Aug 31

Get Your Game Face On!

Ok ladies, we better get our game faces on. When you decide to do a Bible study titled UNGLUED, you better watch out.  Any of you been feeling extra unglued lately?  Things falling apart around you?

I tell you, it’s been CRAZY around the Proverbs 31 office. Water cooler leaking, the entire truckload of Unglued books falling out of the back of the truck in our parking lot (no, I’m not making this up!), air conditioner leak in our back room ruining many books, phones ringing out of control, voice mail system gone awry….Nicki Koziarz’ youngest daughter used to call this place Problems 31 instead of Proverbs! She is right!

It’s been CRAZY at home too!  Dog throw up in 5 rooms, ants all over the kitchen, marching band, football team, getting ready for school, 2 funerals this month, grill almost had a gas explosion and we had to call the fire department, everyone’s schedules are colliding, and now I have 5 house guests arriving this week (which I’m super excited about adding them to the madness!), and ya know, I just gotta laugh about it all!

And here in the Online Bible Studies is no exception! The ladies who are participating in Part 1 of our Unglued Conference Call Series, you know! Our links for the calls have been finicky (now that’s a fun word…haven’t used it in a while…not even sure I used it right!), I got muted the other night right as the call was beginning, Lysa TerKeurst showed up at the office to take pictures of the 2 of us together to use in promotion of the study~on the ONLY day of the week I chose not to shower and shampoo after my workout~y’all just wait, you’ll know the picture when you see it~Lysa looks fab and I look…well like I worked out and didn’t shower!  And one more thing…for those of you who saw the Unglued webcast this week, you saw me in a bright blue shirt. Imagine my surprise/shock/freakout moment when I accidentally splashed bleach on it. White spots on the blue shirt did not look so good. Blue Sharpie to the rescue! Like I said, we just gotta laugh.

Here I am with Lysa after the webcast. We have our game faces on. (I look like I’m in a trance~LOL) But, there are no white spots on my shirt!  haha. If you can’t see the pictures in this post, click here.  You can view last night’s webcast here.


The truth is, life is full of unexpecteds. There are ups and downs. Life is good, life is unfair. People treat us nice, people treat us mean. We are emotional beings. Our emotions can go all wild on us. It’s not so much what happens to us, but how we react to what happens to us.  Our reactions have power. And they affect us and those we are in relationships with. That’s what Unglued is all about, how we can make wise choices in the midst of our raw emotions. We don’t have the power to control others, but we do have the ability to control ourselves.

The Unglued Book


Have you signed up for the Unglued Online Bible Study?  You can sign up in the top right corner of my blog.  All you need to do this study is a copy of the Unglued book. We have so much fun in our Online Bible Studies! In this group there is a place for you. During the study, we will have discussions and challenges about the chapters we are reading each week. You will be  highly encouraged to get your Bible out and dig into the life changing Truths from Unglued the best part is that you won’t be alone and you can come here any time of day. That’s the beauty of an online study.

Have you considered doing this Online Bible Study with a friend or two?  Leave a comment today about a crazy thing that happened to you that could have caused you to come unglued. Maybe you did come unglued, maybe you didn’t, but please share it!  I’m giving away two sets of two Unglued books, one for you and one for a friend. Or maybe if you already have a book, you can win and give them to two friends!  Two winners. Two Unglued books each.  Comment by 10:00 pm EST Saturday.

Oh yes we can and we play for Team Jesus.


Suit up ladies and get ready to join the team on the field! This is serious biz and we are in it to win it! Team Jesus~that’s us. And our goal is to grow closer to God, find real hope for real life, and NOT come unglued!  Do you have your game face on?



  1. I have felt unglued recently. I just had my third child and it has sent my life into a whirlwind. I know that children are a gift from God and I should not feel this way. I will be going back to work in two weeks and then next month starting my bachelor’s degree online. Some people in my family have started stuff about the new baby and it is stressing me out. I have been trying to keep it together, but it is very hard. Now I don’t know what church to go to because the family members are at the church we are going to. I love Jesus so much that I would not want to not go to church and forsake the assembling of the saints. We tried out a church this past Sunday and I don’t know about it for sure yet. I have not been paid for my maternity leave and financial issues are coming up. I have cried lately because of all this stuff. I am writing this on 3 to 4 hours of sleep because I am the one up with the baby at night. Please pray for rest and release from all of this in Jesus name! God Bless!!!!

    • I really don’t know why people think that having a baby is supposed to make you feel all happy at all. Not that you are not happy but you cannot after enduring that not have a multitude of emotions running through you at the same time. I know you are happy that you have a new blessing in your life but you also realize that with that blessing comes an enormous amount of responsibility in which you are not always sure you will handle with grace at all times. Having children is both a blessing and trial. Do not think that you shouldn’t feel a certain way, because, how you feel is how you honestly feel. Your really stressed. It cannot be easy to deal with all you already have to deal with only to have family make things worse. It would do your family good to be reminded that God specifically states that “What you do for the least of these you do for me.” That being said even if you do one of the least of His wrong you are in fact doing wrong to God. So every time they hurt you or hurt that child by the things they say or do they are really hurting God. Your child doesn’t know now what is being said or done but these things have a way of staying out in the open and the child will eventually realize what was said when they were infants. I am praying for you and I am praying for your family that they will be convicted and gain more compassion for you.

