your ways, O Lord, teach me Your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. ~Psalm 25:4-5 NIV 1984

Don’t you just love our verse this week? <3

After reading Chapter 8, you probably realize we have some work to do. Glynnis gave us some practical applications for simplifying our schedules. Let’s review them:

Step 1:  Personal Assessment

Think Like a Project Manager~ A project is anything that will take two or more steps.

Take a good look at the Create Your Own “Project Management” System at the bottom of p. 90 (paperback).


Step 2:  Edit Your Responsibilities

Identify Your Priorities

Delete Some Things

When to Delete a Responsibility

Check out Tips for Simplifying Your Schedule at the bottom of p. 93 (paperback).


Step 3:  Establish an Ongoing Review Process


Let’s be real here, this isn’t something we can do in a few minutes or even a day. It’s going to take some time, but all changes do, don’t they? So be realistic with yourself.  If it’s not done right away, that’s okay. Decide if it’s a priority and begin simplifying if it is. Very recently, I set some boundaries in my life. Because of my busy family life, there was a natural division for what was a priority and what was not. Nothing comes before my family. It’s as simple as that. I believe that is my main mission field right now in my life. Take this Bible study for example. Y’all mean the world to me, you really do. I love leading Online Bible studies, reading your comments, getting to know you. But, you are not as important as my family. If my family needs me and because of that a blog post doesn’t go up, well that’s ok. And because I’ve decided this ahead of time, I don’t have the guilt of letting you down. By the same token, if I need to read Chapter 9  and post a message today and a friend calls me to meet for lunch, I would have to tell her, “No, not today. Can we schedule lunch another day?”  That’s because I’ve decided that my Bible study comes before social time. Of course when we know ahead of time what is on our schedule, we can plan better, but you get the picture. Simplifying my schedule is much easier when I know my priorities for this season of life.

Today, I want you to focus on whatever it is that you need to do with the information you’ve been given in Chapter 8.  Is a personal assessment necessary for you?  What about editing your responsibilities?  And let’s not forget the most important piece if we are to maintain our simplicity, an ongoing review process (checking through all we need to do, assess deadlines, and creating a new task list weekly). That way we don’t slip back into our old ways. Ongoing discipline is the key.


Did you find Chapter 8 helpful for you?

What do you plan to do as a result of reading Chapter 8?

How can our memory verse this week help you with all you need to do?

Please share with the group. Thanks ladies, have a wonderful day!






  1. jackie s says:

    Chapter 8 is so helpful – I had done a mini study w/ Glynnis before (about 2 months ago) and had written down the instructions for getting organized – projects vs…
    I now have the notebook, the written stuff, – now to get it actually into the notebook (am shooting for this weekend – finally!).

    “Show me, Teach me, Guide me,…must be my prayer.

    • Meredith K says:

      Ch. 8 really helped me put some things in perspective. I thought most of my priorities were in order, but not anymore. After reading, I realized I take on tasks sometimes because people count on me to help them, and I feel obligated to help them. Many times, these unecessary commitments pull me away from my family and my personal time with Jesus. This of course is wrong, and obviously not God’s will for me. I plan to weigh any future, potential commitment against how it will affect my time with my family and my Lord. If it comes before them, I’ll have to turn it down. If it seems to be a fuzzy area, I will turn to this week’s scripture, “Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me Your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.” Psalm 25:4-5

  2. Annetia Alexande says:

    How can this memory verse help in all I need to do?

    In this prayer of Psalm 24:4-5 I will always ask GOD to show me His ways. My hope is that God will clearly help me to see on what I need to focus. The scripture also encourages us to ask for God’s truth, which for me means that I need to embrace what God has entrusted me to do and seek after His direction-NOT-man’s approval. When my heart is weary or grieved because of the “things” or “stuff” that God may be leading me to delete as a responsibility I will be reminded that God is my Savior not others but God.

    Did I find Chapter 8 helpful and what do I plan to do?

