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I’m Not a Freak-out Woman, Unglued, Week 1, Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Y’all!  (for those not from around the southern USA, y’all means all of you!),

I hope you are LOVING the beginning of our study, Unglued.  How many of you feel like Lysa followed you around for a while and then wrote a book about it?  Seriously, is she tracking with us or what?!?

We have a new assignment today, so let’s get started!



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This is your assignment for today.

Read Chapter 2,  I’m Not a Freak-out Woman. Use a highlighter to highlight parts you want to remember or come back and read later. Make notes in your notebook of key Scripture (like the Memory Verse) and important things to remember from Chapter 2.

Look up our second Memory Verse in your Bible. Highlight it. Write it in your notebook or on some notecards. Practice it and ask God how you can apply it personally to your life. (If you can’t see the picture below, click here.)

“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”   2 Corinthians 10:5 NIV84


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“I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control.”~ @LysaTerKeurst @MTBibleStudies Week 1

“We can’t always fix our circumstances, but we can fix our thoughts on God.”~ @LysaTerKeurst @MTBibleStudies Week 1 #UngluedBook

“I am not a freak-out woman.”~ @LysaTerKeurst @MTBibleStudies Week 1 #UngluedBook


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“I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control.”~LysaTerKeurst, Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies,Week 1 Unglued

“We can’t always fix our circumstances, but we can fix our thoughts on God.”~LysaTerKeurst, Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies,Week 1 Unglued

“I am not a freak-out woman.”~LysaTerKeurst, Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies, Week 1 Unglued


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Ok, let’s get out of here! Time to get to work. After you read Chapter 2, I’m Not a Freak-out Woman, check back in and let us know if indeed you are or are not a freak-out woman!  Also what your favorite parts of chapter 2 are. (If you receive this via email, to leave a comment, click here and go to my blog directly. You can comment there.)

Praying Blessings for All of us!





  1. Hi all, I highly recommend re-reading chapters. Even if you read the first three and then start again, it seems something new you didn’t grasp before suddenly makes so much sense. Love that. I also loved Lysa’s section in Chapter 2 about Changing our Thought Patterns especially where she writes “We won’t develop new responses until we develop new thoughts. That why renewing our minds with new thoughts is crucial.” And then she goes on to quote Romans 12:2, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. I love how more and more lately I take captive thoughts and knee jerk reactions and fill my mind instead with God’s truths. But it has to be the Holy Spirit’s work, not my will power. And I need to keep feeding my mind the Word of God. I have a long way to go though.

    • I agree! After reading Ch 2 for the second time, I realized the message that was being driven to me…… quoted “As long as I believe-really believe-God is there and that He is out to do me good, I can stop freaking out trying to fix everything on my own.”

  2. My thoughts are not as captive as I would like that’s for sure. I had my freak out moment already today. My daughters wedding is Saturday and I went to the airport to get my mom. She would not stop talking! She is so excited, but I couldn’t get a sentence in, and I completely lost my train of thought. Too much! Wish I had time to listen in the conference call. Maybe next time.

  3. Melissa Chambers says:

    The section titled Changing our thought patterns was such amazing information to have and to know and in the middle of that was this gem: “I have a choice to have destructive thoughts or constructive thoughts right now. I can wallow in what’s wrong and make things worse, or I can ask God for a better perspective to help me see good even when I don’t feel good.” And, this ladies is my goal for this study and I have a feeling for a very long time to come!

  4. I am very into capturing catch phrases, and adopting them as mantras in my life. Things that I actually say out loud (to myself, mostly, but others, too) to keep myself in check. I had a few freak out moments today, with things that actually could qualify as a “justified” freak out. Though I did remain somewhat calm, I was pretty upset and did not rely on God as much as I KNOW I should have. I take this away from Chapter 2:

    “I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control.”

    This is perfect for me, to adopt into my arsenal of things I tell myself to stay sane. I life depends on not fostering resentments, either toward others or MYSELF. This, I think, will help. I already tell myself that I am not in control of anything or anyone besides myself and my thoughts (and even then, sometimes… not), but this is a fantastic quote to pull away. :)

  5. Erica Horne says:

    There were so many AWESOMELY OUSTANDING biblically based points in this chapter!!! I am in LOVE with chapter 2!! I think I will read it every morning to start my day off!! So to narrow It down was a little tough for me… But here is my FAVORITE part!!! The fact that we have the power to every thought or action we have to make it obedient to Christ!!! I need to engrave that so deep into my mind. I don’t have to FREAK OUT!! I can choose to be obident to Christ!! I can be an example to my spouse, my children, my coworkers, to those I encounter!! I am feeling empowered!! With Christ all things are possible!!

