Dec 18

The Gift of Girlfriends

Of the things I treasure most in life, my friendships are right up there at the top!  I love my family more than anything, but often you just can’t beat quality time with a good girlfriend!

Over the years, I’ve done some really fun and meaningful things with my girlfriends!  I’ve found that as life has gotten busier each year, it has been important for me to be intentional on planning times together. When we say, “let’s get together soon,” we better put it on the calendar or it may not happen.

Here are some ideas for a girlfriend gathering:

~ Dinner and a movie

~ Slumber party- complete with jammies, a chic flick, popcorn and M & M’s. These are so much fun! You are never too old and it’s even more fun to do nails, hair, and make up now than it was when we were little girls!

~ Exercise! What better way to multi-task than to walk and talk! Great way to get your exercise in plus some social time.

~ Shopping and lunch or coffee.  You can even buy matching outfits (haha~ you think I’m joking but I’m not!)

~ Hang out at home. Some of the best times happen when I invite a friend over and we just sit out back and talk.

~ Brunch- go out or everyone bring something to share

~ Bible study- Who better to study the Bible with that your best girlfriends? Combines spiritual growth, accountability and friendship.

~ Game Day- Where are my ladies who love football?  My very favorite gathering takes place almost each Saturday in the Fall. Wear your favorite college team shirt or colors and bring an appetizer to share. It’s a football party. (Husbands and kids are welcome~ this one is fun for the whole family.)

~ Game Nights- Great way to wrap fun, laughter, and competition all into one.

~ Concerts- Nothing like going to a concert with your girlfriends. Dancing and singing and acting crazy. (not me of course)

~ Get Aways- Weekend trip to the mountains, beach, or some other destination.

~ Women’s Retreat or Conference-  Some of my best get away memories were at my church’s women’s retreat each year. Great mixture of fun, free time, and a Word from God. Mountain top experiences happened here.


You see, spending time with girlfriends doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or even take up that much of your time. It’s important to make the time for friendships. And once you have a friendship that is special, it’s important to nurture it.

OBS featured teacher, speaker, author & funny girl~ Mary R. Snyder last week during a conference call.  She is the author of the book God, Grace, & Girlfriends, which is about the importance of friendships. In her book, we discover tips on building healthy friendships and explore dozens of possible trips, events, and adventures for you and your girlfriends to explore. She shared some of this with us on the call and even invited us to join her, Proverbs 31 Ministries, and Online Bible Study Girls on a cruise next October!

It has been one of my dreams to be able to meet up with my OBS sisters!  I know a cruise isn’t possible for everyone, but what a blessing it would be to be able to meet you in person and spend some great quality time together.

Check out the Girls Getaway Cruise here!

If you register, use the promo code Proverbs 31, that way you will be included in the Proverbs 31 and Online Bible Studies special events and receptions we have planned and receive a $100 discount!

Listen to an interview with Girls Getaway Cruise Director, Mary Snyder here.  This interview contains all you need to know about cruising like:

* Affordable cruising

* Details about the cruise

* Special Guests~ Renee Swope, Robin Jones Gunn, Jennifer Rothschild, Comedy Angels, and recording artist, Selah!

Many of our OBS teammates and I will be there!  Hope you can join us!

Tell me friends~ what are some things you like to do with your girlfriends? Share in the comment section and you will be entered to win one of four Girlfriend Sets given by our friend Mary Snyder! Each winner will receive 2 copies of her book and 2 water bottles~ one to keep and one to give away!  Winners announced this Friday!

Also, if you think you can join us for the cruise, please let me know! Half the fun of a trip like this is looking forward to it :)





  1. One of my very best friends lives in Missouri and I live in Texas. We don’t get to do it every year, but we like to meet half way for a girl’s weekend. The last one we met in Oklahoma City for a Women of Joy Conference. We had an awesome time together. Our families try to visit each other, and that is always so nice, but our “girl getaways” are such a great time of refreshing.

  2. My best friend lives in San Diego, I live in WI. When ever she is close we get together. We do also do weekly date nights and talk for a few hours just to catch up on our lives. I miss her so much!

