Sep 26

Our Very First Blog Hop

Welcome to our very first ever Blog Hop!!!  I’m so excited about this and I hope many of you will participate. This is something we will do each Thursday.
Not sure what a Blog Hop is?  Watch this video for explanation (and a little silliness too).  If you can’t see the video, click here.



  1. Heather,
    Wow! :) Your blog post is a great example of how to apply all of the things that we are learning in this Bible Study. Praise God for your growth and patience with all that could have “freaked you out.” Hope your group members will heal quickly, and that you will be able to share this wonderful testimony with them when you have your Bible Study! :)

  2. I’m reading through these blogs and LOVING IT!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your blogs! You all have something to say and it is good!

    Keep posting! I love getting to read instead of write for a change!

    • Linda Somerton says:

      i do not have a blog how do i start one. and how do i get one with out paying for it ? i really want to have a blog so i can truly get into this and see every one thoughts on things in my life and theres. thank u sister in christ u sure or a blessing to me and to a lot of ladies out there

  3. Lauren Beach says:

    Working on my Blog…Oh Melissa ~ I loved your video. You are so cute :) Once I am done I will add my link…Blessings to all

    • Lauren Beach says:

      Okay added it…Hope it is okay :) Just spoke from the heart today, as always. I am loving reading these blogs

      • Just read your blog. It was great. Thanks for sharing your heart and prayer. :)

        • Lauren Beach says:

          Oh thank you Jessica…I don’t blog everyday but when something really hits my heart I write write write and then blog :) I am glad you liked it. Blessings

  4. Lisa Lagalo says:

    Thanks for such an awesome idea, I actually forgot I had a blog so you have encouraged me to start using it again!! I truly consider you and the entire team a huge blessing from God.

    • Linda Maybee says:

      Me too, Lisa. I think I am going to have to resurrect mine too. Great idea!

      • Oh my gosh Lisa and Linda – I was saying the same thing! I signed onto my blog and saw the last time I posted something was January 2011. Whoops, guess it’s been a busy couple of years. I look forward to seeing your resurrected blogs next week, as well as resurrecting my own!

  5. As I sat down to blog this morning I was amazed at God’s timing for this study. Answers to prayer I’ve been waiting on for years are beginning to be unveiled. I’m excited to live out more days not being a freak out woman.

  6. The timing for this has been perfect for me… The whole 2 steps forward 1 step back being ok has totally revolutionized my world! I am loving the freedom this lightbulb moment has given me. Looking forward to the next few chapters.

  7. I’ve never blog hopped but am looking forward to visiting some of the sites today. I love your video and my daughter thinks it’s very cute!!

  8. For everyone using Blogger, I was not able to post up on your comment walls. Thanks for sharing. Blogger wanted me to use my blog account to post up and then when I tried to get logged in, for some reason, it would not let me log in. =( I’m not unglued though. =)

  9. It’s been a while since I created a new post on my blog, but once I started writing, the words just flowed. Hopefully, I have created a post worthy of hanging out with the other great bloggers who posted. Looking forward to reading
    , although it may be thus evening, since today is my first day back to work, after 2 days of an ugh bug.. see ya this evening.
    Happy Blogging!!

  10. I’ve posted two blog posts – one for each chapter – but there’s a little “x” beside my name. Not sure if this means it can’t be viewed.

    • Nicki, I don’t see the X. Perhaps it’s just on your computer indicating you posted it making it easier to find.

      • Nicki, I don’t see the X. Perhaps it’s just on your computer indicating you posted it making it easier to find.

        PS – They can be viewed.

    • The “x” is only seen next to YOUR posts so you can delete them if you want to. There’s an “x” next to mine, but only I can see it, because its my post. Hope that made sense!

      <3 Heather

      • Great blogs all around! And, thanks for the info on the “x.” I have one, too and was wondering. Blessings and thanks Melissa and team for this opportunity!

  11. Surprise surprise,God is soooo good. I didn’t have time to write a blog post for today but when I opened up my journal – I already had one done, wrote it last month when I started reading the book :)

  12. Erin Barone says:

    It may not be the most insightful but it is so cathartic! Thanks for the encouragement!

