Jul 23

Week 7, I Used to Be So Organized

Hey Organized Ladies :)

I ask you for grace, grace, grace today.  Your assignments this week will come one at a time.  Here is your assignment for Monday and Tuesday.


Suggested Assignments for Monday and Tuesday:

Read Chapter 15, Keeping the Kitchen the Heart of the Home.

In this chapter, Glynnis gives us 6 steps and lots of great tips to keep our kitchen a welcoming and loving part of our homes.

What steps and tips would you like to implement?

Do you consider your kitchen the heart of your home?  Why or why not?

Answer in the comment section!  Love y’all!





  1. I do consider our kitchen the heart of our home. It’s the only room where we gather in which there is not an electronic device that pulls our attention away from each other. It’s where we eat, do homework, where my husband and I discuss our day. We don’t eat many meals together as a family due to my husband’s work schedule and my children’s picky eating habits. I seem to always be making different meals and serving so by the time they are done eating, I am just sitting down to eat. That I would like to change.
    The benefit of many military moves is that I have already cleaned out the excess and unused from my kitchen. I gave my husband a nice dark little basket in which he can put his keys, wallet, phones, etc. to keep my counters clutter free.
    People first, tasks later is what I have taken from this book so I will make more of an effort to use my kitchen for it’s desired purpose and make an effort to really sit down together for family meals more often.

    • Barbara, I love the summary of “people first, tasks later!” Great way to sum it up!

    • Love, love, love…”people first, tasks later”! 😀

      Please thank your husband for his service. My husband and I are vets, and our son is in the Army now. We know the sacrifices your family makes because of his service. May God bless you and your family through this study.

      • Amen…add me to the thank you list. My dad is retired Air Force, our son in law is 21years Navy & our pastor retired Army Colonel Chaplin…well aware of the sacrifice the whole family makes…appreciate you. Kudos for making family dinner time a priority.

  2. The first time I did this study (last year & by myself) , this was my favorite chapter ! I’m looking forward to reading it again & actually implementing the principles……I’ve got a formal dining room & a breakfast room and both of the tables ate cluttered! It makes me angry and frazzled so I just try not to look at them & avoid them if possible….hopefully, I can report back with great results!! I know I’ll feel better once they are clean.. I’m going to make sure I take notes during this chapter lol! Thank you Melissa for your wonderful guidance!! XoXo

  3. My kitchen used to be the heart of my family when i lived in a house.. Bust now im in an apartment and have an empty nest, except when kids come home on college breaks. I do not like my kitchen because its very small, only have about a 3 ft walk space with cabinets and appliances on each side. It has been very hard adjusting to its size especially on holidays when i have everybody over for dinner. After my daughter left for college last august, i reorgaized it to put things in a specific place. When she returned for the summer its has gotten unorganized again. i guess this is a good time to get it back in order since she will be leaving in 3 weeks. I need ideas for space too…looking forward to this chapter.

    • Lelia, when my daughter came home from college this summer (and LAST summer), the SAME thing happened here!!! She would organize her room and her stuff, and anything “extra”, I would find in the either my room, the spare bedroom or the living room!! As I’ve organized this summer, I am giving her some of the tips I’m learning from this study.

      I started to get upset at first (at her taking over all my clean spaces), but hubby and I realized to just let it go…and to be thankful that she’s home because this may be the last time we have one of our children living in our house with us. She graduates a year early next year–she attends a Christian college 10 hours from here and we really see her staying in that area after school.

      • thanks Pat for the reply…I havent said anything to her this time…just thankful that she is actually cleaning the kitchen without my asking her to. I can deal with it 3 months out of 12….

        • That’s exactly how we feel, too. Trying to give her ideas to stay organized through this study as well.

          • I love your hearts, ladies!!! I’ve got college kids home too and I look at the mess and think “One day I’ll give anything to see those shorts on the floor!” And that brings me right back to a place of perspective. Enjoy those precious days with your children and clean up later.

