Sep 30

Unglued~Week 2

Jesus Glue

I need it. You need it. We all need it. And that’s why we are doing this Unglued Online Study. Last week I received some “Jesus Glue” in the mail. Perfect timing for our 2nd week of this Bible study.

Remember, when you are feeling unglued, get you some Jesus Glue quick! What is Jesus Glue you might ask? It’s the Word of God. The Bible. Let’s go there now.

Memory Verses for Week 2

Chapter 3

Ephesians 2:10 NIV84

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”


Chapter 4

James 3:13 NIV84

“Who is wise and understanding among you?  Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.”


Suggested Assignments for Week 2

Did you notice it says “suggested?”  That’s because some of you may not follow these exactly. That’s ok. That’s the beauty of an online study. You can look over all the assignments ahead of time and decide what might work for you. Maybe you need more. Go for it. Maybe you are struggling with just this. At least read the chapters and look up the memory verses. Maybe this is just right. Great!  Remember we are making “imperfect progress.”  What works for one will differ from what works for another.

Sunday~ Pray like you mean it. Take 5 minutes today and simply pray.

Get prepared for Monday. Unglued book, check.  Bible, check. Notebook, check. Pen, check. Highlighter, check.  Place to work/study/read, check.

Monday~ Read Chapter 3, The Prisoners. Use a highlighter to highlight parts you want to remember or come back and read later. Make notes in your notebook.

Monday~ Conference Call #2. SO EXCITED!!!! Author of Unglued, Lysa TerKeurst is our guest!! She will be chatting and sharing with us and getting very real! I respect Lysa as an author, but I know Lysa as a good friend. You will not want to miss this call. Have a question for Lysa?  Email your question to  All those signed up for the conference calls will be entered to win

Still not signed up for the conference calls?  It’s not too late. Sign up here.  Each call is recorded so you will never miss a thing!

Tuesday~ Visit my blog, www.MelissaTylor.orgh to join in the discussion of Chapter 3.

The rest of this week’s assignments will be posted on Tuesday.

(I’m about Unglued. I finished the entire week’s assignments and got ready to post them and they were gone. It’s already too late on Sunday.)

Share with us in the comment section today any question you’d like me to ask Lysa TerKeurst tonight on the conference call and what you think about Jesus Glue.





  1. I got a little behind … got sick on Thursday and was laid out flat all weekend. Didn’t stop me from EATING though … was really bad. My hubby was waiting on me hand and foot and I ate all the BAD things I could possibly think of this weekend. I guess I wanted ‘comfort’.
    So … as I continue my study of Unglued … I need to reread Made To Crave … It’ll have to wait …
    Just tied up Chapter 2 and am ready to move on with this week …
    Feeling a little better … both physically and emotionally after reading ‘Freak Out Woman’ … Gotta figure out how not to be a ‘Prisoner’ … :)

    • Debbie (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Lisa glad you are feeling better and we are all here with you learning how not to be a prisoner.

  2. Sarah DeLeon says:

    The “Jesus Glue” is such an awesome idea..!! :)) Love it.. :))

    • Debbie (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Love it too – one of my group said yesterday “Jesus Glue” is better than duct tape. WOOHOO! Love it!

  3. Love the Jesus Glue idea! I might have to make one of my own for my journal!

  4. So I just finished reading chapter 3 and it really hit me. I have for the last 4 almost 5 years labeled myself as broken. To realize that just by using that to keep myself stuck there was a revelation to me. I really liked the quote, “A soul who believes she can’t leave…doesn’t.” That was like just wow! I never even thought about it differently then I can’t. There are many aspects in my life that I do this to myself in and I really like the thought of letting God chip all those away. Another way to think of this that I heard in a devotional was, God is the potter and we are the clay. We can’t mold ourselves into a vase or pot or whatever we’re supposed to be, the potter has to, God.

    • Debbie (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Amen Melissa. He is the potter and we are the clay and as Melissa mentioned in her blog and our memory verse this week – Ephesians 2:10 NIV84

      “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

      Remember that verse when you are having a bad day and remember precious lady that you are His workmanship – His masterpiece!