      • Thank you so much! I do have so many emotions running through me now and even through the pregnancy. This pregnancy was the hardest for me for a number of reasons. God knows them and I will leave it at that. The more support and understanding I receive will help me in the end. I have a long way to go, and I want God with me all the way. It’s like the song by Building 429 “Take this world and give me Jesus, this is not where I belong” That song tells it all I want Jesus or nothing at all! I know I need to give it all to Jesus, but sometimes it is hard when you are surrounded by it everyday. I am working on it though. God Bless you sweetheart!

  2. I am excited about this study. I did the 5 days to no more unglued mornings and I tell you it changed the way I wake up and react to my family. It changed how I feel every morning I rise out of bed. I am ready to get started. Got my book in the mail the other day and will begin reading tonight. Let’s get started!

  3. I started homeschooling my daughter on August 1st. She is just in kindergarten, but I am routinely lacking a routine. That coupled with locating a part time job, buying our first house, and running around after my 3 year old has left me unglued! I need this study and have been searching for something for me and my Bible Study gals. Thank YOU!

    • I like I’m in a similar place, Alice. I just started homeschooling my almost 5-year-old, am chasing my almost 2-year-old, and to top it all off… We just moved to a small town from the city for my husband to pastor a church, and we are about to have our third child in about 2 weeks! Our life is good, but there are those moments when balancing (and oh yeah, there’s dishes and laundry and unpacking from the move) is a stress on my emotions. (Those pregnant emotions and hormones seem to make that worse some days!)

      Praying for you, sister! I too need this study, especially as I will have my third little bundle by the time it starts.

  4. We just moved, and I have a toddler and an almost 5 year-old. It’s the first time we’ve moved with kids….from a larger to a smaller house….and I am having the hardest time finding moments to unpack. It totally stinks! I know it’s so superficial, but I cannot find my magnifying bathroom mirror…so I’m sure I have wayward eyebrow hairs running amuck on my face. I just feel overwhelmed and like my house will NEVER look neat again–boxes EVERYWHERE! Oh, and on top of all that….there was the HUGEST cockroach strolling across the TV wall the other night. Seriously…big! Gave me nightmares….it was my last straw!! Boxes, kids, eyebrows, roaches….I came UNGLUED!!!!

  5. Just got the book for my Kindle. Can’t wait for the study to start.

  6. Oh goodness, just one instance of becoming unglued? I have a ton of them! The most recent took place when my mother in law was over visiting and my almost 7 year old daughter decided to throw a giant tantrum that included hitting me, spitting at me and telling me she was going to bite me. The combination of the somewhat judgmental audience and the out of control (and never seen before) behavior threw me through a loop. I definitely came unglued and certainly regretted it after the fact. I hope I win the giveaway ’cause I need it!

  7. I’ll share my not-so-flattering unglued moment. I was struggling to get through the grocery store this morning with my 3 year old son in the cart (who, by the way, sat on the ground in the parking lot in protest over getting in the cart to begin with!). Aisle after aisle, I kept my composure as he reached and hollered for all the tempting things kids want. “I WANT THAAAAATTT!!!!” he’d bellow. After 12 aisles of the same thing, and me finally conceding and opening a package of mini blueberry muffins just to keep him quiet, we reached the check out aisle. After he grabbed for several candy bars (which the stores so nicely put within child reach :-)) and I managed to stop their rapid descent to the floor (as he threw them down in protest), I thought we might be home free. The nice lady ringing up our groceries engaged in conversation with him – a welcome distraction for me! I pushed the cart out of the store and towards the car. Just as I stopped at the back of the car, again, my lovely little napless tyrant decided the little container (open container I might add) of grapes and baby carrots was too much to handle and that throwing it on the parking lot ground might help him vent. I’m proud to say I did not lose it… yet… He knew I was mad as I bent down to pick them up off of the ground, because I didn’t say a word to him. In hindsight I should have left those precious grapes and carrots for the squirrels, and I would have been spared an “unglued” moment. Just as I had bent down and picked up the first grape – BAM! I felt it square in the forehead. Those little 3 year old legs, dangling from the cart, were just long enough to make contact with my head as I was crouched down. He yelled, “Mama!” simultaneously, as if to say, “Hey, how come you’re not scolding me for dropping the veggies and fruit?” So there I was, UNGLUED BIG TIME! I don’t think I’ve ever put him in the car so fast in my life. We cried in the car together. A few minutes later, we were both fine and on with our day. Now that he is taking his much needed nap, I’m signing up for MY much needed Unglued bible study! :-)

  8. My unglued moment was without my children but stressful nonetheless. I had just finished an 8 hour exam that I had been studying for for the past three months, and went to get a bottle of wine at the grocery store. I was from out of state and had a friend from out of state with me and one from the state that we were in. I am well over 21 and all of the other people were too. My friend was checking out and they had to call over a supervisor because his license were from Puerto Rico (may as well have been out of country). After trying for ten minutes ( no exaggeration) to find his birthday, the supervisor was clearly not going to sell him the one bottle of wine so I offered license from NC. The cashier was still not pleased because they were not from that state either, so the other person who was from that state offered their license and then after about twenty minutes we were all denied buying the one bottle of wine. I came unglued. We were all over 21 and two of us are over 30 and we all had IDs to prove it, but still couldn’t get the one thing that I had come to the store to buy, one bottle of celebratory wine. I also was going to be inconvenienced to going to another grocery store for 1 bottle of wine. Maybe I am not over it completely. I felt terrible for losing it on the store supervisor after the fact, mainly because I didn’t handle the situation well, but I still feel like they were totally unjustified in not selling me the bottle of wine. I am hoping this bible study will help me with the moments when I feel like other peoples actions are unjustified, and I can achieve a sense of peace that comes with knowing that God will sort out the details later.