  4. Ida Mills says:

    what chapter are we on my computer has been down for repairs and now I am playing catch up. I see the chapter but what book is it

  5. Rachel B. says:

    Our kitchen is not the heart of our home, but it wants to be! The house I live in now is an old farm house built in 1911, so the rooms are all very formal in the way they’re laid out (kitchen, dining room, living room, parlor). There really isn’t anywhere to sit in the kitchen, and when I prepare for guests, I’m always segmented off from our company. We’re going to be moving into a house that is not much newer, but someone had the brilliant idea of tearing out the wall between the dining room and kitchen. It feels so much warmer and open there than our very proper Victorian space. I love the idea of our first gathering in the new place :) Of course, this all assumes I put into practice everything I’ve learned so I’m not a nervous wreck every time I invite someone over because the house is gross!! I am really trying to take to heart the emphasis Glynnis puts on “people first”! I keep trying to be “prepared” to invite people into my life more, but (big surprise!) life is very hectic! I’ve missed out on several very good potential friendships because I was going to do something with them when this item or that item finally got done. Needless to say, life went on around me and those people moved away or whatever. The balance is in there somewhere, a place where I can bless my home/family with some organization and schedule decluttering AND make time for the people God is sending me for encouraging and encouragement!

  6. Shannon says:

    We hang out a lot in our kitchen, and after reading this chapter, specifically the part about counter space, I realized we have two knife sets on our counters that we never use, because all the knives we use are in a drawer! So I removed the knife sets and it created a nice clean space that I can use for something else (not sure what yet!) It’s the little things and I think it made my husband happy. He is OCD when it comes to a clutter free home.

  7. Should be, but I despise cooking! I think it has to do with the fact that when I was growing up, each meal was made into such a big production. It still is when I’m at my parents. I’m working on that with my own kiddos.

  8. Angel Parnell says:

    Oh I long for the kitchen/dinning area to be the heart of my home. I desire to have my children and husband around the table talking and spending time together while I finish dinner and join them. Unfortunately this is a bigger issue than organization, but I hope by creating a more inviting environment will encourage this together time. I love flowers and want to incorporate fresh flowers in my space as well as decorating. Some of you may remember that I am moving soon and am saving all my information and tid bits for my new apartment. I am excited to buy small items to accent my new space and create my space. Any suggestions on decorating a small apartment with the biggest affect?

  9. Catherine Shepard says:

    I love my kitchen, but then I designed it for the available room I have. It’s just Tim and me so we often eat at the “counter”. But my counters are cluttered. It’s one thing I need to work on on my whole house. Simplify my stuff so I can simplify my life and focus more in God and family. It’s amazing how much longer it takes to dust/clean when you have stuff everywhere be it paperwork or knickknacks.
    I love this chapter. My pantry door got broke when the dog ran into it and has not been fixed yet so that has to definitely change.

  10. I have an open floor plan living area–the kitchen is a small space with a counter on the far end of the house from the front door with a living room and dining area in between them. The living area including the kitchen is the heart of our home. I made sure to design the kitchen in the triangle shape that Rachel Ray recommends, and purposely didn’t make it very large to keep people more in the common area than in the actual kitchen. A plus to having the open flor plan is that it is necessary to always keep clutter in that area to a minimum (my bedrooms are my issue). Anyone that is in the house can see in the cabinets when they are open, and I thank God for giving me a husband who hates clutter. My husband is from Costa Rica and grew up in an area where there wasn’t excessive “stuff”, so it drives him crazy to have things that we don’t use. He knows that there are other people who would be more than happy to have/use the things that we are just storing.

    This study is showing me that there are more important things than a perfect house. The time with my family is most important, and if I’m searching for things instead of getting to enjoy them- like I do sometimes- then it is time to change.

  11. Yes I do. I tell people who visit me, If you leave here hungry, that’s your fault. If people come here because they know I am a child of God. and if they need a place to sleep, a shower, or a meal, they know to come here but it comes with godly advice and they can take it or not. We pray together as well. I must be doing something right because they don’t run or sneak out in the middle of the night. I love to bake as well so my friends will come over for some tea or coffee and something homemade. I may not be able to do much in hospitality or ministry with 7 kids but I can and will do what God puts infront of me or on my door.

  12. Kim Goldstein says:

    I think it is definitely the heart of our home. It’s the first thing people see when they come in. I spend alot of time in there and my quiet time at the kitchen table :)

  13. While the kitchen isn’t our hang out spot, it is what brings us together. We congregate there in the mornings as we prepare our breakfast and again in the evening as we pile our plates with the home cooked food.