  6. Enjoyed chapter 2. In reading “I’m not a freak-out woman” I thought, at first glance, no…I’m not a freak-out woman. I’m generally pretty calm in situations and not known to freak-out. In further thinking about it though, I started to wonder, is it like being an exploder or a stuffer when it comes to freaking out too…I think so. I’m not freaking out on the outside, but am I stuffing my emotions or freaking out on the inside, wondering what will happen next and what should I do. Am I really trusting God with the situation? Is my first response to pray about it or is it to call my friends to talk about the situation and/or get their opinions? Does my freaking out materialize in the form of worry or depression or other internal behaviors? What I’m realizing is that I perhaps I am more of a freak-out woman that I thought, I just do it more silently. Thank you, Lord, for helping me see these things so that you can illuminate the dark places and help me give them to you and I can make imperfect progress.

    • Thanks for sharing this. Just what I needed to hear today with a difficult situation at work. You gave me some really good things to think .. opened me up to a way of looking at it that is so helpful.

  7. I want to thank Lisa V for the recommendation to go back and reread the first two chapters. And to everyone who shared their thoughts/experiences. It is nice to know that we are not alone. Thanks

    • You’re welcome! It gives me enormous comfort and strength to know you and I are not alone in this, for sure.

  8. I am ‘in training’ to not be a freak-out woman!
    I feel like God has been giving me amazing peace in some very trying circumstances. I feel my face redden and BP rise at times, but for-the-most-part there have been no huge freak-out moments. I just keep repeating (or singing)…”My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.” And He has, He has answered and provided just as He said. Praising God aloud! He is FAITHFUL…even when we aren’t.

  9. Lori McKinney says:

    Yep, on occasion I’m a freak out woman. Not often, since I mostly am pretty good about seeing the problem and immediately working toward solution, but every once in a while I am unglued. It seems like it’s much more likely to happen when it’s not MY problem but someone else’s (ok, mostly husband) and HE freaks out. Then I freak out because I can’t understand why he won’t just start working on the solution. it’s a very ugly pattern and I love all that she says about thought patterns and responses. I need practice in taking every thought captive. I need to take ownership of my own actions.

  10. uh… yeh…. I’m a freak out woman. Trying to change through grace. I find myself repeating “I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control” over and over and over in my head. Imperfect progress…

  11. Sandra Taylor says:

    I don’t tend to be a freak out woman. But I’m really loving this study. I have a daughter who is a freak out woman. What I tend to do with her… because she still lives at home… doesn’t really want anything to do with church… seems to like living as a freak out woman… says she believes in God… but then the Bible tells us that even Satan believes, but what I tend to do is avoid conflict with her. I don’t like confrontation… I don’t like conflict… I don’t like fighting. For the most part she doesn’t engage me in any of this… but there is a problem sometimes when you won’t engage in conflict. You don’t say what sometimes needs to be said. For example… She has a wonderful boyfriend. I have noticed that there are some nights that he has slept over at our place… and she sleeps with him. It was getting more and more often… so the opportunity presented itself, and I tried as gently as I could to say I didn’t like it. She didn’t blow up at me, but that doesn’t mean she won’t blow. Now I’m walking on egg shells. So, if this study can give me insight in how to deal with the blow ups… I’ll be forever grateful.

  12. I am blown away by the honesty and transparency of Lysa Terkeurst. It helps me greatly when I can relate to a woman/women who isnt/arent afraid to show herself in a real way. “i vow to do better tomorrow. But better proves elusive, and my vow wears thin in the face of daily annoyances and other upleasant realaties. Tears slip and Im worn out from trying. Always trying” I am a single mom and although I try I also feel broken and unglued. I am also a freak out woman. I dont mean to be nor do I want to be but circumstances that seem to pile up lead to stress that leads to breaking down which leads to “freak out status” My enemy keeps coming at me as the bible says, “to kill, steal and destroy. BUT Jesus came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. I must change the way I think and renew my mind with new thoughts as Lysa points out. New thoughts come from new perspectives. I must do this. I must renew my mind. Its real hard for me to do this under my circumstances but I am taking steps to work on it. I am asking for prayer on this. Thank you and God bless you all! <3