  3. One of my longest and best friends lives 2,000 miles away, so one of my favorite things to do with her is a craft night. We are on our phones with some sort of hands free thing so then our hands are free for crafting!

  4. Jenny Kozar says:

    This would be fantastic to attend but it is such a bad time of the year for me with my son playing football. I tell myself maybe someday though.

  5. Amanda, OBS leader grp 19 says:

    I love Bible Study with my girlfriends but also love just about anything with them. Shopping, eating, playing games, just talking, exercising, you name it….add some girlfriends its a fun time :)

  6. Love doing Bible Study and road trips. There isn’t anything better than a road trip with your best gals. I so hope to get to go on the next Girls Getaway Cruise. I went last January and had the best time.

  7. Barbara Prince says:

    It’s a little hard to explain this and so complicated that I won’t try, but I have no friends. I never was the most outgoing person. As a kid, I was one of the people who others looked down on. Growing up it seemed like every time I did make a good friend, they moved away. You know what is sad? The exact same thing has happened to me as an adult. The last person I consider a good friend just moved in October. I long for friendship, but for what ever reason, I lack them.

    • Kristi Seat says:


      I can sympathize with you. Thank you so much for being vulnerable. For most of my life, I haven’t had many girlfriends. Most of my friends were guys simply because I never found many females who shared the same interests as me. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered that there was a hole there. I began praying for mentors and sisters to walk with me. It took time but God began to bring women into my life. Only a few but women who felt like my family.

      In fact, many of my dear friends I have met through this online format. It seemed odd at first but they have become an important part of my life and I can’t imagine my life without them. I hope you find encouragement on these pages. I will be praying that God will see your need and will open a door in your hometown.

      Kristi Seat
      (OBS Leadership Team)

      • Barbara, praying that your life gets flooded with online friends! This has been an amazing outlet for me to make friends! Praying for you, sweet sister!
        Beth, OBS Group Leader

        • Barbara Prince says:

          Kristi and Beth, thank you so much for the encouragement and hope. I do feel closer to the people I have met in the OBS then anyplace else. I have some trust issues and I know it.

      • Kristi,
        Many of my dearest friends are those that I’ve met online, not odd at all in my opinion :)

  8. Charolette Ragsdale says:

    Me and my best friend live in different cities do we to not see each other like we used to. We love to read the Bible, eat dinner together, just sit and talk, watch movies, share family time, and spend endless hours on the phone. I miss my best friend since the distance keeps us apart but she is always in my heart. She had been a part of my life for the last 24 years.

  9. This time of year is a fun time to drive around and look at christmas lights with friends. We always go to Starbucks to get our favorite drink to enjoy as well. It is a good time to visit and just enjoy girlfriend time(:

  10. I am so blessed. In the community my family moved to about 4 1/2 years ago, I have made several really great friends and a ton of fun girlfriends. We try to get together for coffee and gabbing each Tuesday morning, but we have some night out each month, sometimes more! We do book club, card making, movie night, dinner out, game night, whatever. It is always such a refreshing time.

    I would love to go on a cruise, but it is not particularly the season of life for me to be able to do that with babies. :)

  11. Since we have moved and are moving again, I have had a hard time finding a good friend. I really miss having girlfriends to do things with. I still keep up long distance relationships with 3 or 4 good friends but we can’t go hang out together. I would love to just spend an afternoon with one of them talking and having tea/coffee and relaxing together talking.

  12. ….online Bible study groups with my buds… 😉

  13. Mary Sawyer says:

    Probably, for me, bible study time and the fellowship that goes along with it is my most cherished friend time.

  14. Tonya Speelman says:

    One set of my girlfriends and I get together every week for brunch and bible study. Some others we walk. Womens retreats are fantastic for bonding. A lot of women in our church have small children, and we don’t any more so it is hard to get together with them a lot of the time.

  15. Michele Johnson says:

    I love to have a sleepover with my best girlfriend and watch movies and eat junk food! Love the mornings too that we spend doing devotions over coffee. :)

  16. I love to get together with girlfriends – mostly to workout – or grab a bit after a workout or a long walk! I love to bake cookies with my girlfriends for the holidays – just hanging out watching a football game with families on Sundays is also fun!