  5. Hi Everybody,
    Yesterday we went to church, and so the pastor, a really funny guy, called Mike Breaux, here in Rockford, IL was talking about the chapter of Acts, and how we the people of God can write Acts 29 by our doings, he especially talked about Peter who later baptized 3000 people, and live his life for sharing God’s word. I later on Sunday night, read Chapter 3, Prisoners, and low and behold the same Acts story about Peter came up, and the baptism of 3000 people, now is this a coincidence, I prefer to believe that this is God talking to me. Even in prison in Rome, Peter decided to see the positive, and fix his eyes on God, by spreading the Word. I think my lesson is to fix my eyes on God, and not the earthly problems, I think of as problems, and choose to be in a positive mood, by changing my perspective. Reading Lysa’s morning email, I looked for positiveness, and low-and behold, here my 6 year old, tied his shoes for the first time, what a memory!!!!

    • Tracey(obs leader) says:

      LOVE THIS!!!! Thanks for sharing .. love it when HE does indeed meet us where we are and show us how precious we are in His sight!!! (((hug)))

    • Karri(OBS Leader) says:

      You are right, sister! There are no coincidences! It is all God’s handiwork! In this world, it is so hard to keep focused on God that is another reason that I lean so heavily on HIS word and these online bible studies! Thank you for sharing this and that is so exciting for your 6 year old! WaHoo!! Major life memory! :)

  6. While I havent read the book … Im going along with this bible study… this chapter 3 has drops bomb on me. My husband is dealing with a criminal charge and face trial next month. And I feel so much like every other woman out there – label myself WRONG! And my thought…. oh how much they need to be changed. I cant wait to see what the rest will fold out. But by Gods grace he is with us through this trial and he grace will change my way of thinking and my “unglued” ways.

    • Tracey(obs leader) says:

      Dear Sister, I am praying and believing He will be there.. holding your arms up.We all have labels that need to be changed.. God grant us all the grace and I believe HE hears and answers the cries of our hearts!

  7. Kim Goldstein says:

    I Love the Jesus Glue. Here’s to a great week of study ladies :)

  8. Sorry Melissa, I got behind. My laptop crashed and now i am borrowing a computer. Talk about becoming “unglued”. That was sure the day. I lost all my pictures and it upset so much. Praise in this all I have strengthren my prayer walk with God. I had no “idols” per say to get in the way. I had to take a 3 hour road trip to court (that was one way) and I caught up on my Unglued Bible study, Daniel with Beth Moore, and my daily readings as well. And since my husband and daughter were captive, I read them out loud. We all heard the word. When I got to court I sent up a prayer flare as I call them and I stayed “glued” My daughter got to me her dad for the first time after 16 yrs. I praised God the whole way home and asked for wisdom and discernment on the day we had. In all of this without my computer I didn’t have a melt down because i couldn’t check my mail or my homework. I got closer to God and my family. Getting a new “perspective”. It’s hard but with God’s grace I can do anything He wants me to do. Happy Reading Ladies!!! I so am enjoying this book. It’s equipping my with skills I was never taught. I am so pray to God it will continue on to the next generation and genrations to come.

    • Karri(OBS Leader) says:

      I defintely believe that was God! He does everything for a reason! It is so encouraging to hear stories where you could have come unglued but held it together….Great Job!!

  9. I am trying desperately to be positive and hopeful but i’m discouraged and down because i just don’t see how i can get better. When i’m with friends and acquaintances i tend to be a stuffer. When i’m around those i’m super close to family and really close friends i stuff then eventually explode. I live alone with my cat and i can still freak out and explode. I just don’t know if i’m salvageable, i feel like i’m a mess. I’ve just failed God too many times. Does Lisa have an answer for me? I’m not giving up yet but just don’t seem to have much hope. Sorry.

