Oct 27

Send Us Your Unglued Head in a Bag Pics!

A few weeks ago, I asked you to send me your Unglued Head in a Bag Pics.

Like this:

    And this:         And this:        And this:   


See how fun???  I’d love to get as many as possible and put them all together.  A little collage of our Unglued Group!


Send your Unglued pics to:  Melissa@MelissaTaylor.org with Unglued Head in Bag in the subject line.

Thank you to Annie and Donna for sending your pics in. Love love love!

Have a super Saturday!



  1. Look my head in a bag!

  2. Lisa Dawn says:

    Oh this will be fun!!! I so must join you all! Love it! ~<3~ LDS <3<3<3

  3. Erin Cuomo says:

    Do you literally want our head in a bag, or a picture of us “unglued” in some way! Just want to make sure we send the right thing!

  4. Billie - OBS Leader says:

    Can’t wait to do this!

  5. i just got done reading chapter 11 and 12.
    from chapter 12. why is getting unglued not that bad
    because . it makes u think on the holiness of god. and really think why you came unglued in the first place. to go to the lord and really get in to his word and talk to him and ask lord i know i just came unglued for the dumpest thing and i need your kindness and your sweet love to help me to not to do that again.to give u that thought process and say hey i need to work on some things here. and see how other people react to the same unglued moment and really say hey if they can not come so unglued and can try not to do that my self.
    IN Chapter 11. the three questions.
    1. where am i going my own way right now.
    well with me going my own way it is not working because i come unglued more offen if i want my own way ,and i do not want my own way i want god way. god help me to seek you more and to go your way in any area of my life.

    2. what one area of my life is more self pleasing than God pleasing?
    i want my life to be pleasing to God. but i know down deep that i do things that not to his pleasing and i take it to him in prayer. with this study i have learn how to get closer to God more than i ever have in my life. and that really means a lot to me. i want to be that person God will be proud of and to say welcome to heaven.

    3. What idle words need to be reined in from running rampant in my mind or spilling from my lips?

    i have been married 20 years and i have always wondered if i am a good wife. and also a good mother to my 6 year old. i do not know how to cook and i ashamed to amit that but i feel sometimes if i am running rampant just to please my husband and be a good mother to my child. i have always had doubt in my mind about everything in my life that because of my past and my family history. but i know God is here in my heart and my soul. and he will keep me on the positive note.