Aug 19

How to Study When You Don’t Have a Study

I’ve received a lot of emails lately from ladies who are so excited to begin the new Unglued Online Bible Study.  I’m excited too, but we won’t begin studying Unglued for another month. So, what to do?  How can you study the Bible when you don’t have a study to guide you?

There are many answers to that question. There are many ways to stay in God’s Word, but only one key to staying in God’s Word. Discipline. I wish there was a magic pill to take to make discipline just happen, but there isn’t.

Over the next month, I am going to be intentional on bringing discipline back into my life. I’ve decided on a schedule that will work for this season of my life. The summer schedule I’ve been on isn’t going to work. I’ve just had one child leave for college, 1 plays football, 1 is in the marching band, and 1 plays soccer. Their schedule impacts my schedule and so change is necessary and it begins Monday, August 20th.

My new schedule:

5:15 am~ Coffee and Quiet Time

6:30 am~ Exercise with Samantha

7:30 am~ Shower and get ready for work

8:30~ Go to office, work for the day

After this, the schedule depends on the demands of the day. This early morning time is about the only time of day that I am in control of my own schedule, so I have to have my quiet time here…or it’s probably not gonna happen. And I’ve learned, God’s Word is powerful, but it loses it’s power in my life if I’m not reading, digesting, and applying.  I can’t get to the digesting and applying if I’m not first reading.

Can’t blame busyness.  Can’t blame another person.  Can’t blame the fact that I’m not currently studying a  Bible study book. I can only blame me if I don’t make the time.

Do you have a time to read God’s Word?  What are going to do with that time until the Unglued study begins?  You may have a great plan all figured out, and if you do, I’m super excited for you!  Great job!  But if you are unsure what to do with time you set aside, I have an invitation for you.

Beginning Monday night, August 20th,  Part 1 of the Unglued Conference Calls begin.  Part 1 (4 calls) is going to be devoted to establishing good Bible study habits, creating a space for quiet time, having the right materials on hand for a productive quiet time, enriching your prayer life, picking the right time, and reading through the book of John.  We will meet once a week on Monday evenings via conference call on the phone. (For those who can’t be on the calls at that time, each call is recorded for later listening and download.)  I’m going to be tough (in a loving way) on those who participate in these calls. I want everyone to get their money’s worth, so you will be challenged and you will be set up for success.

If you are interested in signing up to join me, click here and sign up.  There is the option to just do Part 1, which I’ve described today, or sign up for Parts 1 & 2.  (Part 2 will be 6 calls featuring many awesome guests, including the author of Unglued, Lysa TerKeurst.)  All the information to sign up can be found here.  Facebook users who sign up will be added to a private Facebook group just for Conference Call participants where they can share and discuss with each other. This is an optional part of the conference calls, not required or even necessary. Let me know if you sign up, email me at

If you aren’t doing the Conference Calls, that’s okay, there will be plenty to keep you busy just by reading my blog and the Unglued book. I still want to encourage you to make time to sit with God sometime during your day. You don’t need conference calls to do this, they are just an option.  All you really need is discipline.

My friend, Donna Bostick is giving away a copy of Unglued and the Unglued Conference Call Series, Parts 1 & 2 on her blog! You must comment on HER BLOG by Monday, August 20th at noon CST. So get over there! Maybe you’ll win and be on the call with me Monday night!

Love and Blessings <3





  1. Mary Sawyer says:

    Back-to-school time seems like the perfect time to re-evaluate, restart and/or renew our bible study time! I am on board!

    • I agree Mary. My son is starting high school and will be getting up and going to school about an hour earlier. This gives me an earlier opportunity for quiet time with God! I am looking forward to starting some more positive changes. I already started part of that last December by quitting smoking. Wishing all the ladies a blessed time of renewal this Fall!

  2. Melissa,

    I love this!! Went to the Y after church and lunch today and was having this same talk with myself about my schedule. I have to get back into the Y early in the morning … but more than that I have to get back into my quiet time and journaling. Can’t wait to get into the book of John. Before I got involved with the p31 studies, I led a couple of small groups thru “A Divine Mentor” by Wayne Corderio and taught the SOAPing technique of journaling and loved it!! Church then produced a video interview with Janet interviewing me about the book and the discipline of quiet time and journaling.