    Chapter 8 along with all the chapters to this point have been extremely helpful I have highlighted almost the entire chapter. As some whose “to-do” list rapidly becomes overwhelming, I am going to quickly implement a project list separate from my “to-do” list.

  3. When I opened my e-mail from Melissa on Sunday to see this week’s memory verse, I couldn’t believe that we had just sung a song based on this verse in church just an hour before! The song is “My Hope Is You” and it is one of my favorites. It’s awesome to me to see how God ties everything together, even in the small things.

    I am looking forward to starting the Project Management system. I have yet to find a system that really works for me in keeping track of all that I need to do and I am hoping this one works.

    I feel that I have made a lot of progress so far in this study in just the way I look at my priorities and my schedule and I love knowing that I have the freedom to say NO to something that does not line up with my priorities. I love this quote from Chapter 6 – “When we don’t set and live by priorities, we establish patterns of regret.” So true! If we haven’t figured out what our priorities are first, then we will end up saying YES to way too many things and feel bad about it later. Then, we will miss doing something we should have because we can’t fit that in.

    Thank you again for an awesome study!

    • Christy,
      I love that quote as well. I have always taken on too much and at times I know that my family and my own personal health have suffered for it. I love this study and how it makes me feel like I am not alone and not everyone has it all together.

    • Shelley Westbury says:


      I heard the same song on the radio this morning on my way to work…I turned it ALL the way up and sang to the top of my lungs with chill bumps from head to toe. God is SOOOOO good!

  4. This study is absolutely awesome and I really enjoyed my first conference call last night, Melissa. :)

    I have started a different season of life: my son got married and is expecting first child in December, and this is probably the last summer my daughter will come home from college. This study is helping me learn to reset my priorities. While I do have regrets that I took on too much as a young Christian and a mother, I feel God had me go through this to help young Christians mothers as Titus 2:3-4 instructs.

    • Christa says:

      Pat, I’m in a similar situation. My daughter got married over the weekend and this study has really helped me prepare for this season of transition.

      • I love how this study applies regardless of our life situations-I’m that mom of young kids who needs to be mentored by women who have been there. And I love getting a sneak peek at how life changes as they grow up- reminds me what we’re working towards!

        So as a result of ch 8 I am going to use my project notebook as a tool to keep myself on track with my priorities in order and be a good steward of my time. And from ch. 7 I am getting offline to go “follow through”. Have a great day, ladies!

      • I cried and cried all the way home when we took my daughter to college, Christa. But I am SO enjoying this sweet time of just my hubby and me. 😀

  5. Christa says:

    I love how Glynnis has simplified David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” system. I tried using GTD several years ago and it was great right after I got it set up, but it was just too many lists to manage and keep up with. I also have never been able to really manage to-do and project lists electronically. I need to see it on paper. But my calendar is better managed electronically so I get reminders, etc. So yesterday I bought a small planner that has a pocket for my iPhone. I can keep my phone with the calendar and the lists all in one place! Hopefully this will do the trick!

    • Shelley Westbury says:

      I have an i-phone and would love a planner like you’re describing…do you mind telling me where you got it?

      • I bought a Raika planner that has a zipper pocket on the inside front cover. I think the pocket was really intended to put money or other stuff in, but my iPhone fits perfectly. The zipper teeth are plastic but they still scratch my fingers a little when I pull the phone out. When I get home tonight, I am going to cut the teeth off the zipper. The pocket is tight enough that the phone will stay in. Raika has several variations of the binder with the zipper pocket. Hope that helps!

        • Christa says:

          Let me just add how much I have enjoyed using my planner today! With my phone safely tucked in the little pocket, I have resisted the urge to check it every few minutes. I have been much more “present” in meetings and conversations and more productive since I am not checking email and stuff every five minutes. Checking off my paper lists has gone great so far.

          • Shelley Westbury says:

            Thanks for the insight…I’m definitely too “tuned in” to checking my phone. It needs to stop! I appreciate your comments.