    • Martha Farrell says:

      Please don’t stay a “prisoner” to self-defeating labels Diki. Read chapter 3…you are a “David” encased still in marble…..let God chisel you out of your hard places. I also feel that I’ve failed God over & over, but that thought process comes from the enemy. So we need to take those thoughts captive & make them obedient to Christ! Praying for you …. (((hugs)))

      • Jennifer Davis says:

        My prayers are with you. Dont give up!!!! The awesome thing about God is his Love is as “far as the east is from the west.” And the east and west never meet. His grace and Mercy are renewed everyday. I sometimes wonder If I will ever change after having these ways embedded in me over 32 years. But, I have found myself hanging onto the fact that at least now I am having conviction about them (3 years ago I didn’t see anything wrong with how I acted) and have such a huge desire to change. That is something to have the desire to want to change. If you didn’t, then there would be a problem. Lean on Him more, cry out to him more, surrender on your knees to him daily!!!! Don’t give up the fight!! He is with you, carrying you. YOU ARE his masterpiece that He will continue to mold into His likeness until the day of completion, His return or when we meet Him in Glory. (Couldn’t remember what scripture this is)

    • Diki, I am praying for you. Please don’t give up, that’s exactly what the devil would want you to do. Remember it’s not a new you over night. As I’ve told others God doesn’t make any junk. You are precious in his sight. A song I taught my children when they were young comes to mind. “He’s still working on me to make me what I ought to be. It took Him just a week to make the moon and the stars, the sun and the earth, and Jupiter and Mars. How loving and patient He must be because He’s still working on me. In the mirror of His word reflections that I see make me wonder why He never gave up on me. He loves me as I am and hears me when I pray because He’s still working on me.” There is a verse in the Bible that says “He, who began a good work in you, will continue it until the return of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6 I know I am not all that He would have me to be, but with His help I’m taking baby steps and beginning to make imperfect progress. Another song I’ve heard on Christian radio is “You Raise Me Up”. “When I am down and oh my soul so weary, In troubled times and my heart burdened be. Then I will come and wait here in the silence until You come and sit awhile with me. You raise me up so I can sit on mountains. You raise me up to cross the stormy sea. I am strong when I am on Your shoulders. You raise me up to be more than I can be.” You aren’t alone in feeling discouraged and down, even Jesus felt that way. New thought patterns take time to form to become new habits. Try listening to praise songs or singing along with a cd that you like.

    • NONE of us really see how we can get better. It’s a step of faith we take; doing our part and letting God take care of the rest. He is faithful to us when we ask for help. It may not come in the way we think it will or should, but He knows best what we each need to make imperfect progress. The hard part is being patient and being on God’s time schedule. He’s never in a rush, but He’s never too late. Praying for you.

    • Diki, you are still on my heart. I just read chapter 3 for about the fifth time. There are so many nuggets of truth in it, I couldn’t grasp them all. This chapter has a lot of encouragement in it. An even more encouraging place to look is in the Bible. Just read Proverbs 31 devotion for the day. Philippians 4: 6-8 are some good verses to memorize. Jesus used the Bible to defeat Satan when he tempted Jesus. Search the scriptures for verses that call to you and bring you peace. Memorize them and write them down on cards to carry with you. Above all look to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. He won’t fail you!

    • No one is ever beyond hope, Diki, with Jesus on your side. If Jesus did not give up on Peter and Paul who had explosive personalities and were still greatly used as His ministers…He certainly would never give up on you either! It is Satan that is whispering in your ear that you are not salvageable and a mess..and is hoping that that you will continue to believe him so that he can keep you down. On our own, all of us could say this about ourselves. It is Jesus working in us that makes us able to move beyond who we THINK we are to who He KNOWS we are. He knows our potential and our desire to change and will help us to do that if we THINK we can and ask for His help to make the change. The first step is to ask Jesus to change your thinking. Getting around some (or even one) positive, encouraging people that you trust could also be helpful. Jesus will start working on you right where you are. He loves you too much to leave you where you are.

  10. Tracey(obs leader) says:

    THANK GOD is right!!!! I LOVE how HE never leaves or forsakes us… meets us right where we are… Blessings and victory on our journey thru this study!!!

  11. christina says:

    The Jesus glue was a creative idea, simple explanation for kids too! i can use this with the kids too and make a game out of this.

  12. I Just wanted to say that im loving this study!! I cant speak for everyone but i can already tell a change on how i handle things that come my way!! LOVE IT!!!!

  13. Valerie B says:

    I am a beautiful baked potato!

