Aug 23

Where Does the Time Go?

Here it is 4:32 EST on Thursday afternoon.  This blog post should have been written hours ago.  Busyness has consumed me and there hasn’t been much I could do about it.

Remember a few days ago when I told you I had to get my quiet time in first thing in the morning because that was the only time of day within my control?  Ummm, yea. Well, I’m pooped!  (That means “worn out tired” here in North Carolina.)  Unglued orders for the book, conference calls, questions, and information just about have me coming Unglued!  (just kidding)  It’s really all very exciting, but my day is already gone and I still have a lot to do!  I did have my quiet time today though. I read John 3. And I prayed for you.

I have found myself watching carefully the time lately. I don’t want to miss anything and I want to make the most of everything. After all, just yesterday, it was August 10, 1993, and I had this beautiful baby boy. I named him Blake. In the blink of an eye, he went off to college. 19 years passed quickly.  Just like this day did.

So, here I am finally writing to you.  Have you signed up for the Unglued Online Bible Study yet?  It begins right here on this blog, September 23rd. Oh my, it’s going to be F-A-B! (That means “fabulous” here in North Carolina.)  There are already almost 4000 people signed up and I expect that number to double. Why? Because there are a lot of us Unglued people around here and we need God’s help!  Thankfully Lysa TerKeurst wrote a book to help us out.  You can sign up in the right column of this blog.

Happy News!  We have 4 winners of the Unglued Conference Call Series. I want to thank all of you who commented. I read every one and I wish I could give away more. Ok, here we go. Randomly selected by the random number generator, our winners are…..Loretta Kostyo, Kim Montaini, Tonja Mettlen, and Kristin-ahjkflores@_____.  CONGRATULATIONS!  I sent you an email with all of the information to participate in the calls.

It is not too late to sign up! Part 1 of our series kicked off this week. We are reading through the book of John and working on establishing productive quiet times. During these 4 calls, we will begin preparing our hearts to receive and soak in all the Unglued study has for us. Good habits will hopefully be established during this time.

Part 2 of the Conference Call Series begins September 24th.  These calls will contain deep discussion about the chapters in Unglued, challenges to grow you and your relationship with the Lord, messages based on the assigned reading, a special guest interview, plus time for Q & A at the end.

Information about both Parts of the Series can be found here.  (Just FYI, the special for purchasing parts 1 & 2 of the series will only be good for one more week.)

Let me clarify? The Online Bible study is free. You need the Unglued book only. The conference calls are completely optional.

I must go now. It’s after 5:00 and I have a band concert to attend.  This is Dylan’s first year in the marching band at Providence High School. They are presenting their program tonight and I’m so excited!

Blessings Y’all!  (That means “blessings to all of you” around these parts)

And Bless Your Heart.  (I won’t tell you what that means here in North Carolina~lol)

Oh my, now it’s 5:11~ Where does the time go????  Anyone feel like this?  :)





  1. Lynette Duquette says:

    One I learned a long time ago is business does not equal fruitfulness. For me I have to constantly re-evaluate what I am doing as well as WHY I am doing it. If I don’t re-evaluate and cut things out that aren’t frutiful I find myself getting burnt out and resentful.

  2. Exactly. Where does the time go? It is so important to cherish those memories. I am not even a mother and you have me waxing nostalgic Melissa! I was just thinking about the fact that my nephew is going into high school and I’m farfarfar away in North Carolina. Since my sister was very young when she had Nathan, I helped to raise him when I would come home from college during the summer or on the weekends (my sis is only 1 & 1/2 years younger than myself).

    I remember when I first moved to the coast of North Carolina to stay with my sister. She was pregnant with her second child and her husband was overseas so I came to visit (but God had other plans!- Who knew that North Carolina would be my second home? But, that’s another story.) I remember sleeping on the bottom bunk and I remember using my tapestries from college (yes. I had tapestries and I did graduate in 2002) as a tent of sorts to keep the sunlight from waking me in the morning. Nathan would crawl down at 6 AM and snuggle with me. Of course, he would want to sing songs or ask lots of questions (He was 4 at the time) and I would sigh in my head because all I wanted to do was sleep. I remember taking him on his first roller coaster ride and being there when he was so frightened to swim. I remember my mother sending me pictures of Nathan in my “reading tree”-I used to climb this one tree in my back yard and sit there for hours reading. Now, he talks to me about the first book that he wants to write and how “creating a blog” isn’t too difficult. He asked me “Kristi. I live in the ‘Music Capital of the World (They live in Austin, TX) but Mom and Dad never take me to any festivals.” That’s when I feel as if I have neglected my auntly duties. haha He sings and he draws the greatest pictures. He is very introspective like myself and I just miss the “snot” out of him.