  6. From chapter 8 I plan to make my marriage the number one priority in my life. We have always had children, it’s never just been the two of us and now that both kids have moved out and only God could have worked for the first one to move I believe it’s a gift He is giving to us – to have quality one on one time that we never had. The Bible study is important to me too but I totally get what you are saying Melissa – and as a gift to my husband, I am putting him before all things, except God of course :)

    • Amen!!!! 😀

      • Please follow through on your plans to make your marriage a priority. We always had kids too & were never just a couple for over 30 yrs when our youngest left for college. We had a few super (& romantic) years to connect as husband & wife, we loved it. It didn’t last 4ever as our son in law went to war & our daughter & toddler came back home to live & then we had a boomerang boy return after college when the economy tanked. We love having the kids but I am so glad for those special couple years…really strengthened us & we got to know each other even better. You have fun now :-)

  7. Lynda Parker says:

    This is my third class with you Melissa and I have absolutely LOVED every one of them! But, oh my goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this class! It is exactly what I needed! I loved the call last night too! All of you girls are GREAT!!! Thank You!!

  8. Show me Your ways, O Lord, teach me Your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. ~Psalm 25:4-5 What a wonderful prayer to pray for myself daily. Have enjoyed this study with you ladies. It is so practical and needed. The season of life for me should be simple but it like everyone else can get hectic at times. Over loading my responsibilities has always been something that I fight. Praying this prayer and putting some of the suggestions to practice hopefully with God’s help will bring more order and peace to my home. Thank you all for your contributions and have a blessed day!

  9. Shelley Westbury says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I just wanted to leave you a message in regards to last night’s conference call. I know it got a little pressed for time and I didn’t want to interrupt with my random thought, so I figured this would be a great place to leave it.

    I was so impressed last night and enjoyed every minute. This is my first online study and I can’t get enough…it radiates through me. I find it so much more manageable with a one year old than trying to get to a specific physical location to participate in a study. It felt so good to hear real voices last night! I was “shushing” my husband last night with a big smile saying “I’m on a call with my bible study”. LOVED IT!

    Thank you to all of Proverbs 31 staff for your dedication and what you stand for. You have been an inspiration to me and I tell anyone who will listen about your ministry. I think EVERY woman could benefit in some fashion! I have already ordered the Unglued Book and have it marked on my calendar. TO GOD BE THE GLORY and may everyone have a blessed week…you truly made mine already! Love and prayers to all! :)

    • Shelley,
      Your words are a sweet blessing to me this morning! You are the reason we do online studies and I’m thankful you are enjoying it and getting a lot out of it.

      Next time, speak up, I love to hear from y’all! It makes me sad when the phone is quiet. Never in too much of a hurry to talk to ladies in the group.

      Big hugs and blessings to you :)

    • Shelley I smiled all through your post….I could feel your enthusiasm for the study through your post. Makes me happy and gets me all excited once again that I get to participate in these studies :)

  10. I enjoyed the call too, but I was just taking it all in and couldn’t think of anything to ask! It was fun to think about how many people were listening because God moved someone else to donate calls and they obeyed! I was so blessed by it and grateful that my children were in bed so I only missed the first 30 minutes.

    • I know, Mel, right?! My husband takes conference calls all the time with his job, and I couldn’t help but wonder how many women were listening in and pressing *6 to mute at the same time!!! rofl!

      I was also so thankful to the LORD for the blessing of wonderful technology we have for things like this!!

  11. Sallie H says:

    Another great chapter! I just wanted to share how I implemented Glynnis’ project notebook idea for those who might like a technological version. I am using a software program called Microsoft One Note. In it, I created an overall project list, and then several individual to-do lists which break down things into tasks. Each day I prayerfully create my daily task list on paper after my morning Bible study, reviewing the One Note project list and individual to-do lists as I go. I started this at the first of the year and it works pretty well. Things that don’t get done don’t fall off the list and get forgotten! One Note is very easy to manage. It’s super easy to add new lists or delete old ones, and I can quickly check off items as they are completed. Hope this inspires someone! Blessings!

