Aug 31

Get Your Game Face On!

Ok ladies, we better get our game faces on. When you decide to do a Bible study titled UNGLUED, you better watch out.  Any of you been feeling extra unglued lately?  Things falling apart around you?

I tell you, it’s been CRAZY around the Proverbs 31 office. Water cooler leaking, the entire truckload of Unglued books falling out of the back of the truck in our parking lot (no, I’m not making this up!), air conditioner leak in our back room ruining many books, phones ringing out of control, voice mail system gone awry….Nicki Koziarz’ youngest daughter used to call this place Problems 31 instead of Proverbs! She is right!

It’s been CRAZY at home too!  Dog throw up in 5 rooms, ants all over the kitchen, marching band, football team, getting ready for school, 2 funerals this month, grill almost had a gas explosion and we had to call the fire department, everyone’s schedules are colliding, and now I have 5 house guests arriving this week (which I’m super excited about adding them to the madness!), and ya know, I just gotta laugh about it all!

And here in the Online Bible Studies is no exception! The ladies who are participating in Part 1 of our Unglued Conference Call Series, you know! Our links for the calls have been finicky (now that’s a fun word…haven’t used it in a while…not even sure I used it right!), I got muted the other night right as the call was beginning, Lysa TerKeurst showed up at the office to take pictures of the 2 of us together to use in promotion of the study~on the ONLY day of the week I chose not to shower and shampoo after my workout~y’all just wait, you’ll know the picture when you see it~Lysa looks fab and I look…well like I worked out and didn’t shower!  And one more thing…for those of you who saw the Unglued webcast this week, you saw me in a bright blue shirt. Imagine my surprise/shock/freakout moment when I accidentally splashed bleach on it. White spots on the blue shirt did not look so good. Blue Sharpie to the rescue! Like I said, we just gotta laugh.

Here I am with Lysa after the webcast. We have our game faces on. (I look like I’m in a trance~LOL) But, there are no white spots on my shirt!  haha. If you can’t see the pictures in this post, click here.  You can view last night’s webcast here.


The truth is, life is full of unexpecteds. There are ups and downs. Life is good, life is unfair. People treat us nice, people treat us mean. We are emotional beings. Our emotions can go all wild on us. It’s not so much what happens to us, but how we react to what happens to us.  Our reactions have power. And they affect us and those we are in relationships with. That’s what Unglued is all about, how we can make wise choices in the midst of our raw emotions. We don’t have the power to control others, but we do have the ability to control ourselves.

The Unglued Book


Have you signed up for the Unglued Online Bible Study?  You can sign up in the top right corner of my blog.  All you need to do this study is a copy of the Unglued book. We have so much fun in our Online Bible Studies! In this group there is a place for you. During the study, we will have discussions and challenges about the chapters we are reading each week. You will be  highly encouraged to get your Bible out and dig into the life changing Truths from Unglued the best part is that you won’t be alone and you can come here any time of day. That’s the beauty of an online study.

Have you considered doing this Online Bible Study with a friend or two?  Leave a comment today about a crazy thing that happened to you that could have caused you to come unglued. Maybe you did come unglued, maybe you didn’t, but please share it!  I’m giving away two sets of two Unglued books, one for you and one for a friend. Or maybe if you already have a book, you can win and give them to two friends!  Two winners. Two Unglued books each.  Comment by 10:00 pm EST Saturday.

Oh yes we can and we play for Team Jesus.


Suit up ladies and get ready to join the team on the field! This is serious biz and we are in it to win it! Team Jesus~that’s us. And our goal is to grow closer to God, find real hope for real life, and NOT come unglued!  Do you have your game face on?



  1. I am a mom, whose oldest just went off to kindergarten. He is a food allergy kid and I need let go of my worries and know that God will take care of my son and keep him safe. I have been overly emotional with worry. Looking forward to the Bible study and reading the book!

  2. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have invited 4 friends to do this online bible study with me. We went out for an evenng of fun and it turned in to a disaster in so many ways from the ride/trains/concert/dinner/kids left at home and the worst the ruinind of what —may not have been a true Friendship to begin with. In any case, we have a common thread—we all want to know Jesus better and improve our relationship with HIM which will improve our Relationships in our LIVES! we are all signing up and I am so EXCITED!!!!! to read and study God’s word through UNGLUED!

  4. Funny enough, I settled in to take a nice, relaxing bath and read the first two chapters of Unglued while both kiddos were sleeping and my hubby was working late. Little did I know I’d get to practice not coming unglued when I got out of the tub and found out our hot water heater had busted and out entire house was flooded! I kept remembering to look at things from another perspective and got to see God’s hand at work in many different areas. What a timely read!