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Jun 24

Week 4, I Used to Be So Organized

I love this Bible study group. Seriously I do. I was so amazed, blessed, and brought to tears by the generosity, joy, and excitement that was so evident here in the past few days. It all started with one person donating 5 conference calls because she herself had benefited so much in the past from the call. Then another donated 5. Then another donated 5. Then another!  So today I will announce 20 winners! I’ve never had such a big give away! It’s awesome.

Here are the winners who were randomly selected:

Katie Arnold  Katiearnold97
Shameika Meika_brown
Amy B. ambatschelett
Stephanie W sdfwebb
Tera Elness ktelness
Christy Acre Virtuesand
Angela angelamace2006
Kim S. jefforynkimberly
Joyce Waltjoy
Karen H. kare2718
Gina gina.marqua
Erin Cuomo erin.cuomo
Lynda in South Carolina
Heidi J momj
Jackie noeway7
Kendra creativbld
Lauren Beach (group 10) lbeach
Elaina Willard ewillard33
Candace candace.ledbetter
Kristen Barkdull kristen_lee_68

Winners email me at with I Am A Winner in the subject line. We will get you the conference call info pronto!

I wish everyone could win. And if you didn’t win, you can still sign up here.  The cost is $14 and will not be this low again. The calls are worth it. If you don’t agree when the study is over, just call the Proverbs 31 office and we will refund your money. In fact we will double your money back. We’ve never had anyone do this. The calls are really good.

Now on to Week 4~

Get ready and prepare for a focused week. We are going to have to stay on task and remain determined this week. It’s our 2nd of 3 weeks when we will be reading 3 chapters and what great chapters they are.

The section we will be reading this week is appropriately titled, Jump-Start for the Seriously Overwhelmed.  Wow, does that ever call my name!  First let’s begin with this week’s memory verse:

Show me Your ways, O Lord, teach me Your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. ~Psalm 25:4-5 NIV 1984

or in other words~

Lord, help us to simplify our schedules and declutter our lives by allowing You to show us what we need to do next. Amen!


Begin practicing now. Write it down and post it in various places. Break it down in small bits and think about what each part means.


Week 4 Assignments:

Monday~ Read Chapter 8, Simplify Your Schedule First. Check in at our gathering place (my blog) to share you thoughts.

Monday~ Our first conference call! 8 pm EST. It will be recorded, so if you miss it, no worries, you can listen later.  The call in information will be emailed to all who signed up.

Tuesday~Check in to our gathering place, Melissa’s blog, for today’s assignments. There will be a few discussion questions posted for Chapter 8.

Wednesday~ Read Chapter 9, Remove the Clutter. Check in at our gathering place (you know the spot by now I hope!) to share your thoughts.

Thursday~ I have a few questions for you on my blog today about Chapter 9. Join in. There might even be a prize today. Just sayin.’

Friday~ Two things to do today. First, read Chapter 10, Where to Start.  Then head over to Glynnis’ blog. She has some weekend “home” work for us to work on.

Lot’s in store for Week 4!  Here we go!


Jun 22

Surprise Saturday!

One of our Online Bible Study Ladies is SO EXCITED about our conference call series coming up, that she called the Proverbs 31 Office and said,

“These conference calls are SO GOOD, HELPFUL, AND INSPIRING that we need to make sure that as many ladies as possible sign up. I don’t want anyone to miss these! I’ve been in the OBS conference call series for 3 studies (this is my 4th) and they are my favorite part of the study! I want to donate 5 conference call gifts!”  

And that’s exactly what she did. She paid for 5 conference call series so that 5 of you could participate. How sweet and amazing is that? Plus I think it says a lot about the quality of these calls.

Now I don’t usually blog on Saturday, but this lady was so excited that she got me all excited too.  After talking with her and hearing her heart, we decided together that we would give these calls away as a “Surprise Saturday” give away. (and yes I’m aware I posted this on Friday afternoon…I couldn’t wait!)

Many will enter. 5 will win.  Here’s what you must do:

1. Write one of the memory verses we’ve had in the first 3 weeks.

2.  Name our main Online Bible Studies Leader.

3.  Name all of the guests in this conference call series. Hint: Check here.

That’s it!  Easy huh?

You only have until Saturday at 10:00 pm to do this. Winner will be announced bright and early Sunday morning!

Thank you so much to my friend who so generously gave so this could be possible. You rock and are changing the world for the Lord.

Big Super Blessings to all of you!

***Edit:  Our original generous donor inspired 3 more ladies to give 5 calls. So now 20 conference call series’ will be given away!!  Y’all I am amazed, excited, and speechless. It’s like loaves and fishes!!!  Make sure you comment by responding to the requirements posted above by 10:00 pm Saturday night!


“Home” Work with Glynnis, Week 3

Friday: It’s Friday with Glynnis Whitwer!  Yay!  Visit Glynnis today for your “home” work assignment. I can’t wait to see what she has for us this weekend!

***A look ahead~ Our first conference call takes place Monday, June 25th with author, Glynnis Whitwer!  It’s not too late to sign up! Click here for details.

Not sure about the conference calls?  Listen to a previous call here and decide for yourself.  Don’t delay! Our first call is Monday and we will be sending out call in information over the weekend, so follow through, decide to sign up, and don’t procrastinate. You know how those things only lead to unorganization!  Smiles!  Seriously, if you’d like to join us, go ahead and get signed up.

Have a wonderful weekend!