  9. My unglued moment was last Monday or maybe I would call it the final straw! And im sorry but my story is pretty depressing! My husband and I have been having a great deal of trouble with our eighteen year old son. It started last September with a DUI. We thought we were doing everything right by signing him up for classes, Scared Straight, MADD victims panel and so on and thought we were seeing progress. He had us fooled! We’ve been battling for a year now! Sunday he didn’t come home and I worried all night. I went to work the next day and recieved word from my husband he was in an accident and at the hospital until 4am. He called a friend to take him there when he could of called us. The accident was at the front of our neighborhood. He stated he swerved to avoid a deer and ran into someone’s yard and hit their tree. He never took ownership of the damage he caused because he was afraid he would get in trouble because he let his insurance expire. I found out it was my coworkers yard! On Tuesday I went into work and spoke with her to let her know that it was my son who hit her tree and caused a lot of ruts in her grass. I wasn’t apologizing for him but I needed to let her know it was my son! How embarrassing! I am so disappointed with his choices and never thought, as a loving mother, I would be in these situations.

  10. Georgette Megyeri says:

    On July 6th my mom had her 3rd lung cancer surgery.She came through the surgery fantastically but when my father got her home he relinquished me of my duties as her care giver,which I had just spen 6 days and nights in the hospital taking care of my mom. He said he would do it his way now. For three weeks I had to stand by and watch my mom,my best friend suffer and almost die under the care of this man. I did come unglued and lost my temper but still held my head up,stuck near as I could to my mother and our WONDERFUL Lord worked in such a special way to get her here in my home with me.She is doing very well and let me tell you care giving itself can make you come glued.I have had to lose many hours at both my jobs and lost quite a bit of income.But through it all God has shown His grace,mercy,peace and majesty. He is the Great Healer.I have been blessed and taught in ways that could only have come form our Father. I am forever grateful and humbled.In the meantime I am being taught patience as well in so many aspects of my life,I am dying to get a job at this coveted restaurant and every morning I just have to say God will put you there if it where you belong.I have so many connections and am sooo tempted to use them but I am counting on God,regardless of the outcome. This is making me feel out of control and somewhat unglued.Thanks for listening looking forward to the Bible study.God Bless

  11. Loretta Pearson says:

    I have become a screamer at my husband’s little aggressive dog! Llttle sleep. Lots of work…& unglued!

  12. I feel like my whole life is unglued! The transition of my life during the separation from my husband has caused me to have many moments of feeling unglued. From finances, kids, housework, yard work, parenting, and most of all dealing with the reality that my family is not ever going to be the same. I am looking forward to this bible study encouraging me to walk in God’s wisdom in all situations. I need to trust God a little more and seek him in all areas of my life.

  13. I just finished the book on Saturday afternoon, looking forward to the bible study. It was a wake call, as to how I react to the stress in my life,not too happy my about reactions to certain situations in my life. That is going to change with the help of God and this book. Thank you

  14. I find myself “unglued’ because my days can get so hectic! We have four little ones under the age of 5 and most days at some point it feels like a tornado is swirling around…I try to stay calm and be the eye of the storm but it doesn’t always work out that way. I would love to do the bible study…Lysa is one of my favorite authors…I love to read her writings!

  15. I am great at having big plans and lots of energy to accomplish something, going full blast at it for a while and then…BAM!!! Back to square one, feeling very much unglued. :-(

  16. Lets see… Soccer went way over, four starving kids, husband working late, dishes piled up in the sink, two dogs going wild in the middle of the kitchen while I’m trying to piece a meal together with leftovers, two sisters arguing in the bathroom, high school son finally decides he wants to tell me about his day in the middle of the chaois, phone ringing off the hook (mother-in-law calling repeatedly), and my rambunctious three year old decides he wants miniature chocolate chips for dinner and spills the quite full bag all over the fridge =’s one extremely unglued momma not at her finest!!!!

    I sooooo need this book!!!!

  17. Paulette Kinmond says:

    Unglued, a new word that I will use as I start this new phase of my life stage of pre-menopause…groan.

    One area of my life that causes me to become unglued, is when I go to get something and I cannot find it because my husband has decided to organize my world. example – shoes, car keys, purse…. you name it. I cannot tell you how many times, I have got dressed to go to work and I go to get the matching shoes and they are no where to be found. So a panic call to my husband to find out where he has moved them. The latest challenge was, I throw my husband a surprise 60th birthday party. He found the napkins, plates and decorations, and packed them away. He thought I needed them for one of my work events. The day of the party, I go to get the items and boom, they were missing. A mad dash to Walmart to get the generic items. I love him to death, but my dear Owen knows how to cause me to unglue… lol.

