Jul 30

Blessings on Monday

I’m not feeling super great today. I woke up Sunday with a terrible head cold and I feel all light-headed and fuzzy.  My husband is running a fever and has chills. Ugh.   And oh, yea, I hurt my back too. Ouchers. What do us girls do when we are feeling under the weather? We press on, right?  Sometimes you just have to.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to spend my day whining, I have too many blessings for that. Instead, I’m going to take it easy and give the day what I can.  :)   I’m going to be intentional on looking for my blessings, which happen to be all around, even in the midst of feeling yucky~

So, how are you doing?  Can you believe we only have 2 more weeks of study? I can’t, this study is flying by!  Today we have Chapter 18 & our 3rd conference call.  Chapter 18 is one of my favorites in this book and I always look forward to the conference calls with you and our special guests. All the details are below.


Monday~ Read Chapter 18, Functional Living Areas. This chapter is for me!  Everything Glynnis writes about, I can use.  At first when I was reading it, I  began to breathe heavy…feeling a little anxious and thinking, “no way I can do all this.”  Believe me, I’m tempted to quit.  Then I paused, closed my eyes and had a moment with God.  Then I had a new thought, one I knew was in line with God and His Word, “I can’t do all of this today nor will I attempt to do it today.  I will highlight what I plan to implement and carry out the plans when it’s time. With God, anything is possible. I’m serving Him and I will not quit.”  I gathered lots of ideas in this chapter, in fact I think it’s going to be my starting place as I implement my over all organizational plan.

Monday~ Conference Call with Professional Organizer, Eileen Koch.  I spoke with Eileen last week and she’s already begun helping ladies from this online Bible study!  She has so much to share with us about clutter and organization and let me tell you, it’s never about our stuff!  She brings God and His Word into everything she does. Visit her website to get to know her http://www.tothenextlevel.net/ and if you are on Facebook, be sure to “like” her page, To The Next Level.  Eileen has a heart to help and I can’t wait for you to meet her and learn about all she has to offer. If you are organizationally challenged, help is on the way!  If you haven’t signed up for the conference calls, it’s not too late. Sign up now and you receive all 4 calls in the series.    Call begins at 8:00 pm EST.  Call the Proverbs 31 Office if you have questions. 877-731-4663


Ok, y’all!  That’s what I have for you today.  Do you have some blessings you’d like to share today? I’d love to celebrate them with you <3



  1. Nicki Edwards says:

    2 weeks?! Wow…where has the time gone!
    Take care of yourself and your family. Get well soon.

  2. jackie s says:

    I am blessed that God sent me to two helpful (and specifically needed) Bible studies this summer. I asked and He provided double! I am blessed that I have a quiet morning to read the Bible before going to work.
    I am blessed that I have a leader – Melissa – that truly cares how her readers are doing. Melissa – You go on my prayer list this morning – praying for your health and strength for the day.

  3. Catherine Shepard says:

    Melissa, I pray you are feeling better soon and your back heals completely.
    I am blessed with a wonderful, loving, hard working husband and double blessings this week because I get to spend it with my nieces – just me and the girls.
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Good morning Fearless Leader! I am sorry you aren’t feeling so well. Please know we are all praying for you. Spend some quiet time with Jesus today. We <3 you! I feel blessed today to be healthy and have a loving husband and my home that may be cluttered but it is comfortable. I also feel richly blessed by this Bible study, you and all the sisters joining us. :)

  5. Good mornin sweet Melissa! :) I’m praying you and your hubby get over this sickness quickly…I’m so sorry y’all are not feeling well. <3

    My home is far from perfect, but I'm just soooo thankful I'm here to enjoy it! And to be honest, it's beaUtiful…even with the dust that I can't ever seem to conquer! I'm doing my best to keep clutter at bay, and I'm getting set to work on the closets! I'm not stressed…I can and will do this…by God's grace!…Listenin'n to some beautiful music while I work! :)

    • Hi Tawnya! I was laughing when you wrote about the dust that you can never conquer. Same here my friend. My least favorite activity. Lol! Glad to hear I am not alone. :) Blessings!

  6. Good morning, Melissa!! Praying you’ll get the rest your body needs so that it can fight this cold quickly. :)

    I’m blessed with a beautiful cool morning to enjoy God’s creation. As I watered my parched, parched garden, I enjoyed the hummingbirds, sunflowers that are starting to bloom and baby wrens that aren’t quite ready to fly. The wrens are hiding in my flower bed and every so often one would kind of fly up to a wood post and hang on, with mama and daddy wren yelling out warnings from the trees.

    I planted 3 different kinds of sunflower seeds that are all getting ready to bloom, but only one plant from “Velvet Queen” ever germinated; it’s almost as tall as me (5′ 8″) and has multiple, deep red blossoms. What is so amazing, is how I’m just now noticing in this giant beauty how sunflowers turn towards the sun!! I didn’t know that!! A great reminder to me how WE need to turn towards the Son in ALL that we do!!

    • Kristi Seat says:

      Your comment made my heart smile :) What a beautiful description of the simplicity of life and how God’s promises and love is evident everywhere we look. Thank you for sharing!

  7. coleen (group 18) says:

    hi there,
    continuing, melissa, to ask our Father for healing for you (and hubby, too). perfect thing to do when you are not at your best, “I’m going to be intentional on looking for my blessings, which happen to be all around, even in the midst of feeling yucky…” sure helps to keep our hearts in the right place—thankful to God!
    i am blessed this morning recognizing that God woke us up, gave us air to breathe and bodies to do just that…and that our God has mercies to give that are new every morning. how very thankful i am for His grace and mercy and love and forgiveness and longsuffering and lovingkindness towards me.
    and i just love reading, ladies, of your blessings! thank you. <3

  8. Praying you get to feeling better soon!

  9. Kristi Seat says:

    I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. And, here I thought you were Superwoman. Well, I guess Superwoman can still get sick :) Love you so much Melissa. Rest in the knowledge that God is with you and we are all praying for you. I love how you spoke about being intentional even when we aren’t feeling at our best. God can use us in illness, in traffic, in the line at the grocery store, at home, anywhere!

    God has a function that He wants all of us to play and that can cross over to our homes. As Glynnis states, “the goal of organization isn’t to have a pristine home, it’s to free you to live the life you want and to obey God’s calling for you and your family.” I loved this! We can choose to be intentional in life and to create an environment where God’s love can be felt as soon as someone walks in the door. For each person, it will be different. I love homes which are clean but feel lived-in while another person may feel more comfortable in a different setting. The most important thing is to find time with God and let Him guide us as we create spaces open for His love to shine through us.

  10. I’d love to Skype in to the conference call, of baby keeps sleeping! Is it too late to sign up?

  11. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Praying you are feeling so much better. I guess the best words I can give is what a Baptist preacher used to say in his sermons. Keep on Keeping on. I can kind of know what you are going through. I had a sinus infection and was feeling as lousy. But I kept persevering. Will be praying you and your husband are feeling better soon.

  12. Thank you for another great call tonight. I loved the versions of Galatians 6:4 you used. And when you said, “When we compare ourselves to others, we compare our insides to their outsides.” I’ve never thought about it like that, but what truth! One of those “aha” moments for me…thank you. And thank you for challenging us (ME) with the question, “Am I okay with me?” Eileen was a blessing, also, with good tips, info, and more opportunity to look within and ask why. A LOT to meditate on tonight…internal and external.

    Praying you and your hubby recover quickly!