Dec 17

I tried to write today…

Today was supposed to be a fun day on my blog.  I was going to share some fun ideas of things to do with girlfriends and give some fun prizes away. When I sat down to begin, the words wouldn’t come. Two hours later, the page is still blank.  This is the first day I didn’t have a prescheduled post ready to go.

Instead of trying to force it, I’m going to postpone the fun until tomorrow.  Honestly, when so many are hurting and grieving right now, my heart is just not in it.

Join me tomorrow for some fun girlfriend ideas and giveaways for you and a friend.  Until then, enjoy this FREE Conference Call, girlfriend chat and conversation with author and funny lady, Mary R. Snyder…no strings attached! You can listen and/or download it to listen later.


For those of you studying Greater with me, we will be reading Chapter 7, Wasted Faith, this week. It’s our last chapter before we break for Christmas.

If you are participating in this week’s blog hop, here are your topics this week:

~ For the Good. What are your thoughts on this week’s reflection verse?
~ Wasted Faith. Have you ever felt that your faith was wasted? Do you still feel that way or has God revealed the “good”?
~ Trust Fund Baby! Share your most memorable blessing from God. Was it unexpected?
~ Christmas. The sky is the limit! You can share your funniest, most inspirational, unique, or whatever Christmas!


God’s blessings to each of you~



  1. Ginny B - OBS leader says:

    I love that you keep it real Melissa! Rather than post something that just wasn’t in your heart you post the truth, one of the reasons I am glad to say that I know you. Love ya girl and looking forward to the fun day to come. There is always a rainbow after the rain!

  2. carol costello says:

    I agree with Ginny! Big Love.

  3. Barbara Prince says:

    In times like these we must draw nearer to God.
    I’m sharing this song of worship and praise.

  4. I believe my Pastor hit the nail on the head yesterday before our worship block. He said we must still worship even in the dark times. We must still praise for what we have and not let anyone take that away. While my heart breaks for those immediately effected by Friday’s loss, it also aches for the family of the gunman. What they must feel right now is beyond words, but I can not avoid the praise for what didn’t happen that day. He didn’t tear us apart. He didn’t tear that town apart, only unite them. He united facebook under a cloud of gloom that looked to the only one who can make it right. That gunman pulled at our hearts at a time of year when many of us lose focus on the meanings. Please do not mistake my words. I by no means condone what was done, but whould it really take an act such of this to make the world pause and realize what’s missing. I find it sad that the focus is on gun control, not religious freedom in schools. To God be the glory forever and ever, amen!

  5. My heart was heavy all weekend with grief as it still is. Well said, Melissa.

  6. Jennifer N (OBS Group Leader) says:

    I agree Melissa. Today is a heart heavy day.

  7. I am enjoying the conference call!!! Enjoy the break today!!!

  8. I agree with the others, Melissa! I appreciate your heart and honesty and pray for heart-healing for all. It’s so wonderful that we have each other for times like these.

  9. Thank you for being so honest Melissa. I totally understand. I read through chapter 7 this AM before work. It’s such a good chapter. I know right now with what is going on in our country many think our faith is wasted – that prayers for protection went unanswered. Obviously, it sure looks that way. However,I still take refuge and strength in God’s Word that says our faith is never wasted. I believe that personally and for our country. I am asking God to comfort all that mourn – and show all of us how when our hope is in Him – He always sees us through. We need you Jesus. We need you.

  10. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Chapter 7 is done for me as well also the questions are done.I love being ahead of the game so to speak. The questions for this chapter were really very convicting for me. Especially with question 1 in the back of the book, Have you encountered set backs. Yes I have encountered setbacks especially now with Warren’s job. I have felt like when is God going to bless us. Doing so much and not seeing God. There are a lot of times I feel like I am still a million miles away from God. I know I should not be feeling this way, but I do feel it and I cannot understand why this happens. I get to a point of being right there with God then I take two steps back away from God. I know that it is me that is walking away, I know that I need to come back to God now more than ever.

  11. Melissa, I mentioned to my daughter that you said you can just not write today. She said, “she has those days too.” Thanks for being real and and encouragement to a beginning writer.