    It also has an impact on my day. When I wake up to a dirty kitchen my day just seems to start bad. However, you can almost hear the birds singing on the mornings that I wake up to a clean kitchen! When it is clean I feel like I can conquer any other room in the house!

  14. Beth@sportsmomma says:

    Our kitchen really isn’t our hang out place. With two teenage boys we are in and out all of the time. But I actually had made it my goal last week to work on keeping the kitchen counters and kitchen table clutter free. All too often all of those get covered with “stuff” that really should be taken care of quickly and efficiently. I’ve actually done really well so far. But boy do I see after reading this chapter that I’ve got some work ahead of me. It all makes perfect sense, especially having the pantry organized. I’m ashamed to tell you how many times I’ve come home from the grocery store with items I find I already had.

    LOVE the idea of a basket by the front door for wallets and sunglasses. We already have a place to hang keys and I’m getting better about actually using it!

    Can’t wait to see what I can accomplish!

  15. Michelle s. says:

    If I had my own home my kitchen would be the heart of
    my home. That’s where a lot of memories are made is in the kitchen.

  16. Donna B says:

    I love my kitchen!! And I really really love to cook and entertain friends over a meal. Just wished I was home more often! I also love my kitchen because a group of amazing friends painted it for me the week after I bought my house. Bought my house on December 19th, had to travel to Texas on the 21st for Christmas, gone for a week and I came back home to a red and yellow kitchen! And I had no idea they were painting it. My favorite colors! And then I had friends come over and decorate it and one made curtains for it! It holds some very special memories for me and yep, I am very very blessed to have the most incredible friends in my life who love like Jesus!!!

  17. The kitchen is definitely the heart of our home. I love j when the kids all come over and just hang out in there as we all end up preparing the meal or snack. Our house now has a vaulted ceiling and the wall that delegates the kitchen from the living room doesn’t reach the ceiling so even when some people stay in there we talk over and around the wall as well.

  18. Lisa Byrd says:

    It is not the heart of our home. Our kitchen is too small to fit a table for us to sit around, which makes me sad. The livingroom is the heart of our home, though it could be much more-so.

  19. I wish I did consider the kitchen the center of our home. I have lots of great memories of my own family kitchen and of those of my relatives – LOVE LOVE LOVE going to my grandmothers and having warm rolls from the bakery (kept warm by the oven’s pilot light) with real butter (do you see where the extra pounds I carry come from, LOL!) – my Aunt Shirley always having our table set for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – set with Hot Tea to go with our meals and always a sweet – Yes, lots of great gathering in the kitchens…. Unfortunately, times are so busy right now we eat on the go, even in the kitchen. I cook every night but more like a chore…wish I could create the type of kitchen I grew up in!!! Anxious to see what Glynnis has in store!

  20. The kitchen IS the heart of my home: it’s where we eat meals, it’s where my children did their homework, it’s my home office area and where I have my quiet time with the LORD.

    I think the kitchen is the heart of my home because family meals have always been very important. My son would bring over friends for dinner whose parents just had frozen microwave foods in the freezer for them; I remember one young man asking, “You guys always eat together like this?” I believe having at least one meal together is so important. When my daughter got super busy her junior and senior year of high school, I would get up early to get ready for work so we could at least eat breakfast together. Meals at the kitchen table open up a time of dialogue, sharing thoughts, concerns and prayers. It’s a great bonding time.

    My supervisor quit her stressful management job to marry a man from Mexico and now works in the restaurant business with him (it’s wonderful to see her so happy and stress-free!!). She explained to me how Mexican families are very tight-knit and how some in the restaurant business will actually adjust the children’s schedules so they can eat together as a family. She said the wife will have the children bathed and ready for bed, so when the father gets home from work (10 pm or so), they can spend some quality time together as a family. She said the younger children would be woken up, and they’d eat dinner together. I really, really liked this, and although I can see where this would be VERY difficult to do with younger children and during the school year, I have great admiration for those who do whatever it takes to make family time important.