  18. I am in an almost 30 year marriage and my husband is facing retirement at the end of this year. As the date approaches, he is working on making a new life for himself with new groups of people and interests, many of which don’t involve me or which I cannot join due to a difference in beliefs or interests. He claims I am over reacting and he is still committed to our marriage. I’m not so sure. When I first found out about this, I literally became “unglued” – the exact term I used with my therapist well before I knew about Lysa’s book – as the world I knew appeared to be coming apart and the man I knew appeared to be so different. I have spent the last 4 months trying to regain myself, and Lysa’s book was very helpful. I know that I need to center myself in Jesus and trust that good will come from this plan that He is working out for me. I look forward to the Bible Study. PS – I am a stuffer who had a major explosion!

  19. Well, I have to say that this was one of those situations where I DID come unglued. My husband was (as he often does) working a late shift so it was just me after a long day of work with my 8 week old son and 3 1/2 year old daughter. I had given my daughter some things to color while I went to my son’s nursery and was nursing him to sleep. He had just drifted off when my daughter opened the door and whispered, “I need more toilet paper.” Somehow in my sleepy fog I realized that I had just refilled her t.p. roll so I said, “Why?” Then she dramatically motioned to his adjoining bathroom and said, “I’m just going to grab a little bit more.” At which point I (knowing that this sweet, precious 3 1/2 year old of mine was frequently up to no good) asked again, “Why?” Her response? “I pooped in the sink.” Well that got my attention. I put my startled baby in his crib and went into her bathroom and immediately questioned her motives – specifically, “WHY would you poop in the sink?” It was her response, as well as the mess and piled high toilet paper that sent me over the edge… “I wanted to see what you would do” WHAT? WHAT? You wanted to see what I would do? Part of me (the overtired postpartum screwy part) wanted to dye my hair and move to Canada, but the part that won was the part that completely lost it and began a yelling tirade. Not proud of it, but it happened. I will tell you, she never did that again! But they all do little things that either pile up or somehow weaken my threshold for coming unglued. I am excited for this bible study, because I believe that there is a Felicia lying deep within me that Christ has made more peaceful and able to handle the craziness that comes with parenting. Yay for that!
    In Him,

  20. Katherine Waters says:

    My unglued moments has been going on since April 10, 2012 when I received a FB email from a man who’s wife is having an affair with my husband of 23 years. It has been 5 months since that day. The sad thing is that as I look back at what I thought was a marriage was really just spending time with someone who wasn’t spending time with me. He has been a pron addict all these years. I thought I could change him. I ranted, I raved, I even titrated. But he still has no clue and he is the one wanting the divorce. So I am doing this Bible study to learn more about me and put my God back in His rightful place as King of my life. Then I am going to leave the rest of it to Him to leaded me by the still waters for His name sake.

  21. Where to begin……I feel like everything in my life right now is spinning out of control as I sit by on the side lines watching my life drift away!!!! One of my many unglued moments here recently has been this: almost 2 wks ago my husband tossed me my cell phone, it hit the back of my hand “just right” and up until today thought I had a hairline fracture. Thank God I only have a dislocated bone in my hand/wrist which will be fixed in a wk or so when my hand is a lot less sore….any who my “major unglued moment” has been this….I can’t do anything cause my right hand is wrapped up & I’m right handed. Everything takes me longer to do, no one wants to be patient w/me, I play the guitar & until I’m better I can’t even play that!! I broke down the other night & just cried cause it took me 30 min to wash 8-10 dishes! My husband probably thought I was going nuts!! Then again this last Monday I broke down again crying! All I wanted was to push EVERYONE away and lay in bed while I pouted! I thank God for my God fearing husband! If it hadn’t been for him I don’t know what I would’ve done. I know God is leading me down a different path this time but it’s all so unfamiliar…I know God is wanting me to trust him fully. I’m so ready to read this book!

  22. Carmen Cruz says:

    Unpluged?? Well I became very unpluged when I found out the guy I am/was dating since March was cheating on me. The way it went, well… He keeps saying that he is a man of GOd. He keeps saying that he loves me with all his heart. He keeps saying I am the one he has been looking for all his life. He keeps saying that God sent me to him and vise versa. He keeps saying that he is going to marry me. He tells me this alot. Yet the day he tells me this again, the very next day he dumps me by text message. He tells me that he was working that weekend with his male bos. He was with her and her kids ant an amusement park instead. The day he broke up with me he says he chose her. And now flaunting it in my face every chance he gets. Unfortunatly we work together. UGH!!! Unpluged? I only wished I was just unpluged. I so need this book and the study. I will be doing this study with my 20 year old daughter that also needs it. Finances are very stiff right now and, if we win the books, ?I will and always try to pass it along.Thank you for letting me vent/unplug! lol

  23. Would love to join this study and learn to control my emotions instead of them controlling me. God bless you for sharing your wisdom from Gods word on this subject.