  13. Here’s a try

    • Unglued-finding another way
      boy there are days when it is hard! Inf act there really seem to be few days that are easy. I started (no too well a blodg afew months ago but life gets so busy. I wrote an entry saying i’d try related to the is study…poof…no where eto be found.

      But I am determined to not let LIFE rule mine… I love knowing I’m not the only one who loves going to church bible study learning about God , encouraging others to allow for a relationship with God but in the midst of a chaotic, discombobulated , running late morning , or a mid day call from the school to come and assist with my (suprise) poorly controled child- that (i say bad words.very bad)….and then feel like poop afterewards.

      At my best (worst) moments I liken myself to Chevey Chase in Christmas Vacation….where’ the Tylenol??!

      I love the idea that this part of me can be changed!! I am ready God!!!

      It’s so good to realize my Jekel and Hyde personality is not alone and a pray my and the others working towards this,perservere through all the business and chaos of life.

      Doiing the blog for me is a way to be outwardly accountable to try to prioritize ans stick to this study (as I sit in my pajamas, when someone will be arriving to my house with in 15 minutes (and my child is still in bed)) BUT THIS HAS TO BE A PRIORITY not an after thought.

  14. Feeling Unglued is really all I’ve ever known and saw in my own Mother while growing up. I promised myself I would never be that way with my own husband and children…but I am…when my spewing overflows I accuse, destroy all that I dearly love. Please pray for me and my family. Please pray that my children do not inherit this behavior…that the line is drawn in the sand with me.

  15. I just went to and they will not let you do a free blog…Help! I just want to blog….Thanks

    • Angela,

      If you go to and click “Get Started.” There is a free option, I know many many many people who use that free option. There is also an option for an upgraded version at a cost, but it’s really not necessary if you are just going to use your blog to write on.

      I can’t wait to read your first blog post!

      • Ok I did it I think, it’s, is that the blog you go to t see my blog? Hope so….

  16. Enjoy reading all the blogs. Thanks to all who have shared so openly about yourself.

  17. I have a confession y’all… I’ve been reading ahead. And my post actually refers to and quotes chapter 3 “Prisoners”. Hope that’s ok!

  18. Lynda in South Carolina, I love how you related your circumstances back to The Word. It’s so easy to get tangled up in emotions and forget what the Bible says…the promises that God has given us. Prayers for you, your husband, your family.

  19. I don’t have a blg, but I am excited to read the many that are out there….:)

  20. I have been so blessed reading your blog posts today. Thank you to everyone who is writing. I’m so impressed. You are really good writers, but I’m super impressed that you are sharing your life with us like this. It’s nice for me to get to read instead of write and think of what I’m going to post. And it’s nice for all of us to hear from someone besides me!

    Thank you and keep them coming!

    For those of you who would like to start a blog, I’ll include some instructions in my next blog post.

    • Thank you Melissa! I was just getting ready to post that I would like to start a blog but I have no clue where to start. I am not the best writer but I would really like to start writing more! Thank you for doing this! This is so awesome! YOU ROCK! Love ya! <3

  21. I’ve read a couple and they are amazing. Thanks to everyone.

  22. Bronna Wilson says:

    I am not much into blogging but I enjoyed reading some of the blogs. It is amazing that so many of us feel the same emotions and can relate to the same things. I am glad I am not the only one out there that comes unglued!! I am getting ready to fly out tomorrow to SC. I may be in and out of touch for a few days, but I will be reading my book and trying to stay in contact. God has already showed me so many things. How I am not the only one that has issues with explosive situations and how I can better handle them. I am praying that I am able to take this knowledge and move forward. When I feel I am becoming unglued I will get a gentle reminder “DO NOT EXPLODE.” Thank you ladies for being my Unglued Sisters!! God Bless you all!

  23. Sheri Hanson says:

    I think this is awesome and it is exactly what I needed today. Take the focus off myself and my situations and get a new perspective. Melissa Taylor you are amazing for this blog hop!

