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Saturday Sillies 9/29/12

Ok, here ya go. Just like I promised.  Have a laugh at my expense.

For those who were on the Conference Call last Wednesday night, remember when I couldn’t find my Unglued book?  And Donna had to read for me?  Well I found it. On the floor of my car.

Since getting a new phone, making video clips and posting them has become A LOT easier! You saw some of them. Here are the ones that didn’t quite make the cut.

Talk about imperfect!

Just a little FYI, your Sunday post with all of the Week 2 Assignments will be posted Sunday evening. I am in the beautiful NC Mountains this weekend with my family and will post it when I get back. Just to get you started though, Monday we will be reading Chapter 3. And our Conference Call Guest Monday night is…LYSA TERKEURST!!!! I’m so stinkin’ excited about that!

Hope you are having a great weekend!



  1. Have a great time with your family! Where has this week gone? Love the study and so glad you take time to lead us.

  2. Hope You have a great time.

  3. Karen K. H. says:

    Just love the bloopers. Have a great time.

  4. Love the bloopers. You are awesome Melissa. Have a great weekend.

  5. Love the bloopers :) Way to keep it real! Hope you enjoy the weekend with your family! Blessings!

  6. Fun BLOOOPERS!!!!! You have a sweet and wonderful and RELAXING time this weekend!

  7. Charolette Ragsdale says:

    I loved the blooper posts, Melissa! You made me laugh which is something that is always good for our soul. I loved your little dogs since I am also an avid dog lover…have two miniature red, smooth haired dachshunds named Chloe and Doxie. Thanks for a wonderful first week! :)

  8. I am rolling on the floor laughing at you Melissa because I know you personally and this is totally YOU! You make me smile!

  9. FUN! Have a great weekend, Melissa!

  10. Catherine Shepard says:

    That is way too funny…using your camera phone as a mirror.
    I’m surprised you waited that long to get your hug.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Happy Saturday everyone! :-) :-) :-)

  12. ha! I LOVE to laugh….GREAT week, Sisters! I wanna share one bonus this study has given me…..even though i know that God is the God of the Universe….there is something about this study that truly has me picturing women ALL over the world united together….for Him… a way that I have never fully understood before. Go God!
    Sally, group 16 leader

  13. Have a great weekend with your family! Thank you so much for being such a real, fun, godly woman! I look forward to your email assignment every morning!

  14. I also love to laugh and appreciated the Saturday Sillies! My daughter just recently told me about using my I-Phone for a mirror…it works great…and most people won’t have a clue that you are checking yourself out! We gals want to look our best!
    Enjoy the time with your family this weekend!

  15. Have a great, safe and fun weekend
    This OBS has made me think, smile, reach out and most of all cry, thanks you starting this study

  16. Thanks for sharing those! I love when my son comes home, he is in grad school now, we got 12 whole hours with him when he came home to pick up car tags and a new credit card, his was stolen…. but it was 12 hours, Chinese take out and some hugs! I so get that “he’s home” excitement!
    Enjoy the mountains, hope you get to see some football too!
    We did the high school game last night!

  17. You remind me of my niece — so full of fun and energy. Have a great time this weekend. Are the leaves turning there yet? Praise God for what we are learning through the vision God has given you.

  18. Enjoy your weekend! God bless you and your family!

  19. Love you Melissa!!!! Have a wonderful weekend! This study is a blessing to me and I am in awe of how God is drawing so many women across the world together for this “real” study! I am so excited about this week’s conference call!
    Love ya’ Sistas! Beth, OBS Group Leader

  20. Have a great week-end!! Thank you for all the work you put into this study. Having a date night with my husband:). Going out to dinner and seeing a show

  21. Melissa – thank you for posting your bloopers….gave me a great laugh this morning!! How fun to know we all have those times, but you kept on smiling…I took a sneak peak at chapter 3 and could not stop…Oh Wow…I am going to read it again…has so much for me to learn in it!!! God Bless you for this opportunity to study the Bible Together in this new technological age! Have a Wonderful time with your family and see you next week!

  22. Too funny, I needed this after doing 3 hrs of homework. Have a great weekend

    • Tawnee DeGraffenreid says:

      I’ve been unusually swamped with homework too! Almost came unglued over it too, but my sweet hubby reminded me why I’m going to school, and that sometimes in order to achieve God’s plan for our lives doesn’t always come easy! Perseverance! God has been putting that word in front of me this whole week, when reading the Bible, even in class, then our Pastor preached on it last week!! I am so grateful for this OBS though!
      Off subject, it snowed today! I live in Alaska, and we’ve had some odd weather lately.

