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Aug 21

Who Knew?

That Bible study could be so fun.

What did she just say?  Bible study, fun?

Yes!  Bible study can be fun!  Just ask the ladies that signed up for Part 1 of our Unglued Conference Call Series!

Let me explain.

Last night we had our first call in Part 1 of the conference call series. I think they thought I would just deliver a nice, sweet fluffy message. But no I didn’t. Instead I took another approach.

You see, I received many emails asking me, “What are we supposed to do while we are waiting on Unglued to start?”  I thought about that for a while.

I don’t want anyone waiting on me to start a Bible study or Lysa TerKeurst to write a new book. If we have a Bible, that’s all we need…right?  Well, maybe.  But if you are like me, it helps to have a little fire lit under you.  And so, I decided to do just that.

And so, Part 1 of the Unglued Conference Call Series was formed.

If you are serious about wanting to get in God’s Word, making it a habit, and really establishing good habits with your prayer life and in the Word of God, then this Conference Call series could be for you!  We started Part 1 of the series last night.

I challenged the ladies who signed up for Part 1….”if you aren’t serious about reading God’s Word, then go ahead and call the P31 office and get your money back…because if you aren’t serious about the Word of God then this will be a waste of your time.”

Part 1 of the series:  4 weeks. The Book of John. Quiet Time suggestions. Time management. Motivation. Commitment. Discipline. Accountability. Private Facebook page for discussion with others.

Part 2 of the series: 6 weeks through the Unglued book by Lysa TerKeurst.  Interviews with special guests including best selling authors like Lysa TerKeurst and Deborah Peagues and Wendy Blight. Messages that will encourage and carry you through the Unglued book.  Private Facebook page for discussion with others.

Special Price when you purchase Part 1 & 2 together today.

Money back guarantee.I don’t want you to take my word for it. Just ask those who are participating.

Honestly, I didn’t think that many people would sign up. But they did!  And it’s awesome!  Who knew?

Would you like to join us?  We want you to!  It’s not too late at all.  The first call was recorded and we can send you the call information to listen to or download. Our Facebook page is exploding with excitement!  Are you up for a challenge?

Ladies who are a part of the conference calls, please share truly what you think about this so far?

Who knew?  Can Bible study really be exciting?  Yes, I believe It can be.

Who knew?

I’m giving away 3 conference call series this week. What do you have to do to qualify?  Easy~Comment here and at the end of your comment put a smiley face like this :)   You will then be entered!




Aug 19

How to Study When You Don’t Have a Study

I’ve received a lot of emails lately from ladies who are so excited to begin the new Unglued Online Bible Study.  I’m excited too, but we won’t begin studying Unglued for another month. So, what to do?  How can you study the Bible when you don’t have a study to guide you?

There are many answers to that question. There are many ways to stay in God’s Word, but only one key to staying in God’s Word. Discipline. I wish there was a magic pill to take to make discipline just happen, but there isn’t.

Over the next month, I am going to be intentional on bringing discipline back into my life. I’ve decided on a schedule that will work for this season of my life. The summer schedule I’ve been on isn’t going to work. I’ve just had one child leave for college, 1 plays football, 1 is in the marching band, and 1 plays soccer. Their schedule impacts my schedule and so change is necessary and it begins Monday, August 20th.

My new schedule:

5:15 am~ Coffee and Quiet Time

6:30 am~ Exercise with Samantha

7:30 am~ Shower and get ready for work

8:30~ Go to office, work for the day

After this, the schedule depends on the demands of the day. This early morning time is about the only time of day that I am in control of my own schedule, so I have to have my quiet time here…or it’s probably not gonna happen. And I’ve learned, God’s Word is powerful, but it loses it’s power in my life if I’m not reading, digesting, and applying.  I can’t get to the digesting and applying if I’m not first reading.

Can’t blame busyness.  Can’t blame another person.  Can’t blame the fact that I’m not currently studying a  Bible study book. I can only blame me if I don’t make the time.

Do you have a time to read God’s Word?  What are going to do with that time until the Unglued study begins?  You may have a great plan all figured out, and if you do, I’m super excited for you!  Great job!  But if you are unsure what to do with time you set aside, I have an invitation for you.

