Aug 11

I Am So Much More Organized

When we first started this journey together, some of us admitted that just like the name of the book, we could say, “I Used to Be So Organized.”  And then there were those of us who felt a little different, “I Was Never Organized.”

Now as we close on this study, it’s so awesome to hear most of us saying, “I Am Going to Be So Organized” and “I Am So Much More Organized Than I Used to Be.”

This journey has been important to me personally. As someone who is very busy and has experienced quite a bit of anxiety in my past, reclaiming order in my life was very important. I needed it. The cluttered places in my mind spilled over into other parts of my life. This only increased my anxiety and stress. I am so happy to report that I’m much more relaxed. I have really focused on the calm and order. And planning. And my schedule. And writing down more things on my calendar. It’s made a huge difference! I’m looking forward to implementing some organizing in my papers and bedroom soon. I’ve already made big changes in my office.  Moving right along…all the while keeping it real.

I want to thank each one of you for joining me on this journey. I wouldn’t want to do this alone and I consider studying with each of you a huge blessing in my life. With each study, I come closer to God. And with each study, I love making new friends.

I also want to thank the awesome guests on our conference calls:  Heather Bleier, Angie Combs, Stephanie Clayton, Eileen Koff, and still to come Glynnis Whitwer.

And most especially, I want to thank Glynnis Whitwer, my beautiful friend and amazing author of I Used to Be So Organized. It was 7 months ago that we were enjoying ourselves on a cruise deck in the Gulf of Mexico and she shared the message of I Used to Be So Organized with me. I knew then that I just had to read this book. I needed it. The more she told me about it, I knew also that I had to share this message with others. Thank you Glynnis for writing this book. It has made such a difference in so many lives. I love you friend.

I’m not sure what your plans are for the future, but I want to invite you to join me for my next online study of Lysa TerKeurst’s book, Unglued. I only select book that I believe in. They have to have a foundation of Scripture and a message that we can apply and is useful. This one is one of the best. It’s raw. It’s emotional. It’s real. It’s applicable. It deals with handling relationships and emotions. If you are interested in signing up, you can in the right column of my blog.

And just because the study is over, it doesn’t mean the fun will end. Please keep coming back to my blog! (You can sign up to receive my blog updates to your email and that might help. Just enter your email address in the blank provided in the right column.)

Unglued bundle winner announced tomorrow. You can still enter to win here.

Video blog coming Monday~ providing study info, Facebook party info, Unglued webcast announcement, and more big give away announcements. Plus a few bloopers I’m sure :)

Hip hip hooray for another great Online Bible Study!  Thanks so much for being a part of it!




  1. Kristi Seat says:

    This study was such a blessing to me! My heart is lighter and my mind is clearer. Thank you Melissa for leading us through the study with grace, laughter and transparency. Thank you Glynnis for writing a book which not only organized my life but my heart and spirit-allowing me to prioritize with God’s will foremost in my mind. Can’t wait for another awesome study and am so excited for the pre-conference calls beginning August 20th so that we can, as a community, make this bible study another great one! Love all my sisters in Christ and the Online Bible Studies team!

  2. Thank you Melissa! You are a blessing!

  3. Thank-you, Melissa, for leading us through this study!

  4. Julie D'Andrea says:

    I so would enjoy doing the “I Used to be so Organized” bible study! Is there a way to still go through it even though it is over? I have been saying this exact same things for weeks now. It used to be I was so organized you and clutter free, you could eat off my floors..lately, I have to look for the floors. I am not sure what happened, but agree that is affects other aspects in life…relationships, anxiety levels, etc.
    Please tell me if it is still available.