  24. I am going to set up a blog, but just wanted to say how this series is already opening up my mind and heart to unglued situations. Heres one I want to share. My husband and 11yr old are gone all day to work and school, then I go to work right before they get home. so we dont see much of each other on these days. When I get home the minute I walk in its mom this and honey that…questions, questions, questions…I get frustrated at them because its the end of the day and time to shut the house down for the night. I realized this morning that this is the time when I get home that they need me the most because I dont see them in the day…I feel so bad because I they just love and need me and I was coming unglued at nite instead of giving them the time they need from me…I so thank God and this bible study for helping me to realize when I get home at nite I dont need to get frustrated at them for being needed but to take a little time and be there for them….

  25. I don’t have a blog. Not sure I can really do one with all the other responsibilities that are piling up on me. Right now at this very minute, I should be posting payments for work. However, I just need a break or a pause.

    I keep going, going, going until I can’t go on any longer. I am having meltdowns just like my 4 year old son with PDD!

    So for right now, I am pausing and have been reading a few blogs of other “Imperfect” women….just like me.

    Thanks for sharing your life and your thoughts! It’s comforting to know that I am not alone in this battle and that reminder of God being on my side. Thank you to all of you for being such loving sisters in Christ!

    • I can “smell what your stepping in” (as my old friend used to say)…I have an 8 year old with Aspergers. My husband left when he was 5 (officially) but checked out 1.5 years before that. We didn’t have God in our lives, so despite the daily fatigue my life IS BETTER….much better. Not Easy or even easier, but better.

      I know God gave me my son to grow my patience and ultimately my character.

      I was at a Beth Moore bible study tonight on Esther and the session was”it’s tough being a woman in a mean world”- One woman said the hardest thing in being a woman was being TOO MUCH AND NOT ENOUGH all at the same time. It seemed so appropriat here.

      Children with Special needs, no matter how mild or severe teach us things others will never really get. There is a real blessing in the daily struggles that teaches us some days they feel like too much and many moments they teach us we could only hope to have their purity of spirit.

      My son NO matter what forgives and cares for everyone. I strive to gain that quality. He painfully and oh so clearly states the obvious sometimes- you are always in a rush, you are too busy…you scare me when you yell. It reaches me in a way a place that he alone reveals my flaw in a way that makes it more than ok to admit. I don’t want to be a memory of fear or turmoil. I think God not only gives us what we can handle but at teh perfect time gives us exactly what we need.

      If I didnt’ have to grow up for him, I don’t know if and when i would have. I always had a good job but not a relationship and life that I feel God would be proud of. BEcause of need- I learned what life shoudl be about. I pray for peace for you, for patience for him and for you (and me =) )

  26. My almost 5-year-old son just spilled Hawaiian punch all over my kitchen floor while I was on the phone! I kept my cool & didn’t come “unglued”……That might seem like a little thing to some, but I call it…….. imperfect progress!

    • I don’t think it’s a little thing. . . I think it’s huge! I had the same sort of moment with my husband or mother in law. . . not sure who but someone washed one of my favorite shirts and absolutely destroyed it. I did NOT freak out. . . .it’s only a shirt, it’s only a shirt. I’m proud of you!!!

  27. Rachel Randleman says:

    I have really been enjoying the book “Unglued”, it has been just perfect for this time in my life. I can really relate to the part where she talks about being a stuffer or an exploder. I have been both of these things. In the early years of my marriage I was a stuffer, but then I learned that I had no more room to stuff things down in the later years of my marriage and I became an exploder. Right now my husband of 39 years and I are having a huge disagreement about money and things seem a little hopeless for me right now. I have put him on the prayer list at church in hopes that his heart will soften in this matter. Progress, just make progress, but it’s OK to have set backs, Imperfect progress. We all make mistakes and we need to set our minds on God’s will and trust in Him. Right now I am praying that I do not become a Freak Out woman and act in control when the situation I’m in seems out of control. Thanks so much for this bible study and please know that it has helped me a lot. Please pray for me. Blessings

  28. Patty McKay says:

    From the time I started reading Unglued, I felt like I was reading my own stories. I’d read something that was so me and the tears would well up, to the point where I realized I can’t read it in public at the kids’ practices cuz people look at me funny! I had been waiting and praying for something to finally come along and be the catalyst to making everlasting change and I think this is it! I ran out to the local Family Christian book store last night and bought the Unglued DVD and also picked up the Made to Crave book, which is also speaking to me. I’m not a blogger but want to learn. I went to and created something (?), just not sure how to use it….I enjoy reading your posts ladies, and will pray for you all, please pray for me too. Thank you!