  24. What has caused me to come unglued this week? My mother, whose health has been failing this year, called and asked if I would do her canning for her — namely three bushels of tomatoes. I have a full-time job and canning of my own to do, but she isn’t able to do it on her own, so what could I say? THEN she calls back and asks if I would mind washing all the jars — she doesn’t feel up to it. Sure, mom, just add it to my growing list. BUT to top it all off, when my father drops off all the tomatoes, the boxes of jars, and the supplies that I will need, I find out that half of these tomatoes aren’t even for my mother! My mother had promised someone else earlier in the summer that she would do tomatoes for them! Are you kidding me????

  25. Oh my goodness, asking me about getting “Unglued?” Well, a couple of months ago, my boyfriend told me he loved me. I have strict boundaries with the “L” word (I don’t want to exchange “I love you”s until my wedding day). A few weeks later, I found out that he was cheating on me (let it be said that I was literally on the bus to a retreat with my church when I found out!). With one of my best friends, nonetheless! After everything with my (now ex-) boyfriend, a lot of Jezebel-esque traits came out of this girl – she was not someone I want to mess with. Then I find out my mom wants to start a full-blown tutoring business (which I agreed to help her jump start). Two weeks after we start, she comes down with neuro-invasive meningitis caused by West Nile. Being her only daughter, I now have the privilege of driving her around everywhere, caring for her 24/7 and pretty much putting my life on hold to help her get better. In the midst of this, I find out that another very close friend of mine has been getting buddy-buddy with the girl who broke me and my boyfriend up. At this time I was not in a small group, so this woman was my only close friend. I felt all alone. No one else knew about the things the first girl did, so my aquaintances kept up with her, even after she moved. I believe I fell into a light depression. I got far behind in my daily devotions, so I felt far away from God as well. I was right on the brink of becoming “Unglued.” Then one night my phone beeped, alerting me to a new email. It was one of the Proverbs 31 Devotional emails. I decided to go ahead and read it, just for the heck of it. It snapped its fingers in front of my face and woke me up! Now I’m in an amazing small group, I’ve got a great friend circle, and I’m doing my devotions daily. I’m even in an internship program with my church!
    Thank you so much for letting me vent, if nothing else! But, the reason I decided to leave a comment at all is a money issue. I am currently living with my parents (my mother is not completely well yet, needing 24/7 attention. My father works full-time, so he is not available as much as she needs), and I have no source of income. I am fully dependent on my parents, and I would hate to impose upon them with buying a book. I’m sure there are many people on this website that have much worse testimonies than I, so if I am not chosen, no hard feelings!

  26. We just moved to China this Spring, so where do I start about all that’s gotten me unglued? Some weeks everything from crossing the street to going for groceries can cause me to come unglued. This week it’s my kids starting school in a foreign country that’s doing it. I’m praying that this Bible study helps give me some tools for handling all these culture shocks!

  27. Melissa

    This has been a whirlwind week with many opportunities to come unglued. I’m going through a divorce, moving into a new place, shuffling kids all over the place and getting them ready for back to school and yesterday celebrated my birthday. To make it a really great day my boss gave me 1/2 the day off – woo hoo. The caveat to that was that last night to top off the madness in our new apartment my daugther went in my bathroom to take a shower as we hadin’t put up a curtain in her bathroom – couldn’t find the hooks… she took a 20 minute shower and when I went to get her out I stepped in a puddle of water. She took a shower with the curtain outside of the tub. All the rugs in the bathroom were soaked and water was everywhere. I wanted to scream at her and that was compounded when I asked her why she didn’t put the curtain in the tub and she shrugged her shoulders and said I forgot and walked out of the room. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got intimately acquainted with my bathroom floor as I got down on my hands and knees and sopped up the water that wasn’t absored by the rugs. Nothing like a little humbling to make one bite their tongue and smile at the situation considering it could have been a lot worse if I hadn’t of gotten her out when I did.

    I’m looking forward to the bible study and am grateful that you are doing it.

    Warmest blessings,


    • Debra Faulhefer-Gilbert says:

      Bless you Kimberly….The best thing that I did for myself was find a DivorceCare group at a local church. It is Christ centered and you will meet people who are walking a similar bath. I know have “forever” friends in Christ.

  28. I become so unglued, when my brother stop speaking to me for no reason at all,
    then I found out that my own mother was the cause of it, because she told him
    that I said he was a junkie, which I did not. All this time I thought it was my sister who was the cause, and I blew her out. Everything was so crazy and conflicting, because I also blew out my mom for setting me up. The sad thing, is that my brother is still not speaking with me, and he seems to be taking some sort of substance.

  29. Twice this week, (and it is only Wednesday) I have gone into work when I wasn’t supposed to be there. I work 3 days a week 12 hour shifts. Monday morning when I could have slept in with the whole family, I got up at 5:15, showered dressed and went into work. When I walked in everyone looked at me and said.”what are you doing here”. I forgot that someone had asked me to switch days with them! Well, bright side it was a holiday so I got to go home and spend the rest of the day with the family. Yes, that was humorous until…. Last night I received a message asking if I would come in for a few hours until one of the girls could get some daycare issues worked out. I agreed and got up at 5:15, showered, dressed, (sound familiar yet?) and out the door after kissing the kids and hubby goodbye. As I was walking in the door my phone rang, “so sorry but there was confusion, I didn’t need you to in this morning I needed someone this evening”. WOW REALLY! I could have easily come unglued but instead I stopped and got biscuits for my husband on the way home and we spent a few extra minutes together this morning before he left for work. :)

