Aug 29

The Unglued Online Bible Study Is Here

I am SO SUPER EXCITED about this Online Bible Study and I’ll be even more excited if you join me!  You can sign up in the right column of my blog. 

Here’s what we can expect as we go through the Unglued Online Bible Study together:

Author, Lysa TerKeurst admits that she, like most women, has experiences where others bump into her happy and she comes emotionally unglued. We stuff, we explode, or react somewhere in between.

What do we do with these raw emotions? Is it really possible to make emotions work for us instead of against us? Yes, and in her usual inspiring and practical way, Lysa will show us how.

Filled with personal examples and Biblical teaching,
Unglued will equip us to:

  • Know with confidence how to resolve conflict in our
    important relationships.
  • Find peace in our most difficult relationships as we learn to be
    honest but kind when offended.
  • Identify what type of reactor we are and how to significantly
    improve our communication.
  • Respond with no regrets by managing our tendencies to stuff,
    explode, or react somewhere in between.
  • Gain a deep sense of calm by responding.

Wouldn’t we all like to be equipped to handle our emotions like that?!?!  I know I would and that’s why I’m super excited about this study! It has tools I can apply to my life right away!  If you are interested in this interactive Online Bible Study, You can sign up in the right column of my blog. 

And now for some really super super fun stuff! You want to read the rest of this, I promise.

Thursday is the second Unglued Webcast! Lysa is going to tackle the topic of Conflict Resolution. Her guests will be two sensational bloggers we all love, Kelly Stamps and Courtney Joseph, as well as the President of the American Association of Christian Counselors, Dr. Tim Clinton! And guess what? I’ll be there too! And you better tune in, because I’m going to give a shout out to all my Bible study peeps and I’m giving away an Unglued participant’s guide and DVD while I’m live on air! To be entered to win, just leave me a comment at the end of this post . Winner will be announced during the webcast! Yay!

But wait, there’s more! (do I sound like an infomercial? ~haha, but there really is more, so read on!)

During the webcast (starting at 8pm EST), there will be some partying going on — Facebook and Twitter parties! Whoo-Hoo, I love me a party!

Facebook Party info:

Two ladies from my Online Bible Studies Team, Lisa Kramp and Kristi Seat, will be hosting a Facebook party! You can join their party by following this link and clicking the Join button in the top right. Once the party starts, they will be posting different questions throughout the webcast. You will be able to see comments that others are leaving on the posts, but you will need to refresh the page every once in awhile to see any new questions they ask. Be sure to read all the comments and comment back to others!

For participating in the party, you have a chance to win some cool Unglued stuff! Just look at what Lysa’s letting us give away …

2 Unglued Books

2 Unglued Audio Books

2 Unglued Participant’s Guides and DVD Combos

1 Unglued Conference Call Series

Twitter Party info:

So what if you’re not that into Facebook parties and want to hang out on Twitter? That’s awesome too! Be sure to follow the hashtag #ungluedbook and look for your Twitter hostess @AngieBCombs — she’ll be asking questions and picking winners for even more giveaways.


So join me at Thursday at 8pm EST to watch the webcast and on Facebook for a chance to win one of many, many prizes!

Special Price for One Week Only:

For one week only, visit the Proverbs 31 Store and order the Unglued Participant’s Guide and DVD Combo for just $32.00!  The DVD alone is $26.99, so this is a really good deal!

Here’s a sneak peek at Session 1 of the Unglued DVD:

If you can’t see the video, click here.

Whew!  Were you able to get all this?  Here’s a quick run down:

Sign up for the Unglued Online Bible Study which begins September 23rd.

Comment on this blog and you could win a Participant’s Guide/DVD combo. I’ll announce the winner live on the webcast.

Attend the Facebook and Twitter parties for fun during the webcast and lots of giveaways.

Purchase the Participant’s Guide and DVD at a special price.

If you are receiving this through email, click here to leave a comment.

Thanks for visiting me today. I look forward to all the fun we are going to have while we learn not to become Unglued!

Big Hugs and Blessings to You!