  29. Thank you so much ladies for all the blogs and the comments. They are all so encouraging to read. Thank you also Melissa, for your leadership and your constant and uplifting encouragement! . You are an inspiration to us all!!

  30. I love all the posts that I have read — there are so many excellent writers out there! Thanks for being real and opening your hearts to all of us! :)

  31. Margot Kellough says:

    Hi – (my first time blogging too)re:image that characterizes my thoughts when in unglued situation:
    I chose a Bodum Coffee Maker – feelings get pressed down. I’ve learned that if they are pressed down into a “carafe of prayer” where they can be poured out as a “brew” of God’s will- that is ideal – kinda “brews” into something more worthwhile than whining, or sadness or fear – Have to bear that in mind :>)

  32. Hi everybody…
    Hey Melissa…… what kind of bra do you wear…. that hopping experience you did……. they were NOT MOVING!! I was impressed!! Yep…… I’m wierd…. and I am ok with that.

    Cathy S.

  33. What a blessing you all are to my life. Thank you for this safe place to share our hearts and not feel alone or judged. Thank you for an atmosphere to be ourselves with no fear of opening up and speaking from our pain and mistakes. This is a comforting and healing time of refreshing for my mind and soul.

  34. I’m not a blogger, facebook or twitter person. What a blessing you all are to my life. Thank you for this safe place to share our hearts and not feel alone or judged. Thank you for an atmosphere to be ourselves with no fear of opening up and speaking from our pain and mistakes. This is a comforting and healing time of refreshing for my mind and soul.

    Finding daily inspiration!

  35. maybe someone can help me with this. when i go to post, a message comes up that its a duplicate so i try to change it so the message will go through. Not sure what im doing.

    thanks for your grace :)

    • Dana,

      You are fine! I did the same thing on someone else’s blog today. I ended posting like 4 times! Keep commenting (no matter how many tries it takes!) I love to read what the group has on their minds.

  36. Ok, so I don’t blog but I have to tell this REALLY cool story. I had just read Chapter 2 about “freaking out” and trusting God is at work instead like Lysa did with her computer issues. I got a real life test this morning. My husband was leaving early around 5:00 am to head out of town for business and he couldn’t find his car key anywhere. He usually is very diligent to put it in the same bowl in the kitchen so he will always know where it is. He awakened me, out of a dead sleep, to help him do a thorough search of the house. Insert here…I am not at my “best” this early in the morning :-) Anyway, we searched EVERYWHERE and could not find the key. I finally told him to just take mine and that I was sure his key would turn up. He did, but I knew he was not at all happy about this plan. I got back in bed and prayed thanking the Lord that He allowed me to stay calm, not get upset with my husband for waking me SO early and asking HIM to find the key in HIS time. I went right back to sleep and rested comfortably for another 2 hours. At which time, I went in the closet and looked in my husband’s suit pant pocket and there was the key!!! I promise we had both looked in said pants no less than 2 times earlier that morning. I praised God for locating the key. I have no idea why we could not find it the first several times we looked. Maybe God was holding my husband back 10 minutes to avoid an accident on the road. We may never know, but I am so grateful that I “passed the test” and HE enabled me to simply trust that HIS ways are not my ways!!! So grateful for the wonderful lessons in Unglued and in my real life!

  37. This has been so cool to read so many different peoples blogs! Thank you Melissa for doing this!

  38. Dolores Molica says:

    I want to thank you for having the marvelous idea of staring the OBS, It is amazing to find out, that there are so many other people, specially women, going through the same things we do ( many unglued people), your class is very interesting and humorous, it will help many of us, thank you Melissa

  39. I got an devo email to me today from Renee Swope. It fits what we are talking about in the book Unglued so I wanted to share it. Thanks to everyone who posted their blogs today. I really enjoyed reading them.