  30. Ok, here we go. My story is more like a series of unfortunate events. Put it in a nutshell…financially we have crashed over the summer; I’ve had 3 client cancellations, my husband chose a raise over commissions (good idea in long run, bad idea when you’re bringing in a lot of commissions!), one of my daughter’s father stopped paying child support and stopped picking her up (she had an emotional breakdown at youth), my sister moved in a month ago because she had no home, she was living in her care hopping from house to house and her daughter was in the care of her grandma so I took them both in. I have also lost a client due to cancer, may she rest in peace. On top of all that, my sister and I bunt heads, my youngest daughter and her daughter are like fire and ice 24/7!!! My husband is being pushy about keeping the house cleaned, which is next to impossible with our new living situation. I also just took on being a sunday school teacher on sunday mornings and assisting in youth group on wednesday nights and sunday night. My schedule is getting fuller. We also have 3 kids in soccer, not including my sister’s daughter. She has no job and we are currently trying to help her find one and get on her feet. This last Friday, my top blew off my volcano, and I chased my sister off because I came unglued. Oh yeah, that same day, two of our kids were sent home from school with lice! So we both really desperately need this Bible study and financially we cannot afford books. What a blessing this Bible study would be for our whole household, because once we come unglued, the whole house shakes like an earthquake aftershock! Thank you for deciding to put this Bible study out there now! God bless!

  31. Barbara Justiniano says:

    I am a new believer…Since then I feel like I am battling the enemy more with the same things that I dealt with when I wasn’t a believer. What I mean is that when I wasn’t walking in Christ, it seems I tolerated more things and had more patience than I do now. Kid noice and “i forgot’s” bother me more…I get upset at my partner’s selfishness and bad choices where before I would just one up him and let go. I feel closer to God’s word, understanding it more but “Unpluged” as to which socket to use{if that makes sense}

  32. Unglued is a mild term for my life lately! We had the county fair at which I lived in a 34.5 foot long horse trailer/living qtrs for 9 days! Sleep was very little during this whole time, but the very unglued day was when I woke up to a “drip” coming from the bathroom. I knew it was not good when I could hear it over the whir of the airconditioner. I go in to attempt to stop the drip. I turned the plastic clamp ont he back of the hot water valve to the shower. It only got faster! I turned it again. Faster! Again I turned it. Faster!!! I siged. It was 5:15 AM and I hadn’t been asleep much. All the sudden, the clamp broke and water started squirting everywhere inside the bathroom cabinet!!!! I started hollering at my 9 year old to wake up!! “Wake up! Wake up, Jae!” She came scrambling out of the bed in the nose of the trailer crying, “Momma, momma, what’s wrong!” as I sat on the small toilet holding the small hose in one hand and trying to push the bathroom door open for her to hear me with the other! Her eyes were barely open. I grabbed her hand, placed it on the hose and shoved it against the wall to try to slow the gushing water as I said; “PUSH hard!” I ran all the way around the outside of the trailer, bare footed, on asphalt, to turn off the hose to the trailer! I tore the skin off the top of my little toe in two places and still had a week to go of fair!!! I’m diabetic and that’s not good for my feet! AAAAAHHHHHHHhh!! It was a long week, but a good week after all. The worst part was my kids starting the first day of school the day after the fair was over!! Thanks God for his provisions and that things have slowed slightly now!

  33. Tanya Douglas says:

    Today is the first day I’ve heard/seen anything about this online class and I’m really looking forward to being a part of it. In fact, just yesterday I used the phrase “I feel like I’m coming unglued” to a friend when discribing my current situation. I feel like I’ve been coming unglued for months now. My husband is currently serving a 1 year tour over in South Korea. He has been gone for almost 7 months. That leaves me at home to care for my 4 year old and my 8 month old. My 4 year old has a heart defect and has been through several stages of repair…as of now, he is doing great and living life like a normal little boy. But being a “single parent” to two boys has been extremely difficult. Since we are military, we live states away from any real family. And Murphey’s Law has come to call on more occasions than I can count….we call it Mrs. Murphey’s Law. Because whatever can go wrong, does go wrong while my husband is gone. Its been a very bumpy ride this past 7 months! I have found myself reaching breaking points several times and just flying off the handle or having complete emotional break downs. I am not proud of it, but I’m really working and striving to give it all to God and go with the flow. Last night was one of my “unglued” moments. I had two boys screaming and crying and needing me and I seriously had no idea which way to turn. Mateo (4) was crying because he had a severe migraine headache, Mason (8 months) was screaming because he needed to nurse and go to bed. I was pretty sure I was gong to lose my mind. I wanted to take Mateo to the ER but needed someone to stay with Mason and I didn’t know who to call. It all worked out (the good LORD knows when to step in!) and Mateo and Mason are both find and dandy this morning. If anyone needs to go through this bible study, its me! Feeling as overwhelmed as I do (all the time these days!) I need to find a way to handle those difficult moments and act instead of reacting. Thanks ladies for finding the perfect topic when I need it most!