  23. I got my first Bible, and have been dutifully following all Melissa’s instructions – reading, writing, putting things into my own words, watching Melissa’s videos, reading lots of posts. I would have to say it seems as though very few of the women in this OBS are just starting out. Is anyone else out there at the very beginning of this journey toward faith? I constantly feel as though I got to class late and have to scramble to see what’s going on!

    • Shelly, don’t feel like you have to scramble to catch up. We are all on this journey and the goal is for all of us to be learning new things as we go along. Good for you for writing in your Bible right away. I didn’t for a long time, and I would spend lots of time trying to find something I had found before. Keep at it girlfriend. And welcome to the family! : )

    • Tawnee DeGraffenreid says:

      You know Shelly, I might not be “new”, but about a month ago our church had a revival, and God peeled off so many icky layers off my heart that when I read His word now, it’s as if I had new eyes, because I’m reading about things I didn’t remember were in the Bible! I find that the best gift in the whole world, do you know why? Because, Shelly, you are bringing a fresh insight into what you’re reading, and I think that’s inspiring! I have 2 Bibles, one is my scrappy one with lots of marks, and the other is a study Bible and goes a little more in depth. I’ve been a Christian for 15 years, and I still don’t understand everything I read in the Bible! Just know, you’re not alone!
      May God bless your alone time with Him, and your new hunger to learn more about Him through His word! I hope this encourages you!

    • Shelly,
      You have gotten to class just in time! And I bet there are more than you think just starting out :) Regardless, this is about you and God. He is smiling over you right now.

      If I can do anything to help you or encourage you, please let me know!


  24. Good Morning,
    I can’t wait to watch the bloopers. (Watching news and drinking coffee with my hubby). This study is helping me in soo many ways. Thursday, my husband calls me at work, and said the motor in our family car DIED!!! I was stuck at work.. but the grace of God covered me with a blanket of peace.I DID NOT COME UNGLUED!!! I simply told him not to worry about it, God’s got this. I caught a ride home with a friend, and just put the whole situation in God’s hands. My husband and another guy worked on my car yesterday, In the rain… and they fixed it!!! It was something simple… Then yesterday evening, one of my step sons got sick all in my master bath. I did not come unglued. Yes, I had to scrub, wash rugs, etc, but God has used this study to open my eyes to how easily I come unglued, and why its not necessary.It’s about turning it ALL over to him. The big important things, the insignificant little things.. it all works out in the end.. You see, the old me would have blown up at the broken car, worried about buying another one, and freaked out about throw up in my bathroom. I am not a freak out woman…

    Thanks Melissa. I love this bible study. Have fun. I LOVE NC. My son is a Tar heel!!
    Oh and he called to say, Mom I’m getting married, in a little over two months.. I. Am. Not. A. Freak. Out. Woman……

    • Cynthia
      Congratulation on not freaking out about the car or your son getting sick in your bathroom. “Imperfect progress” thats all any of can ask for. Keep gong sister. May God continue to bless you.
      Have a great weekend.

    • Yay, Cynthia! Way to meet all these situations in God’s peace!

  25. Thanks for sharing your bloopers Melissa. Isn’t it great to be able to laugh at yourself? Life is much easier that way. I find I enjoy sharing my less than perfect moments with people too. Their just too funny to keep to myself!

    I’m really enjoying this study and the online community. Hope everyone has a wonderful, restful weekend.

  26. You crack me up!! I hadn’t been able to watch the video the last few days so I am catching up on them this morning. I am sitting here in my hotel room laughing SO hard tat the Blog Hop video! Thank you for being willing to act silly and make us laugh! You must be an amazing woman!

  27. Lainaelissa says:

    Melissa i love you bubbley personalty. Thank you for sharing the bloopers with us. Our Dog get that excited every day when the kids come home from school. Its weekend my amazing how much they become part of the family. Enjoy your time with your family.
    Have a great weekend my bible study sisters.

  28. Lynda Parker says:

    I love that Sally! I have had that same vision in my mind! It’s so amazing! “A little bit of Heaven on Earth!”

  29. cute bloopers :) Have a wonderful weekend in the mountains of NC! oh and can you please post some pictures of the beauty of God’s creation? :) wish I was there

  30. Lynda Parker says:

    I love that Sally! I have had that same vision in my mind. It’s so amazing, “A little bit of Heaven on Earth!” Melissa, you are just the cutest thing! Have fun on your trip!

  31. you are just a hoot!
    What a great first week of this bible study. Today I’m resting in bed as I got this bad cold. Between blowing my nose and reading what you all have to say today, I’m in great company. thank all for being here with me as I get better and rest up for next weeks study.

