Jun 27

Got Clutter?

Wednesday~ Read Chapter 9, Remove the Clutter. Check in at our gathering place (you know the spot by now I hope!) to share your thoughts.

Show me Your ways, O Lord, teach me Your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. ~Psalm 25:4-5 NIV 1984

Oh how this verse is a good one for this week! I need you Lord! Show me, teach me, guide me, and thanks for giving me hope so I can look forward to what’s ahead!


Today we are supposed to read Chapter 9, Remove the Clutter.  What if this chapter doesn’t apply to you, then what?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any clutter. Nope, not me.


Welcome to my world of clutter!  Yes, I have lots of this and honestly, I’m not looking forward to this chapter!

Ok, now that I’ve cleared my conscience, I’m ready to face this demon of mine head on. It’t really not that I’m not looking forward to this chapter, but I know this is going to take some work for me. What gets me excited about it, is thinking past the clutter of today and to the organization of tomorrow. I’m looking forward, not back.

Are you ready for some instruction on how to deal with your clutter. Then let’t go. Chapter 9, here we come!

After you’ve read, check back here and report your thoughts. Got clutter?  Hopefully, not for long :)

Enjoy your day beautiful ladies!



  1. Melissa I have so much clutter, that my clutter has clutter!!!!!! I really need this chapter, actually I have needed the whole book. One thing I have to say, I never thought this book would get deep down – meaning I never thought I would have to be so honest with myself in order to get home and ME uncluttered.

    This week’s verse is soothing me in so many ways: at work, at home, in my mind, with my relationships…..the list goes on.

    • Melissa, it has been a mixed bag for me as this study has his personal, home, business clutter. It is almost overwhelming. This week’s verse is so full of a prayer that I need to pray daily and almost moment by moment. Once God is not a God of confusion (clutter) but beauty and peace, He and I have some work to do. So grateful to have the privilege to do this study with you and to see God’s wonders performed in and thru me. BTW! Took two yard bags of clothes out of my closet to one of those boxes in parking lots yesterday. Have a blessed day!

  2. sharolyn says:

    Help! I’m so disorganized that I’m just now getting my book for this online study and wondering what to do….jump in where I should be had I started on time, or go back to your post from day one? I always seem to have such good intentions….

    • Lee Ann says:

      Start at day one–the first chapters make everything make sense. And, it’s easy to follow and you can catch up; trust me, I know ;).

  3. I must commend you, Melissa, on how easy your blog is to navigate compared to some others I have tried. When I need to go back to earlier posts or read comments I can do so with ease. Thank you as I am not a technology girl :-) I even encouraged a young mom with a new baby to start this study last week because I knew she could be behind those of us who started together and still move along at her pace since you keep all the posts up & organized. I can’t imagine jumping in at the application level before dealing with the heart & brain issues…because that is what has been missing from all my earlier attempts. My brain is the biggest clutter problem that I have…NEVER turning off to allow rest or that ever elusive peace of God we all long for. Thanks, Melissa, this has to be a ton of work for you so just know your investment is so appreciated & respected.

  4. Veronica’s comment made me laugh out loud…”my clutter has clutter!” Maybe it was a nervous laugh, maybe because (sadly) I can relate. :) This book is getting personal -just sayin. And it is just what I need. It is going to take time and will be a process for me, but I am happy to know that I am not alone in this journey. Books, pictures, files, and yes, even controls of every kind (remote controls, Wii controls, xbox controls, etc) taunt me, but their days of ridicule are coming to an end! :) Blessings to all my sweet sisters who are trying to get organized and clutter free! God has big plans for us :)

    • PS…I listened to my very first conference call this week. Can’t believe I waited so long. It was refreshing, encouraging, and felt like community. Thank you. xoxo

  5. Christa says:

    So….here’s my approach to de-cluttering. First of all, we are just finishing up a big re-model of our kitchen and living room. All of the clutter was banished to plastic bins in a storage unit before we started. I’m starting to bring the bins back in and will sort through the stuff in them as I go. If I’ve lived without it for the last four months, it is likely that I don’t really need it! But there is plenty of clutter in the other rooms of the house, and my office is one giant clutter mine.