  34. God has really been using Proverbs 31 ministries in my life the last few months, some of the devotions have been specific for me recently. When I read about the “unglued” Bible study, I knew it was just for me. I have been happily married for 7 yrs and we just had our first baby. Our baby had some health issues at the beginning as well as being colic for the first several months. I came back from maternity leave at 9 wks and to a new job in a new management position. With God’s help, I have been trying to keep from falling apart from that stress alone. In addition, 2 months ago I discovered my husband was cheating on me. He said he had broken it off even though I caught him in contact with her 3 more times. The story gets worse, but I’ll spare the details. I am having a difficult time keeping myself together for the sake of my 8 mo old. I have signed up for this study and am looking forward to God using it to help me through this trial. I desperately need it.

  35. Well this past week has been one of those weeks. I caught my husband and daughter in a lie. I did come unglued at first then ive just been choosing to forgive and tryong to get over it. Then there comes work. Im in a new postion and it requires alot of accountablity and responsibility. Ive been giving it my best or so i thought. Well i got a verbal coaching. Then my two adult daughters 21 and 20 got into a physical altercation. I need this bble study desperately! I also hope maybe to win at least one back as my financial situation is kinda bleak right now. Thanks ladies for all you do. You are a true blessing. I love proverbs 31 ministries!

  36. I have been feeling unglued lately but I try not to show it. I have a full time job, I am going to Liberty University online full time to get my bachelors in criminal justice and I have a full time family. I have a husband, a 19 year old daughter, her 20 year old husband and their 10 month old daughter that all live with me. Sometime this can be overwhelming because I usually watch my grand daughter in the evenings while her parents work and I do my homework plus the house work that needs done. I also go to church as much as I can and I try to go see my friends and let them know that I still love and care for them. I am also doing the Karen Kingsbury New Testament challenge every day but I still want to do this bible study. I know God will be there for me and I will find the right time to include this in my busy schedule. My family does help me as much as they can so its not to bad just some days are worse then others.

  37. I have a 5 month old baby boy and we just move from Alabama to Michigan. HUGE move! I went from working full time to becoming a SAHM which has been a huge transition for me. I don’t get out a lot because our son is a very demanding and needy baby that needs our attention at all times. So we stay home a lot. Now we have moved to this brand new town, away from all of our dearest friends, away from my family, and my husband just started grad school for his Masters. We have no friends here so I feel lonely and UNGLUED all the time! Can’t wait for this study!!

  38. This past April, we had a huge hail storm that caused a lot of damage to my roof. While we were in the process of replacing our roof, a second hail storm hit us in May (go figure). I was left with half my house under water , many belongings ruined, and many restless nights. To make a long story short, my family had to move out (we are a family of 6) while renovations were being made. Not only was my family separated, we were commuting to and from work, dealing with sub-contractors, dealing with insurance adjusters and living a nightmare. Our summer was spent with kids being cranky and adults being impatient. No matter what, after I cried a good cry, I thanked the Lord and knew how blessed I was. It didn’t matter where we were living, we were still a family, one family united under God.

  39. My oldest started kindergarten yesterday and I am potty training my youngest today. That’s enough to make you unglued! :o) Looking forward to this study.

  40. Unglued! I just moved…started a new job as an Administrator of a 56 bed Retirement facility and then fell and tore the ligaments in the left foot so I can’t walk. I also can’t take care of myself which is a problem seeing how I live alone, have 3 cats and a hound dog! Not a lot of fun and the doctors says it is going to be a long road! Trying not to come unglued which is funny seeing how my sister handed me this book three days after my fall. I think she was trying to tell me something! So looking forward to the study!

  41. Laurie Fletes says:

    On Labor Day I awoke to my kitchen/ hallway flooded from a broken pipe in the kitchen. It totally ruined our brand new beautiful wood laminate floors, and caused us to be without water for 2 days! Don’t you just love trying to get a plumber out on a holiday! We had to wait around all day with my bored 5 year old daughter and use plenty of hand sanitizer… you just never really appreciate water until you don’t have any! Anyways, in the past I would have been in tears, and come unglued, but… I am trying to be eternally minded and keep things in perspective! I think I did a pretty good job:-)

  42. Sherri Bruner says:

    I thought I had survived the “unglued” years with children, but as it turns out, they are worse now than when they were little. My 30 year old step son keeps me so stressed out with his drinking, refusal to work, lack of respect and my husbands refusal to do anything about it. The one place that should be your safe haven, home, is the last place I want to be most days. There is so much tension there that some days I can barely breath. I have gone from throwing fits, to simply trying to ignore the undesired behavior. Either way, I need help and I pray this study is going to give me some!! Of course, now that I’ve talked about my step-son, let me be fair, my daughter is pregnant with my second grandchild, and yet to marry the daddy, my son is 31 and avoids committment because he has seen me go through to much in mine….”UNGLUED”!!!

  43. My coworkers are very messy! So, I took it upon myself to be the “fridge monitor” at work. In my mind it was a labor of love – giving to my friends a gift of time and much needed fridge cleanliness. Once everything was neat and clean, I announced weekly clean out days. One afternoon, after a weekly clean out, I got a call at home from one of my co-workers expressing her irritation that I had removed her lunch box and spoiled her food that she had expected to eat later that day. Rather than listening and understanding, I came “unglued.”I can’t seem to shake the conversation I play over and over in my head. I have so much regret and shame over my words and my reaction – all started by what was intended to be an act of kindness.