    So, that was my walk down memory lane and I have felt pretty “unglued” recently but didn’t realize why until you posted this today. I keep thinking of the fact that I will be missing out on those special memories with my only sister and my new nephew (who is due on my birthday next month!). And, yet, I am also reminded of how God has blessed me with so many Jesus sisters through these studies and allowed me to be involved in something much greater than myself. I am thankful that I can lift my eyes to the hills and realize that my help is within but also surrounds me. Even if I’m not sure where life will take me tomorrow, I can return to His Word, the women in this community, my church family but most importantly to Jesus. He has a plan for all of us-something great! I am so thankful that part of His plan was to allow me to share this time on the conference calls and poring through His Word and these books with so many women. It has enriched my life and given me purpose again. A year ago, someone might say “Bless her heart,” 😉 but now I can say that my heart truly is blessed even when my emotions say otherwise.

  3. Thank you Ms. Melissa–I love the southern sayings because I’m a North Carolina Southern Girl–I hope Blake enjoys his freshman year at App–love it up there–I remember taking our son to UNCW in 2006–boy time flies–our son is a 3rd student at Southern College of Optometry–so in a blink of a eye the kids grow up, bad days are a memory, and you look back and see how God has been with you each step of the way–loving the John study, ready for Unglued! hugs sue

  4. Michelle Cornthwaite says:

    Strength and honor are her clothing; She shall rejoice in time to come. (Proverbs 31:25 NKJV), I cannot believe how much I have learnt from U all in the online bible study’s, I thank the Lord for U all and especially for ❤making time❤ to share your precious time and lives with millions of woman in the world, if you think about it your hour spent writing to “us” multiplies your 1 hour to millions of hours spent around the world by woman like me hungry for more of “His Word” shared through you, Thank U for being real and examples and God Bless U all❤ “Send your grain across the seas, and in time, profits will flow back to you.”
    (Ecclesiastes 11:1, NLT)

    • I liked that Michelle! I absolutely love this blog and our Bible studies! I love having friends who are where I am…well…sorta, right now, I’m holding a baby in my arms as I type, but she’s not mine…mine are all grown! But I’m still growing in the Lord, and so hungry for His Word, and for girl friends who share my beliefs! Thank you Melissa for all you do…yes, for taking out of your precious time, to bless all of us!

      Super love, have a F-A-B day!

  5. Time sure does fly, and not just when you are having fun! While my “baby” isn’t heading off for college yet, she is entering her senior year of high school. Seems like I spent FOREVER with the kids in elementary school (10 years between all of my kids) and now, suddenly, I am looking at 2 high school students, a middle school student, and a preschooler. One thing I have learned is to cherish EVERY moment and make the best of it. I spent to many years looking ahead and focusing on what was to come and lost so many little moments as a result. We are not promised tomorrow. God will take care of that. I try to focus on the here and now, whether that be quiet time with God (where I actually spend time with God instead of making mental lists of things to do once I check quiet time off of my list), helping my child deal with a broken heart (my 14 year old son just had his first heart break when he went to school to discover that the girl he had been “dating” all summer had a different boyfriend and didn’t tell him.), or quieting surgery fears (my oldest who has had chronic ear problems due to an eustachian tube defect will be having major surgery and discovered that she will probably have to have a hearing aid within the next several years. We also discovered that the multiple surgeries she has had previously due to this prevents her from joining the military, something she has wanted to do for some time).

    The biggest thing, though, was when my 12 year old told me that she felt like I didn’t have time for her. I had been so busy doing things FOR her (and everyone else) that I had not been WITH her. Ephesians 5:16 tells us to make the most of every opportunity. Sometimes making the most of an opportunity means simply sitting still and being rather than doing. I keep the letter my daughter wrote in my Bible as a reminder that it is less about the things we do and more about the people we do them with. Time is to valuable to waste. We only have this short life, make the most of it!

  6. Time always goes too fast for me and the older i get the faster it goes. I signed up for the Unglued Study today and am trusting the Lord to provide the means. I so need this study as it seems i am usually more unglued than glued. I have constant health issues and chronic pain that will only get worse and that causes me to be very impatient and come unglued easily, i know this will be a great study for me. I am looking forward to it!

  7. Wenonah B. says:

    Ginny, you hit the nail on the head with being so busy doing that your not taking time out to just be—- we all need to take a moment to pause and focus on what is really important. I am looking forward to this bible study like the rest of you ladies and what God has in store for us.

  8. My son, William, was 19 August 27th. Nineteen years pass in the blink of an eye.
    Like you, I am mindful of how quickly time flies. May the Lord help us to number my days and make them count.

  9. oops! number “our” days!

  10. I’ve about come unglued this year because 1) our son moved back home after moving out 2 years ago. He was trying to attend college and also work. You know, the “I can make it on my own” mentality. Everything is on hold at the moment, but he does have a part-time job again – although not making enough to help with expenses around here. 2) One daughter graduated from a community college (another state), but she has no idea where God is leading her next or what exactly she wants to pursue. So she has moved back home and is looking for employment to save up for another year before returning to college (somewhere). 3) Graduated last daughter, who has no idea what she wants to do with her life. College? Work? She does work part-time, but it is really very few hours a week. So why am I coming unglued? We are 5 adults living on my husband’s sole income! And his income was slashed several years ago – and he was also notified this summer that his position is in jeopardy (translation: he will eventually end up losing his job). Unglued? Unraveled? Shaken? Thank God He is my (our) Rock!