Jun 28

Are You Brave Enough to Share your Clutter Story?

Thursday~ I have a few questions for you on my blog today about Chapter 9. Join in. There might even be a prize today. Just sayin.’


If you’ve read Chapters 8 & 9, then you know that this getting organized stuff is going to take some time. Time ladies. This won’t happen overnight. This week, I have taken notes and made some decisions about what I’m going to conquer and how. I’m not quite ready to begin. I leave for the beach tomorrow, so putting any expectations on myself this week would have been silly. Instead, I’ve been intentional on making an action plan which I intend to begin implementing this summer. I don’t plan to finish first, but I do plan to finish.

Chapter 9, Remove the Clutter, could have been written for me. That whole scenario at the beginning of the chapter with Glynnis forgetting her appointment with the speech therapist and about her son’s school party, well that could be me. I’m so bad about reading when something is due, then sticking the paper in a bin to look at later, only for later to come and go. Or I’ll write my appointments on my calendar, but not look at my calendar. Then the dreaded phone call comes, “Mrs. Taylor, are you coming?”

This year seemed to be the year of forgetting Hayley Grace (my 10 year old daughter).  I know, I know, that’s awful isn’t it?  I’m embarrassed to even tell you how many times this school year I forgot to pick up Hayley Grace from school. It was usually due to a lack of communication with my family, I thought her brother or father was picking her up. Or I got so involved at work, the time just crept up on me. That’s a horrible feeling when the school secretary calls (again) and says, “Mrs. Taylor, who is picking up Hayley Grace today?”  And I just picture her sitting in the office feeling abandoned and alone. (Although usually she’s having fun helping one of the teachers out and asks if she can stay longer!) Still, there’s no excuse. Whether it’s physical clutter or mind clutter, both have a cost. And not only we the guilty suffer, but also those around us.

Another example:  I’m usually a little late wherever I go. It’s not because I’m lazy or I over sleep. It’s not because I forgot where I am supposed to go. It’s usually because I can’t find my keys, cell phone, or an item I’m supposed to bring with me. I spend minutes and minutes searching, when if I’d just had it in it’s proper place, I would have left on time. I’m sure you cannot relate.

Yep, it’s time for a change.

Do you have a clutter story that you are brave enough to share?  One that will make the rest of us feel better about ourselves?  Would you be brave enough to tell us about it?  Maybe you’ve paid a price due to your clutter?  Has clutter in your life numbed you? Have you struggled with others due to the clutter in your life? Do you have anxiety due to mind clutter?

Share you clutter story with us today and you will be entered to win a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart. Maybe you can purchase some containers to help with the decluttering in your life.

Blessings Fellow Cluttered Friends! I can’t wait to read your stories :)



  1. This is very embarrassing, but I know it has happened to others. I stuffed a bunch of mail into a desk drawer, company was coming so things had to look good. Flash forward-I am a teacher so I have a couple of months off. I have been cleaning out closets, cabients, and my desk. When I pull out the drawer where I stuffed all that mail, a mouse had used it to make a nest! All the mail and papers stored in that drawer were ruined! My mother had given me the newspaper clippings she cut out of JF Kennedy’s death. The mouse really enjoyed them! Since then I have cleaned out the whole desk and tried to get it organized . Everyday I am finding one thing to clean. I have been purging lots of junk!

  2. Stephanie W says:

    Let me 1st say that my hubby has assured me that my clutter isn’t as bad as I think because I have paths throughout every room unlike on that tv show hoarders. I have made several attempts to clean rooms a little at a time. It’s like I start with such good intentions and then fail to finish…anywho!

    My dining room table for 4 has unopened mail, kids school drawings, and whatever comes out of my hubby’s work bag that he no longer wants/needs. I grew up sitting around the table for meals, so it’s important to me. My hubby on the other hand refuses, therefore his place is also filled with clutter. There is just enough room for my two boys (8 & 4) and u to enjoy meal time together.

    This morning, before reading chapter 9, I said to myself “I should tackle this space.” Then several things happened, including the retrieval of a library book I was dreading having to pay for because it was due yesterdays and we’ve been searching for 2 weeks (it’s a 3 week checkout). My oldest found it behind the couch…how it got there I’ll never know, but I gave him the biggest hug and kiss and made up a song just for him!! Ok, back to the table. It was naptime, but of course the boys had to have a snack. And of course, my youngest had to get his cup of kool-aid before he began with the warning that if he drinks it up he would get nothing else.