    • Carol , I just read your comment. My prayers go out to you. In this day and age it’s real hard to be a single working mother. Satan does like to still our joy! My favorite chapter of the Bible is Psalms 121. When I begin to feel freaked out or unglued, I take a me break. I get me a cup of peppermint tea, go to my favorite chair, and read Psalms 121. It reminds me God is with me and I’m not alone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and I often slip. A song that was popular when my kids were growing up comes to mind. “He’s still working on me. To make me what I ought to be.” Remember babies crawl before they walk. Praying for you!

  13. HOPE. This is what we all have in Christ. And how wonderful to know that we have the freedom in Christ to encounter really difficult circumstances and yet withhold acting uncontrollably!!!

    Thank you to Lysa for revealing such encouraging Truth to us from the Word of God. The scriptures from 2Cor10:5 and Rom 12:2 came to new life for me! Jesus truly has ALL the answers we seek.

  14. I’m a freak out woman…but by God’s grace I’m learning not to be! Baby steps for sure but I’ve felt calmer thanks to God and when I feel calmer in my self, I react calmer to my circumstances. That doesn’t mean though that I’ve mastered it by any means but at least lessened it! That’s imperfect progress right there! I think this study came around at the perfect time as it will help continue and hopefully exponentially help me with this progress I’ve been seeing.
    With regards to Chapter 2…I just have to say that I’m a nerd and I love the science she put into the changing our thought pattern section, it just makes sense and makes it easier for me to see why habits are so hard to break. As long as the science is Biblically based (2 Corin. 10:5 – taking our thoughts captive) I’m happy!

  15. This book is SO fitting in my life. Last night my 5 year old son spilled an entire glass of milk, it was totally full. It went everywhere. The mess was so big I looked at it and thought, where do I even begin. Then I realized this is exactly how I felt about beginning this becoming unglued journey. I did not handle the situation very well. Later that same night his twin brother did the exact same thing…what are the chances?? I realized God was giving me a 2nd chance to handle this situation, which I’m proud to say I handled much differently. I faced a situation out of my control without acting out of control (unlike the 1st time). God has been looking over my “spilled milk” my entire life and he continues to love me and forgive me in spite of it. I am loving this book and bible study. I love realizing that I’m not the only woman dealing with these same struggles. I can’t wait to keep reading!

  16. Yes I am a “freak out woman” I tend to freak out when something doesn’t go my way or I control it. So this chapter really spoke to me, what really stuck out in bold print to me was “I can’t control the things that happen to me each day, but I can control how I think about them” PERFECT! I am praying lord that you help me remember this through my struggles and situations every day, I pray that you help everyone in the bible study remember the key points in this book that will help them not come unglued. In Your Name Amen. I feel so confident about this study already and can’t wait see what else I learn, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.” Philippians 4:13

  17. I LOVED chapter 2! This has been a huge part of what is causing such distress in my marriage. I have negative thoughts running through my head constantly! And I just let it happen. Asking God for a better perspective to help me see good things even when I feel yucky is sort of an ah-ha for me. I need to trust Him when I can’t see the good that He will show it to me. I have to realize that I can NOT be in control and have His will be done. I have to let go, trust, and wait for the good to come. Baby steps…

  18. Nan Clayton says:

    I have not gotten anything on line for Thursday Bible study??

  19. Denise Spavone says:

    I use to be a freaked out woman; I use to freak out or have a panic moment about little things, but I put myself in the hospital due to my poor thinking and thought process. I now, after I pause a while, to think about what, where and how things are happening before I react. I just decided to let go of the mess I was making of things; I immediately choose to loose control. Now I understand when I read the message saying I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control. I am still working on it and I am glad to hear that I am not alone in this struggle and I know now that I can’t always fix every circumstance alone, but I can fix me mind on God and what He would have me do.

  20. Yes, yes, yes……I honestly believe that Lysa is in my head!!!

    My new chant: I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control!

    I no longer want to be a freak-out woman!!!