  1. Jesus spoke to me this morning that this fall was the second part of my “holy makeover”. Last year he healed me of some brokenness I didn’t know was at the route of who I had become. Today he showed me he wants me to work through the automatic reactions that were built in me because of the hurts. I checked my email and your invite was there! Such timing has to be Jesus! Looking forward to total restoration!

  2. Spider bite on my breast that caused swelling, a big red whelp and fever and chills, my 16 yr old cat had an accident on my sheets while I am watching Charles Stanley on TV, and my husband insisted we could trim a few of the tree limbs in our yard this past weekend and now we are hobbling around with aches and pains and scratches and I ended up at the chirp for a deep tissue massage from all the tension and stress. Cannot image why I had stress?!?!/ God has a sense of humor for sure…

  3. looking forward to my first online Bible study, I host and teach Bible study, but nothing like this!

  4. Wendy Hudson says:

    I am about half way through the book and loving it! Looking forward to the study!

  5. I am really looking forward to this online study. My family is in an “interesting” season at present and I find myself often feeling unglued even if I do not appear to be. I look for God’s guidance and grace as I learn to turn concerns over to Him and to feel the peace that will come with letting go.

  6. I cannot wait to begin this study. I am moving back to my home state from out east to live at an assisted living facility. I feel that this study will be most helpful for me upon my return and sharing with others I will meet there in this new beginning in my life. The Confident Heart was most beneficial when I arrived here seventeen months ago so with each book I continue to learn at my old age. We are never too old to continue to grow in the Lord.

  7. I think this might have come in the nick of time…my life feels like it has fallen apart since May…my best friend of 15 years verbally attacked me in December and hasnt spoke to me since, the Bible study I have attended and helped lead for 17 years decided that I needed “more work” and should step down over something someone else said….my other best friend decided another relationship was more important than ours, my husband doesn’t seem to know I exist..both kids are gone to college and have their own lives now….I work 3 jobs and volunteer at another place. I have had a strained groin for three months that don’t seem to want to heal, my hair is thinning due to stress, this all started after I had just finished the year of bible study and felt I had grown closer to God and was doing everything He wanted me to. I now have trouble praying and doing devotions thinking there is just something wrong with me… why would God love me at all He. Oh, did I mention my daughters cat that lives with us just got fleas!!!!

  8. I think this might have come in the nick of time…my life feels like it has fallen apart since May…my best friend of 15 years verbally attacked me in December and hasnt spoke to me since, the Bible study I have attended and helped lead for 17 years decided that I needed “more work” and should step down over something someone else said….my other best friend decided another relationship was more important than ours, my husband doesn’t seem to know I exist..both kids are gone to college and have their own lives now….I work 3 jobs and volunteer at another place. I have had a strained groin for three months that don’t seem to want to heal, my hair is thinning due to stress,I cry at the simplest thing and can’t seem to sleep through the night…. this all started after I had just finished the year of bible study and devotions and felt I had grown closer to God and was doing everything He wanted me to. I now have trouble praying and doing devotions thinking there is just something wrong with me… why would God love me at all He. Oh, did I mention my daughters cat that lives with us just got fleas and they are in my house!!!!!!

  9. Kristine Trone says:

    Wow! Do I NEED this! Unglued is how I’m feeling today!!
    So excited to be apart of this online study and praying that it will transform me! I participated in the 5 day challenge and with that alone, God has been hard at work!
    Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of a life changing study!
    (( hugs)) Kristine

  10. Do I believe in God’s intervention? You bet. I saw Unglued info on KLove radio website and it was no coincidence! Life is crazy for many of us, creating stress, even when others think we “have it all together”. To many times I’m “unglued”, which usually is directed at my children. At the end of the day, confrontations with my kids play over in my mind, and I go to sleep guilty with how I handled the situations. I know already that I will regret these days later when my children are grown and gone….these days I can never redo. I need this study!!!!I’m sure it will be a thump to my head!

  11. Not sure how this works is it at your own pace and time or are there set times and days to view the bible study.Thanks

  12. I really miss being in a ladies Bible study. I never thought that getting older, having older children would be so stressful. For the first time in 10 years I am not happy with my job and I do not feel needed at church. Yup, I’m either coming unglued or running out of gumption— soon.