  17. Kristi Seat says:

    Coffee or spending time outdoors are always fun. With moving, I haven’t been able to spend time face to face with some of my dear friends. However, I am so grateful and blessed to have met such wonderful women online with whom I can do bible study. As a girl who always hung out with the boys, I feel so blessed that God has brought such dear females into my life in this season of my life.

  18. My girlfriends and I love to grab a pizza, some comedy DVDs like Chondra or Ken Davis and laugh the hours away. :)

  19. Stacey Bechtel says:

    My best friend and I use to live a couple house away we called each other many times a day just to see what the other was doing. But now we live states away we Skype each so we can still see each other. We love to play cards and shopping. Friends are very important to me.

  20. Before my youngest started Kindergarten this year, I always LOVED doing playdates with friends. I miss that. Now I have been getting together with a girlfriend once in a while for lunch or dinner. I have one friend I have been seeing every week while our girls do gymnastics together. That was really fun. I also love doing Bible studies with my girlfriends, and zumba classes. There is also a Mom’s group at my church that has been huge in helping me find great friends. There have been times in my life where I didn’t feel like I had any good girlfriends that lived close, but God is always faithful to answer my prayers for friends. I am thankful for all the wonderful girlfriends the Lord has blessed me with.

  21. Coffee & dessert at a nice restaurant. We go after the dinner rush but are sure to tip the server a little extra, since we aren’t eating a full meal.

  22. Cruising sounds fabulous, but…

  23. carol costello says:

    My ladies group tries to meet once a month. We have done all kinds old different things from dinners to black Friday shopping to bunco to bible studies. We even have a crystal vase filled with flowers we pass around for each others birthdays. The group started as just some moms at our kids school and has become a close knit group of friends who will always share faith and pray for you whenever you ask; comfort you in times of need; celebrate successes with you and always be up for some fun. I truly am blessed.

  24. I don’t have any really close friends where I live but I have a few friends that will always be in my life. When we get to see each other, it’s like we’ve never been apart. I am forging friendships with some women close by but because of my husband’s and my jobs it’s difficult to get too close. I know that sounds confusing but it is what it is. :)
    Beth, OBS Group Leader

  25. Crystal Scott says:

    we love to get together and just talk about our lives, our walk with God and the best is we have a Girl Scout Troop together so we get to plan that also.

  26. One of my favorite thing to do with my friend Shelly is to work at women’s conferences! We get to spend time together serving others and soaking up sonme wonder words given by God through some amazing women!!!

  27. Catherine OBS Group Leader says:

    My closest friend is my little sister. And until I started this bible study she was my only one.
    Gonna start praying for a few in closer proximity. Always nice to have one to hug and go on walks with.

  28. One of my favorite things is not to really have a plan but to spend an evening at home or a Saturday and just let things happen. Some of my best memories have happened this way. It can turn into a game time, movie time, shopping a meal or anything

  29. Linda Maybee says:

    My girlfriends from work and I like to go to movies together. In fact, we went to one this afternoon, “Playing for Keeps”. Often we end up talking for an hour or more after the movie and catch up on life. Good times!

  30. I LOVE road trips with my girlfriends! I’m a missionary in Asia now and I’m so blessed to have my best friend here with me…next month, we get to take a “road” trip to Malaysia for a conference! Fun! Here in the Philippines, my best friend and I like to occasionally turn on the air conditioner in my room and watch a movie together…complete with lots of popcorn, coke, and chocolate covered raisins! :)

  31. My girlfriends and I love going out for each others birthdays. We love treating each other on their special day!!

  32. We like to have a “Gone With the Wind” night once a year where we watch the movie, visit, and eat all things southern!

  33. I just like to get away! And it is usually centered around food!!

  34. One of my best friends just moved to Florida a year and a half ago. We still talk almost daily on the phone, sometimes 5 or more times a day. I love that we call each other for every little thing. The other day she called to tell me she and her kids were getting ready to go to lunch and she said to her oldest, “We should call Vivian and see if she’s free” when she remembered I live in Wisconsin.