    Lord, I Need Your Help

    In case you missed my P31 devotion yesterday, I wanted to share it with you here. When I woke up Wednesday morning, these were my exact words – Lord, I need your help. Life is a little overwhelming at the Swope house these days. Although my marriage is great now, my need to cry out to God for help is constant with my daughter Aster’s developmental delays and daily routines. The teaching part of this devotion was such a good reminder for me. Praying He uses it to encourage your heart today.
    “In my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my God for help.” Psalm 18:6a (NIV 1984)

    I don’t know exactly when it started, I just remember feeling angry and frustrated with my husband – almost every single day – for weeks.
    One evening after a pretty intense “discussion,” J.J. told me that no matter what he did or how hard he tried, it was never enough. He was right. I constantly found fault in him as a husband and as a dad.
    But the fact that he implied I was impossible to please … well that sent my already-unreasonable emotions reeling. I grabbed my coat and stormed out the front door. Hot tears streaming down my cheeks, I replayed our conversation in my head.
    Determined to figure out what his problem was and get Jesus to fix him, I started telling on J.J. – to God.
    As I filed my complaints against my husband, I finally heard myself. All the ugliness that was in my heart. All the anger spewing out of my mouth.
    That’s when I realized, I need help.
    I needed God to show me what was going on. To help me figure out how, after seven years of a happy marriage, had we gotten to this ugly place?
    Instead of just crying, I found myself crying out to God for help.
    King David was much better at this than I am. He had a habit of crying out to God for help when he was in distress. Barnes’ Notes on the Bible Commentary tells us that in Psalm 18:6, “‘In my distress’ refers, most probably, not to any particular case, but rather indicates [David’s] general habit of mind, that when he was in deep distress and danger he had uniformly called upon the Lord, and had found him ready to help.”
    That night, when I stopped talking and started listening, I sensed God showing me I wanted J.J. to make up for what my dad had never been as a father to me and as a husband to my mom.
    Years as a child in a broken home with a broken heart had led to a significant sense of loss and deep disappointment. Yet, I never grieved the happily-ever-after I longed for, but didn’t have.
    Unfulfilled hopes became bitter expectations.
    Trying to create my own version of “happily-ever-after,” I became controlling and critical. I thought if I could get J.J. to be the husband and dad I wanted him to be maybe my broken dreams could be put back together.
    But I was wrong. Instead of expecting my husband to make up for my losses, I needed to cry out to God with my hurts and call on Him for help.
    Are there hurts that hold you hostage? Expectations no one could really ever meet? Been trying to fix someone or a situation? Need some help today?
    I know I do, and God is there.
    Waiting for us to cry out to Him. Not just once, expecting a quick answer. But like the dependence we see in King David, we need God’s help on a regular basis.
    As I processed what had happened in my childhood and how it affected my marriage, I learned to ask God for help through each step of my healing journey.
    I asked Him to help me find the security I needed by letting Him be the father I longed for. I asked Him to help me grieve the loss of things I wanted from my dad that I would never have. I asked Him to help me forgive my father and release feelings of anger, abandonment and hurt. I asked Him to help me release my unrealistic expectations of my husband and let go of my fight for a “happily-ever-after.”
    It was a process that took time, prayer, and courage, but God was my very present Help who showed me how to let go of my past and my pain, so I could take hold of hope and healing.
    By the way, I’m crazy about my husband now. And so very thankful for the day I finally asked the Lord for help.
    Dear Lord, I cry out to You today. I need Your help in my _______________. Please show me where to start and be my Help each step of the way. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
    Are there hurts that hold you hostage? Expectations no one could really ever meet? Been trying to fix someone or a situation? In your distress, call to the Lord. Cry to God for help.