  13. This will be my first online bible study and I am looking forward to it. I think this study is at a time in my life when I need it the most, or, maybe I will need it more later on in life and I just don’t know it yet. :)

  14. I am so excited about this bible study!
    This is the very first online study I’ve ever done.
    Really looking forward to it!

  15. God has done some incedible things in my life over the summer. I said “YES” to God and will be facilitating a Wednesday night bible study at my church for the first time this fall. I am blessed everytime I visit the Proverbs 31 website. Thank you!!

  16. Hoping to get book before the Online Bible Study starts, cuz I would really like to be a part of it. What an amazing book, & totally down my alley in MORE ways than one!! lol Looking forward to it! :) Thanks for having this Melissa!! Blessings & love to u, girlie!! :)

  17. I am very tired! Just came from the doctor with my brother, he has cancer in his forehead. Tomorrow we have to hospitalize him. I’m taking care of my aunt of 100. My husband is cheating on me. I have 2 daughter studying in Holland, today was their first day at school. I am a full time working wife/woman. Looking forward to boost myself with this bible study. Please pray for me. Thanks and blessings.

  18. Unglued? There MUST be a picture of me in Websters right next to this word! Six months ago, my 15 year old decided to come out that he is gay. Just a few weeks later, my 19 year old moved out of my house and in with her jobless boyfriend (ughhh)! Four months ago, my 25 year old niece (who lived with us of and on for years) passed away from accidental overdose. My husband and I decided it was best for us to home school our 8 year old twins to prepare them for private school. I’ve managed to find myself on two committees at my church, as well as co-leader for a support group for abused women. I have an co-worker living in my house (I really take this least of these things seriously). Did I mention I am the part time bookkeeper for my church’s preschool as well as the part time bookkeeper for my brother’s rental property business? And as if that isn’t enough, my 19 year old daughter decided 2 weeks ago to come tell her dad and I that she is moving to New Mexico with Mr. Not So Wonderful! All of this and all I could muster was a nasty, horrifying, down right UNGLUED post on Facebook! Ugghhhhh! This Bible Study could not come at a better time! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I need help so badly!

  19. I have finished the book Unglued, recommended it several friends and even bought a copy for my mom. I am currently re-reading it as I was in one frame of mind while I was going through it the first time. I can’t wait to see what I missed as the first time I read it was so situationally perfect for me.

    I am looking very forward to delving into the many aspects of raw emotions and how to deal with them. I am a mother of two girls, I want to be a better example of how to live their full life, not controlled by their emotions but embracing them and reacting with them.

  20. Looking forward to this study. My life seems to be falling apart right now and I want to be able to glorify God through this season of my life.

  21. I’m looking forward to this bible study. I know I come unglued even when I’ve practiced how not to, so I think this bible study will help me identify and relearn how God wants me to deal with the various things that come into my life. I’ve taken online classes, but never an online bible study, so I’m looking forward to it, especially since living overseas limits my choices of what I have available.

  22. I am an 85 year old grandmother whose grand daughter is in prison in Claxton, Ga. She is a Christian, and is unable to receive books, CD’s, or any Christian material, but I can write her letters and print off or write them out and they will let them go through. She has a group of women who read my letters and do the question and answers. I think this would be a good book for me and I plan to purchase it if our church booksotre has it in. If not, I will have them order it for me.
    I hope you will have it on our email list again. It is the only way that I can get the material to her. I really need the guide book to help me, but do not know if I can afford both. Any suggestions?
    Thank you so much fo your programs! I look forward to receiving them.

  23. Recently I moved in with my mom and 7 others as a caregiver. To my mom and handicapped sister I find myself feeling unglued a lot! I need this more than ever in my life!

  24. Jodi Andrews says:

    Well, God is once again reminding me doing it all myself is not the way! Timing IS everything and I feel so blessed to have found proverbs31 ministries! Thank you for being the glue that keeps me focused on Jesus in this crazy unglued world.