    Moments later, I heard a sound that I knew meant trouble. Fathers day cards and the rest of the clutter nearest my son’s side of the table now contained Ice Blue Raspberry kool-aid! Thanks son for confirming that I should have gone ahead and tackled the table this morning!! He got more kool-aid…and I read chapter 9. Confirmation!!

    • Stephanie W says:

      Oh and the boys got a clean room out of the book search. It took three days but it looks good! I thought about asking them to trade, but changed my mind!

  3. There are so many serious stories relating to my clutter that I could share, but I will share one to help “lighten” the load for others and bring a smile to your face:
    When my husband and I married 12 years ago, we moved into a big old house with a huge attic. Even though our first child wasn’t born until 12 months later, I bought toilet paper almost every time I went to the grocery store. Since I was VERY expectant, my husband would kindly put it away in the attic next to the toilet. (The buying part — that story is for another Bible Study about childhood:) Finally, after my son was born and I was cleaning out the attic I found the TP stash: all 483 rolls of it! I think we had another child and the third on the way before it was all used. But finally, that clutter was gone.

  4. Stephanie W says:

    I have pics from when my oldest was a baby that have my paper towel stash underneath the furniture of his room. I’ve since graduated to both paper towels and toilet tissue stashes. These two items I feel like you should never run out of/can never have too much of! Plus they make very practical house warming gifts, for those “must-attend” events that I almost forgot about!!

  5. I have strugged with always having too many books stacked on my desk or nightstand. I know I can only read one at a time but I just love books. Then I begin to get overhwelmed bc my desk becomes unorganized and cluttery.

  6. Janet D says:

    We have a kitchen counter that is our clutter-bug..at this moment there are 2 bottles of body spray, a broken blender jar, coupons to be sorted, magazines I haven’t gotten to yet, 4 candles that are lit occasionally, grocery store circulars,a bag of cat food, phone chargers, and my never ending pile of bills that need to get paid..it goes on & on & on…every few weeks I get the courage to clean it off & within the week it has regrown the clutter…never ending!

  7. Melissa says:

    I have always been a pack rat. Every year I say I’m gonna organize everything, start working on it, get distracted, give up. Or I get something all organized and my husband or kids won’t put stuff back where they got it so we end up with the same ole mess. I have had times where I needed to find some extremely important paper RIGHT NOW, because we have to go, frantically search the house, leave without it, and find it out of the blue later when frantically searching for the next thing! I WANT, NEED, HAVE GOT TO, get a grip on my stuff!

  8. Clutter here, clutter there, clutter, clutter everywhere! Yep, that’s me! But mostly my clutter catcher is my desk. I’m horrible about piling things up and then just moving those piles around. Unfortunately, that has cost me late fees on bills, etc. Oh and my poor kiddos have had to eat cheese sandwiches at school for lunch on several occasions because dear mom forgot to write them a check for lunch and they will only extend “credit” for two days! UGH!!!

  9. Dawn from Michigan says:

    I am pleased to report I tackled one of our big clutter items today: clothing. There are now 9 bags in my car which I will take to goodwill tomorrow. Yeah!

  10. Wendy H. says:

    My biggest clutter problem is with clothes! Clothes are literally everywhere. I’m going to be so embarrasses after confessing this, but a few months back we had our pastor, his wife, and 2 kids over. This was the first time having them over and I had been feverishly cleaning all day. Well with 4 kids, laundry is never done so what I couldn’t fit in a basket and hide in the laundry room I hid in the bathtub in our main bathroom and I closed the shower curtain. Flash forward to now…the clothes are STILL there BC I’m constantly swamped with laundry. Since starting this study, I’ve made it a point to add some from the tub to each load of laundry but…I can’t believe I admitted this! But isn’t admitting the issue the first step in recovery, LOL.

  11. Well, these above stories are great. I have always sought to keep ahead of my clutter but I must say that now at my age (59), my normal amount of losing keys, etc. has grown exponentially out of whack. SO — THANKS for HELP!! I didn’t technically join the blog study but have read the book recently and check in on here often.

  12. Everyone’s stories help me to know that I am not alone.

    My dining table is covered with books, mail, Bible study stuff, and miscellaneous stuff that has been dropped off on the landing pad of our life. I uncovered it last week only to be recovered this week.

    I misplaced my keys Monday and still have not found them. They are in the house because I unlocked to door to come home after running errands. I have borrowed keys from our extra copy stash. So the top of my to do list tomorrow is…find my keys. I usually put them in my purse, but they are not there. So sad.