  44. On July 1st, my mom suddenly went to be with the Lord. She lived 2 doors down from me and I am so thankful that I was able to be there for her. Nonetheless, life understandably became unglued. I have 3 wonderful teenage kids and an amazing husband and we all hopped into the van and made the long trek from South Carolina to Massachusetts, where most of my 7 brothers and sisters and their families live.

    No sooner did we arrive than we received a call from Mom’s boyfriend’s daughter, who insisted that we come empty out the lake cabin, where Mom had apparently stored LOTS of stuff to the point that her boyfriend couldn’t use it. While that was an appropriate request, the timing was not. Despite our promise to take care of it the day after the funeral the daughter insisted the house be emptied on the day of the viewing, THAT DAY! The day just before the funeral! Counterintuitively, we came up with what we hoped was the loving response to this situation.

    We said that we would be there at 9am on the day of the viewing. All 25 of us (nieces and nephews included) showed up at my sister’s house, downed a continental breakfast and donned silly attire, calling our mission “Mothball Mania 2012”! Then, with a sense of humor and love, we ended up having one of the best times yet as a family. We did a job, which would have taken weeks for a clean up crew in miserable July heat and humidity and it took us about 4 hours and countless laughs.

    What could have been a terribly sad loss topped by a miserable mess on a painful day turned out to be a mission of love for Mom’s boyfriend and probably a witness to his family as well. It was downright healing.

    God is so creative and available when we invite Him in!

    • How impressive and loving in an ‘unlovable” situation! God can turn those difficult times into family blessings. You truly honored Him by your reaction. Thanks for sharing!

  45. When my husband took a job in West Africa and we planned our move, I stayed totally unglued for a while, especially leaving our two sons back in the US attending college. But what was a HUGE challenge became a wonderful blessing and we love living in the chaos of a 3rd world country. I am thrilled to do an online Bible study with women around the world and ready to learn from each other. (And my book is on the way!! )

  46. I will be 50 this year. The crazy thing that happened to me was that I had a baby. It was 2 years ago. She was a surprise! Here’s Isabella’s story.
    For the past couple of years, my DH, has taken himself off on weekends when we visit our parents and left me with the baby. Last weekend, I sent him to his mom’s for a couple of hours with her. Her sleep schedule has been off for a couple of weeks and I had had very little sleep during that period of time. When he returned, I went to WalMart for an hour. He complained that he wanted to go fishing. The first time in 2 years that I take an hour for myself, he complained. I am ashamed to say that I came unglued! Hoping to grow and stay together next time!

  47. Brandy Rice says:

    Well I am super excited about this study! I definitely can become an unglued mama at times. I am ashamed to say that it happens more than I want it to. I have a 3 year old, a 1 year old, a lovely house that is not finished, so my girls sleep in our family room, (that is when they are not sleeping in my bed with my husband and me), I am an OB nurse that works nights and goes on 4 hours of sleep a day, my hubby is a farmer and this drought has killed our corn, so I definitely have many unglued moments during the day. Every morning I ask God for patience and to help me be slow to anger, but everyday I fail! I am hoping this book and study will give me the tools and insight that I need to keep myself in control and be a better mama, wife, daughter, friend, and child of God!

  48. Angela koshinsky says:

    I have been unglued for the past year and lost.. the past year and a half has been hell and a test to my sometimes a lack of it..i have had two pregnancies losses that have thrown me for a loop and the last one my angel Mary grace at 24 weeks has made me feel so lost angry..and desolate..some have told me that it was god’s will or a test of my faith well if that is the fact..i’m drowning and need this as a liferaft..tried to go to mass today and cause I needed it and the church was empty wth!!..don’t care for a prize other than sanity and my rock which has always been my faith ty for listening to this rant..and thank GOD for my friends in christ Diane kriebel and dawn brown…

  49. Pamela Dolinger says:

    I am so excited about this bible study. My entire life seems to be unglued. Things had gotten so bad with my husband that I told him I needed some time without all the tension to put myself back together. I told him I didn’t want a separation or divorce just some quiet time to figure out where we were going. I left and he started seeing someone right away. Now he wants a divorce even though I have begged him to go to counseling to see if we could put things back together. I became completely unglued when I found out through our teenage daughter about the other woman. Now I need to put myself back together so that I can know what God has in store for me. It is hard to go to our church where I am a member and I am having difficulty getting into a new church. TV church is what I get the most of. I started looking for other ways to be encouraged and joined a couple of devotional groups online, such as Proverbs 31 ministries. I have to say most days God provides for me just what I need to at least get through that day. I have a hard time with the “it was meant to be” comments, for God doesn’t do sin, although he will let us sin and divorce and adultery are sins. I know everything is in his hands but I am so hopeful that this study will help me get glued back together. To add injury to insult our daughter go involved in drugs so I spent my summer taking her to rehab trying to get her clean. Thank God she was strong enough to tell me she needed help and she is clean now.

  50. Got your email and I am so excited for this Bible study to begin. I just need to get ready and get organized – have a hard time sticking to something with everything going on – but I am determined I will succeed! Thank you so much!