    When I lost weight last year (through MTC, 95 lbs…yay me!), I took a slow and steady approach to the changes I needed to make. I took care of the obvious, stupid stuff first…like stopping for donuts on the way to work after I had already had breakfast at home….then introduced other changes every two or three weeks. That kept me from being overwhelmed and trying to make a wholesale change that neither I or my family could really deal with.

    I’m taking the same approach to my clutter. If I go do a massive de-cluttering and re-organizing all at once, everything will look clean and shiny, but we haven’t developed the discipline to make it stay that way. So I’m taking one thing at a time. This week, I’m really working on making my project and task lists and getting really good at managing the things I have to do. I’m also trying to introduce the discipline of finishing one thing and putting away everything I pulled out to do that one thing before I start pulling out stuff to do something else. I’m leaving my office every day with the main part my desk cleared off and going to bed at night with the main workspace of my kitchen cleaned. That feels so good!

    Next week, I’ll de-clutter something else, organize it and get used to the discipline of keeping it that way for a couple of weeks before I tackle another area. I think my bathroom counter will be the next focus. I could relate to Glynnis in Chapter 9 talking about all the little bottles of hotel shampoo. I’ve done a ton of traveling for work this year and I think I have enough little bottles to fill a trailer-load of Operation Christmas Child boxes in December!

    Anyway, I think this slow and steady approach of gradual change will really work for me. I’ve always said that I hate cleaning off my desk because then I can never remember where I put everything. Too many decisions in a short period of time without the practiced discipline of keeping it that way just makes it worse for me, not better.

    It’s really fun to see all of the practical changes people are making through this study and I love all the ideas that we are sharing!

    • Thanks for sharing your approach, it makes so much sense. One habit at a time and build from there- yes!

    • jackie s says:

      My friend is a school nurse and she collects those little bottles of shampoo, soap, etc – and distributes to kids at school who have “nothing” to use for hygiene. Might be an idea for your stash of bottles!

      • Tracy H says:

        Shelter’s for abused women and/or homeless shelters needs these sample items very badly too.

    • Wendy H. says:

      What is it the tortoise says in “The Tortoise and The Hare”? “Slow and steady wins the race?
      Great idea! I have physical limitations so slow and steady is pretty much a necessity. Glad to hear someone else does slow and steady too.
      Thanks for sharing!

    • Gretchen says:

      Thanks for sharing this Christa! This makes so much sense to me. Typically when I get an idea in my head I work and work until it’s done. But the changes are never the long lasting changes my family needs. I am praying that between getting to the heart issues that lead to the clutter issues through this book and study plus a slow and steady race will make the difference this time. Plus-thanks to this post and responses I am starting to think outside the box with ways to declutter my own life while blessing others. That’s exciting and a great motivator for me!

  6. so….haven’t red yet….my first thoughts are-i’m ‘whatever you call the opposite of a packrat.’ a purger? constant purger? I have bags of clothes/junk constantly going to the Goodwill, consignment store…my mom was always getting rid of stuff and so do i..
    but before I even read i know this: I have a cluttered MINd. and I just left a 15 year career (in teaching) and I need to go through all that stuff and put it away.
    I haven’t decluttered in a while so it’s time….
    and the root of it all: why do i have so much stuff to get rid of? in other words, maybe I need to evaluate where this stuff is coming from in the first place…..

    • Yes, I’m more of a purger too. I have learned to stop myself from bringing it in so I don’t have to go to so much effort to get it back out. Hotel toiletries? Use it right away if I bring it home, or just don’t bring it home at all. I only need one bottle of each in my travel case and I refill it out of my larger bottles. Bread twist ties? Toss them because I never use them. I find the heavy duty ones that come with electronics useful for containing cords, but I keep one spare and have never had to go without. Plastic ware that comes with takeout? Ask them not to include it if I’m headed home to use real silverware. It’s a process, I’ve got other things that need improvement. I hate to run out of things but I’m learning not to overbuy because we don’t use things as fast as I think we do.

  7. Mary Cole says:

    Do your de-cluttering in 15 minute sessions with a timer to avoid burn out. That advice is from Flylady. It seems to work for me.

    • The 15 minutes works well for me. I’ve done FlyLady in the past. Even though I always work longer than that, the 15 minutes for me says, “Anyone can do that–including me!” And then when that pressure is off, then the inevitable happens: I say, “Why did I put off doing that–that wasn’t so bad!”