  21. Debbie Williams says:

    My kitchen whereever it has been over the years – apartments when we were first married, our first small home and now has always been a place to minister, to laugh, to share. We always brought young seminary students home after church on Sundays for a big lunch. We love having birthdays, friends and family and always spend lots of time talking after meals at the table. I love having friends over for coffee or ice cream and sitting down at that table. I remember when my daughter came to me telling me she was saved and walking out to tell my son who was only about 9 and we came in and sit at the table to talk and he pulled that little cap off his head and said, “Let’s pray”. I remember him coming home as a teenager and when he needed to talk to me it was usually at that kitchen table. I remember my daughter as a teenager trying to cook while I was at work and getting caught up on the phone with friends and smoking up that kitchen. And all that homework was done mostly at the kitchen table. As the kids got older, and things got so hectic with sports and school and church, it was always a comfort to sit down and have breakfast together each day because that might be the only time we were together all day and I looked forward to those times when we were all home together for a meal at that table and I still do on birthdays and holidays or when the kids come to visit I can’t wait to sit that table and cook a special dessert. I have many fond memories in my kitchen and that’s one reason I like my kitchen clean although I do need to get rid of lots of those old tools I don’t use and I have picked up some new things to organize under the sink. I love my kitchen, I love real dishes for Thanksgiving and Christmas and most other times. I love washing dishes and spending time with the girls doing it after a big meal. Thousands of prayers have been lifted up in my kitchen. I hang my Christmas cards on my mini blinds by my kitchen table and every day for several months at each meal we pull a card, re-read it and lift that family in prayer. A Christmas tradition that my husband and I love and if friends or family are visiting we ask them to pull a card. Our kitchen has truly been the heart of our home.

  22. My favorite times are when my oldest son sits on my kitchen counter talking to me while I cook……of course, that requires clean counter tops :-) when he lived at home, that was my motivation to keep my countertops clear…..I wanted him to always have a place to sit lol. Now that he has his own place (and I have a new husband and stepdaughter) keeping the clutter clear is a constant challenge. I feel that clutter drains me so I don’t have appliances etc on my counters so I had already implemented that tip. I am loving the study and really look forward to the menu planning chapter. That is my weak spot.

  23. As I go through/organize the pantry goods I am going to make a list of items close to the expiration date & build my menu plan around them (p. 161). There is an app called Epicurious that allows you to enter a food item and then offers recipe suggestions using that item. I intend to start using it to be sure I don’t throw away food and $$$$!

  24. Ky'Anne (Pepper) says:

    I’m going to decorate the top of my fridge. I loved that idea and had never thought of that before. Mine is a mess! Bubbles, vitamins, ice cream maker; it’s a plethera of junk. So i’m going to find some plants and “pretty things” that will make my kitchen look better.

    My kitchen isn’t our catch all; but we do make a point to eat our meals together around the table. I like to keep the cabinets and table cleared so family dining is easy and stress free.

  25. Jeanie Kelley says:

    On the first question What steps or tips would I like to implement? I had Home Ec for four years of high school and the teacher ingrained in us to keep the cabinets cleaned. Especially if something was cooking (baking) to go ahead and clean up. This is one of the tips I have kept doing all the years Warren and I have been married–granted he hates this. He feels to put everything out and clean up afterwards. This drives me up the wall! The second question Do I consider my kitchen the heart of my home? Why or why not? Absolutely I do feel that the kitchen is the heart of the home. When we have guests over that is where everyone congregates to visit. As for the clutter, I try and keep the cabinets cleaned off. I have implemented a station for the phone and to keep myself organized more so and I have the refrigerator cleaned off. All that goes up there is my husbands lunchbox and Daniel’s lunch box when he is in school. I guess I need to find a place for both.

  26. Melissa,
    The kitchen has always been the heart of our home but I have been trying to change that basically to help my husband and I lose weight. We have bought bean bags for the kids and spend a lot of time in our living room instead of the kitchen – reading together or playing games. We still spend our time together in the kitchen but only at meals and snacks. We have moved our computer out of there as well. It is amazing the difference in just a few changes.

