Aug 16

Congrats, Welcome, and Yay!

It’s been a big, fun, full week!  Yes, we have winners to announce.  Yes, our Part 1 Conference Call Series (you know the one that will help you do Bible study when there’s not a study going on…quiet time development…challenges…motivation…preparing for Unglued…yea, that one) begins Monday night!  Ooooh, I’m so excited and it’s not too late to sign up, so if you haven’t, why don’t you join us?


I have lots of winners to announce from the 2 Facebook parties and from your blog comments. Here they are:

Tuesday Facebook Party:  Conference calls~TERESA MARINE tdm4himand Mia L Braddock

 Grand Prize, Bundle and Conf Calls:
Anita Cook
 Thursday Facebook Party: Conference Calls~April Edge and Amy Flickinger
Grand Prize, Bundle and Conf Calls:
Blog Winner, Unglued book and Conf Call Series~Amy Myhdisa883
Congrats to our winners!  Email with your information on how to contact you (email, phone number, mailing address).
Unglued hit the NY Times Best Seller’s List this week!  This is crazy amazing!!! It’s just been released for 8 days! The Proverbs 31 Team and our Online Bible Studies Team are both so excited about this!  Lysa has worked so hard in writing the Unglued message. She never expected this. We are so proud of her and even more excited that the Unglued message is getting in the hands of so many people! Please invite your friends to join us in Online Bible Study here and invite them to the Conference Call Series!  Lysa TerKeurst will be live on one of calls during Part 2 of the series. This entire study is going to be powerful.


If you are on Facebook, please “like” my Online Bible Studies Facebook Page.  Lots of fun interaction there. We had 2 Facebook parties there this week that were so successful that we will continue having one every week so our team can touch base with as many of you as possible. This isn’t a required part of the study, but if you are on Facebook, it’s fun.  Loved the Facebook parties!


Today, I’m taking my oldest child to college. I’m so proud of him and I know he will do great, but oh y’all…this mama’s heart is breaking. I’m going to miss him like crazy! Never had anything like this before! It’s bittersweet for sure.


If any of you have questions about our next study, please call me at the P31 office 877-731-4663 or email me at I’m so excited about our next study and conference call series! I can’t wait to get started! It’s not on the NY Times Best Seller List for nothing!


So, have any of you had a bittersweet life moment like a child going to college?  Care to share?  I’d love to have your prayers or advice.


Love and Blessings to my Sisters and Friends!



  1. Kristi Seat says:

    Sweet Melissa. You have blessed us so much with your leadership and with your heart for Jesus and others. Thank you for following God’s call on your life. I CAN NOT WAIT for the next study! It will be amazing and I feel so blessed to be able to share this time with all of my sisters who have helped carry me through tough transitions and rejoiced with me in brilliant moments.

    Dear Lord,
    I pray for our sweet Melissa today as she takes her oldest to college. Protect them and keep them safe on the road. Cover him with your protection and bring individuals into his life who will not only share this college journey with him but will also contribute to his lifelong journey with You. Thank you dear Lord that his church home is not far away. Allow this extension site at the campus to bring him closer to You each week but to also allow him to minister to others and be a light to those who don’t know You in the way that he does. Give him strength every day as he learns who he is apart from his family but keep those bonds tight with Melissa, Jeff and his 3 brothers and sister. Dear Lord, please be with Melissa today and this weekend. Let her feel Your presence and give her the peace that she needs during this period of separation. Thank You that we can come to You in any situation and You will be there if we come in faith. You are faithful and I pray that You provide Melissa and her family with everything they need during this time. We love You dear Lord with all of our hearts and we thank You that we can come to You and pray for this sweet spirit who has touched all of our lives. Wrap her and her family in Your protection daily. I ask all of these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • Kristi Seat says:

      *Blake’s 2 brothers and sister*…didn’t want to add 1 to the family w/out your permission :)

  2. I have also experienced those bittersweet moments when my daughter and son went to college and grad school in different states from where we were living. You taking your son to college brings back so many memories. I tried so hard not to cry each time it was time to leave, because I knew that they were so excited. Let’s just say that I was not very successful. There are so many firsts in our children’s lives; this is one that is truly bittersweet. From one mama to another, my heart is breaking for you, and I will praying for you and your family.

  3. Melissa, I too took my oldest to college yesterday. I’m lucky because Brady is only 30 minutes down the road but not seeing his sweet face everyday is killing me as well. I just wanted you to know that thru your bible study and Facebook page/twitter account, I found a blog by Wendy Blight. I got so much encouragement thru that and seeing how many others are struggling and how others are seeing Gods strengthth thru this hard time. I believe that was Gods arms were around me yesterday. I was able to focus on Brady and we had a great day. Was it hard to leave him, absolutely, but I had a peace about it. I still am struggling with the empty room and empty driveway but I know Gods love and grace will get me through.
    I truely see this next phase of my life as my time to work on me and my marriage as well as my younger son. This was my first online bible study (only my 3rd overall bible study) and I can’t tell you bow blessed I am to have found you. This is my time to truely make time for God and grow as a struggling Christian woman. I “never had time” before and now I’m learning that I have to make Him my top priority so He can lead me to be a good christian mom and wife. I’m so looking forward to the “unglued ” bible study. I’m pretty sure it was written just for me. :-)
    I’m praying for you today, and for all of the struggling mamas out there.
    Thank you so much for all you do!

  4. I have no inspiration for you on this matter;however as a momma who will face that exact challenge in just a few short years? I think it begs to be a bible study topic. jot your heart out…maybe it will be therapeutic and you can bless all of us in the future with what you learn along the way.
    i hope that doesn’t sound selfish but…….