  8. Do I have clutter? Oh yeah…only I haven’t been in denial about it…it’s been driving me crazy for 6 years!! But I am learning a few things as a result of this study…first of all, it was situational (first we moved with two boys under 3, then my husband has changed jobs 3 times so we keep having to readjust our schedules, then I had another baby boy, and now I’ve gone back to work). Secondly it was because I never quite finished anything, which made the whole clutter thing worse. And thirdly, it’s because I am a perfectionist, so if I couldn’t tackle the whole thing at once and do it all well, then I didn’t start at all. I’ve been waiting to have uninterrupted time to work at it ever since we moved in. The one bright light in all of it, is that part of the reason I haven’t found the time is because I’ve been with my boys at all their special events, sports games, and spending time with them when we do have days off…I don’t regret that at all. But, I have started plugging away at one area of my home in the 5, 10 or 15 minutes of time I do have here and there and I am making progress! Huge progress! My whole home seems to be staying tidier and I can find things and because of the progress I have been more motivated not to lose ground, so I have been finishing things and have felt much more peace (still not perfect…ended up buying pizza after swimming lessons the other day because I hadn’t planned dinner and it was late and the kids needed to get to bed…I can’t do that all the time…especially after this chapter…there is no way our family can eat out once a week…it’s over $40 any time we eat out…I added that up like Glynnis did over 52 weeks…that would save us over $2000 a year!!!). But…I seem to be able to look ahead now and plan ahead for things so that when the time comes, I have been ready more often than not lately and there is such a HUGE peace that comes with that. And on top of that, the attitudes that I have which this study has uncovered are finally being dealt with too…again, not something I can just turn off, but I’m carrying around a few verse cards in my pocket still, like Stephanie had suggested and I can see the Lord is starting to make some changes in me. All this and we’re only on our 4th week of study! Thank you Melissa for all the work you and others put into this study…even up here in Canada, change is happening, and I think it is change that the Lord is pleased about…thank you for doing what you do so that He and I can get this work done (in me, most importantly, but in my home too). Have a great day! :)

  9. I love the memory verses with the study each week! For those of you who, like me, sometimes have a hard time with memorization, here is a tip: At first, just memorize where the verse is found and the first word or two. Like this: Psalm 25:4,5 “Show me”. Then keep reviewing that, wait a day and your mind is thinking, “show me what?”. Then memorize the next few words, “Show me Your paths”, and so on each day. It’s much easier in bite-sized chunks instead of trying to do it all at once.

    • That is helpful, Carol, thank you. I am finding this weeks long but it is one I really need to memorize

      • Christa says:

        It’s also one that is not already familiar to me, so it’s taking a little more effort than the others.

  10. I think Glynnis defined clutter for me in her discussion of the “monetary expense to living with more than we can manage”. For my schedule and my home my manageable amount is pretty small because I am so easily distracted, but cutting both down to a manageable amount has made a world of difference. Really, do I need God or do I need more cute shoes? More of God or more activities? Ouch.
    Also “maintenance is a daily practice and a discipline you can learn”. Yes! Brings to mind Hebrews 12:11 (NIV)
    “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” it seems misquoted because it talks about God’s discipline, but I know in my life discipline to keep up my household is the prompting of the Holy Spirit to do what I know I should do.

    • Hey Mel!
      Thanks for that scripture. I am going to write it down on some pretty paper and post it around my home for inspiration. :) Blessings!

    • What an awesome view of that verse!! Definitely as a-ha moment for me. Thanks, Mel!

    • Thanks for sharing the Scripture, Mel!! Writing it down now. :)

  11. Situational clutter. Yep! That’s me. Moved into our home 5 years ago… and we STILL aren’t organized. In my defence there is no closet space in my home so everything got put in the basement. Sigh….

    This study is helping me take baby steps to declutter my home. Unfortunately my mind is still full of clutter. I just can’t seem to let that go. Anyone else feeling this way? I think I need to reread some of our chapters and say some serious prayers.

    • Debra,
      We don’t have a basement- God’s gift to me, lol.
      Praying that you make a little more progress today, and for me too.

