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Jul 27

Bed, Bath, and Keep it Real Y’all

We are moving right along and can I share a secret with you?  I haven’t organized one thing since we started!  But I’ve made some great notes in my notebook. And I feel good about it, wanna know why?  I’m keepin’ it real!

I knew when we started this, it would be about more than organizing spaces. I wanted to be realistic, take it slow, and grow during this process. I desired order of life more than a clean and neat home.  Oh, believe me, my home needs clean and neat, but that’s just part of it.  So, as we move forward, don’t despair if you are still working on certain areas. Soak up the information and tuck it away. Use it when you are ready.  Keep it real y’all.  Changing our lives won’t happen in a one book study. It takes time.

My friend and professional organizer, Eileen Koff, knows this well. Just today I had a phone conversation with her.  She said to me, “it’s NEVER about the stuff…it’s about our ‘relationship’ with our stuff and time that causes disorganization.”  She’s right!  And it takes time.  Eileen has helped one of our very own Bible study members and she is going to share with us in our next conference call next Monday night. She is fabulous and will help us to keep it real. If you are interested, you can sign up here. You will love this call! (And all the rest of them! They are all recorded so you won’t miss a thing!)

So ladies, as we proceed through the next chapter, remember, we are gaining knowledge to be implemented in it’s own time.

Friday Assignment:

Read Chapter 17, Beautiful Bedrooms and Baths.  Glynnis shares some great ideas, my favorite being the section on jewelry! That’s my problem area in my bedroom!  So read Chapter 17, take some good notes, and highlight important info to revisit later.

Do you know our memory verse this week?  There is nothing more important than the Word of God. My sweet friends, do you know how little it matters if we are unorganized if we don’t hide God’s Word in our hearts?  That’s where it all starts.

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.”   John 6:35

I love this verse. When we have Jesus, we have all we need.  :)

Since it’s Friday, it’s a Glynnis day~yay!  So, head on over to visit her. She has some “home” work for you that you will love  <3  Love us some Glynnis!

Have a great weekend!  And enjoy reading about the Bed and Bath…and remember to Keep it Real Y’all!


Jul 26

Week 7, Field Trip!

Ladies, we are in for a treat today! It’s field trip day!

Where:  Stephanie Clayton’s Blog

When:  Now

Why: Because she has something great to share with you!

Emotion: Excitement!  Yay!

So, head on over there now, read her post, and comment so she knows you read it!

I’ll see y’all back here tomorrow!

Jul 24

Hearts at Home and Menu Planning

You ladies are AWESOME!!!!!  Did you read all the comments yesterday about the kitchen being or not being the heart of your home?  I loved reading them!  Thank you so much for sharing.

I would have to say that our kitchen and den are the hearts of our home.

In the kitchen, we try to eat as a family each night. That is a challenge with all the kids’ activities, but I’d say we make it about 4 out of 7 nights. It’s very important to Jeff (my husband) for us to eat together, so we try to make that happen.

During our supper time, we have a tradition, the highs and lows.  We found early on that when we asked our kids what they did during the day, often they would reply, “not much” or “nothing.”  But, when we ask them to share their high and low for the day, we got priceless information. And not only do the kids share, but so do me and my husband. I learn so much about his day through the highs and lows of the day.

The den is also our gathering place. Our family loves TV and Movies.  After supper, homework, and baths, we typically gather in our den to watch a tv show, movie, or football game. We allow pillows and blankets to cover the floor and couches. We laugh, cry, yell, and discuss. Depending on what we watch. Some of what we watch has value and some does not….haha.

So, are you ready to move on?  Ready to read about menu planning????  Just for the record, this is one area I am organized in!  I have to menu plan!  I plan the menu on Sunday and post it on the fridge. That way, if I’m running late at work one day, my husband looks on the fridge and gets supper started without me.  I make meals easy with very little prep time.

For example, tonight was grilled chicken sandwiches with tomato, lettuce, and bacon.  For my son who is a vegetarian, he gets grilled cheese with tomato and lettuce. I have found that when I plan ahead, the stress is reduced greatly.

I think you are really going to like the next chapter, Meal Planning for Health and Sanity.  Glynnis gives us 7 great steps to help achieve this.  Pick and choose what works for you!

The suggested assignments for Wednesday and Thursday are:


Read Chapter 16, Meal Planning for Health and Sanity.  I shared a little of what works for me, what works for you?  Share your ideas in the comment section of this blog.


Check back here. Stephanie Clayton is going to share a great meal planning/shopping list service that works for her and her family.

Memory Verse:

Hello???? Did y’all miss the memory verse this week?  So sorry, I totally forgot to post it and it’s a good one.

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.”   John 6:35

Do you grasp how special this verse is????  Can you imagine never being hungry or thirsty again? Please share what this verse means to you.

Hope you are having a great week!  Can’t wait to hear from you!

Much Love and Happy Menu Planning!