  27. Kandace says:

    Is my kitchen the heart of my home? Hmm… seems like it should be. But I would say, No. Part of the reason is that my kitchen/livingroom/diningroom is all one room. I usually say one ‘big’ room… but it really isn’t that big. It doesn’t feel like it at least when you have a kitchen table, sectional couch, TV, TV cabinet, desk, big leather chair (that doesn’t even belong to me), ottoman, book case… anyway, you get the idea. This is our main living area. We have two kids who don’t like to play in their room or outside so we spend A LOT of time in this room! The kitchen table is at the door, so that is the first place things get dropped, the second is the island counter. Seems like that area is rarely used for food….
    I am working on getting rid of the chair that doesn’t belong to us and bring in the real computer desk from another room. We had our’ office’ set up in a spare room, but now that the kids are using the computer, we would rather have it in the main living area. So once we move the computer desk in, my daughter can have her homework desk back :) Right now we are in mid-stream so it is a big mess… but I have faith it WILL get better!!
    I love the kitchen organizing ideas. Some of which I implemented several years ago with the help of an organizing friend. But it could use a once over, and I would like to do a few more things. Pull out shelves in a couple of lower deep cabinets… and I do have things I don’t use. I don’t like to cook, but I am trying to get over that. We have to stop eating out!! I love what Glynnis said on p.156 “When there is no room to work, I’m discouraged from starting anything. Instead of making an affordable and healthy dinner, I am tempted to pick up something fast….It just takes too much mental energy fro me to overcome clutter.” This is so true for me. It feels easier to drive to town to get something than to clear a space to cook! This is proving to not be the best option…. for our health, our waistlines (well, mine anyway) and our finances.

    I just want everything to have a place!!

  28. In our last house we still were raising our family, had home schooling through college aged, lots of grandmas visiting regularly. The house design was like a wagon wheel with the rooms all radiating off the HUB which was our small dining room. EVERYONE set their stuff down there. Eventually I solved the problem 2 ways…I set the table for dinner as I emptied the dishwasher after breakfast and I made a NO PARKING sign out of a mamilla folder. There were fines imposed for violaters and a collection jar in the kitchen…and I collected! Even from grandma, especially from grandma who was the worst offender. It worked…people often wondered why my dinner table was set all day but it actually was pretty and made for a smoother dinner prep.

  29. Carissa D. Huffman says:

    This is one of the biggest nightmares in my home. I have a BIG space with a teeny, tiny kitchen at one end. I have 3 little cabinets and 3 mini cabinets. NO pantry. NO storage space. I have one counter and one little square that is topped the same way. IF I could keep everything PERFECTLY CLEAN, there is still very little room to really cook. I have a gas stove, and I have had spillover on some burners–I don’t know how to clean that up, so my stove looks cruddy.

    Our table is overflowing with stuff that has no business there, but our whole home is that way. I have been keeping up with my dishes pretty well, although I have the tiniest dishwasher I have ever seen. If I do extensive cooking, I woll need two loads to get everything washed.

    My past attempts to use plastic bins have been an epic fail. The bins are too hard to open, and the stacks are too unweildy. I do use a bakers rack, a small storage cabinet with a door, and a butcher block kitchen cart. I know I probably just need to get the crap out of them to start off. How do I maximize this tiny space. I have a decent home with a great loaction and a big yard. The kitchen just was not well designed…

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

    Anybody have any ideas??

  30. My hubby and I have a kitchen about the size of my work office…which is pretty small. This is a bit of a blessing because it forces us to be very mindful of keeping things neat and organized. We’re pretty good about storing all unnecessary appliances in a rather deep, poorly designed cupboard. We do need to go in and discard a few things we no longer need, but all in all it’s one of the few places in our home that stays organized on a consistent basis.

    I would say our kitchen is still the heart of our home, we spend a great deal of time in there cooking and cleaning together, though our living room probably gets more use. Since our kitchen is small it can be a challenge to have two people in there working at one time. Even still, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love our little space :D!

  31. Kristi Seat says:

    As one who acquired the book nerd gene but not the chef-a-saurus gene, I can say that it is my duty at times to simply be comic relief in the kitchen throughout the years. And, I think that is what is most important-to have fun but this is hard to do with a disorganized kitchen. My mother was one of the greatest bakers and cooks that I know so I have very fond memories of growing up. Coming in from the cold and there would be hot chocolate. Waffles on Saturday morning. Pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse. And, cheesy faces!!! This was the oddest thing but my mother would place a piece of cheese on a slice of bread and make a haunted house complete with ghosts with marshmallows and then toast. Sounds gross but it’s so good!!!