  12. Carissa D. Huffman says:

    I am so overloaded with clutter, and I do see that it can have such a cost. I have trouble finding clothes that I want to wear. I don’t feel like I could ever have anybody over. I really can’t clean my house, because there is too much stuff in the way.

    I am terrified and feeling overwhelmed, even with this plan of attack, but I am trusting the Lord to show, teach and guide me in this, one of the biggest struggles I have.

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

    • Sherri G says:

      Carissa, did you read Christa’s note above? She had some really good advice, in my opinion. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed too but we can do anything through Christ. Saying a prayer for both of us now.

  13. I have so much clutter that my clutter has its own zip code! Mercy. :-) I do admit I am a bit behind on my reading because I am getting my book propsal ready for She Speaks in a few weeks, but I have this week’s verse memorized down pat! YAY! I was walking all around my house last night, yelling it at the top of my lungs. I can do that because my husband is out of town on business this week, lest he might think I have lost my mind! :-) Seriously, my sweetie has been such a rock, encouraging me in this Bible Study.

    I concur with so many of you ladies … I, too, am terrified of the clutter in my home office and around other parts of my house, but I know the Lord will be faithful and gracious to us all through this journey and process.

    Y’all have a great day!! Melissa Taylor, you are the BEST!!


  14. I liked the section on removing the excess and assessing and maintaining regularly.  This helps me to simplify my life.  I can apply these principles to other parts in my life as well.  It reminds me to put my trust in God, my provider, instead of stock piling things and put my confidence in those things.  I was convicted a while ago as I read scripture that when I put my trust in things instead if God I was worshipping an idol, self providing.  Removing the excess by either just throwing it away or blessing someone else with it allowed me to show in my lifestyle that I trust God to provide for me.  I was challenged by the assessing and maintaining part…that it’s a constant discipline.  I know that with the power of the Holy Spirit on my life He can help me by providing the self-control and discipline to do this.  I was also encouraged that i’m a work in process.  This part challenged me towards growth instead of perfection.

  15. LOL, “my clutter has its own zip code”!!! Lara, that made me laugh so hard. And I feel the same way about paperwork…it is just so endless and when I think I’ve got it under control, it piles up again. And my closet, and as flylady calls them, my “hot spots” get cluttered very easily. I’m getting a lot from this study and never realized how much my mind is cluttered. Getting it on paper really is eye-opening for me. We can do this ladies!

    • Kristi, my friend, we have a lot in common!! I am so glad that we are doing this study together!! God has great plans for all of us – YAY!!

  16. Oh, Melissa, I have clutter. I used to be such an organized person. There was a place for everything and everything in its place. Now due to family dynamics, I am so disorganized from my house, to my finances, to commitments, to my spiritual being. I am totally overwhelmed. Right now, I am on vacation in Sacramento, CA, for a much needed vacation, and I am making a mental note on what I need to do when I get back home. When I look at my house now and everything that I have to do, I’d like to give myself a kick in the butt. I never used to be this way, and I raised two sons. Even when I raised my granddaughter, everything was in its place. Now it’s just my husband and I, and I just can’t seem to get it together. This book is putting things in perspective for me, and I can’t wait to get started.

  17. Angel Parnell says:

    Well, seems like I am not alone in my struggle with clutter. God has been preparing me for this for a little while now, but using little more painful encouraging to do so. Due to pour choices, our finances have tanked and were are well below the surface trying to get back up for air. God has put it on my heart to sale what we can.
    “But Caleb need’s his cool loft bed that could bring in a lot of money if we sold it”. (he’s 4. I don’t think he care what kind of bed he has)
    “I’ve had the cedar chest since I was 16” (even though I’ve never liked it and only kept it to make my mom happy).
    “I love playing the Wii” (well, I love the thought of playing the Wii. I think I played last month)

    I have been convicted that it’s just stuff. I actually miss climbing in bed to read a story with Caleb (I don’t fit in the loft one). I actually value the items in the chest more than the container (they would fit in something much smaller and take up less room). I actually would much rather play a board game as a family or have movie night than play the video game. Bottom lone, I would rather trust Jesus to fill my desires than cling to “stuff” that takes up space and has no lasting value.

    I pray god is speaking to each of you as well about your clutter. My revelations have been amazing. And I am sure God’s going to provide now that my hands have gone from clenched to open and offering.