  14. It’s been a tough week and it’s only monday :) I was having a rough time after work today, just overwhelmed and really agitated and I could feel myself becoming unglued. I started praying outloud and picked up the book to read chapter three. I loved it! I am an unorganized person at home. I feel like I can never keep my house organized and I have one bedroom of my house that is a disaster. I also feel a mess because of it and I know that is why I get so overwhelmed. I just associated my lack of organization to my life. It was a real eye opener for me. I was actually motivated and went to the gym today to release some stress and feel better about my house. I even set a time for myself to clean so I could feel accomplished. The whole time I just keep praying to God too and I just feel, just not alone. I can feel him working inside me. I just need to keep him with me every step of the way. Prayers would help though.

    • Debbie (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Nicole just keep reminding yourself one step at a time – that’s how I have gotten my home organized (set a timer 15 min and do something). It makes you feel good. Read your Bible, exercise and just spend time with Him. When I start having negative thoughts I start counting my blessings and it always works. Don’t get overwhelmed – just keep doing a little here and there and you’ll see improvement – remember God is chiseling us a little at a time – let go and let Him do that for you and I will be lifting you up in prayer Nicole. Blessings!

      • Thank you Debbie. I was baptized about a month ago and ever since then I can tell that God is chiseling me a little at a time. I am a very emotional person and I tend to just react on my emtions so I have ALOT of deep memory traces of negative emotions. This book, taking time to read the bible, and just constantly pray has been amazing. In the past week I can see such amazing changes in myself. They are small changes but my thought process now is just awesome. The progress is imperfect, but it gives me hope. Everyday I think about all the other women, and maybe men, doing this bible study and that lifts me up too. I know that I am not alone. Thank you for praying for me Debbie.

  15. I love the “Jesus Glue” concept! I spent today reading Chapter 3 and making two scrapbook pages with the memory verses on them (digital pages) and posted them on my blog. I also have put some memory verse tags on my blog as well. It sure helps me focus on the verses and fun too! I am ready for the blog hop this week!

  16. I really loved this chapter, picturing God laying by my side chiseling the imperfections out of my life until I am a beautiful creation of His. Thinking on this the care the love that goes into each cut, not to harm me, but to make me beautiful. God’s ability to see beyond what I am to what I can be in Him. I will fall, there will be consequences, there should be. Oh that I do not fall too far, too hard. We should not label ourselves in negative ways. If we keep telling ourselves were weak, can’t do it, then we wont. God doesn’t tell us that. Oh God, Chisel me, I don’t want to be locked in my hard places forever, I want to be set free. I want to be all that you want me to be. Only coming to God can we be set free from the dark places we get stuck in and come into the light of what He wants and sees we can be. We need to embrace the grace for which we have been saved through faith. Grace, I need to feel it, see it so I can call it grace. Oh God, chisel me.

  17. Melissa taylor and her team is a big hyprocrite. They stole from others. I believe God is in control and he will punish them for He is alive and he is not a wimpy God.

    • Divide and conquer is one of Satan’s most effective strategies for hindering the effectiveness of any effort undertaken by two or more people. He knows the power, synergy, and blessings that result when we work in harmony; therefore, he makes every effort to bring division. This is how I view your post.

    • Dear yy,

      I responded to you privately via email, however it was an invalid email address and was returned. If you would like to write to me personally to reconcile your accusation against me and my team, I welcome that. This forum is to be used for Bible study purposes only.

      In the future, if you would like to be a part of the Online Bible Study and participate, you are welcome. The comment section of my blog is for Bible study use only. Not for the purpose of accusing and bringing another Christian sister down.

      Here are some verses I found that can help us:

      Matthew 18:15-17 ESV
      “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. And if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.

      Galatians 6:1 ESV
      Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.

      Philippians 2:3-4 ESV
      Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

      I would like to reconcile this in a Biblical manner.


      • Denise Croley says:


        I love this bible study. I learn something about myself in every chapter that I read. After reading chapter 3, I do believe that I am GOD’s work in progress!!


