Nov 28

Lesser Loser Life, Greater Chapter 2

Today I’m including Wednesday’s and Thursday’s Week 1 Assignments.  I’ve included Thursday because it is our first Greater Blog Hop and I wanted you to know the topics so if you choose to participate, you will be ready!  I look forward to all of the blogs that will be posted here tomorrow!  If you aren’t a blogger, no worries. Just come back for the blessing of having the opportunity to read so many Greater messages!

Wednesday~ Read Chapter 2, Lesser Loser Life. Visit my blog, to share your thoughts and insights.

Thursday~ It’s Greater Blog Hop Day!!! Whoo Hoo!  I love this! Today you can share your blog with us or just take a break and read what others are blogging about Greater. Visit my blog, to share your blog or get links to others’ blogs. Instructions on how to post your blog will be in Thursday’s post.

This week’s topics…Pick one.
1. Greater Things. What are your thoughts on this week’s reflection verse?

I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.   ~ John 14:12 NIV84

2. See ya Mediocrity! What would a “Greater” life for God look like to you?

“The president probably won’t release a statement calling us the greatest anything when we die…Nobody will post a blog entry about our lives…” pg 7

3. Lifted Up! Write a blog post lifting up someone in your life or a person from Scripture who inspires you to live greater!


Thoughts to share today:

Do you relate to having a “Lesser Loser Life?”

Read John 14:12, our reflection verse from this week. Go ahead and look it up. What does this verse mean for you in your life?

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  1. WOW! I don’t know why I thought I was the only one who heard those discouraging voices in my head but it’s good to hear from someone who by all appearances “has it all together”. I have a good job in healthcare but almost every day there is this nagging voice in the back of my head that says ” you’re not smart enough for this job”, “you’re going to mess this all up”. It really does limit me sometimes from doing more, from being greater. I was the nerd kid growing up and carried a lot of insecurities into adulthood from that. I constant worry about whether people like me. I know it sounds silly to carry around the weight of those insecurities for 20 years. It really limits me. I want to let go of that. Who can reach for greater carrying around all that weight?

    God, I pray for all us who are struggling to feel “good enough”. We can never be good enough and yet you love us anyway. You loved us enough to die for us. That should be good enough even though we are not. That makes us more and makes us greater. You make us more and greater. Please help us to be aware of opportunities to step out and to step up and quiet those voices in our head that tell us we will fail. Amen

  2. Melissa, please tell Pastor Steven he is not alone in his Cheeze-It’s stress-eating-bingeing. He should check out the White Cheddar ones. Ok, the was the devil speaking. I was very humbled and struck at this second chapter. Yes, I do live a lesser loser life. It’s true what he said “if the devil can’t suck us into the lesser loser life through complacency, he’ll trap us with condemnation”. I have self-condemned myself almost to the point of no return. Thank God His Mercies are new everyday.

    • deborah dean says:

      Cheeze its sound good to me.. I like the spicy kind. I must say if he got aeven families to move with him….. Does not sound or look like a loser life. I have not heard of too many people doing this, have you?

  3. deborah dean says:

    I think we can do greater things, as long as our will is with Gods will and heart. I do believe when we surrender every thing we have every thing we are and supp with him We can do greater things for Christ.

  4. Thanks ladies! I too could have written many of the previous posts. I have been leading a lesser loser life of mediocrity for too many years!! Chapter 2 was a great encouragement for me and I’m excited to see where the rest leads. I’m not giving up!

  5. I really think the Greater OBS is going to be life changing. The reflection verse meant alot when it is put in the correct perspective. I know we cannot be greater than Jesus but he can work within us to do something greater where we are at now starting smaller dreaming bigger. We don’t have to wait to have it all together.

  6. Just finished reading Chapter 2. Only a couple of days off schedule! The one phrase that jumped out at me the clearest was “Nobody does greater things because they’ve got it all together. And nobody is disqualified because they don’t.” This helps me believe I can still attain some progress.