  12. Hi ladies!

    I cannot wait to hear the call tonight! This study is an absolute blessing to me!

    I wrote my priorities in my journal yesterday, and now the Lord and I are going to marinate on them together a bit more. It is so freeing to write these out on paper because I am already feeling more organized just doing that.

    I am going to finish Chapter 8 today and will check back with you all later tonight.

    Would you all please pray for me as I am continuing to work on my book proposal for She Speaks in less than a month (YIKES!! :->)? It is my first time working on a proposal, so it is a bit daunting. However, as I have learned in praying over my priorities, I know the Lord has put this book and ministry on my heart. Thanks so much, ladies!


  13. I have found all the chapters helpful to me! 8 seems to give me a direction (i love a good list, i like checking things off!) It also made me sit down to prioritize things. it hasn’t been pretty, seeing where I really spend my time….
    for example-it’s summer, i’m home most of the day, so are the kids, but they are 16 AND 13….they are pretty independent, and so am I. It’s too easy for us all to get lost in our own little worlds..and the day end and we really haven’t ‘done’ anything together.
    the memory verse reminds me that GOD is the one who will lead me….and when I am lacking direction, there is only ONE place to turn. AND I gotta be still long enough to hear what He whispers….or? I’m right back to lacking direction again. a sure sign of distress for me!

    • Bridgette says:

      Lol, Sally, I love checking things off, too! I hate to admit it, but sometimes I add things to my list just so I CAN mark them off!! Terrible, I know :):)

  14. Shelley Westbury says:

    I also wanted to share a great organizer for i-phone users. The free app is called ‘Errands’ and it is WONDERFUL. You can create numerous lists and title/color/create them unique to your needs. I find it helpful to turn them into checklists, which is an option. It makes me feel good to “check” it off and it goes away :) It’s my favorite app!

    • Shelley Westbury says:

      should have said “one” of my favorites…love i-phone world! So much info at the palm of your hand!!

    • Deanne G. says:

      Thanks so much for sharing info about the “Errands” app. While I have an android phone, I was able to download the app to my IPad, and It is helping me be more organized and more productive already. I too love to check off the completed task and watch it disappear into the completed task journal. Thanks again.

  15. Deanne G. says:

    Melissa, I thoroughly enjoyed the call last night. The information was most timely for me and truly helpful. I would normally have shared a comment, but was in an unsettled place yesterday. I felt so much better after the call than before it.

    Your approach to leading has worked very well for me. I sense your genuine nature and humble heart. I value both highly. I am in a transition period of life. I am a retired high school English teacher, a widow, have two two-year-old granddaughters and another due in September. I completed a masters degree in Christian education in May of 2008 through Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and I am once again facing treatment for breast cancer. Teaching a ladies’ Sunday school class throughout the recent rounds of treatment has given my life a much needed sense of purpose. My greatest challenge now is determining what God wants my life to look like now. What should my current priorities be? How would God like to use what I learned through the various trials of my life to minister to others. I have a strong sheparding gift and use it as situations arise. I believe in being led by the Spirit, but I also sense the lack of structure in my present lifestyle. Please pray that God will give me a clear vision for my future.

    My first attention will be looking closely at my priorities before I can take significant steps as presented in Chapter 8. I am certain getting my responsibilities on paper whether written or electronic will be a great step toward uncluttering my mind. God bless you and thank you for leading. I am praying for Glynnis, Helen Ann, and their family.

    • Being a grandmother to three darling, impressionable grans would be at the top of MY list…my son in law’s mother went to be with the Lord too young and I do something for her grand girls every year that she would have done if she were here. She was one super special gal and it makes me sad that they don’t get the benefit of her talents. So I do one little thing “for her” for them because I miss her so much.

