Aug 12

Let’s Go…Unglued Time

Normally, I wouldn’t get all excited about it being “unglued time.”  But y’all, I really am.

My sweet awesome friend, Lysa TerKeurst, wrote yet another amazing life changing book. And, no, I don’t use those words lightly.

I was fortunate enough to be in on Unglued during the editing stage for the devotional that will be released later this year. And I’ve been fortunate enough to work out with and share office space with the author of Unglued. I’ve seen her live out her messages. I’ve seen her challenged. I’ve seen her attacked. And I’ve seen her rely on Jesus above all. That’s probably one reason I’m so excited to do another one of her books. I know she’s sincere, authentic, and the real deal. Nothing fake about her. What you see is what you get. Sometimes that’s good. Sometimes not so good.  Love her.

Our next study won’t be pretty. It’s going to require guts. It’s going to challenge change. Whether we are unglued or we deal with unglued people, we have to be responsible for our own actions. And there is so much Scripture to help with this. It’s not easy, but it is possible. And we need to do our part.

The Unglued Online Bible Study begins September 23rd.  If you haven’t signed up, I hope you will, I would love to study with you! You can sign up in the right column of my blog. Then check your email to confirm your sign up.

All you need for this online study is the book Unglued and computer access.  Order the book now so you will be ready.


If you are waiting for the Unglued study to start and you are looking for something to fill in the gaps, you may want to sign up for Part 1 of the Unglued Conference Call Series. Part 1 of the Unglued Conf Call series begins August 20th.  I’m so excited about these calls!  These calls will help you fill in the time until our study begins.

During each call you will be:

  • *Challenged to make time for God daily
  • *Empowered to go deeper into God’s Word
  • *Stretched in the best way to get the most out of your Bible study time


  • *A Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study leader will share a message with you to help you get the most out of your quiet time, prayer time, Bible study, and life. She will also help hold you accountable in the best, loving, supportive way.
  • *You will be given the opportunity to participate in discussion. (optional…you can speak up or remain quiet)
  • *You will be a part of a community of women, many just like you!
  • *You will receive a weekly email to check up on you.

Each call IS RECORDED, so if you can’t be on the live call, you can listen later or download it to your computer or phone.

If you would like to get started before the study begins, you can sign up here.  And please email me and let me know you’ve signed up! I want to touch base with you before calls start. This is going to be great!  I am really really excited about the conference calls during Unglued.

Drum Roll Please!  We have our first winner!!!!  Amy, wildangelgirl  you are the winner of the Unglued bundle!  Send your address to and we will get it in the mail to you this week!  Wa-hoo!  Thank you to all who commented about Difficult People!  We have much more to give away, so stay tuned and keep visiting.

So ladies are you ready to move forward to our next study?  Let’s go! It’s Unglued time!




  1. I am so excited about this study and about the calls. I love being able to get on the phone at the same time as women around the world and feel connected. I need to know I’m not alone in my struggles, and Bible study helps me do that. Mel I feel so blessed to be a part of what the Lord is doing here and I can’t wait to dig into the message of Unglued and all that the Lord has to share with us! Love u girl!

  2. I am SOOO looking forward to this study and especially the conference calls! I LOVE the studies but combining them with the calls make them exponentially better. We delve deeper and I get a chance to ask questions! Like Stephanie, I like being able to connect with others and know that I am not alone in what I am struggling with. Ecc. 4:12 a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken, imagine what could be said of a cord of thousands!! Thanks so much for again hosting what will be an awesome, God centered Bible study and call series. I can’t wait to start digging in and growing with everyone!

  3. I have a question about signing up for the unglued study… If I’m signed up for the previous study and getting these blog posts by email, do I need to sign up for the next bible study or will I continue to get to be signed up and getting the blog posts emailed to me?

    • Leslie if you are subscribed to the blog posts I believe they will continue to come to you. However if you are doing Unglued please do sign up for that in the right hand column, you will not be automatically be signed up for it :)

  4. I received my Unglued book Thursday–Soo excited–I signed up this morning for the Conference Calls started on August 20th! Excited beyond measure–to be able to listen, learn, and grow deeper in God’s words–Thank you Melissa for hosting another series–Each study has been life changing, but being able to get to connect with the leaders and ladies is priceless! I’m ready to dig deeper and help me become less unglued!

  5. I can’t WAIT for these calls and for this study to start. This book is AMAZING! I can honestly say I believe with all my heart this study will be truly LIFE CHANGING! The Lord is already working in BIG ways in my life as I am reading the book. I feel a type of hope I haven’t felt in a long time, no pun intended. I truly believe that God can do big things in my heart and with my Unglued emotional times and help me to change and be more like HE wants me to be in the midst of emotional distress.

  6. I’m going to enjoy this little breather in between studies, but I’m uber excited about getting started on Unglued with everyone!! I’ve been reading ahead picking out our memory verses and a few fun things to post on Facebook and Twitter. See everyone again SOON!!

    This CC series is going to be amazing! I hope everyone signs up, because this line-up just can’t be beat!

  7. Mandy Currie says:

    Melissa I am really looking forward to this study. Because I’m in England I can’t really sign up for the calls, neither have I afforded to get the book, but I will follow each post closely and study whatever I can. My life became unglued about 6 years ago and I’m sorry working with the Holy Spirit to get back on track. I know I will get a lot of this study and it’s going to be amazing. Kind Regards Mandy Currie

    • Mandy you can still sign up for the calls :) Since they are recorded you will get an email after the call and be able to download then to your computer to listen to at your convenience :) Can not wait to study with you!

      • Catherine Shepard says:

        Mandy, please send me your address. I will get a book to you.
        You can email me at
        Please do not miss out on this study. Melissa
        , can someone in your office contact me also. It will be quicker if you could post directly from there. I just need the total charges.

  8. I an so excited for Unglued! I can not wait for these conference calls they really are the icing on the cake! Thank you so much Melissa for all your work to make these calls so wonderful! I encourage everyone who is doing this study to sign up for the calls. You will be blessed plus it just to put it all together :)

  9. Michelle D. says:

    I haven’t received my book yet!! :( I ordered it and then found out that it is on back order… :(
    Hoping to get it soon!

  10. Lynn Graham says:

    Melissa, just can’t wait till september 23rd for the next class to start. i’m so excited.

  11. Catherine Shepard says:

    Hello Melissa – last study I won a conference call series so this study I signed up for the pre and post. A lot (started to type little but my autocomplete on the iPad said lot-probably more accurate) apprehensive to do this study. I don’t want to know what the Lord will “convict” me of – or I know what it is and I’m not quite sure I want to face it.
    So I will need tons of prayer.

  12. Lois Nordling says:

    Hey, I signed up for part 1 conference calls. I’m looking forward to these and hubby may listen in too! Thanks

  13. SO EXCITED about this study!!! Thank you, Melissa, for taking this on! Will decide about conference calls today. God bless you, sista! :)

  14. Melissa,

    Getting excited to see how God is going to use this upcoming study to change transform hearts into hearts like His.

    LOVE …. LOVE …. LOVE the conference calls!! Excited to get underway! Thanks for all you do!


  15. I would love to do this study..but really cant afford a book right now. Is there any way I could get help with that? I did an untroubled heart study and was so blessed my Micca’s book and study. I am going through a very difficult time right now and am in need of encouragement.

  16. I would like some information as to how the on-line study works. Is there a set time that everyone is on-line each week? I work full time and have 2 kids and my husband is out of state going to school full time himself so am wondering how to make this work for me to participate. If someone could email me info, I would really appreciate it. My email is