    Thanks for the reminder!! Am loving where you are going with this and can’t wait!!!


  3. Eunice Sigler says:

    Hi Melissa…thanks for all you do! Question about the conf calls starting tonight: if we sign up a few days from now (say on 8/31…aka payday), can we still go back to the archive to listen to tonight’s call? Thanks…Eunice in Miami, FL. :-)

  4. I’m going to be doing a monthish long reading plan on my YouVersion Bible app on my phone/tablet. It’s completely free, has lots of versions of the Bible to compare when studying Scripture, and has many plans to choose from based on parts of he Bible or topics. I love that I can highlight, bookmark, and take notes within the app as I go!

  5. I just started reading “Unglued” this morning and already so impressed with Lysa’s insight (God inspired!). Wow, imperfect progress! What a concept! I love it, and so true! We have a rainy day here so I will put it to good use and read, read, read! I will try to tuck in the laundry and other household chores instead of trying to tuck in reading today!!! What can I say but “imperfect progress”!
    Note to Melisa: I also use the YouVersion app and I agree with your take on it, I use it everyday and also for a quick reference when I need to look up a verse someone is using. It is a great tool!

  6. Michelle Neill says:

    Ok. You inspired me. I set my alarm earlier. And though, I did not get out of bed. However- I did wake up early. Read Jesus Calling Devotions, Princess devotions, a You version devotion I have been following and then spent some time just praying and reading scripture from my you version bible. And you know what? I feel much more focused today. So thank you Melissa. Im going to tweak my schedule as well! <3

  7. By book arrived today! YEA!! Now if I can score the conference calls (between now and when the first call is made) that would be GREAT :) ! I am soo looking forward to this study. I believe God has something for ME and I am going to reach out and get a handful of His garment. I have been going from one extreme to the other since menopause started 2 YEARS ago. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am taking control and not let it control me and my family anymore. Did I mention this will be my first OBS? I’ve read others comments from past OBS, how they were were blessed in abundant ways, well I want my life to be enriched also. I’m am excited about meeting new friends and prayer warriors. Thanks in advance to all the ladies that will be on this journey along with me.

  8. Karen Neal says:

    Very interested in the Bible Study but need to know if there is a cost associated with it.

  9. **Karen, the cost is purchasing the book; and as an option, you can sign up (at Melissa’s link above) for the conference calls, there will be four of them;
    Other than that, it’s all about learning God’s design and plan for us! :-) This is my third study, and am SO looking forward to this one; picked up the book today – it looks pretty great!

  10. Like Melissa, and several others, I have to do my quiet time early early in the morning to fit it in with exercise and getting to work on time. Even though I’ve been pretty consistent with it, I still struggle with being awake and alert enough to really focus on what God is saying. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips they use to WAKE UP???

  11. Please help me. I don’t have a NIV Bible, I am using a Bible app on my phone. I need a large print copy please if possible. Thank you.

  12. Will the Participants Guide be utilized during the OBS?

  13. I was wondering where the fb page was and how I could get on that page?

  14. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Hi Melissa, Just wanted to post to you what I do for my morning routine. It usually begins with trying to get up and get breakfast on for both my husband and son who need to leave the house early. Warren, my husband, has to be at work at 6:00 am and Daniel has to be on the bus at 6:40 in the morning. So I am busy trying to get lunches and breakfast on. When I do my quiet time I have a chair in the bedroom that I sit at and read and think for the day. I usually do this at 6:00 in the morning or maybe a minute or two after Daniel has his breakfast and I am done with the kitchen. To me, it has helped having that quiet time to just focus on God and who he is for the day.I can see him being my provider and protector in a lot of areas of my life. Also here is an idea. Usually I would pray to God the night before to get me up and all the time he would. Thanks for this wonderful study. Looking forward to it.

  15. Brandy Evans says:

    Hi, I am so excited about this study. I took Lysa’s study :how to become more than just a good bible study girl” and I have loved her ever since. I am assuming that if she like you then so will I! Thanks for doing this, I am supper excited!

  16. I bought the book this summer and am looking forward to studying with everyone!

  17. I am hopeful that my support group at Divorce Care(including me ) can learn to react to all these powerful emotions without becoming unglued.
    I thought this bible study would tie in nicely with our 12 week Divorce Care