  18. LOVED!!! LOVED!!!! LOVED!!!! the conference call! Thank you to Melissa and Stephanie for providing such indepth material for us to apply toward releasing worry and deepening our experience with scripture! Also a big thank you to the ladies with questions at the end…. about feeling overwhelmed and also seeing the flip side of the coin. Great insight!!

    Thank you Lord, for You continually show me, teach me and guide me… through a variety of ways… and in You, Lord, I trust in the hope that You promise! It is evident in what continues to transpire through this Bible study which is: tangible, visible, audible … things I can see/hear/grasp to believe to strengthen my faith and trust in You to handle those details which are unknown to me. May Your blessing continue to be upon this study… In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

  19. Thanks for leading this study. I joined a bit late– the day before yesterday and tried to jump right in on Chapter 8 (I did read a few earlier chapters but not in a systematic way) but now I think I’ll go to the earlier posts and start from the beginning.



  20. Kim Goldstein says:

    I have been working on de-cluttering my schedule and my home. If feels soooo good!!! Loved and so needed this chapter :) Thanks for all you do.

  21. Vivian Painter says:

    How sad when my husband comes home and says…”What did you do today?” And after my answer which was not really what he wanted to hear (doing things for my son- his step-son) he said. “How about doing something with the house?”. He meant it. It is a total clutter mess!!!!!!!! And I need help and guidance and thank God for this study. I am so hoping that it will kick me in my butt and help me to have motivation to get rid of the clutter. I look across the room and I see items that I left there 5 weeks ago and they don’t belong in here. Please pray that I can climb this mountain!!!!

    • Don’t be discouraged, and don’t even think of it as a mountain. Just take one small area tomorrow and work on it for a few minutes only. Finish. Celebrate. The next day do the same. FlyLady.com is a great resource for learning how to take “baby steps.”

  22. Lynda Parker says:

    I love love love this Bible Study, even though I am feeling a bit overwhelmed! This is such an eye opener! You really have to deal with a lot of personal things, reorganizing your life, and I have a big revelation of how much I stuff my feelings with so much clutter in several different areas! I am loving my time with the Lord at 5:00 am so much! I know He can heal me, one step at a time! I’ve never taken a class so powerful, that I was needing so much! But, I am ready to feel just a “little bit” healed! I’m still at the “revelation” stage in this class! Hahaha Thank you girls so much for putting into this study what you do and for allowing the Lord use you to heal us! WOW! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  23. I admit, I am a recovering hoarder! No, not worthy of TV hoarding, but hoarding to the point i was buying stuff because I couldn’t find the stuff I knew I owned. Not to mention the stuff related to kids. How can a good mom throw away the 5 million scribble pictures that 4 children inevitably create? Not to mention the Mother’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, because I love you gifts that come with parenting too. I had lost myself in my house.

    I can say now that I no longer hoard those things. I oohh and aaahhh when I get the picture or gift and then am able to decide if it is worthy of saving and if so I usually take a digital picture of it rather than keep the original. The gifts sit in a place of honor until I receive the next, and the new replaces the old and the old finds its way to file 13 when the kids are in bed.

    I still have clutter (finding a place to put a drink on my side/craft/magazine table is a difficult task!) but it doesn’t rule me anymore. This study is helping me to overcome those last areas that I have avoided like the hall/junk closet. Thanks for hosting it and for bringing us along with you on this journey!!

  24. Lauren Beach (group 10) says:

    I am still saying wow to Chapter 8 and then Wow Chapter 9…Clutter…hmmm where should I start…my guest bedroom/scrapbook room, my schedule, my office both home & work…..I have a lot of uncluttering to do :)

    So I decided I am going to start with my schedule and guest bedroom/scrapbook room…onw step at a time. God be with us all through our clutter and help us to un-clutter our worlds

  25. I have found the need to reorder my schedule. It’s a mess! My days aren’t nearly as productive as I need them to be. I don’t have a lot of clutter. Most of my things have a home, not to say they are in their home. I had a lot of clutter, but a hurricane took care of that. It also gave me the gift of being able to trash the trash or give away items. So for that, I am grateful.