  25. I am so excited to discover that Lysa and fam belong to my favorite church and pastor! I have been watching Elevation online for about 1 1/2 years and plan to move to Charlotte to be a part of it in the coming year. I think God is really preparting me for something special! He introduced me to Lysa and her ministry last fall through the Made to Crave book (I want to start a wellness biz so the book is right up my alley) and like I said, so excited that she is part of Elevation! It is remarkable how God works! My husband died last January and I have no children so I am free to make a big move! What does God have in mind? I don’t know, I just need to be willing to be obedient!

  26. I was baptized in 2004 but never felt my walk with God was good. Then in Dec. 2011 the storm of my life took me over and nearly ended my life. I experienced the ultimate cruelty, hate, viciousness, and attacks from my own family (my brother and 2 sisters). I believe God brought me into that storm for me to recognize that I needed Him and needed to know Him. At first I was angry at Him for putting me through this pain. Then I thanked Him for the lessons taught and the blessings I am seeing from putting my trust, faith, and hope in Him. Since I am a baby Christian I am so looking forward to this study. I do already have the book and will be prepared to participate on the 23rd! Thank you!

  27. gricelda becerra says:

    Thank You for this..A couple of girlfriends and myself were debating on a day to fit our busy daily schedules to start our bible study for UNGLUED. I purchased the study packet and a few participant study books just last week. Unfortunately I am the only one unable to have the set date as everyone else in the group but, Praise God prayers our answered, even though I probably wouldn’t be able to attend study with them the study time is still available to me thanks to the online study. Thank You so much I look forward to this great study time. It’ll be my first so I am super excited.

  28. I’ve never done an online Bible Study before–actually I’ve not ever done a complete Bible Study anywhere. Life has taken me on a huge rollercoaster this year that tops all the previous bumpy years put together. My otherwise healthy-as-an-ox husband of 16 years developed an aneurysm in April, then a blood clot and had to have bypass surgery (at age 39!!). The bypass clotted off and led to more surgery. He got back to work after 9 weeks off and then managed to fall off our barn from 20 feet up and separate his shoulder, the transmission in his truck went out, the hot water heater went out, the chimney caught on fire, our oldest child had an allergic reaction to a wasp sting and had to go to the ER by ambulance, our middle child got 2nd degree burns all over his upper body while at a friend’s house and then one of our cats died. I’m needing a little sanity and control over my emotions at this point, lol, so this is exactly what I need. Did I mention I work as an ER/Trauma nurse and am also back in school for a higher degree??
    I find that most of the other people who commented above are also in a rough place in life. It is humbling to remember that I’m not the only one going through rough times and that it can always be worse. My coming unglued at work and with the kids is not helping. Praying for everyone and I can’t wait to get started on this study!

  29. I haven’t purchased the book yet. I keep hearing great things! I’ll pick it up before the 23rd! Thanks!!

  30. Heather Darovec says:

    I am so looking froward to this.t The last 10 years have been a up and downer for me. I have learned to trust the Lord and know He has me right where he wants me. Finding joy in the small things in life:)

  31. Erin Oliver says:

    This is such a timely topic for me. I’ve never done an online Bible Study, but I’m looking forward to my first!

  32. I am so excited about this bible study. This is really going to be good for me.

  33. Saquonna Wheeler says:

    I am planning on participating in this study with a friend of mine and I am super excited about it. I continue to struggle to keep my emotions in control especially when I am tired, hungry, frustrated, upset, etc. No instances this morning so far to cause me to almost become unglued, but the day is young :)

  34. What an answer to prayer that has been so hard to put words to! I am so thankful that the LORD knows my heart & that the Holy Spirit goes before me/us & prays & intercedes where & when I am unglued and just cannot find my way! Along with what feels like everything coming apart around me just like all that you (Melissa) were describing…Two weeks ago our 14 year old daughter was thrown from a horse & was injured very badly. I am struggling to cope with all these feelings & emotions that ARE unglued…
    I am looking forward with much anticipation to this book & this study! I am so thankful that GOD has led me to your ministry! Thank you for being such a blessing!!!!

  35. I am so excited about doing this bible study! It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Such a blessing!