Beginning Monday night, August 20th,  Part 1 of the Unglued Conference Calls begin.  Part 1 (4 calls) is going to be devoted to establishing good Bible study habits, creating a space for quiet time, having the right materials on hand for a productive quiet time, enriching your prayer life, picking the right time, and reading through the book of John.  We will meet once a week on Monday evenings via conference call on the phone. (For those who can’t be on the calls at that time, each call is recorded for later listening and download.)  I’m going to be tough (in a loving way) on those who participate in these calls. I want everyone to get their money’s worth, so you will be challenged and you will be set up for success.

If you are interested in signing up to join me, click here and sign up.  There is the option to just do Part 1, which I’ve described today, or sign up for Parts 1 & 2.  (Part 2 will be 6 calls featuring many awesome guests, including the author of Unglued, Lysa TerKeurst.)  All the information to sign up can be found here.  Facebook users who sign up will be added to a private Facebook group just for Conference Call participants where they can share and discuss with each other. This is an optional part of the conference calls, not required or even necessary. Let me know if you sign up, email me at

If you aren’t doing the Conference Calls, that’s okay, there will be plenty to keep you busy just by reading my blog and the Unglued book. I still want to encourage you to make time to sit with God sometime during your day. You don’t need conference calls to do this, they are just an option.  All you really need is discipline.

My friend, Donna Bostick is giving away a copy of Unglued and the Unglued Conference Call Series, Parts 1 & 2 on her blog! You must comment on HER BLOG by Monday, August 20th at noon CST. So get over there! Maybe you’ll win and be on the call with me Monday night!

Love and Blessings <3



Aug 16

Congrats, Welcome, and Yay!

It’s been a big, fun, full week!  Yes, we have winners to announce.  Yes, our Part 1 Conference Call Series (you know the one that will help you do Bible study when there’s not a study going on…quiet time development…challenges…motivation…preparing for Unglued…yea, that one) begins Monday night!  Ooooh, I’m so excited and it’s not too late to sign up, so if you haven’t, why don’t you join us?


I have lots of winners to announce from the 2 Facebook parties and from your blog comments. Here they are:

Tuesday Facebook Party:  Conference calls~TERESA MARINE tdm4himand Mia L Braddock

 Grand Prize, Bundle and Conf Calls:
Anita Cook
 Thursday Facebook Party: Conference Calls~April Edge and Amy Flickinger
Grand Prize, Bundle and Conf Calls:
Blog Winner, Unglued book and Conf Call Series~Amy Myhdisa883
Congrats to our winners!  Email with your information on how to contact you (email, phone number, mailing address).
Unglued hit the NY Times Best Seller’s List this week!  This is crazy amazing!!! It’s just been released for 8 days! The Proverbs 31 Team and our Online Bible Studies Team are both so excited about this!  Lysa has worked so hard in writing the Unglued message. She never expected this. We are so proud of her and even more excited that the Unglued message is getting in the hands of so many people! Please invite your friends to join us in Online Bible Study here and invite them to the Conference Call Series!  Lysa TerKeurst will be live on one of calls during Part 2 of the series. This entire study is going to be powerful.


If you are on Facebook, please “like” my Online Bible Studies Facebook Page.  Lots of fun interaction there. We had 2 Facebook parties there this week that were so successful that we will continue having one every week so our team can touch base with as many of you as possible. This isn’t a required part of the study, but if you are on Facebook, it’s fun.  Loved the Facebook parties!


Today, I’m taking my oldest child to college. I’m so proud of him and I know he will do great, but oh y’all…this mama’s heart is breaking. I’m going to miss him like crazy! Never had anything like this before! It’s bittersweet for sure.


If any of you have questions about our next study, please call me at the P31 office 877-731-4663 or email me at I’m so excited about our next study and conference call series! I can’t wait to get started! It’s not on the NY Times Best Seller List for nothing!


So, have any of you had a bittersweet life moment like a child going to college?  Care to share?  I’d love to have your prayers or advice.


Love and Blessings to my Sisters and Friends!