    Needless to say, I can say that I felt my mother’s heart in that kitchen. We may not have eaten around the table but dinners were shared at TV trays as we watched Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune. We had fun. Talked. And learned all at one time! The tradition continues with my nephews and my sister in Austin, TX.

    To me, the vision of the kitchen should always center around love. Love for your family and love for the gifts that God has given you. If you aren’t a cook, I think many of these tips are a reminder that if you keep your kitchen clean and organized, you can spend more time with those you love. I have always cleaned as I cooked so that way I didn’t have to spend more time cleaning up the “dried-up” crud later. As a biology major, I am also a stickler for expiration dates and making sure that the kitchen is clean. I’m so glad that Glynnis said “it’s not good stewardship if you get sick.” Now, I have an excuse to be OCD when someone tries to butter the garlic bread with the knife which they used to cut the raw chicken into cubes 😉

    Again, it’s all about love and stewardship of our time and resources. That should be the purpose of any area within our home and within our lives. Love y’all’s comments!

  32. I do feel that our kitchen is the heart of our home. We designed our kitchen to be open with our family room and dining room. We even put in a large kitchen island 9 foot by 3 foot to accomodate family gatherings and bought a large country dining table with 2 inserts that would hold 10 people. Chapter 15 really hit home and made me realize how much I need this study so that I can get my kitchen area back to feeling like the heart of my home and not the drop off zone. So many things Glynnis said really struck a chord with me and I think I may need to reread this chapter a few times before I get a plan together. I really want whatever I do this time around to really stick!!! I am DETERMINED to find a solution that will work long term!

    • The only area in the kitchen, dining and family room that is not cluttered is our dining room table because we do sit down and eat there every night as a family. And when we have company everyone likes to hang out around the island. I just hate having to clean it off before we have company, that is why I need to find a solution to keeping it clutter free permanently!!!

  33. Nope, it’s not the heart of our home. I don’t cook that often. The heart of our home is our family room. But our kitchen has the most clutter in my opinion.

  34. The lichen is the heart of our home. Everyone that comes to our house comes into the kitchen. Plus, I love baking and cooking and my kids LOVE helping. We get very creative! I love to share food I have prepared as well. Family meals are a great line of communication as many have said. I’m definitely a kitchen girl!

    One thing I want to implement is a clean kitchen BEFORE bed!

  35. ^kitchen

  36. Deanne Garrison says:

    Well, we have finally moved our focus to the area that prompted me to sign up for this Bible study. My kitchen is open to my dining area, which is open to my living room. Clutter is an ongoing challenge whether pots and pans rinsed but waiting to be washed by hand or stacks of insignificant mail, waiting for the sort, file, trash or shred process. I finally got some seasonal decorations that have resided on my buffet for months boxed and put away. I will now start with stacks of junk mail and move to countertops. Life was simpler before identity theft emerged. Before, you could just throw junk mail away. Watch out kitchen-dining, here I come.

    • Deanne Garrison says:

      I neglected to address the kitchen as the heart of the home idea. I’m not sure that my kitchen has ever been the heart of my home. Growing up, the kitchen was the place where the vast majority of conversations with my mom took place. It was a place for work, relating, and picking up some knowledge of how things happened in a kitchen. My maternal grandmother taught me about baking and making things more than my mom because Mamaw could handle imperfection much better than my mom. I have many happy memories from her kitchen.

      Through this study I have recognized that the kitchen has been a place of work and of learning for me. During my years as a single mom, I would listen to teaching tapes on spiritual topics while working in my kitchen. Now I am retired and a widow, so not much other than meal prep for myself takes place in my kitchen. I have found that I take great pleasure in preparing an occasional dish for my busy daughter and her family. I also relish those special birthday or holiday meals that center in my kitchen/dining area. My living room is my primary relationship area, but I am going to seek ways to put more heart in my kitchen so my family and friends can receive that love and blessing when they do visit.

