Jun 29

Where to Start?

Friday~ Three things to do today.

First, read Chapter 10, Where to Start.

Next, if you didn’t comment on yesterday’s blog post, Are You Brave Enough to Share Your Clutter Story,  then you are not entered to win the $25 gift card to Wal-Mart. Drawing will be done TODAY (Friday) at 12 pm noon EST and announced tomorrow (Saturday).

Finally, head over to Glynnis’ blog. She has some weekend “home” work for us to work on.


 If after reading Chapters 8 & 9, you are thinking, “There is just no way I can do this. It’s too much, I don’t even know where to start?”  Well, then you are in luck! Glynnis wrote Chapter 10, Where to Start just for you!
Read Chapter 10 today then hop on over to visit author, Glynnis Whitwer on her blog today. She has a message just for you!
Looking Ahead~
I’m going on vacation with my family for a week beginning today! Carolina Coast, here I come!  I will be keeping up with our study, but I won’t be leading it. Instead you get the privilege of having one of my favorite people in all the world lead you next week. Stephanie Clayton is taking over.  Steph was our guest last week on our first conference call. Many of you know her already, she’s been involved with our Online Bible studies for over a year. You will really enjoy what she has to say and getting to know her.
Week 5 Assignments will be posted on my blog as usual on Sunday.
Enjoy your weekend and have a great week 6!


  1. Christa says:

    Chapter 10 is full of so many great ideas, I’m not sure where to start on my where to start! Ha ha! I think I am in the “just start something” camp. I don’t have any major deadlines to meet and nothing in particular is really driving me crazy. But I’ve been “just doing something” for the last week and I can already see noticeable differences throughout the house.

  2. Melissa…enjoy your time away! :) I love these chapters of the book…and I’m excited to put them into practice. As a result I’ve been using the website flylady.net to help me along (which I believe Glynnis references later in the book…) and I’m seeing big differences.

  3. Lots of great ideas in Chapter 10! :) Have a great vacation!

  4. Have a great week Melissa! Enjoy every minute!

  5. Enjoy your vacation, Melissa. My “items to gather” this weekend are all kid paper clutter and I’m dreading/looking forward to getting that under control.

  6. Christel says:

    I’ve really enjoyed chapter’s 8 & 9; however, when I got to chapter 10 I realized that while my home really isn’t horribly cluttered-it’s my brain that’s sooo cluttered! I bounce from one thing to the next and then somewhere else and I’m just all over the place. Glynnis said in chapter 10: “I realized my mind was trying to manage more stuff than it could hold, and a to-do list wasn’t the answer because it wasn’t keeping things in safe places.” Wow-that’s the problem I have! I love that Glynnis goes on about how to change my thinking (think like a project manager) and walks us through the process of projects vs tasks. So I now have a place to start and a process to follow! Good Stuff!

  7. Kristi S says:

    Since I’m transitioning and can’t say that I have a home to declutter, I must say that I can agree with Christel. That same sentence resonated with me as well. I used to be the queen of organization, lists etc. But, due to my personal situation, I’ve had to consolidate some items. This book is great because it is teaching me how to quiet my mind and focus. Likewise, I’m learning how to create an action plan for now (priorities, tasks and organizing those to-do lists to find to-do lists–so needed!) and for the future. This book has been extraordinary.

    Have a great week at the beach Melissa! My favorite place in the world-the Carolina coast–pretty much anywhere :) Wish I was there with you especially with these hot temps! Haha. Enjoy your family and relax! Love you!

    Looking forward to spending a week with Stephanie Clayton. Nothing like that Texan girl and her love for God and these studies!

  8. Hope you have a great vacation!

  9. Praying for safe travels on your vacation, and that it will be a joyful time and full of rest, Melissa!

    The one area I’m addressing this weekend is my kitchen pantry. I had labeled it, but took them off a few years ago, and now everything is a mess. Going back to the labels. 😉