    I will be glad when everything has a home or gets the boot. It is hard for me to decide what gets the boot. Our income is extremely tight and I know that whatever I get rid of, I will not be able to replace in the future if I ever want/need the item again. It’s crazy how the enemy tries to cripple the process of getting rid of clutter with fear. This is one barrier that I will have to pray through as I conquer the clutter.

    Thankful for this journey right now.
    I need it.


    • Thanks so much for sharing all of your stories. Now I KNOW that I am not the only one out there with these struggles! My clutter SEEMS like it all began when we moved from a 5 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom house, and my mother suddenly moved in with us. Yes those are valid reasons, but through this study God has revealed so much more to me.

      Tasha, I truly understand your fear of getting rid of stuff and not being able to replace it. I struggle with getting rid of stuff also…convincing myself that I was not being a good steward of what God has provided, I might need it someday and would have to repurchase it of worse yet do without it! I’m not sure if it is “poverty mentality”, greed, or lack of faith in God…none of which are admirable!

      I always wanted to have a resale shop…thus solving the clutter problem, making a little extra money, and helping our small community with great items and prices. We even have a place for it in one of our sheds on our farm, but my husband wouldn’t hear of it. Yes, I threw a FIT not understanding why this GREAT idea was unacceptable but gave up and gave in to the idea of a shop. In hindsight a resale shop would have only increased my appetite for bargains,( a good deal as my family would say,) increasing my clutter, and continue to clutter my mind, and mask that fact that I was finding a temporary fix in all my STUFF; unable to quiet myself and rest in HIM. My stuff is suffocating me… books not read, clothes not worn,( I have not worked outside of the home for over 19 years, when I gave birth to twins, and I still want to buy clothes as though I work in corporate America), gadgets never used, cosmetics never tried…TOO MUCH STUFF …makes it difficult to make a decision on what to wear, what to read (reading several books at one time and seldom finishing one), which lotion/potion to use today, and the choices go on and on. I thought my only clutter was stuff, but have quickly realized that all this stuff has caused serious mind clutter.

      I realized this was a problem before this study and started a FREE yard sale at our church the last Saturday of every month. We have been doing this for about a year now and people in our small community really appreciate it. This helps me rid myself of stuff, bless others, and trust that God will provide my NEEDS. Purging this stuff is slowly freeing up my mind to be available for God to use me, I still struggle to letting go of some of my stuff though.

      I am reminded that we are to be complete in HIM and not in the STUFF of this world. I hesitated writing this and even if nobody reads it I feel like I have confessed some of my sins, and will be more accountable to myself and God. This is a process. I didn’t get here overnight and will continue with this process and not grow weary! Thank you all for your transparency.

      Thank you Lord for these ladies, this bible study, and continuing to show me your love and faithfulness. Help me to be content in YOU!!

      • Alesia,

        Thank you for sharing.
        It will help me to get rid of things if I think in terms of blessing others.
        I will definitely pray through this process and trust the Lord to guide the decision making. Thanks for sharing about trusting the Lord to take care of me regardless of what I might get rid of.

        I really appreciate your input. It was meant for me.


    • Found my keys today……..under a pile on the table ; )

      Motivation to keep going.

  13. Rosanne Huber says:

    I have many times been late mostly due to my mind being in overdrive and trying to get this last thing done. Then there are times when I can’t remember where I put my keys and I wind up even later. It never ends. I try to put my keys in the same place every time I come in the house but for some reason I get sidetracked and they have gone missing. This book will help me learn to prioritize and hopefully will help me to stay on track.

  14. Yes .. it is embarrassing. I have to change offices at work. We’ll callmitba promotion. Another manager who teases me aboutbmy ” mess” , says nope. Imwont help you move…. Too much clutter… It will bevbett cause I am giving up one of 2 jobs. This study is at a good time. Thanks!

