Sep 27

Fab Fun Friday Unglued Week 1 Wrap Up

Blog Hop Rocks!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Unglued Week 1 Blog Hop! It was great to have a day to read so many Unglued messages!  I was super impressed. If you missed it or just want to go back to read some really great insight, real life, gut honest, and sharing from your OBS sisters, click here. It is great reading!

Let me just say this…if you don’t have a blog, that is so ok.  The purpose of the blog hop isn’t to make you feel like you have to have a blog. It’s truly to give you the opportunity to learn from others besides me!  So those of you who are non-bloggers. no worries. Just enjoy reading.

Chapter 2 Refelections

Hopefully you have read Chapters 1 & 2 by now. Here are some questions to reflect on for Chapter 2:

1.  What does Lysa say about perspective?
2.  Finish this sentence.  “When an emotion is tied to this thought pattern, the memory trace grows ___________________   _______________.
Why is this true?]

3. Why is renewing our thoughts so crucial?

4. Look up Romans 12:2 and 2 Corinthians 10:5 in your Bible.   Write them in your journal or notebook.  Rewrite both verses in your own words.  Then write out how you can apply this in your life.

5. When faced with a situation out of your control, ask yourself, “Whose side am I on?”  What is your answer?

6.  Are you a freak-out woman?


Hear Me Out

I have a message for you today:  how to start your own free blog, my thoughts on our memory verses this week, and hopefully words that will encourage you. If you can’t see the video below, click here.

Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Always love to hear from you. Share your Unglued Chapter 2 or Week 1 thoughts with us. How are you doing in the Unglued OBS so far?


Winners of Deborah Smith Pegues books are:

30 Days to Taming Your Emotions, Peggy Dalton- email shivers07@
30 Days to Taming your Tongue, Debbie- email deborahvansky@

Email with your address and we will get it in the mail to you! Congrats, you will love these books!

For fun, come back tomorrow for a peek at some video bloopers.

Have a great weekend y’all! I’m looking forward to Week 2 with you!



  1. Thank God for this study. There is a Ladies Friday Morning Bible Study in my town and guess what they just started? Beth Moore’s study on James, which also deals with taming your tongue. Amazing! God is so good to me and brings every area of my life together, even when they are completely unrelated. I am the only one in the Friday morning study who does OBS, so they had no idea what I was doing next. My favorite part of Chapter 2 is probably, “Can’t fix circumstances, but can fix my eyes on Jesus.” That is my challenge for now. Focus on Jesus and not my circumstances. I also have a prayer request: I really have a burden for the kids and teenagers of my county. My prayer if for God to lead me and help me recognize where He can make a difference even in once person’s life.

  2. Susan House says:

    Trying to play catch up this morning before church after a busy week! Rachael ~ one of my favorite sayings is “It’s not ODD it’s GOD” You know when someone says “that’s odd…” I don’t say that anymore because I know the source! Trying to work on myself because I’m not an exploder I’m a stuffer. I’m on the quiet end of the spectrum and after years of taking medicine off and on for acid reflux because of (i believe) internal stuffing I’m trying to find a way to communicate better. I’m a people pleaser and want everyone to be happy! If this means I keep things to myself to keep someone else happy……oh well. I’ve got to figure out a way…..
    Love this study! Thanks for all you do Melissa, and Lysa!
    Gotta get to church!

  3. I am not new to Bible Studies, but I am new to the online Bible Study. I got a little behind this week (only posting my blog today…Sunday…4 days late….woops), but now I’m finally getting the hang of it. And I am oh so blessed. Thank you Melissa and the OBS team. The blogs. The scripture memory. The reflection questions. All of this effort to help each of us Unglued women get control of our raw emotions is a sweet and refreshing blessing. I too am excited to start Week 2.

  4. Thank you everyone for your thoughts on this weeks chapter. I have learned much from you.

    There is so much in this chapter to “like” and learn from. One thing that brought me to my knees is what Lysa said on page 18 (i have an electronic book so page may be wrong). “If we ground ourselves in the reality that we trust God, we can face circumstances that are out of our control without acting out of control. We can’t always fix our circumstances, but we can fix our minds on God. We can do that.”