    • Jessica,
      God had you post that for a reason I skipped over it to do the unglued assignment. This is one of the things I have been battling with which led me to join the unglued bible study. Before this study I had no control once so ever of my emotions when it came to my husband. I tried to make him into the type of husband I wanted him to be (superman) lol. I would talk to God about him and this even happened today. If I had read my emails this morning all of what I felt towards my husband could have been avoided. I felt like because I did not blow up and get into an argument but instead went to God, that I was not letting my emotion get the best of me. I thought I was not being a freak out woman, but boy was I wrong. I want to thank you Melissa for having this bible study. This is my first time doing this and God lead me here so that I will overcome being unglued. Thank you ladies for being yourselves. God bless.

    • Yes, read this Jessica. Very powerful! So much of this is becoming more conscious of our own behavior in light of our deep needs. What a great idea to repost this.

  40. Well, I posted my blog. It is awfully boring compared to the others but that is ok. I just started it the other day. So it is a work in progress. I am enjoying it and I am glad it was suggested to do.

    I too have enjoyed the blogs I have read. Thanks ladies.


    • Hi Donna. I just read your blog. It is not boring at all. Thanks for taking the initiative to start a blog and to share what you are learning. :) Have a great week.

  41. Oh my goodness! I looked in here this morning and there were only about 15 blogs…you have all been busy today! I had started a blog in 2007 and so this was a great time to get back to it. I am really, really rusty at it so I only posted the pages I made for the memory verses for this week. I won’t be able to get back to it until this week-end to fine tune it some more but it was a great brain exercise for me tonight after a full day. Hope you all enjoy the pages!

    • Ellen,
      I really like the pictures of the verses on your blog. Where did you find them, or did you make them yourself?

  42. I love reading all the comments and knowing that I’m not alone. As I wrote in my previous comment this book has made an impact right off the bat. I had so many circumstances that could’ve made me come apart very quickly (Unglued). I thought the morning was hard but the evening even got harder. After coming home from helping my Mom and had to start cooking dinner; later time than usual. My air conditioning doesn’t work (90 degrees in Fl.) then my kitchen light starts flickering – can’t get it completely on. Started feeling upset that these things should of been fixed before they got to this point. I caught myself before I let my emotions get the best of me. I started thanking God for what I did have; food, running water, my house, etc. I started thinking how fortunate I am to have what I have. I thought of all the people that had to cook with little light and no air conditioning in poor countries. It’s amazing how this book can make you think about the good in everything. I didn’t want to be all Unglued when my husband came home. As soon as he asked how I was – I didn’t say “Great” but I just told him about the situation in a calm way without exploding. That’s was a big deal for me!

    Need to set up a blog – hope I can learn how to set it up.

  43. Melissa,

    This is an awesome and incredible idea. I have learned so much from reading everyone’s blogs and comments. It allows us to learn and grow from reading another woman’s experiences and perspectives. I hope we do the blog hop again :) Praying for you and the team as ya’ll lead us and the 15,000 plus ladies who are doing the study. Also praying for the new location of P31.

    Take Care.

    GIRLS – I have was traveling home today/driving, I am just getting on my computer – AND SO MANY BLOGS!!!!!!!!!! exciting stuff! I LOVE THIS STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to dig in and enjoy what you all have said!
    P31 ladies – isn’t this fantabulous!?!?!?

  45. So loving the Blog Hop. I created my blog back last month and have only gotten in one post lol. This is a great motivational tool to keep me on my toes and posting. I like reading what all everyone is experiencing.

    Love the Unglued study. My first time following online and I am loving it.

    Be blessed everyone!

  46. I feel like I have to make a confession. . . I had an absolutely shining moment of “not freaking out” followed by what could only be called a Horrific Relapse in Thinking. Why is it so difficult to get a harness on my thoughts, like we are talking about in chapter 2?? I understand that progress isn’t perfect but what the heck just happened to me?

    • Because we have an enemy who seeks to destroy us. Satan. He does not like to see us growing in our faith. The important thing is you are growing. We all make mistakes, but we can learn from them.

  47. This is such a great idea! I love this, women supporting women and gaining new perspectives. Thank you for doing this!

  48. Melissa,

    Thank you for sharing your space with us! This has been amazing to read and have a front row seat watching God working in everyone! I love when He allows us the opportunity to play in His sandbox! Love ya and much thanks.

  49. Hi Melissa, my blog post has a red x beside it, did I do something wrong? I’m the only one.


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