  5. Tracy McRee says:

    Oh Melissa! Poor Mommy! I can’t even imagine my baby starting kindergarten and I have a few more years. I know when I was in college my Mom would send me mail like 3 times a week and packages constantly! I remember one time she sent me a package full of gum. I have the most awesome Mom. It made me feel better being away from home and I think it made her feel better too.

  6. Love you, praying for you, and thanking Him for you! LULNMW

  7. Praying for you, Sweet Melissa. My Mom and Dad are delivering my youngest sister to college as we speak. My middle sister got married two weeks ago. Empty nest syndrome for them for sure… say a prayer for us, too, please!

  8. super excited that I won…. So can not wait til this study starts. I so am needing this right now. I know God is going to use this for His glory someway, somehow. I have been praying that God would deliver me from my anger problem. So I feel so blest right now.

  9. Janet Volpe says:

    My youngest daughter and son-in-law just moved with their 5 children an hour away. My heart is breaking but then I remember that all the years of raising her were spent trying to bring her to mature faithful adult life. We will miss them terribly. We praise the Lord that they are able to make adult decisions on their own.

  10. Hi Sweet Melissa! Praying for your tender heart at this moment! Whether it is partial or full blown empty nest there is this mechanism in us that just turns on & says I’m sad but happy @ the same time! A good friend tod me just remember how happy you were when you left home! So full of life ready to conquer the world & be independent!Knowing the darling momma you are you will be baking, writing cards & sending favorite gestures of love! It’s fun to tuck away colored cards with scriptures or them in their suitcase! One time my daughter’s son was so hungry hadl little money & ordered a pizza from Texas to Idaho! Yes Visa goes everywhere! Get sonic card it or fill up Pringles can with change to the top! The main thing is to stay focused on the Lord’s love & ask yourself “What will you have me do?” Acts9:6 Knowing sweet you your child will be blessed beyond measure! Hang in there cry when you feel like it , look @ all your pictures & always always have something planned! Helps you to not get down & out!! I will be praying for you & everyone left behind they need special things too because they will get lonesome!!! Blessings, Donna

  11. Michelle N says:

    Melissa- my little ones are not close to going to college (thank goodness :-) but I do remember going to grad school myself- like it was yesterday. It was my first time being in a different state from my family, I didn’t know a soul, and I was scared. Oh, how I was scared. Now that I’m a Mom I can imagine how my Mom felt too driving away that day. But, it was such a wonderful time in my life – when I look back it really was the first time for me that I really relied on God and built a firm foundation with him that I am still relying on and building today. I was always a believer and raised in church but that time on my own helped me decide who I was and who I really wanted to be and I realized thT I wanted to be whoever God wanted me to be. And that was HUGE for me and something I never would have gotten to surrounded by family and friends. Anyways, not sure where all that came from – wasn’t at all what I intended to write!! I life my prayers up for you and your family in agreement with Kristi’s that this weekend and this time for your son and your family be exactly what God intends it to be for you all. In Jesus’s name I pray. amen.

  12. It’s amazing how much closer you and your son will be. It’s a different relationship. You will be so blessed! So be sad for now but remember your son needs to see your blessing and If you show him your down it will make it even harder for him. Stay super strong and hug each other tight. We really only have right now anyways. He will really mature even more so than he is now! Praying for you and for your son! Hugs!

  13. Several years ago I shed tears when we left our daughter at the dorm – she knew no one – and after18-19 years together it was tough. Husband and son thought I was nuts. To this day when leaving our daughter and family or our son and his family, I have struggles as one is 3+ hours away and the other 2 days away. Then I remind myself what it would be like if I lived 100-150 years ago and might never see them again. Then when I get home and get busy.

  14. Oh how I know that bittersweet feeling. My first time was 4 years ago when I to dropped my daughter off for her freshman year in college. Next week will be the beginning of year number 4, although not her senior year, as she has finally figured out God’s plan for her future (PTL!) and will complete this mission on the 5 year plan. I want to be honest here, it doesn’t get any easier to leave them, but there are soooo many ways to cope and communication is the KEY!! We are so blessed with all the technological advances now days. I remember sitting by the pay phone on Sunday afternoon waiting for my mom to make her weekly call to me. I can’t even imagine how she must have felt! My daughter and I talk, text and e-mail frequently (I am not a facebooker yet, however). The other thing I do that makes me feel extremely happy and also puts a smile on her face is send her mail. . . yes the old fashioned hand written note, letter or card is still among the favorites. Last, but certainly not least, care packages. . . they all love ’em!! I often do theme packages and decorate the boxes with clip art and other nifty printables easily found on line. . . we call these “shoebox greetings” since a shoebox is usually what these goodies are packed. They are a perfect size and it gives me an excuse to buy more shoes!!! Whatever happens, enjoy the moment because it is a memory you will cherish forever and . . . take pictures. . . lots of pictures!

  15. Yes, I just took my oldest son to college yesterday also! It was certainly emotional!

  16. Jeanie kelley says:

    Mine is only in 7th grade so I will need to wait a few years before he is ready to go to college. Granted he is taking all the challenge classes at school so it seems like he is already in college. I am going to enjoy this study. looking forward to it to piggy back with the fall study at Church. So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore. looking forward to both. Cherish the times with your son. Will be praying for you.

  17. Griselda Estes says:

    Hi – I can’t wait to get started! counting the days…..

  18. I am new to the Proverbs 31 Ministries family. I am a mother of six and i truly look forward to learning amongst women of God. Learning how not to stuff my feelings and proper conflict/trouble management. I totally agree with want to live the realization that………..” Yes, my children need to be corrected, but I can let the consequences scream so I don’t have to. Only a calm mama can think of rational, reasonable consequences that instruct.”