    God is adding to my schedule these days. He has changed a lot of things lately, including how I currently do ministry. I am open to taking on new responsibilities. I am 33 and not married, so I have plenty of time for these new responsibilities. I don’t want to stuff my time with too much, but I do want to take advantage of it.

  26. Tracy H says:

    I love that this book explores the heart of the matter before tackling the “how-to’s”. It does all start with the spiritual heart issues as I am learning. I have been turning the TV and radio off more to find the quiet – I’d forgotten the peace it does bring along with more clear, calm thinking. I’ve cleaned out my closet and drawers and will take the clothes to donate tomorrow. I’ve begun to take the extra step to complete the action, which I need to do more often. My office is my biggest challenge as the paper is threatening to overtake everything. The worse it gets, the more I have ignored it. I love how God has a plan for my activity level, had not really thought about that before and how that does fit with God having a plan for my life. Thanks for the transparency – I love it! Blessings to everyone!

  27. Tera Elness says:

    Thanks so much for leading this study Melissa ! I “decluttered” one small area today, and it was like a ton o’ bricks off the shoulders. It freed me to complete thank you cards, write my Compassion sponsored child letter, and just plain “get stuff put where it belongs” (or better yet, toss it!) We got God on our side, We GOT THIS! :)

  28. I love the reference to getting rid of the excess and grouping items together. I find that helpful with my mental clutter, especially at work. It takes practice, but I try and “schedule” my important tasks by block of time needed to concentrate fully, instead of trying to multi-task and respond to every email pop-up, phone call, distraction in the hallway, etc. NOW at home, I can see the value in dedicating a full block of time in the same way. I want to really talking with my kids purposefully about their day, face-to-face, instead of trying to catch bits and bites while cooking dinner, reading mail, feeding the dog, returning emails, whatever, whatever, whatever. I am really going to try to “place and replace” more of my priorities each evening over all the other extraneous stuff that I could do to fill an evening mindlessly.

  29. I have far too much clutter. I could be a hoarder but I’m excited abput moving past the clutter and getting organized and learning to stay that way by adapting to my life instead of just giving up and getting used to my clutter! !

  30. Veronica says:

    The chapter, of course. was great! I’ve read those steps before, as Glynnis,said, many organizers use them in one form or another. I’ve used them myself, more than once. There’s the key – more than once! Consistency is what I need! I realized as I read this chapter, that the reason I have had to do this procedure more than once, is that I always started with the tangible, and never tackled the intangible (my schedule). So Projects and Tasks notebook, here I come! Thanks, Glynnis, for your book; thanks, Melissa, for your wisdom and hard work; thanks,Heather, Tracey and all you other women for all the time and effort spent helping us!

  31. Melissa,
    This Study has been good for me. Like one of the other ladies posted the clutter has been driving me crazy for years and I am finally doing somehing about it. I am also in the process of decluttering my mind and the challenge that I posted in my group and in the leaders group is a good way to declutter your mind. I have been doing that challenge for a week now and I can tell you it has made a difference in my attitude at home, at work, in public and even with my precious 3yr old who is so very innocent. Thank you for being such inspiration not only to me but to all the ladies involved in this Bible Study.

    God Bless,


  32. Mary Ann says:

    I can relate to most of you and chapter 9 spoke volumes to my heart and soul. Not only do I have physical clutter on top of physical clutter, but I have a lot of mental clutter as well. I am working on my tasks and projects list as well digging deeper into my soul as to why I have so much clutter. It’s a very eye opening experience and it is based on truth and honesty and I didn’t like what I saw. Yes, we have seven people living in our home-my daughter moved in when she was pregnant two years ago and she has stayed through her second pregnancy. We have a three bedroom house with my daughter and her two boys-ages 2 yrs and 8 months sleeping in her bedroom and my son sleeps in the third bedroom. Courtney and the boys have the room that used to be my craft room. That’s not the sad part. Growing up, we didn’t have much money or a lot of material possessions but we were big on love and attention. I was the third oldest in a family with six kids. So I started accumulating things as an adult or my husband would buy me things because he thought that was important to me. I thought so too but I am learning that “things” don’t make me happy. It’s funny to admit but it makes me unhappy. Not only do I have all of my “things” but we baby and toddler toys from one end of the house to the other. I have a storage unit full of STUFF that can’t fit into the house right now. Time to let go and let live. Believe it or not but all of this clutter is making me physically ill. I have started a business from home and I can’t seem to find my desk in my home office. Piles of papers, magazines, books etc. So yes, this book and this group speaks volumes to me. I am beginning to feel a sense of peace wash over me as I soak in each chapter and read your posts. Melissa, I want to thank you from the bottom of heart for offering this study, since I so needed this. I am working each day on an area and making myself stay on task and focus on that specific task. I find myself getting halfway through the task and then thinking about something else that needs to be done and head towards the other task. I have to remind myself of something that Glynnis said in Chapter 7. “Finishing what we start is more than a good organizational or home management skill. It’s also a spiritual discipline.” I no longer want to settle and live with mediocrity. That is not where God wants me tobe.

