Nov 8

Testimony from a Leader

Want to know the impact our next Online Bible Study is having  on people?

Read one leader’s experience with her Bible study group when they did Greater:

Being a leader, I have seen life transformation over and over again.  But I have to tell you that I have never witnessed so many dramatically life changing stories within a bible study as I did with Greater by Pastor Steven Furtick. Here are just a few examples of what took place within my personal group of 15 women.

  • Released from anxiety and insecurity
  • Received Christ as their personal Savior
  • Broke free from prescription drug abuse
  • Released from a paralyzing fear of shyness
  • Unexplainable financial freedom
  • Forgiveness of infidelity and seeking counseling to restore marriage
  • Freedom from a prideful spirit and self-condemnation

To be honest with you, the list of transformation within the lives of these women could go on and on.  If you are not sure if the time is right for you to do this study, I highly recommend for you not to wait another day, sign up now!  I promise that when you embrace this study, your life will be GREATER than you could ever dream. 

Wow. It doesn’t get much better than that. What are you waiting for? The time is now. Sign up today.



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  1. Barbara Prince says:

    Melissa, I have sighed up for Greater. I did so mainly because I got so much from the last OBS on Unglued. However, it is a little hard to believe my life can be greater in anyway when I’m 66 with a body that is in total rebellion. I’m doing the study in hopes that just maybe, even this late in my life, God can use what little I have for the glory of the Kingdom.
    God bless you and Proverbs 31 for doing these OBS.

  2. I am 62 years old.All my life Satan has attacked me with feelings of not being self assured.I joined this study to find a way to fight this.I am a well educated woman. I am a retired teacher.I volunteer at the local hospital,A patient was being discharged.I wheeled her out her husband had a big truck.When she stood up she was slightly wobbly on her feet.I reached out quickly to steady her,The patient quickly got her bearings. When I told my co workers this one person said.”oh you are not supposed to touch a patient”Another reassured me I did the right thing.I will never stop reading Unglued.I can’t wait for the next study.WE ALL NEED JESUS.SATAN STAY AWAY FROM US!!!!!!!!!

  3. Karri (obs leader) says:

    Reading how this book has changed & helped those women has me fired up!! I need so many of those changes that were listed that it scared me!! I can not wait for the study to begin! Thank you for choosing this one! And Thank you for all you do!! I love you girly!!!

  4. Hey Melissa! This is GREAT! I am going to share this!
    Love you and so excited to be a part of this! -Sue

  5. Melissa,
    I just finished reading Unglued moments ago and wanted to say Thank You for the wonderful bible study. It has been so nice to be able to follow along at my own pace. This is an amazing book that I so needed to read. Thank you for all of your hard work on the OBS and thank you for sharing from your heart and being REAL! Your videos were great, too! My favorite was the potato story with your daughter…I wonder how many thousands of women were set free from so many insecurities by that sweet little home video. Don’t you just love the ways God works? Awesome! Thanks again…looking forward to doing another OBS sometime.

  6. I have read the book Greater and can’t wait for the bible study to really dig into God’s word!! One question and I think it would be great if you talked about this in the conference calls. How do you know God is speaking to you?? or How do you find what God’s plan if for you??? how do you know God is calling you to do this and it isn’t some random thought in your head??? I don’t have a quiet brain, always thinking, never resting like Lysa’s son in her Unglued book. How do I know this is God’s request of me and not me trying to make something happen?
    Greater is an amazing book but this is the one question I would like to hear what others have to say!!!
    Thanks Melissa, you’re the best!!

  7. Melissa,
    I have had the amazing blessing of being part of the last two online studies and am looking forward to hearing once again from the Lord “for such a time as this”!! I am in a season of waiting upon the Lord to direct my next steps into a full-time ministry position. Just completed a season at Bethel seminary where I have watched God move in countless ways. I would ask prayer that I be very present in the moment and remain in His Presence as my source of strength!! Thank you for your encouragement throughout these online studies. Blessings to you as we begin this next journey in God’s truth!!