  18. Jennifer Davis says:

    That saddens me to see the above comment. Nonetheless, Melissa, I thank you for leading this study. I am definitely reading and rereading and doing the study, but don’t seem to be getting very far. God is opening my eyes to many things I need to change, but I am ready for the change now. Do any of you fine women have any idea to help apply this even more to my life. I get up and get ready for work, get my kids ready for the day (single mom of 2 little ones), go to work, come home and take care of kids. Then do my study at night. My 5 year old, going on 16, can really make me come ulnglued by not listening and throwing fits when she doesn’t get her way and man does that make me loose it. I want to be able to “take those thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ” before they come out of my mouth. Before the sterness and explosion comes on. And it always seems to be backwards. Discouragement and shame setting in. I want to be different.

    Enough rambling, if any of you have suggestions for me to be able to apply this more I am open to any. Thanks for taking the time to share.

    • Debbie (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Jennifer I do know we heard in our conference call last week there is “power in the pause” from Deborah Pegues (who has written many books). Pause and think before you speak. I also recently took some training for teaching and they told us when a child was angry and upset it is better to be quiet for a moment because that will calm them. Pray about and try and see if it works with your little ones. I’ll be lifting you up in prayer as God leads you! Blessings!

  19. Reading this chapter has really made me think about myself. I believe firmly that I have put labels on myself that don’t apply. I just have to keep telling myself that I’m a work of God, and it’s not my fault. I have to repeat them over and over to make sure that I believe myself (and God).

    • Debbie (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Nicole keep telling yourself that your are God’s workmanship, His masterpiece and you are beautiful!

  20. Loving the Jesus Glue! Running a little behind. Just finished with questions on chapter 2. Started reading chapter 3 and can’t keep my eyes open. Will have to read it in the morning, while drinking some coffee.

  21. Hard to believe at times about being His workmanship. I have failed miserably the last few weeks, especially at work. Unglued but mostly on the inside. I really would appreciate prayers for work tomorrow. I want to live for Jesus, and for it to shoe, but lately I’m not where I’d like to be. Thank you.

  22. Chapter 3 really hit me hard. I have labels given to me as a child that I still cling to….stupid, fat, will never amount to anything. They have ruled my life too long. I really like when Lysa talked about being in the museum and seeing the unfinished sculptures. I am ready to be chiseled into a thing of beauty. Thank You, God for this study and these truths that are changing the way I think and act. Thank you also for showing me that things can and will get better. It doesn’t have to be like this the rest of my life.

  23. LOVED the dot story!! Never heard of the book, but I think both my daughters, 15 and 20, will be receiving a copy for Christmas. Such simple insight into labels, yet so profound. Thanks Lysa!

    • I also love the dot story and as the youngest in my family and turning twenty in twenty-four days I think this will be an awesome present!

  24. “but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before”, Phil 3:14b

    I use this verse to undo labels.

  25. Vanessa Logan says:

    I had to highlight a section (page 36) saying “O God, chisel me. I don’t want to be locked in my hard places forever. I want to be free. I want to be all that YOU have in mind for me to be”.

    I couldn’t help but compareing the chiseling of me to God being the potter and I’m the clay. YOu see society places labels on us and we began to identify ourselves by the labels of society. As a result, we become bondage to society labeling of us. I do declare today that the devil is a liar. I choose to believe that I’m wonderfully made as God has told me and I refuse to be a label. Do I make me mistake, of course I do, all of us do. However with the mistakes is where God’s forgiveness comes into play. I would rather be ackowledge as a person who made mistakes forgiven by God than live with lies created by society.

  26. Me, too Vanessa. Too many labels and once you have them, it is very difficult to get rid of them.

  27. Bonnie Taylor says:

    What an amazing chapter. I found myself wanting go scrpray (scream pray) to God CHISEL ME LORD! I am so ready to see it feel it and call it grace. I know He is working in me. Thank you Jesus.

  28. I loved this chapter! Brings hope and a vision for a future God has in mind for me, not what others may or may not see. The things that resounded with me were “labels – others and we ourselves place these labels on our lives and they only stick if we allow them to”. So that says to me I have a choice to accept them and believe them or not. I can stay STUCK in my yuck ( yuck is my word for the things about me that GOD shows me we need to work on to change). I can stay nice and comfy not wanting to see what God is trying to show me or I can surrender and be willing to let Him chisel away those things. A note to self here however, these are not things about me that others want to change to please them, to somehow make me more acceptable to them. Those kinds of labels I need to identify as a lie from Satan to keep me stuck and down, I need to reject those lies and replace them with the truth of Gods Word. I am a work in progress; I am a child of God; God loves me; and so on. I CAN rise above with His help and comfort!