  37. Rebecca Portteus says:

    The kitchen is certainly the center of our home. It is also the center of my stress over organization. I really need to find better homes for things in my kitchen so others can put them back neatly. Things are piled inside of cabinets and so you have to dig things out to use them. This is a serious priority, although I sometimes get overwhelmed with where to start. The fortunate thing is that I have a rather large kitchen!

  38. Joan Vanterpool says:

    In the past, my kitchen was the heart of my home. That was when my two sons were at home. I was always cooking for them and their friends. My cooking was like a magnet to the neighborhood kids. It was like they could smell the food n always made a path to my house. We used to hold lots of parties as well at my house n as usual, the women would congregate in the kitchen. Nowadays, the kids are grown and out of the house n we don’t have parties anymore. I love my nice big kitchen, but it can never stay clean. My husband has a habit of throwing dirty dishes in the sink, and we have a dishwasher!!! My counters can’t stay clean as he doesn’t clean up after himself. I like the idea that I clean up as I am cooking. And I definitely need to empty out my huge pantry and organize it. I try to keep my counters as neat as possible. I like the idea of making little stations in my kitchen. I do have a coffee/tea area that I love. It’s a work in progress but one I am up for the challenge.

  39. I wish my kitchen was the heart of my home. I find that our “home office” is where my husband and I spend most of our time. I enjoyed the steps listed in the book. My first priority is also step 1 – reclaiming my kitchen. It is in disarray, many things need to go away. I also need to organize food and then work at maintaining order. I have never done anything to make my kitchen “pretty” and I think this would help as well.

  40. Stephanie W says:

    My kitchen is probably the cleanest, non-cluttered room in the house. If nothing else gets done, I’ve learned to shine my sink daily (flylady.net). I love to bake so company expects to smell something sweet coming from it at all times. My boys and I regularly share meals at the table. Praise and worship music or Bible teaching can usually be heard from my kitchen as well. While out for summer I’ve done some experimental cooking which has intrigued the hubby enough to come in my zone! I think it’s safe to say that my kitchen is definitely the heart of my home!

  41. Our kitchen is too small to eat in so not the heart of our home, our living room is. However it is the room that matters most to me when it gets messy as I love to cook and therefore like it to be a nice space. When it all goes wrong I go back to the flylady Shine your sink, it does work.

  42. Recently my son’s family moved in with us. They are struggling financially and emotionally! More messes, more laundry, more disarray, more of everything! We want to help them get back on their feet, but it is tiring! I loved this chapter , because I think it is so important, Sharing meals and our days. I have been running to the store daily to adjust my menus for a larger group. I used to plan my weekly menus, but stopped when we retired. I am so happy of the reminder to do it again. It will help us all save time and energy. I have also been running the dishwasher daily and have waited to unload the next am when my little toddler charge is awake. I have had to decide whether my quiet time or dishwasher comes first and have been frustrated putting off either one. I love the idea of a clean kitchen before bed. Although the kitchen is mostly clean, why not empty the dishwasher before bed! Yes! Shine your sink is another great one! Love this book and the study! Bless each and everyone of you, people first, thank you!

  43. Veronica says:

    I would say that, even though my kids are grown and on their own, the kitchen is still the heart of the home. I was rather smug, thinking that now it’s just my husband and me, with us both retired, my kitchen was in pretty good shape. Well, Glynnis had plenty for me to do to improve things. My kitchen island is right next to the basement door and, since I have exra food storage down there, plus storage for another hundred and one items, the island becomes the repository for anything on its way down to the basement. Have to watch that. I also have three kitchen appliances never used (how did Glynnis know I have a dehydrator?) and the cabinet with my plastic storage items and the one with the covers definitely needs going over. I have suspiciously more covers than containers! I also saw not one but two bottles of vinegar in the little food cabinet that’s so hard to reach. I guess that warrants my attention too. Glynnis, do you have a spy in your employ stationed in NH? Thanks so much for this great chapter and ,I promise, I’ll never feel smug again for the rest of this study! Love you, Glynnis, Melissa and all the ladies who made this possible!

  44. Our kitchen (like many others here) is teeny tiny but somehow we manange to squeeze lots of folk in there! Our counters make nice sitting spaces :) Despite the small square footage, I would say it is the heart of our home. I am looking forward to building a new house one day with space for barstools and a large island to lean on :)