  15. Lynda in South Carolina says:

    Since my husband has been disabled & home all the time, he tries to find little things to occupy himself when he feels up to it.. well, with recycling old electronics to collecting whatever he may find interesting out of other peoples trash, my garage is a total disaster area. It got so bad at one point that I had to squeeze myself between junk to do my laundry & uses the washer & dryer. Our son even at his young age says “I’m not allowed to go into the garage b/c it is too dangerous w/ all of daddy’s mess.” Recently, he retrieved a bunch of barbie & ken dolls from someones garage sale left overs. ( He thinks he could sell to some crafters to make outfits or something :0.. LOL! ) This lot of about 3 dozen naked dolls is in a plastic bag outside my garage door. While watching a neighbor friend’s children the other day, the 10yr old girl asked what we were doing w/ so many dolls (we only have a 4 1/2 yr old boy). I said.. “Well, Mr Steve likes to find uses for everything & keeps everything, so he thinks he could sell them”.. She asked if she could have a ken doll or 2 b/c she is needing some for her collection.. Thank the Lord for the innocence & honesty of children.. It reminds me to lighten up & not get so upset about these things but pray the Lord will guide me to getting it under control in His time. I realized early in our marriage- I am the one who must keep things in order b/c my husband will save a rusty nail for some future use! Getting rid of the excess..baby steps :)

  16. Debbie w says:

    I used some time yesterday morning to unsubscribe to many emails from companies. I have over 18000 emails in my inbox from over the years, and it felt so good each time I clicked unsubscribe! Now to go back and delete old ones.

  17. cdpysar says:

    On the outside, I look like I’m organized. I try to have a place for everything, and people seem to think I “have it all together” as far as home organization when they come over. But they haven’t looked in my drawers and closets. I have a tendency to have lots of “contained clutter”. Because of this contained clutter, when I’ve tried to put something away in a “better spot” I have actually hidden it from myself!
    The worse location of this contained clutter is in my mind. I have so much going on or that I want to get done that I literally walk in circles (yes my husband has event caught me doing this and thought about having me committed) trying to remember what I started and what I needed to get finished. If I don’t have a list, you can forget about getting anything important done.
    Probably the worse is when I’m trying to get out the door, but I have that one last thing I need to get done (like read my emails and post this comment), then before I know it, I am running late, forgetting my keys and yelling at the kids to hurry up.
    This is all so embarrassing to admit now that I am sharing it, but I am thankful that God has allowed this Bible Study to come into my life now. Now, I should go so I am not late leaving the house in a few minutes :)

  18. My cluttered calendar has created so much stress, thinking I can do EVERYTHING, that I have a physical problem w/anxiety now! And WOW…anxiety is not funny. There are so many people in my life (good thing) :-), so many ministries (good thing):-), so many fun things that I am asked to participate in (good thing) :-) that I had a major melt down (bad thing):-( & it was very public (bad thing):-( That was just before Christmas (good thing & bad thing) That was the day I knew I could no longer live in denial about my schedule. I committed then to work on it with God’s leading & having been at it since Jan. It has not been easy, have had 1 anxiety attack when hubby nearly called 911 & just yesterday as I wrote about that meltdown day in my journal I started elevating that stress thing again & wound up shaking & crying & calling in the troops for prayer. It is like a button that is stuck in the on position but I am convinced that God will be faithful to be my wilderness guide & get me out of this mess I created AND that is a VERY good thing :-)

  19. As are most, my children are gifted procrastinators. With seconds left to load the car and head to church (arriving in time is doubtful at this point), its is announced that the kids are supposed to bring in their missions offering containers with them – filled – this morning. Mind you, I instructed them Friday and Saturday to have them ready. Back in to the house I go to gather them. Because kids are kids, of course the items were no where to be found. Couple that fact with a home full of clutter and the adventure begins.

    I search through the play room which looks more like a laundromat vomited and was then hit by a tornado, and as I fling clothes everywhere, I find kitchen utensils, missing shoes, half eaten food (that is another story about my 4 year old!) and various other misplaced items. As I move on to other rooms, frantically searching, the thought hits me that my kids are outside ALONE. Mind you, they are with their older brother who is responsible enough to protect them. Unfortunately, in the chaos, he has become indifferent to his three younger siblings thus deciding they could just get in to trouble. The boys are fighting and the girls are on the porch, in their dresses, playing (wallowing) in side walk chalk! Use your best imagination to picture the lovely shades of pink, purple, green and yellow chalk smeared all over their clothes, faces, hands and arms.

    Yes, there was screaming and crying, and the kids were upset, too. Had the house been clutter free free and organized, had I been organized and prepared for the day, this could have been a less stressful morning. It makes for a really good laugh for those to whom it tell it, but I was DEFINITELY not laughing at the time.