      • Deanne G. says:

        Thank you for your sweet reply, Suzi. My two granddaughters are at the top of my list along with their parents. I actually get to care for the one who lives in the same location about a half day a week. Unfortunately, the other one lives on the west coast. See her much less of her, of course. I still feel very committed to encouraging and praying for all three of my grown children. I was a single mom of three for 14-1/2 years. Now life is less busy and I devote a lot of time and energy to family that previously went to working. How sweet of you to do things in behalf of your son-in-law’s mom. I want to use my time well. This study is providing much help and I am grateful.

  16. Pam Mencimer says:

    Hi ladies! I love, love, love Chapter 8 even though there is SO much to be done. I don’t think I can narrow it down to just three things that I took away. I will say that life changes on a dime and even though our schedule is full sometimes we HAVE to take on something else and we can do that with peace – His peace.

    My grandmother passed away and my parents had to leave to Iowa. My sister is on vacation in Washington. This has left me with two houses to clean and manicure yards and four pets to take care of, one of which just had surgery and also trying to cover my shift at work when there was no one (a lesson learned by all regarding bereavement benefits and pairing job responsibilities with life responsibilities. I will circle back to this.) oh! There is also the contractors needing direction on the repairs for rental my parents just bought. My normal inclination would be to cry and melt and ask for rescue but today I am allowing myself the luxury of simply being. I am focusing on situational responsibilities one moment at a time and NOT stopping myself from grieving in the process of all I must do between the three houses and work and pets and….

    In the midst of all of this God is giving me gems – decisions I need to make regarding my job and how it relates to my spiritual and marital health are being guided by God rather than my compulsive nature. I KNOW I need to find another job and that has been overwhelming. But God is good and He helped me to see this far more clearly. The process will be in His time but I still have to do the footwork and discuss every possible situation with my husband. Our future is with God and He will clear the way.

    As a final note, I wandered over to the archives for Glynnis’ blog to get a run down of the 15 Day Clutter Challenge. If you haven’t done this yet – do not wait any longer! My to do and project list was overwhelming me and I didn’t even know where to begin. Glynnis broke it all down for me. I transferred the 15 blog posts to a Word document and I will be able to get started as soon as my family returns. What a blessing to me to be able to use the tools someone else has already laid out rather than trying to struggle through my muddled list (and mind).

    • Stephanie W says:


      I signed up for the challenge earlier in the year but simply saved the emails til I was really “ready” to accept the challenge. Thanks for another reminder!!


  17. Rebecca Portteus says:

    I have several favorites, but Ch. 8 is among one of my favorites. Oddly enough, the chapters that I like the best make the most change in my frantic life and are generally the hardest to come to terms with in my heart and mind. I have truly benefited from implementing these changes since I read this chapter for the first time about a month ago. It has made a HUGE difference and I have some deeper things I have to deal with upon reading the chapter the second time. For those who are able to read all of these great comments, please say a little prayer that I can have a gentle heart with my family through this time of continued adjustment. It can get so frustrating at times, but I know that laying them at God’s feet is the best place to put those troubles.

  18. Carissa D. Huffman says:

    Chapter 8 is really getting into the scary stuff. I have already learned to say no more often than yes to time commitments–I understand the value of that in my schedule. I put appointments on my smartphone, so I can keep track of them, I am hoping to find a way to do all this listing and editing digitally, because too much paper is one of my clutter issues.

    I need God to show me, teach me and guide me into sticking with this with my things. I need to get rid of a BUNCH of stuff. The decluttering chapter to come is tackling my biggest problem. I am already hearing the whispers of “this will never work”, so I know the Lord is trying to do something big with me.

    I also know that, right now, my dear uncle is dying in hospice, so making time to love on him is my top priority, and it is so good to know that it’s okay–I am putting a dear person ahead of getting things done at my house. I will be able to embrace changing my ways to approach my cluttered life with fuller attention when he has left this world, which is likely to happen any day now. I have lived with the mess for this long, so a few more days won’t kill any of us.