  12. Melissa,

    Thank you for being real! When you have a truly sincere heart like your, it is sincerely broken when things like this happen. May God continue to bless you as you reach out to Him and those that He loves! This truly has had a deep impact on me as well, but one thing that I will take from it is this: Without those with sincere hearts truly seeking to become greater for Him, these types of stories will only become more frequent. In this I realized, that not only can I do what He is calling me to do, but I must do what He is calling me to do!

    Much love and prayers!

  13. Ps. Not because He needs me, but because the world needs Him!

  14. I so appreciate your honesty. It is appropriate to be grieving today along with so many. So much devastation, lives snuffed out. I pray Lord that you would please minister to all of us in our sadness and pain…especially those who have lost someone in Newtown. Only you Lord can bring peace and healing. Emmanuel. Amen.

  15. As it has always been, the world needs Jesus. It’s not that we need Him more now, we have always needed Him the same. The unbelievers need Him so much now because society has become so corrupted & so accepting of things that go against God. I would personally never have gotten through my past, current, or future pain without God carrying me. May He carry the hurting now and use this tragedy to bring believers closer to Him and bring unbelievers to Him. He says in His Word that He will use evil for good so we need to trust Him for this Promise

  16. I totally agree!! My heart is also completely burdened for the sweet people of CT. I heard on our local radio today that there’s a group of chaplains who went to CT to help the families. The group leader was asking for prayer for them as well. They are hearing recount after recount and just need prayers to remain strong while they’re helping the families.

  17. Melissa,
    Thank you for being a Godly woman and a woman of compassion. My heart is so heavy with all that’s going on in the world today. I would like for you all to please pray for Terran ,she is 21 , she has lupus, it has now affected her heart and kidneys. She is being transported tomorrow to Vanderbilt hospital. Please keep her and her family in your prayers as well as all those who have faced and are facing difficult times. Thank you

  18. Nicki Edwards says:

    Whilst I am very removed from the tragedy that occurred in the United States, I applaud you for your honesty and totally agree with what Ginny said – the sun will shine and the rainbow will appear. Plenty of time for fun when hearts are not so heavy.

  19. Dottie Bailey McLelland says:

    I totally understand Melissa. I have not been able to focus on much since Friday. Everything just seems so trivial to me right now. Thank you for being so real with us. Love ya

  20. Debbie W. (OBS Leader) says:

    Melissa thanks for this post today. I stopped and did what I have been needing to do. I sent an email to my very best friend who retired to MN today. After that I sent an email to another wonderful friend who retired to CO and sent her some pictures. A couple had messaged us yesterday from Houston who will be in Dallas this weekend and wanted to get together. I had told them no because it will be Saturday and that’s the only day I have to decorate for Christmas, wrap, and grocery shop. Well today after this post I emailed them back and said we need some relaxation, we love you, and we want to see you and we need to eat so where can we meet on Sat on your way back to Houston? They were excited and I know we will be blessed. I heard on a tape at school yesterday how it takes a long time to build friendships and so easy to lose them. THANK YOU for this message of love!

  21. From CT to all the OBS ladies – thank you for all the prayers. We are trying to return to normal, although I’m sure that will never be the case for the families who lost loved ones Friday. Our kids went back to school today, on “Yellow Alert Lock Down.” We are wrapping presents and watching funerals. Too surreal. I find myself checking in with the various blogs and posts during the day. As I read them, I am assured that normal life goes on. It’s comforting. Thank you all.
    I’m about to read Chapter 7, and hopefully my mind shows up when I do!

  22. Reading Chapter 7, these quotes jumped out at me.
    “The journey towards greater things is marked by setbacks and real suffering.”
    “The road to greater things is not neat and linear. It is marked not only by the messiness of real life but also by tragedy.
    “…there are moments when there is no discerneble answer.”
    “It’s baffling the way God sometimes shows up…and then in your most dire moments seems almost absent. Those who persevere on the long and greater road will not only find themselves baffled by God’s power but also at times dumbfounded by His restraint during times of real need.”
    “We are realists who recognize that even though we have witnessed great moves of God, we will also experience pain, dark nights of the soul, and the death of hopes and dreams.”
    “Are you kidding me God? I prayed, invested, believed, all that time for what? For nothing, that’s what.”
    “Not one ounce of faith is wasted. Even when it seemed as if He was deaf to their prayers, He was collecting their faith and making a plan to use it in a greater way.”
    The way out of this suffering of 27 innocents slaughtered, has to be through God. Everyone involved must be being made ready for something greater?