  35. Carissa D. Huffman says:

    I really don’t have anyone who I am that close to since my best friend’s marriage blew apart, and she moved out to South Carolina. That was pretty painful for her, and me. I am hopeful that she will have a good life with her daughter out there, but I miss having that person I could really just trust with anything.

    I have some other people who are dear to me, but no one else like her. Maybe the Lord will provide someone…

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  36. Polly Schneider says:

    I had a hard time thinking of a girlfriend that I do things with. I realize that is sad but true. I have been trying to find one. Will you guys pray for me to find a girlfriend to do things with. Thanks.
    P.S. I think the girls I have here have helped fill this void.

  37. My girlfriends and I like going out for lunch or dinner and just spending time talking. This year we went to “Woman Art Thou Loosed ” conference in GA it was awesome. We just like to spend time talking and lifting each other up in prayer and encouraging one another.

  38. My Mom had 8 girls and we are all best friends. We all were taught and served in various ministry in the church and/or community. It is a very demanding and challenging at times but that is ok as that is who we are. We pray for each other daily and we share needs, even having a special alert word for pray now and talk later. We also do the one on one thing with a SOS, Sister of support) for the year. Every year we have a wonderful 4 day retreat, at different sisters house, for Mom and us where we each give a devotion, pray, cry, laugh and just have a good ole time. These are a few of my “girlfriends.”

  39. Melanie Shannon says:

    I have been blessed with 5 dear friends for the past 23 years. We celebrate each others birthdays and this past Saturday had our annual Christmas ornament exchange. Our ages range from 70+ and down. I am the youngest at 42. We became friends as coworkers in a pretty stressful environment and although we all work elsewhere now (well except Phyl who has been able to retire), we have remained friends. There is nothing better!!

  40. I have a best friend that I have been friends with since about the age of 3! Her Dad lived down the street from me. She drives me crazy like a sister would but she also understands me when I am having a meltdown! We have been there for each other through happiness and sorrow. I think some day we will be in the same nursing home together having wheelchair races! Today, she is at my home watching and taking care of my sick child. Here’s to 30 plus more years of love, laughter, and tears!

  41. Kristina D says:

    Just last week some of us girls went to the local salon and had manicures and pedicures. Such a fun night to get out and just relax.

  42. Melissa Chambers says:

    I am blessed to have every Saturday night with my best friend and her three sons (9, 5 and 3) while her husband works at his restaurants. We eat frozen pizza, play games or watch a movie and then m favorite bedtime because of books and prayer time. Then we indulge in adult time, laughing and playing our favorite card game.

  43. My girlfriends and I get together and plan service projects for women and children in our community!

  44. I love having a sleepover, watching girly movies, and eating chocolate while staying up real late just talking :) Love girl’s nights!

  45. My beastie lives in Woodall, il and I hail from so cal. We try to take a moment to text and if we call each other it can be a 2 1/2 hour conversation at times. I miss her so much and being able to jump in car to see her

  46. Carol Rydell says:

    We had a craft day. We had 5 friends sign up. It was decided that we would make CHRISTmas wreath’s. We looked at “how to’s” online, bought supplies and then the day of we met for lunch then we all went to a CHRISTmas Store together and then came to my house for more fellowship and fun. Our wreath’s turned out awesome. It was a great time of fellowship. I would not have even thought or attempted to make wreath’s on my own. I was surprised at how well mine turned out. I made one for my Mom too. It was so easy. Thank you Hope for the suggestion. We are going to do it again.

  47. My best friend and I don’t live near each other and both have very busy schedules. We try to get together at least once a year someplace where we can just spend time together. We used to attend a large wine and food festival at a local resort, but lately a trip to our local park has been just as nice. We pick out a picnic table and talk for hours. Last time we were the last people in the park before it closed for the night and the security folks had to let us know it was time to leave. We had no idea that we had been there for so long!

  48. It is so important to have fun time with girl friends.I recently spent the day with a woman I have known since kindergarten Wow!57 years.We shared a lot and our friendship will never end.In my church we have a woman’s breakfast once a month followed by a bible study.This time is wonderful.I THANK GOD I HAVE BEEN PART OF THE OBS!!!!!!!!!!

  49. When or how will the 4 winners be announced? Just wondering…looking forward to the announcement!
    God Bless :)