    My Savior is definitely my only hope in this journey–without Him, I cannot break out of these terrible habits that have dragged me down for as long as I can remember.

    Blessings, and thanks for making time for us! Your family should come first always!

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  19. Wow, after reading all the comments I feel so much calmer. I love the study & the comments & Melissa’s & Glynnis’s time & direction. This chapter is a project in itself! And I have been working on these time/calendar/commitment issues since Jan. W/prayer support from 4 friends. I liked what she said in chapter 6 p.69, “without a healthy grid for making time decisions, you will say yes to more than you can handle, or to the wrong things.” so once I figured out my priorities I am making a mental picture of a grid, like a metal grid hung over the stove for cooking utensils. Only across the top of my grid hang labels with my priorities written on them. Whenever I am considering a request, I will mentally look at this grid & see under which priority I would hang that request & if it does not fall under any of the priorities then I will probably say no. That will be helpful to me to spend the bulk of my time on my priorities. That said, as one commentor stated, “don’t fall in love w/your plan” because we must remain flexible to changes God will bring. I hope to get my notebook done in the next wk. I am separating unpleasant projects like “set up insurance/medical files” from pleasant projects like ” make a 4th of July picnic” -and because I am more mentally stable when I make time to create I have a cute little notebook where I will list only fun, crafty, sewing or painting projects. But I won’t assign deadlines for the creative projects like I hope to for the others. I actually think my thinking has already become less fractured since putting my to do on paper.

  20. The statement that caught me was the statement Just because you have the gift of teaching, doesn’t mean you are to be teaching this class.” I had to think on this statement because I have always been close to those who I teach, but I have wondered if I get close to these little one I am now teachings, It would tear me apart if I were to leave them and go somewhere else. But at the same time we are to obey and not rely on our feelings.

    Thank you Melissa for all you are doing.

  21. Veronica says:

    Chapter 8 is very helpful. I plan to begin my Project Management System this week. I recently retired and have been remarried for just under 2 years, after being a widow. My husband has been retired for a while and wants me to spend a lot of time with him. Now that I am retired, I have taken on more responsibilites at church and have begun to help two people who are in difficult situations right now. One needs babysitting, the other needs help with her housework. People expect retirees to take up the slack with so many women working, or is it I who expects this? Well, with God teaching me, guiding me and showing me His paths, and with the procedure from Chapter 8, I am going to find out.

    My deceased husband was a pastor, so I have been a pastor’s wife. Even though my situation has changed, I guess my self-expectations have not.

  22. Karen K. H. says:

    I was one of the winners of the conference call this week. It was a blessing that I won. I had plans last night, because I didn’t think I was going to win. I just finished listning to it. I got so much out of it. Now I know that the Lord was work for me. I really need this study. Thank you and God Bless.

  23. Donna B says:


    I found HOPE in Chapter 8!!! Loved these comments:

    Regardless of your available time, energy level and resources, you have everything you need to accomplish the responsibilities God has given you. The most important part of that last sentence is “the responsibilities God has given you.” Not that you wish you could do. And not what your neighbor, sister, friend or women’s ministry director is able to do.

    Focusing on what God is asking you to do today, this week, and this month is the first step in becoming a woman who manages time well. For most of us, this means simplifying our lifes.

    Too many women assume more responsibility than they should.


    Editing your life is a process. It takes time to resign or redefine certain responsibilities…..and ….. Sometimes God keeps me in a difficult situation somewhere to refine me, and I really need to change something inside me…..no one drifts into an organized life. it takes ongoing discipline!

    YES, I AM A WORK IN PROCESS!!! And so thankful that God is refining me to change me from the inside out. Love Him and how He works in my life.

  24. Andrea M. says:

    If anyone is interested simplemom.net has some really good downloads for scheduling including a “daily docket” and my favorite the “pocket docket”. Some of you might find these helpful while creating your binder. I know they have helped me.


