Oct 3

Unglued Blog Hop #2~ Wahoo!

Welcome Beautiful Ladies! Our first blog hop was SO AMAZING that I can’t wait to see what Blog Hop #2 looks like. Whether you have written a blog post to share or you are like me and are just here to read some great Unglued messages, I’m so glad we have gathered together here today!

It’s called a blog hop because you can hop around and read the different blogs. You don’t have to read all of them, just select a few and “hop” around. And try to leave an encouraging comment for our writers, they’ve worked hard and are so kind to share.

Share our awesome blog hop on your blog too! Grab this button and let your friends know you are posting on Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies!

Enjoy Unglued Blog Hop #2~ Wahoo!



  1. I tried to link to my post, and it shows that there is one link posted…however it doesn’t show me if it is mine, so I am not sure it is right. If you don’t see one from me, let me know so I can add mine, I didn’t want to post it twice.

  2. I experienced the same thing when I posted. Perhaps they will show up in the morning?

  3. I was excited! I had just finished my post and saw it was up… and thought, how nice! I can start reading tonight! :) Guess I’ll need to wait for the morning.

  4. Catherine says:

    I’m checking with Melissa to have her look into this. I don’t know how everything is to work. Please patience and a lot of grace.

    OBS Group Leader

  5. Girls, THIS IS SO FUN! Thank you for your creative genius – in creating fun ways for us to share and encourage others!

  6. oops, I may have done it wrong; I think i did the blog site linked to my blog(s); I will try again; but like the other girls above, I don’t see the ones that are linked at all; last week they were all lined up right away. Hmm.. oh, the glitches of technology!

  7. Same thing here, posted mine – I see it says 9 are posted but I can see them. Hopefully in the morning :) Looking forward to reading what you all wrote about!!

  8. Lauren Beach (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

    I need to delete my first entry it did not have the correct URL with the blog title, so I re-posted. Sorry…I got my Jesus Glue 😉 Good night ladies. Can’t wait to start reading the blogs tomorrow.
    Blessings to all

  9. christina tejada says:


  10. I followed the link and now see that it isn’t working like it did last week but I am sure they will fix it, our wonderful leaders! What would a day be if it didn’t come with a few pests right?! I have been working on my blog and it has been so much fun. One thing maybe someone can help with is the fact that in order to comment I have to add an e-mail for the “author” to be able to comment. Strange, very stange! Most blogs just allow people to post a comment. Any help is greatly appreciated! Anyway, don’t get frustrated if you can’t post a comment on my blog, just enjoy it and all the other beautiful blogs for today! Again, and I can’t say it enough, a BIG T

    • oops! A BIG THANK YOU to the Unglued team for making this all possible! You are wonderful!

  11. Christa - OBS small group leader says:

    Thank you guys for being patient until our awesome leaders are able to look into this. If late-appearing blog links is the worst thing that happens today, it’s still a great day!

  12. Like the girls that linked their blogs last night I don’t see Where the blogs are listed like last week. when I posted my link it said it worked but I dont see it. Which I linked to my whole blog, not just a post. I dont know how to do that exactly. But thats ok my whole blog is on unglued.

  13. I’m sure we’ll see them later! Have a blessed day! :)

  14. I was really looking forward to this, but don’t have a blog, and can’t seem to figure out how to get to the ones to read. I only had a few minutes before work, so maybe someone can tell me how so I can try after work!

    • It’s not working just yet…Melissa has been informed and I know she’ll be working like crazy to get the links up so we can read all the blogs!
      <3 Nicki (OBS Leader)

      • Catherine OBS Group Leader says:

        Nicki, she probably has 20 messages about this. Grace to you Melissa!

  15. It says that there are 35 entries so far, but I don’t see them.

  16. Y’all I am sooooo sorry! When I created the Blog Hop, I left one little box unchecked…that happened to be the “Show the blog links” box.

    I went back and fixed the problem, you should now be able to see ALL the Blog Hop links. Enjoy!