  36. Viviene Moore says:

    Glad to be joining this bible study. Have been in a relationship for 4 yrs and the conflict I cant handle. We dont know how!!!! I am hoping to find a way. Was alway a gentle answer turns away wrath…but I am finding it hard. So I am ready to learn and very excited. Its an answer to prayer…..To be a better person.

  37. I am so looking forward to the “Unglued” Online Bible Study. What attracted me to this is that I’ve never done a Bible study online before. I can do this from my own home and at my own pace.

    I hope to gain life changing ideas I can put into practice in my life so I won’t come “unglued” in the midst of life’s situations which will be somewhat different from what I am used to.

  38. Ima Dale Foster says:

    Can’t wait, just finished Nehemiah study with Kelly Minter.

  39. I am looking forward to this Bible Study i truly need this in my life to many things to even talk about has happened in my life but i truly have almost given up God seems so far away I feel he has forgotten me and I can’t really blame him. I just want to get my relationship back and even better and stronger so I can truly be all that he had planned for me to be. I plan on getting the book today so I can be ready for the Bible Study. I no longer want to get so unglued.

  40. Excited about starting the Bible Study. Can’t wait to get started.

  41. Just got.the book in the mail yesterday. Have been feeling “unglued” for quite a while. Issues with my husband had gotten so bad that we are separated right now and beginning couples therapy tomorrow…and most of.our problems are about how we relate and react to each other and how we communicate those reactions. Between my biblical search for answers, the unglued book and bible studies as well as our counseling I be able to try to piece my marriage back together….but if not i hope that reading and studying the bible and unglued will keep me together through my own healing process. Thanks so much for the OBS. I’m going to share this book and this site with one of our women’s ministries tonight to see if we can get a bible study group together….Blessings to you all. Jenny

  42. I am very excited about starting bible study with many new sisters in Christ! I have not participated in an online bible study before but really look forward to it- it will be great to not have to worry about missing a week as I am a shift worker and when I read the excerpts from the UNGLUED book I thought this was the perfect study for me- I cannot wait! I am struggling with some challenging relationship issues right and really need this! Thanks so much for doing this- I look forward to fellowship and friendships that can blossom from this experience…
    HUGS and blessings,

  43. Just watched the sneak preview of the Session 1 DVD & am so motivated to begin this study. Love the way you show the human side of being frustrated and ready to learn to better control frustrations that I am challenged with in life. Going to post Psalm 19:14 in a visible place to help calm me when I begin feeling frustration coming on. Looking forward to sharing this study with others–what better way to learn how to better ourselves than opening up with others who are willing to recognize & share their frustrations.

  44. I just watched the session 1 DVD. It was so clever to film this video in front of the wall surrounding Florence. I now know the faith Joshua must have had to believe God. I had no idea what God asked Joshua to do before I saw the wall.

  45. I enjoyed the sneak preview and can’t wait to begin the study. Bought the book but haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. So what day is it day 1, 2 or 3 of your hair!!

  46. UNGLUDED, what a description of how life can make you feel and overreached to. Can’t wait to start the study. Thanks so much for putting this study together.

  47. teresa dowden says:

    I have read your book and I could really relate to what you had to say. We are in the process of selling my mom’s estate and buying another place. My brother is the excuter of the will and he acts like it hates me. We’ve never got along. I came unglued the other night when I thought we had 45 days or less to move. The next day I had to repent and ask God to forgive me for coming unglued and not trusting in him. I can really relate to what Lysa has to say in her book and I’m really looking forward to the bible study because I’m not in one right now. God bless you all for what you are doing.

  48. The closer the 23rd gets the more excited I get. This study is happening at a perfect time. My 15 year old son is in foster care, my husband just lost his job ( after working there 15 years), my 14 son has started experimenting with drugs, allthe stress is causing fights between my husband and I. im seriously to the point Im thinking about filling for a divorce. So yeah I really need this study. Thank you Mellissa for doing this study.

  49. Can’t wait for the Bible Study to start!

  50. I have read the information Melissa and am so looking forward to “Unglued”