  32. Gee, It is great to hear of the progress of all we unglued sisters. It shows that we are increasing in our imperfect progress when we turn things over to God. Melissa, I enjoyed the bluppers. They did make me laugh. May God continue to be with us as we continue to explore other ways God is in our lives when we are tempted to become unglued.

  33. Have a fabulous time with your family! You are so darn cute! Thanks for a look into your life.

  34. Ok so this morning I get up and my youngest son wants to challenge me because I started making breakfast first. He wanted to make pancakes, then my oldest son wakes up with a “I am the only person of importance attitude,” and the dog is begging for a treat. Thru all of this I had to lay prostrate at God’s feet and seek him for guidance in tomorrow’s service. Each week a different leader leads the service and it is my week. Normally we begin the service with a Psalm but I know that God is giving me something different. Not sure what yet. Anyway all I hear in my mind is “Don’t become unglued.”

  35. Cecilia King says:

    Loved the sillies! (hee hee)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family.

  36. I loved your sillies Melissa and i hope you have a really super great weekend with your family and i appreciate them sharing you with us!

  37. Alicia Shawhan says:

    Love the bloopers!!! Needed the laugh! It was cracking me up! We run around here just like that all the time. And boy or oh boy-did the devil try to steal, kill, and destroy around here! Not only did I start this OBS, my husband and I started a new group at our church with couples. It was nothing but testing upon testing. And those unglued moments just would linger on the edge of their seats. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only imperfect one out there and I am so blessed Lisa wrote this book! I’m thankful so much for this study, your videos, your daily posts! What a blessing!

  38. Very cute. Its always neat to see the pictures. One of the things that I really like about facebook. Hope you have a good time with your family.

  39. I enjoyed the bloopers as well. I pray you are having a great time with your family this weekend. Can’t wait to see what week 2 has for us. I had some moments this week where I definitely could’ve let the devil use me and come unglued. Friday afternoon after a looooong 11 hour day at work, daughter whining that we’re not going to the movies, dinner of leftover pizza, then come home to find out that cable and internet temporarily disconnected, power scheduled for disconnection and more bugs. Aaargghhh. But thanks to God for helping me to keep it together and not go on a Dennis Miller rant about how much I dislike our new place.

  40. Ginger Frommer says:

    Thank you for sharing the bloopers !! Have a wonderful time with your family.

  41. Melissa, I am glad you are doing some video messages for this study. It helps me feel connected to you and get to know you as the leader of the study. I hope you had a great weekend, and I am looking forward to Week 2!

  42. Just got all caught up with the weeks homework…so looking forward to starting week 2. I am an unglued woman, but with the grace of God, and this awesome OBS, I will learn NOT to become unglued with anything that does not go my way, which is almost all the time. My 9 yr. old son has ADHD and homework is a constant source of frustration for us both. This is a really good and very timely bible study as he is learning cursive. Thanks for the funny bloopers Melissa, laughing is quite lacking in my life these days. :/

  43. I loved the clips. It is so nice that Melissa shared. I am loving the bible study. It feels like she is talking straight at me. Already reading chap 3

  44. Melissa,
    Thank you so much for being real and transparent. The bloopers were more special than you realize.
    God Bless you!

  45. Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  46. LOL:) Thank you for the wonderful bloopers:) So brought a much needed smile:) Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family:)

  47. Loretta Pearson says:

    You give me so much hope as I’m leading a group now too. Thanks for all your doing for us! I have found confidence from God through your studies.

  48. Carol Bruntlett says:

    Hey Melissa
    Your bloopers so funny , I loved them thank you for being real with us and together we all will be unglued.
    I am loving this study it is awesome , going to go get me some of that Jesus Glue.

  49. Valerie W. says:

    Thanks for the laughs. The bloopers were awesome! I hope you enjoyed the leves changing on the trees in the beautiful NC mountains as much as I did. Grandfather Mountain was beautiful especially the full moon Saturday night and breathtaking sunrise Sunday morning. Hope you and your family had a great time. Can’t wait for this week OBS.

    • Oh, the mention of Grandfather Mountain makes me homesick for the South. I was born and raised in South Carolina and spent my youth camping and hiking in North and South Carolina. ~Sigh~ Hope y’all are enjoying the changing of the seasons there.

  50. Ok…I am just seeing the bloopers. So funny! You know why? Because I have a gazillion just like those! Lol! Except I have not been brave enough to post ANY at all…thanks for being real, Melissa, and for giving me hope! :)