  29. I issued the conference call on Monday anyone know how I go about listening to it today?

  30. I got online this morning…usually only have internet early in the morning. No questions for the chapter review yet! Thought about coming unglued, but instead I took my notebook and started writing out all the labels that I’ve either been given over the last 50+ years or that I’ve given myself. And now am spending the next couple of hours writing verses to refute each label. I’m so thankful there were no review questions this morning. :) God had something so much better in store for me.

    • Christina says:

      What a fabulous idea Nellwyn. I was behind on the reading but I’ve added ‘your’ assignment to my list (and I’ll but putting them on notecards)! Thank you!

  31. Christina says:

    My goodness! I think I’m glad I’m reading on an e-reader – otherwise I wouldn’t be able to read the book because of all the highlighter I’ve been using. It seems like EVERYTHING hits me in one way or another.
    #1 for today is probably ‘The labels only stick if I let them.’

    Lord God, chisel me into the masterpiece YOU intended me to be!

    • Me too. I used tabs instead of the highlighter and I am not able to use my e-reader because it’s acting up. Way to seek another method and not get unglued. The same quotes touch me as well.

  32. Reading Chapter 2 and 3 have been real eye openers for me, God spoke too me there is a current family situation going on with my Dad and I’m and my whole family is believing healing for his whole body too be restored too complete health. some things are happening that cause me too fear… but God showed me that I can’t control my circumstances, but I can keep my eyes fixated on HIM… How true is that, so true, my mom had told me that before, but i just didn’t hear it until i read chapter 2 and I begin crying and surrendering myself too God totally..(which i had thought i had done already.) I can’t control what is happening to my dad but I can keep my TRUST IN GOD.
    Chapter 3 .. I have Prisoner myself especially with my weight loss which I’m breaking free from 27lbs gone 2 pants and shirts sizes down… I will continue too work on that it’s a long road.. but The Labels, I can identify as well because right now they are labeling my daughter at school, because she has a weakness in Math and Reading and she is a very smart child, I’m not saying that because I’m her momma, others have told me that they enjoy talking too my 12 yr old daughter that they are amazed by how well she speaks, that she speaks so intelligently not like an average 12yr old. But I had realized while i was praying for her to do well, that i said so she will be smart and I stopped myself and I said there i go labeling her she is smart, she just needs good organizational skills and good study habits so that she can learn her basic math facts like addition, multiplication, division and subtraction without counting with her fingers is what they have said and how too better construct a paragraph or summary after reading, because she can read fluently, but it’s understanding what she has read enough too write a small paragraph or summary on it. So I will continue too pray for my very SMART daughter. I asked that you Pray for my Dad and My Daughter. Thank you so much.

  33. I would love the opportunity to hear the conference call with Lysa TerKeurst. Is there any way we can hear a recording of it later this week? I can’t afford to purchase the conference calls.

  34. Glued together in an unglued moment.
    I am a shift supervisor that has to train & brief staff 45 minutes every day before shift change. Yesterday l had one of the newer staff members go off in the middle of my briefing. All l said was ” ‘Ma’am., please do not assign conversations to me l did not have”. By her 2 nd outburst the Lieutenant stopped her. I can’t believe how smooth that rolled over my lips. When l was doing my rounds in the buildings later, l received much praise for how completely non defensively my voice sounded, how low l kept the volume and my choice of words.

    You see, that woman is with us for 3 months. So far the chaplain complained about her being rude, some of thecounselors

  35. I really like the “Jesus Glue” card with the verses. I made one for me and for my mom. We are going to make some more for her Bible study women.

    The phrase that stuck in my mind today was, “Oh God chisel me. I don’t want to be locked in my hard places forever. I want to be free. I want to be all that You have in mind for me to be.”

    This is so true in my life. I am so thankful for this “unglued” study. I know that each chisel is meant to create a grand masterpiece. Praise God!