    <3 Heather Bleier
    OBS Leadership Team

  17. Thanks Heather! Off to read them now – Yay!!

  18. Lauren Beach (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

    I love Blog Hop Thursday :) Love reading everyones blogs. This is awesome

  19. I am having trouble posting on my blog site at wordpress. It just sits there like it is trying to post and it won’t after 30 mins or more. ANyone else having this issue or know how to fix it. It’s making me wnat to come unlued!!!!

  20. Sorry about the mess up earlier y’all! Funny how when you leave out just one little itsy bitsy thing it changes everything! Grace grace grace! Thank you for being so sweet and patient :)

  21. Charolette Ragsdale says:

    I am not comfortable with this whole blogging thing. I am the type of person who prefers to read the blogs of others on the website. I have been sharing alot with my group on Facebook.

    • Charolette,
      This is exactly why we do this :) I want y’all to have others to hear from besides me. This provides with so many rich and various insights about the Unglued message that are from our OBS sisters all over the world! I hope you are enjoying the other blogs and thanks for sharing them with you FB group!

  22. Yay!!! Melissa, I am so glad that it was an easy fix. And that we all had enough grace not to come unglued. : ) I am looking forward to spending time visiting all a bit later this evening.

  23. I have just read 25 posts, and I have to say that I am impressed and amazed at how we can all read the same chapter, and blog about it, and each blog is so different from the others. Ladies, we are each amazing and it is great to look at your stories, and see things from your perspective. A lot of great writers here. However as much as I love reading them…..I simply can’t subscribe to everyone. So I wanted to take a minute and let you ladies know how much I am enjoying my travels to your blogs.

  24. How do you share the button to your blog? I can’t seem to figure it out..

  25. Hi Everyone,
    I read quite a few blogs and I loved them. This is great and very insightful. Thank you everyone for sharing. It is truly a blessing :o)

  26. Love blog hop thursday! Love sharing my own and reading others in the “hopping” process :)

  27. I put the button on my blog but it doesn’t seem to be linking back properly. Is it just user error or is anyone else experiencing this?

    • Elizabeth,

      I didn’t notice it until you mentioned it…It is not user error. When they designed the button they mistyped the address. When you paste the code it says:

      a href=”http://meslissataylor.org” target=”_blank”

      Take out the extra “s” it should read a href=”http://melissataylor.org” target=”_blank”

      If you do that it should then work. Remember lots of grace for our leaders and the technical glitches.

  28. Lynda Parker (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

    This is so fun! My first blog! And it is so fun to see what everyone is saying! LOVE IT! Thank you once again!

  29. I want to thank the blogger who included the link to ww.skitguys.com about “Chisel”. I have read so many blogs I am sorry I am not sure who the author. The skit and another one about Baggage are incredible. Enjoy the blogs such good information and the OBS (little behind in my homework). :0)

  30. Sandra Taylor says:

    I have no idea how this works… I just stumble on something… or not. Can’t figure it out. But I do enjoy it when I do stumble on it.

  31. Gail Clark says:

    I signed up to do the Unglued study, got my book, and then when week 1 rolled around, I was so darn busy, and I kept procrastinating, and then week 2 rolled around, and omigosh whatamigonnado? And then, Wednesday I got sick at work around noon and had to go home. I was still not feeling well yesterday, so guess how I spent my sick day at home? Catching up on my study, reading the posts, the blogs, etc. AND, I love the Blog Hop because it FINALLY gave me the motivation I needed to write a post on my blog that I started in July and had never posted beyond the initial post. God managed to find a way to slow me down to take time to get started, and now that I’ve jumped into the study, I am so excited to keep going. I hope to post on my blog every week. I couldn’t figure out how to link to this site but I see that someone posted instructions above so hopefully I can link it next week, and I linked it to my Facebook page. This book is beyond perfect for me personally and I am excited to see how many other women are sharing in the journey!

    • Lauren Beach (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      There is a little button on the page for the blog hop that says “Add your link” click on it and it will give you the steps to add your blog. it is not too late to add your blog 😉
      Happy to hear the Holy Spirit is moving in you. Can’t wait to read your blog 😉
      Blessings, Lauren

  32. Melissa Nichols says:

    This chapter has been revealing for me. I love the idea that God is trying to break us free from our marble prison and expose who He made us to be, one hard experience at a time. What a wonderful visual!