  21. This chapter made me understand that I’m my own worst enemy. My thoughts make me react in a freak-out way. Like Lysa says in her book, “I can’t control the things that happen to me each day but I can control how I think about them”. I don’t like to blame my parents for being a freak-out woman but sometimes when that’s all you see you tend to develop the same habits. Now, I am taking responsibility for my actions and asking God to give me the grace to change those nasty actions. I truly want to change. It’s so hard when you’ve been acting this way all your life. But I know God can work miracles and I truly believe He is working in me. Phillipians 4:13 is my favorite. I have to remember that I am the righteousness of God and He gives me new grace and mercy everyday. When I make a mistake one day and freak-out, now I know that God is okay with it and I can try again tomorrow. I just have to TRUST GOD!!!

  22. Taking every thought captive means I do not need to be at the mercy of my emotions. It means I can think first, breathe, not let me emotions rule but instead let my thoughts harness my emotions.

  23. Yesterday I was shopping and was at the deli counter talking with the woman waiting on me, as we started talking I told her the hardest thing I had to conquer was my outspokenness. She looked at me and said “I have the say problem I speak first and think later.” I explained that I was trying to count to 10 before I spoke trying to get my emotion together first. I told her we cannot take back the words we speak and watching the hurt in others eyes have really made me think twice. But it took finding God for me to realize this. For the record I had not read Chapter 2 yet so when I got home and read it I had a real wow moment

  24. deborah fultner says:

    I am no longer a freaked out woman. Two things happened to change me. The first thing was a natural course of events – I didn’t like myself when I freaked out because I said things I didn’t mean. I felt horribly guilty for days and ended up depressed. And then something totally out of the blue happened. I was diagnosed with ALS. I believe God took full advantage of my situation and put me on the right path. It’s not always easy, and I back slide alot. Now I call it imperfect progress. I am going to put my triggers, that cause me to come unglued,into perspective. I have done before but I need a true transforming of the mind. I also try to follow God’s will. When Lysa recounted Joshua’s story, I thought that his obedience was what God wanted. Blessings to Melissa and Lysa

  25. I am not a freak-out woman. I am just surrounded by freak-out family members who try to control other family members. I stuff. I pray. I stuff some more …then, I become a freak-out woman. I know that God has this situation under control. I want to see good even when I don’t feel good.

  26. Cathy Brown says:

    I believe we all at some point of our lives have been a freak out woman. But there is a saying, “When you know better you do better”!! For some doing better takes time and others change is more immediate. Freaking out makes each of us human but in return it takes away power from God because we allow our emotions to get the best of us instead of releasing the situation to him. In hind sight when we look back at whatever was troubling us we realize that the issue is usually trivial. Learning to trust is no easy task especially when you can’t see the person whom you place your trust in. I’ll continue to have faith even if its the size of a mustard seed because in thirty six years he never fails me!!! Keep the faith ladies!!!!

  27. I’m a freak-out woman who’s married to a man who definitely does not freak out–and for that I am grateful! My girls often go to him with things that they are sure that I’ll freak out about. I’m hopeful reading about Lisa’s one good choice NOT to freak out about her stolen computer and the impact it had on her daughter. Praise God! He really is the God of second chances. And I deserve a second, third, fourth…;)

  28. Have been “queen” of the freak-out women but am learning how to stay in control. Working with my natural tendancy of early to bed is helping. My worst moments are at the end of the day; I need alone down-time so I don’t freak out on my family.

  29. I’ve been reading all the comments and am so thankful I’m not alone. I am a stuffer and a screamer. I am also married to a very patient husband, he only loses control when I push all the right buttons. My favorite saying from the book is “though things are out of my control, I can chose to not lose control.

  30. I LOVE the reminder that “perspective is a key to not coming unglued”.

  31. Big, huge piles of regret….the virus that once seemed like a curse became a precious gift…perspective is a key to not coming unglued…we won’t develop. WW responses until we develop new thoughts…LOVE IT…renew mind daily by reading and studying God’s word….this will give me a better perspective!

  32. I agree with a few of the other ladies about re-reading the chapters. It was nice to revisit the points I had liked and highlight them this time. Both of the verses for Chapter 2 were amazing. I have many times heard the one from Romans 12 about being “transformed by the renewing of your mind,” but I have not heard the one from 2 Corinthians as much. I absolutely loved this scripture. I enjoyed how Lysa talked about renewing your mind and forming new thought patterns. I like how she made the point about “when an emotion is tied to this thought pattern, the memory trace grows exponentially stronger” (22). This helped me understand why some of my negative thought patterns affect me so deeply emotionally. Also, I like when she said, “Instead of being held hostage by old thought patterns, we can actually capture our thoughts and allow the power of Christ’s truth to change them” (23). I see this as Christ’s truth being His Word; therefore, this encourages me to read the Bible more so that my mind can be “transformed” and “renewed” and my thought processes can be replaced by what God’s Word says, what His thoughts are about me and my life. I am so excited about these next chapters to come. Thank you to all of you ladies for your comments.