  20. Lynda Parker says:

    Hi girls! The scarriest thing is I can’t remember if I posted on this one or not! I thought I did, but can’t find it! And, those kind of things happen to me ALL the time! I’m 62 and ended up with a 9 year old granddaughter most of the time and she is ADHD, and I’m loosing my mind! I absolutely LOVE this study! Wow, the Lord knew I needed this! I have become painfully aware that I “stuff” my feelings, by “stuff, food, books” and just need a cure (Jesus!) It’s almost like I am a closet stuffer! I go around with a smile on my face, but inside I’m screaming! I could relate to the post that said she litterally walks around in circles! So do I! My Mom was a perfectionist, so I learned how to hide it (or so I think) by making sure the living room is picked up (after the little cyclone leaves for school.) I say yes to everything, because I’m a people pleaser. The priority chapter was very eye opening and revealing. When I got into these last few chapters, I became so painfully AWARE of who I am, that I felt so overwhelmed. I really do need healing! Thank you Lord for Your Word, and these girls! And for bringing me this study when I didn’t even know this was exactly what I need at this time!

  21. My clutter simply is happening on my schedule and calendar. I am working on it. Here’s what my schedule used to look like…work job 1 25 hr/week, job two 24 hr/week, MOPS steering team, mission committee, the VBS preschool coordinator (which is 4 months a year of planning) nursery, 2-4 Bible studies a week (depending on the time of year), playdates, taking care of my husband’s grandparents, helping my parents financially, serving and loving on my husband, taking care of my two children, trying to lose weight ( a full time job), starting to write a blog (which has turned into a another job), actually attending church, and every once in a while, i would get to sleep.
    I’ve cut out the MOPS, the nursery, taking care of my grandparent’s in law (this was very stressful, and there were family memebers better suited), and many playdates. But, life is still insane. I actually cancelled a doctor appointment for my youngest the other day just so we could have some down time at the beach.
    This fall, I will cut my work load in half, so I’m hoping this will also help me slow down. I feel like life is passing me by so fast….

  22. When it was time for my oldest child to go for her Learner’s Permit at the DMV, we could not come up with her Social Security Card. I scoured the filing cabinet and every box in the basement. No, we had not recently moved, but there were a few boxes in the basement that had not been opened in a while. I did have the folder for such things nicely marked in the filing cabinet, but her card was not there. I decided to simply request another one from the Social Security Adminstration which meant postponing her visit to the DMV by several days. The lesson was to always return things to their homes so they will be there when you need them!

  23. I lose things. One minute I have the item in my hand, the next minute it’s gone. So, I have created VERY systematic habits in order to keep track of my stuff. That way if something disappears from site, I can easily see it.

  24. If it’s a flat surface, there are papers, magazines, mail, books, etc on it. The worst is missing a payment because the bill got lost in the mess on the desk. For a self-proclaimed tight wad, it really irritates to have to pay a late fee when it’s something that I could have avoided by being organized. Even more frustrating is that I like to be organized and know I can be. I let business get in the way.

  25. Deanne G. says:

    Clutter really bothers me, yet I continue to allow it. The Christmas decorations that I finally took down in late January are in boxes stacked in my dining area. The boxes never made it to their final destination in the garage or a closet. I even have some smaller Christmas accessories that still reside on the buffet in my dining room. They crowd the items that belong there and make the surface of the buffet almost unusable. They are also a constant reminder of my lack of follow-through. Thankfully, the artificial tree is boxed and in the garage. I mean there are certain limits. The most exasperating clutter for me is the piles of mail or old magazines
    that accumulate. I will finally scoop it up and put it in a box or bag, but it may be there for many months. I so want to live with uncluttered surfaces–the small island in the kitchen, the dining room table, the area around my favorite chair, the desk in my bedroom. Yesterday I did some clearing off and putting away in my guest bedroom. I truly rejoiced at the result. I was so inspired that I vacuumed in the corners and under the sofa when I vacuumed my living room. I still haven’t managed to read Chapter 9,but I know it has my name on it. Thank you Melissa for leading and Glynnis for writing the book.

  26. I am a bookaholic and have books all over the house. Some are organized neatly on shelves, others are stacked nicely, and still others are stuffed here and there in a purse…on a counter… behind a desk… under the bed… you get the picture. I can’t tell you how many double copies of books I have because I like a book and don’t see it where I think I might have put it if I had already bought it–so I buy it again when I am out. Later I find I now I have 2 copies of the same book. Thankfully, Amazon has a feature that warns me now that I have already bought a book once if I try to buy a second copy!