  36. and none of the other officers want to work with her. She is rude and has problems with people that have different cultures and accents. Furthermore she laughed at another staff member because he has an accent. She went off on another supervisor last week. But she insists she is a team player! ! ! . Oh and she states she is a christian any chance she can get. She doesn’t like negativity and gossip ……. All together my shift has been ‘blessed ‘ with 6 sandpaper people. Please pray for me because l have to deal with her again today.

  37. Christy Quillen says:

    Love the Jesus Glue! This chapter once again really ministered to me. I loved the story of the “prisoners” in stone and how the artist “envisioned” the finished piece and worked to set it free. That is exactly what God does to us. He slowly chips away at all the hard spots to reveal the beauty beneath. He never gives up or leaves us. He stays with us until we are complete. I have seen this in my life over and over again. But it is a process we have to be willing to go through and submit too. It takes time, it doesnt happen over night. We often want to see change overnight in our fast food society. But masterpieces take time and are created bit by bit. So are we changed, our thought process and actions, bit by bit. Over time we can look back and see how far we have come, but its often hard in the moment to see the changes we are making little by little. Thankfully he gives us grace to be imperfect in the process. I think the real trick is giving grace to ourself to be as well!!!

  38. Just wondering if I am missing the Tuseday assignment. I didn’t get an email and can’t find it here…
    Just having a week where I feel tested in all the areas we are learning about. I have felt defeated so many times. I just want to be the godliest Mommie I can be. I know noone will reach my kids with the gospel like I will and I want to mirror Christ for them but somedays there seem to be more failures than victories. But one thing I haven’t been able to forget is “imperfect progress”. I can’t always see the progress but just not quitting (for me) is progress.

  39. Chapter 3 really spoke to me. Talk about labels others have put on me and the labels I have put on myself! I especially love the quote from Michelangelo when asked after he completed the David, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved UNTIL I SET HIM FREE!!!! “Just chip away what does not look like David.” That is what I endeavor to do this bible study is to chip away with God’s guidance all that does not represent my true self, spirit. I willingly climb unto the potter’s wheel and allow myself to be molded in the image of Him! I am God’s workmanship. Don’t let the music that is in me die Father! I yield. Blessed be He!!!

  40. Oh lisa how I can relate… I am going through a stressful time facing a surgery and am Stuffing with food and also need to re read made to crave. I feel like such a failure and am buying into the lies that I’ll never change. Also I can’t seem to find Tuesday’s assignment. I’m confused!

  41. Denise Croley says:

    I finished reading Chapter 3 last night. It so spoke to me. I do have labels that people have put on me and those that I have put on myself. I liked the part in the chapter about Michaelangelo and David. I prayed afterward for God to chisel and mold me into his image. Let me become God’s work in progress!! AMEN!!

  42. linda caler says:

    I can relate to almost everyone’s posts. I pray that I can move past my need to self-critic all the “bad stuff” and be focused on the great stuff I do, do. I do need to extend grace to myself and it’s really hard to see that I need this!!

  43. Something I wrote in my journal today: I am child of God who has a messy life and is waiting for God to unglue me and put me back together.

  44. Perspective! It’s like Oprah puts it… That aha moment..It’s a moment of clarity, a defining moment where you gain real wisdom – wisdom you can use to change your life.

    When I read this chapter I stopped dead in my tracks! The question is, “what am I going to do with this newly found wisdom?” I love this bible study I just have to remember imperfect progress and I won’t give up! Thank you to all the ladies who have posted here. This OBS is such a blessing to many!

  45. Love the statement ‘Chisel me and set me free’. I think about it today. I am currently ‘homeless’ living on the generosity of my sister & her family. My husband is looking for an apartment for us and I can’t stay where he is at the moment… so I am trying to stay positive and let God take care of everything. Normally, I would be micromanaging everything to pieces… from here all I can do is pray and wait. Focusing on a Bible study about imperfect progress and making wise decisions fits perfectly.

  46. YIkes ! I’m so late so i’m gonna be doing some catching up !

  47. Dominique says:

    Love the idea of JESUS at least you never have to worrry about breaking or becoming UNGLUED because is word Is TRUTH and has the answers to every question we have it will never fail us.

  48. Dominique says:

    Sorry I meant JESUS GLUE.

  49. Melissa, loved your video post for today. I am so glad to be a part of this study.


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