  33. Reading Chapter 2 I’m not a freak-out woman:
    Has given me so much insight how destructive thought patterns does make situations worse…using constructive patterns brings out the good of what is bad…such a blessing knowing i’m imperfect and its okay.
    I believe it starts with renewing the mind…thought patterns.
    So many times i have freaked out over lil situations, by acting out of control makes lil situations all the more worse, i know with Gods guidance i can be in control over any and all situations in my life…resulting in I’m not a Freak out Woman!
    Staying in control keeps the mind in control on how to handle situations properly.
    Thinking negative gives negative results…Thinking positive gives positive results!
    Placing it in Gods hands gives me the freedom to stay in control, keeps me at peace within myself.

  34. we can’t always fix our circumstances but we can fix our thoughts on God……I like having a choice with the direction of my life. Maybe I’m a control freak or maybe God just knows me. After all He did make me…:)

  35. Great week enjoying the book and the comments make you know that you are not alone in this struggle.

  36. Lucy morales says:

    I am not always a freak-out woman. I am just surrounded by freak-out family members. i then get caught up in the web of anger, arguments and then sorrow by the way i acted. I pray that God helps us take control of our thoughts and patterns if behavior and action as individuals and as a family. W are a work in progress. This is why I signed up for this class as someone has to make the first move.

  37. I came unglued on the phone with a customer yesterday. I had a hard week and my frustration from the whole week was evident in that one phone call. I realize that I stuffed and held everything in all week, but on Friday, I let it all come out. Not so much with the words I used, but with the tone of voice…the all knowing attitude. Well, I felt bad about it last night and all morning today. I wasn’t at work today, but I had my planner with her phone number in it. So I called and offered a heartfelt apology without excuses. She accepted and apologized for her attitude. She then explained her bad week to me. I used advice from the book and God’s guidance in the second phone call. I had to ask myself….whose side am I on.

  38. Freaking out seems like something that ran in my family. Dad always freaked out mom freaked out and all us kids tend to freak out. I’m grateful to the word of God and this Bible study. the Lord heard my prayer to being A mom the kids deserve me to be. Being a freak out mom made the kids a little afraid to come to mom when they need me to. I am a single mom with a son who has a neurological condition. He doesn’t speak and times it could be difficult to understand things he wants or needs and he freaks out and then I do. and at times my oldest son will remind me “mom”, ” he is frustrated”. he is 12 yrs now and he has taught me that My mood will set his mood and so mornings is prepping for a beautiful day. I put the thought in my mind my frustration wont make the situation better. The thing I got out of chapter 2 is that the word of God is made to feed my soul. It is food for thought. The good healthy food my mind needs from freaking out. The more I wrap my mind around the word of God I can have a new perspective on any situation.

  39. I am a freak out woman. My 21 year old son even laughs about it. However, that is what attrated me to this study – I no longer want to be a freak out woman – that is why I am here.

  40. Reading Chp 3 was so eye opening for me. Not only am I guilty of placing labels on myself but others as well. We are not the labels and I love the line “labels only stick if we let them.” This is my quote for this week. Lord, please see us as You did Peter, not as he was but as he could be. In Jesus’ Name.
    With my super busy schedule, I am finding the time to help me. What a concept..

  41. The sentence ‘How we act is how we label ourselves.’ really hit home with me. I wonder how I act and how that comes across — I will be watching myself and making wise decisions with my behavior and my tongue. I do not want to give the wrong impression when I want God to send me out as his messenger. Imperfect progress but yet progress.

  42. I have been a freak out woman and there may be times when I am weak and freak out again. But I am more God’s child than freak out woman and I will seek God’s strength to not let anger and stress dictate my emotions any longer. Instead I will seek to align my thoughts with God’s will and see the circumstance through God’s lenses; not my own human ones. I will seek God to help tame my temper and my tongue.