  27. I moved eight years ago. I moved so quickly (“Daddy, come and get me.”) that we moved in plastic garbage bags — not boxes. When I was asked where I wanted stuff put in the new place, I said, “I don’t care. Just get it in there and I’ll deal with it later.” Well, it’s later. I have a whole bedroom still floor to ceiling with plastic bags and I still sleep on the couch! Now, you say, if I haven’t needed “it” in all this time, why not throw out all the bags? Good question. My first set of diamond wedding rings that now belongs to my firstborn is in one of those bags !!! And, well, it’s later. Maybe next weekend. VBS is coming up fast.

  28. I have been working on uncovering my bedroom…it is the last room in the house that I ever get to, because no one else sees it…just hubby and I…but my boys’ room is a mess and I was after them a while ago to clean it up and they said “Why do we have to clean our room…yours is a mess too!” Now, aside from the cheekiness of that response…they have a point! (I did point out to them that they only have to work on one room and I have the whole house to tidy.) I figured that my example is teaching them far more (and not what I want them to learn) than the words I say. So, that plus the fact that I would like to have a bedroom that is a nice place to be instead of a storage unit made me decide to work on it and this study has helped me so much! So far I have uncovered 2 years worth of papers, bills, etc. that are paid, but not put away (that pile was about 2 feet high). I’m working on sorting through all my kids school stuff…they just finished grade 2 and grade 4 and I have all their school work from all their years of school in heaps all over my room…because, of course, I’m intending to save the cute stuff and put it in a scrapbook…am I crazy? Anyhow, I have just about made it through the stuff they brought home this year. So I still have stuff from 6 other years of school (combined) to get through. This is all so embarassing to admit…this is not to mention memorabilia from trips, candles, decorations, baby stuff from when my third son was born 3 years ago, birthday cards, anniversary cards, decorations my kids have made, sewing that needs repairs, a huge box of shredding (although I have made it through two huge bags of shredding now that I have been able to recycle), photos and wall hanging pictures that we have never hung up since we moved in 6 years ago, lawn chairs, life jackets, memorabilia from the winter Olympics, sleeping bags, a box of stuff I have been meaning to give away, work stuff, scrapbooking supplies, my husband’s stash of plywood and other odds and ends of his, elecronic equpment, etc. Okay…I have to stop now…I’m starting to feel overwhelmed again, and I’ve been doing really well at working at it in small chunks of time and telling myself to focus on the progress I’m making. Anyhow, it’s so nice to know I’m not the only one dealing with clutter. Now…to stop myself from stressing, I have to tell you that I have cleared off my night table, and cleaned out the inside too, and cleared off almost my whole dresser (which was covered in 3 piles of stuff a couple feet high each, and done all that shredding and put away the stuff my hubby had collected in laundry baskets to hide when people came over, so it is looking better and I will keep at it….

  29. Ok, so this one is last minute but it was so eye opening I had to share! I think the ultimate “mind clutter story” could be had right here!
    So I make to-do lists for EVERYTHING. But lately, I am feeling seriously over swamped mentally with a million things I want and need to start or finish. I was checking over my list last night for today’s tasks and made sure I highlighted my dental appt for this morning in bright pink. I then called my fiance who is ut of town, and told him I had an early am dental appt and we even discussed payments options, etc. Darn if I didnt get up this morning, have my coffee and bible time, got side tracked on the phone and OMG!!! Suddenly realized I had forgotten to go to my appt! After all the highlighting, discussing, and planning….how could I do that? I felt like an EPIC retard… Imagine that horrible moment when the dental office called to ask where I was… as I stammered with my apology and explanation that “I am so sorry…this is not my normal character, as I am a respectful, organized person! Really I am!” The receptionist was not holding back on making me feel like a complete heel either. And can you imagine if she only knew that I am even doing an online bible study called “I Used To Be So Organized?” Omg…. I need this study AND some heavy doses of Ginko! lol

  30. First I want to thank each & every one of you for bearing your souls. I can so relate to all of you. My clutter is mostly out of sight. Meaning shoved into my bedroom. You know, the room that should be a place of rest and tranquility. SIGH… I just can’t seem to break this cycle altho with this study I am learning so much about how my clutter is affecting me. My most embarrassing story of forgetfullness is that I “lost” my bank card one day. Thinking someone had stolen it I cancelled it and asked my bank for a replacement. Mind you….I had searched my whole house looking for it & I was frantic. When I got home from the bank, don’t you think I flu d the thing sitting on my microwave. Don’t ask! Hubby still doesn’t know about this. So see….unorganization cost me & the bank time & money.