  33. I had a dream last night that got me motivated today. I was in my bedroom opening closets and drawers, and everything I looked at was purged, organized and neat. I was so pleasantly surprised at every turn :) I usually leave out this part of the organization until last, as no one will really see it, but I know it’s important for me to get it done. I’ll see it, and every day. It’s really helped me to think about “tasks” and “projects”. I guess I’ve never thought of a project as something that may only have 2 or 3 steps: therefore I’ve put it on my task list, and then have been frustrating because I can never get all of my tasks done. This is freeing to me, to have something on a project list, and know that it will get done in it’s time. I decluttered my bathroom (not main bathroom) and most of my closet. Have 2 bags of clothes to go out, and one drawer of the “one size down” clothes that are not in my closet making me feel bad every time I put them on and realize that the 5 or so pounds put on are really making a difference. I know that I will get back into them. Once house clutter is gone, I think body clutter will be too. I love much that I’ve read, but really have been working too hard (and have been out of town much) to spend too much time online.

  34. Kandace says:

    I know the chapters for this week are REALLY good and I REALLY need them… because Satan is working overtime on me! I am struggling to focus, stick to my schedule, feel like I am not getting anything done. My priorities are all out of whack this week! So today, I am focusing on spending time with God and go back through chapters 8 and 9 and do some planning on how to implement some of these ideas. This is definitely a book I will be reading again!

  35. When I was when I was at my busiest, sometimes we would eat out 2-3 times a week…not because of a disorganized kitchen, but because my time was cluttered with doing too much stuff!! Now we only eat out 2-3 times a month. I didn’t realize how expensive clutter is. My favorite from chapter 9 is from page 98, “…we must simplify. We must get rid of the extra stuff weighing us down. And we need help to break it down into manageable steps.”

    I am realizing my problem is STUFF!! I’ve stuffed my life doing doing too much stuff, I’ve stuffed my home with too much stuff, and I’ve stuffed my body with too much stuff. From now on before eating anything, buying anything or doing anything, I am going to ask myself if it’s beneficial or constructive!!

    1 Corinthians 10:23 , “Everything is permissible”—but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”—but not everything is constructive.

  36. Thanks again Melissa for this wonderful study. Thanks for the opportunity to grow and help others. Thanks heather and Stephanie for all of your insight as well.

    In ch. 9 pg. 101 spoke to me the most! Especially the last two sentences hit right on the head! As a mom of 3 small kiddos I constantly have the struggle that if I clean 24 hours later we are right back on track for disorganization. I feel like I am constantly on them to clean something up. Uhhhh! But Glynnis’words help understand that it is a constant battle and I am not the only one that feels this way!

  37. Pam Mencimer says:

    The statement that has impacted me the most in this study, not just the chapter, is that my first attempt is not my final draft. I don’t HAVE to strive for or reach perfection; I just have to start. Then be disciplined daily. This applies to my cluttered home as well as my daily walk with God. My mind and my home are cluttered and they have taken my focus away from my walk with Him. I sit down to read but can’t focus….

    This past week I had the pleasure of staying at my Mom’s. Her house is perfectly clean and organized and I kept it that way. I also had time every morning to be with God in scripture and keep up with my IU2BSO reading. Logically I have followed the logic and application of what Glynnis and the OBS leaders are teaching but I couldn’t start – I couldn’t start. My environment at home is too over stimulating! So the week at my Mom’s has given me incredible hope and I will put on the armor of God and get my home back in order starting with my study spot! I don’t want to fall back into old habits again. It has cost me too much!