  25. Kesha M. says:

    I found chapter 8 to be very helpful, but also challenging.”No one drifts into an organized life. It takes ongoing discipline.” This sentence speaks volumes to me because “ongoing discipline” (follow-through) has been such an issue for me. As a result of chapter 8, I plan to begin a project notebook. I feel that the memory verse will help me because of its emphasis on knowing God’s ways and his truth. This is motivating to me because I so desire to be more like Christ. For awhile now, I have allowed procrastination, laziness, etc. to hold me back from the life that I know God has for me. This study is like a “launching pad” into a more Christ centered life!

  26. Melissa C. says:

    Chapter 8 was very helpful. As a result of reading this chapter, it made me realize that I have to be mindful of my responsibilities. I’ve always over-extended myself when it comes to projects and then just become burnt out in the end. At that point I’ve been no good for the people in my life let alone God. Deleting some of my responsibiities is going to be a challenge but it is definitely one I will try.
    The memory verse really struck me as that is my goal, to follow in His steps and be the woman that He has called me to be. He will always be my Savior and my Hope.

  27. Rosanne Huber says:

    Chapter 8 is very helpful. I try to make a list but it is only one list. A second list to differentiate between projects and tasks I think will help me to prioritize more. The memory verse this week is very meaningful as I want to be a woman to have God lead me in all I do.

  28. I found Chapter 8 very helpful. A while back I started making a to-do list, but list Glynnis, it was one list and it got to be overwhelming. I have a spiral notebook in which I need to make a project list and a separate task list. I think the important thing to do first is to pray before starting any project or task. What does God want me to do first and how does he want me to do it. I need to follow God’s path.

  29. I found Chapter 8 very helpful. A while back I started making a to-do list, but list Glynnis, it was one list and it got to be overwhelming. I have a spiral notebook in which I need to make a project list and a separate task list. I think the important thing to do first is to pray before starting any project or task. What does God want me to do first and how does he want me to do it. I need to follow God’s path.

  30. Yes, Chapter 8 was helpful and led me to determine my priorities in life. I plan on doing what Glynnis suggest with the notebook etc. to begin organizing my life. The memory verse can help me by God showing and revealing his ways to me as I speak this verse over my life.

  31. Valerie Cavenaugh says:

    I think that I do ok with my schedule, but my children are grown and I am not working right now. I am actually looking to fill some of my days with volunteer opportunities in my community. I love the idea for having a project list and a task list! This will make it easier to see progress in my “to do” list. The time with God in the morning has become a habit again that I had gotten away from. It amazes me that God allows me to make choices that are not the best for me and teaches me through the choices. Wow, He is so good!
    If you have time look at Third Day’s video of the song “My Hope is You.” It goes along with our verse for the week!

  32. Kandace says:

    I had 4 things that stuck out to me in Chapter 4….

    1. Regardless of your available time, energy level and resources, you have everything you need to accomplish the responsibilities God has given you.

    2. Project list vs. task list

    3. Get everything out of your mind and store it somewhere safe

    4. No one drifts into an organized life

    It is encouraging to me to know that God has given me everything I need to do what He has called me to do on a daily basis. I loved the idea and definitions of projects verses tasks and having a list for both. I usually just put everything in one list adn then get discouraged because it doesn’t get done. This clarifies the difference for me, so I won’t put bigger projects on the task list! Getting things out of your head, I know works! I haven’t done this consistently, but I have tried it before. When I haven’t been able to sleep and Stephanie Clayton mentioned doing this with things we are worried about during the conference call. It frees your mind. You know you have gotten things written down so you can come back to it later. And as much as I would love to drift into an organized life… it isn’t going to happen. Another reminder to me that I must be intentional…disciplined. This week’s memory verse is perfect. I need God to lead me adn guide me. He is my God… I want Him to direct my paths. To order my to-do list. And you can’t go wrong if you follow God’s leading!