    Fixing our minds on God is renewing our mind, transforming our mind, to gain new perspectives that are in the will of God. And trusting Him with our “unglued” moments lets us be calm and continuing to do His will.

    I also loved the thought “For me, perspective doesn’t just help me see the current circumstance I’m facing from a new vantage point – it also helps me process future things I face in a calmer, more grounded way. It helps me develop a new way of thinking,” Lysa says on page 13.

    This brings to mind Romans 8:28. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

    This verse doesn’t say all things are good. It says “all thing WORK TOGETHER – for good.

    I am not a freak out woman. I am a stuffer. When I’ve stuffed enough, then I am a freak out woman. But this doesn’t happen often. I would rather confront stuff and get it out and over with.

    Such a great study making us think and be more than we would ever think – in our Lord!

  5. NLT Life Application Study Bible Romans 12:2

    Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know what God wants you to do, and you will know how good and pleasing, his perfect will really is.

    The footnotes further explained:
    God has good, pleasing and perfect plans for his children. He wants us to be transformed people with renewed minds, living to honor and obey him. Because he only wants what is best for us, and because he gave his Son to make our new life possible, we should joyfully give ourselves as living sacrifices for his service.

    This scripture really spoke to me about changing my thought process.

    Be blessed ladies as we study God’s word together!

  6. First of all, thank you to Melissa! Your hard work and enthusiasm is contagious, and you are an inspiration. Second, I’m a little behind (newborn at home) :) but I think it is so cool that Chapter 2 referenced the story of Joshua and Jericho because that story was a part of our sermon just yesterday! How cool is that! God really does tie things together for us… perhaps to drive home a point? :) This book and on-line study is such a blessing already! I feel like a little sponge… soaking up the goodness of God’s word! Have a great week, everyone! Looking forward to more imperfect progress!

  7. Angela Fleming says:

    I am really enjoying this study so far. I have gotten a bit behind with the blog posts, emails and FB group since Friday. Am trying to get caught up. Really enjoying the videos as well :-)

    Lysa really puts it well in chapter 2 when she talks about having the same thought patterns over and over…and when you add emotions to that – it makes those thought patterns much stronger. If you can master the ability to catch yourself and retrain your thought patterns, you can eventually re-train your responses….That is the toughest job ahead to fighting the “Freak Out Woman” inside from taking over…lol.

    What really spoke to me though, was ” I can’t control the things that happen to me each day, but I can control how I think about them”….”I can face things that are out of my control and NOT ACT OUT OF CONTROL”….lol Stop, take a breath, walk away….take a minute….That’s what we are trying to teach our 4 year old son and I need to learn not to come unglued when he does. So I’m learning to practice what I am preaching! Thanks to Lysa and this bible study :-)

  8. Stephanie W says:

    Sometimes I think Melissa Taylor has followed me around! Lol! This is my 2nd Bible Study with you and I love the video messages. Fridays message about taking time to get in the Word was for me (even if I’m just reading it today!). Thank you!

  9. This is so far such a great book. A book that I could & probably will read again and again. It is so relatable. It’s so funny yet so real. It’s great to see the bible from a whole new perspective. God loves us and so does our families and friends for just the way we are. Let’s trust that God REALLY does only want good for us. The same way we only want good for our own children. When I find myself labeling myself, I remind myself, God loves me and made me just the way sometimes I forget but I want to be REMINDED that I am his masterpiece that he continues to work on until he is done (the day of christ’s return) When I remind myself that God loves me, i could then remember that my husband, kids, and friends love me too and that helps take some of the guilt away for not being perfect. The imperfect progress quote is a great way to start this journey of change. Thank you Lysa…..
    Melissa, thank you for your humility, you are an amazing woman and your children are so lucky to have you. The way you set up this study is really great. This is my first time and I kindof don’t want this to ever end other than the fact I feel a little glued to my computer and book. ha,ha,ha… Thanks again for what are doing here for many women including yourself. I hope that I can continue to see imperfect progress in myself and in all of you! Especially my OBS sisters who I know personally and are doing this online study with me. Love, Peace and Wisdom only comes from above, let’s focus on that for imperfect progress…..God Bless!