Nov 26

Greater, Chapter 1

Welcome to Greater! (If you receive this through email and cannot see the video below, click here.) And dang, why does You Tube stop the video at the worst possible place? Gotta love (hate) the freeze frame! (it’s ok if you laugh, I would too if it wasn’t me!)

Here is your assignment for today. Make time to complete it (it only takes 10-20 minutes) and enjoy! Let’s get Greater!

Monday~ Pray. Begin each time of study in prayer. Read Chapter 1, Steve and Me. If you are receiving this via email, visit my blog, to share your thoughts and insights. As you read, each Bible verse that is mentioned in the chapter, stop and look it up in your Bible. There’s just one for this chapter, so it won’t be too hard!  This is what I do:

Many of you asked what Bible I use. I use the NIV Life Application Study Bible. I love it! If you are looking for a new Bible, I suggest you go to a Christian bookstore, pull some Bibles off the shelf, sit on the floor and go through them. Pick the one you like best. That’s what I did. I’ve purchased different versions, but I love the Life Application Study Bible because it helps me understand how to apply God’s Word to my life today.

Greater Conference Call #1~ We are kicking off our Greater Conference Call Series with the author of Greater, pastor of Elevation Church~ Steven Furtick! If you signed up for the calls, you will receive an email with the call information on Monday. If you’d like to sign up for the calls, you can do that here.

Tonight’s call begins at 8:00 pm EST.  Call participants, have your pen and notebook handy. You will be both informed and challenged by this call. It’s all good…no, I mean great! If you want to chat or discuss the call as it takes place, make sure you join the Facebook Event which will be going on live during the call.


After reading Chapter 1, what are your thoughts?  Are you on board?  Do you believe?  Share a prayer for the group in the comment section today about believing for Greater in our lives.  Also share any Greater prayer requests, thoughts, or insights from Chapter 1.



  1. Loved reading the first chapter. I am a little behind as it’s already Thursday, but hope to catch up. I feel like this is going right along with what God has been speaking to me and I am excited and expectant for what lays ahead! Thank you for doing this, Melissa!!

  2. I am praying for God to open my eyes!

  3. As usual, I’m behind. Doing Monday’s asssignment on Thursday. But, I have set aside a few hours to do this work today, and have high hopes of catching up. I wrote earlier that I don’t believe I love myself enough to believe I am worthy of a greater life. After re-reading Chapter 1, I think this book is going to be more about “internal” changes, like thought processes, vs. “external” changes, like ones we can see. I’m still not sure if this study is right for me but I’m still going to read Chapter 2, and dive into the discussion questions next!

  4. I started read in on Monday and just kept on reading, then before l knew it, its Friday! What a mess. But l’m backing up, and trying to catch up, this is how Satan trys to keep me down, what a loser you can’t even do an on line study right. Pray for me. I ask God for help, l know this study is for me, because l couldn’t put it down the first few days. I could so relate Lynda

  5. Well, I just got my book yesterday so I started the questions today. How awesome is our God!! There have been many times in my life that I felt mediocre. And there are still many areas that I need to work on. But God is using myself and my husband and growing us. God is working in our finances and in our hearts to grow us closer to Him and to help us to trust Him. I want my focus to be on God and not on this fallen world. I pray that I can be a witness, a shining light to those around me. God is good, all the time!!!!!

  6. Mary Weiss says:

    I am enjoyed the first two chapters very much! Steve’s writing style is so right at me and where I am in my life.
    I am already thankful to God for the fact that I came across this study, I was not looking to do anything like this, but as soon as I saw it, I knew God wanted me to participate!
    I tried to talk myself out of it, but God would not let me. So here I am!

  7. Judy Huffman says:

    I am responding to the Chapter 1 question “What is your reaction to the book’s concept of Greater? How does it affect your perspective on the future? I agree with Steven that many of us do not reach our full potential because of fears we have and, in essence, waste part of our lives. Having a dream gives one a target to shoot at. Much of the fear is present because we think that WE have to do it in our own strength…and forget that “all things are possible with God.” It is The Lord working “through” us that will allow us to do the “greater” things.

  8. Jennifer Rasor says:

    I still don’t have my book but read the first two chapters online and am enjoying it. I always like when pastors and other leaders show their real struggles or tell about them, but also include how they are overcoming those struggles and relying on The Lord more through it. Makes me feel like victory is more attainable to me than when someone hides their struggles and acts as if they have it all together. Me? I so do not have it together, though I continue to try to grow more each and every day. The Lord is my strength! I hope this study will help me to learn how to best allow Christ to be greater in and through me.