Dec 18

The Gift of Girlfriends

Of the things I treasure most in life, my friendships are right up there at the top!  I love my family more than anything, but often you just can’t beat quality time with a good girlfriend!

Over the years, I’ve done some really fun and meaningful things with my girlfriends!  I’ve found that as life has gotten busier each year, it has been important for me to be intentional on planning times together. When we say, “let’s get together soon,” we better put it on the calendar or it may not happen.

Here are some ideas for a girlfriend gathering:

~ Dinner and a movie

~ Slumber party- complete with jammies, a chic flick, popcorn and M & M’s. These are so much fun! You are never too old and it’s even more fun to do nails, hair, and make up now than it was when we were little girls!

~ Exercise! What better way to multi-task than to walk and talk! Great way to get your exercise in plus some social time.

~ Shopping and lunch or coffee.  You can even buy matching outfits (haha~ you think I’m joking but I’m not!)

~ Hang out at home. Some of the best times happen when I invite a friend over and we just sit out back and talk.

~ Brunch- go out or everyone bring something to share

~ Bible study- Who better to study the Bible with that your best girlfriends? Combines spiritual growth, accountability and friendship.

~ Game Day- Where are my ladies who love football?  My very favorite gathering takes place almost each Saturday in the Fall. Wear your favorite college team shirt or colors and bring an appetizer to share. It’s a football party. (Husbands and kids are welcome~ this one is fun for the whole family.)

~ Game Nights- Great way to wrap fun, laughter, and competition all into one.

~ Concerts- Nothing like going to a concert with your girlfriends. Dancing and singing and acting crazy. (not me of course)

~ Get Aways- Weekend trip to the mountains, beach, or some other destination.

~ Women’s Retreat or Conference-  Some of my best get away memories were at my church’s women’s retreat each year. Great mixture of fun, free time, and a Word from God. Mountain top experiences happened here.


You see, spending time with girlfriends doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or even take up that much of your time. It’s important to make the time for friendships. And once you have a friendship that is special, it’s important to nurture it.

OBS featured teacher, speaker, author & funny girl~ Mary R. Snyder last week during a conference call.  She is the author of the book God, Grace, & Girlfriends, which is about the importance of friendships. In her book, we discover tips on building healthy friendships and explore dozens of possible trips, events, and adventures for you and your girlfriends to explore. She shared some of this with us on the call and even invited us to join her, Proverbs 31 Ministries, and Online Bible Study Girls on a cruise next October!

It has been one of my dreams to be able to meet up with my OBS sisters!  I know a cruise isn’t possible for everyone, but what a blessing it would be to be able to meet you in person and spend some great quality time together.

Check out the Girls Getaway Cruise here!

If you register, use the promo code Proverbs 31, that way you will be included in the Proverbs 31 and Online Bible Studies special events and receptions we have planned and receive a $100 discount!

Listen to an interview with Girls Getaway Cruise Director, Mary Snyder here.  This interview contains all you need to know about cruising like:

* Affordable cruising

* Details about the cruise

* Special Guests~ Renee Swope, Robin Jones Gunn, Jennifer Rothschild, Comedy Angels, and recording artist, Selah!

Many of our OBS teammates and I will be there!  Hope you can join us!

Tell me friends~ what are some things you like to do with your girlfriends? Share in the comment section and you will be entered to win one of four Girlfriend Sets given by our friend Mary Snyder! Each winner will receive 2 copies of her book and 2 water bottles~ one to keep and one to give away!  Winners announced this Friday!

Also, if you think you can join us for the cruise, please let me know! Half the fun of a trip like this is looking forward to it :)





  1. Lynn Graham says:

    these are some things I like to do with my girlfriends:
    1) go out for lunch
    2) pray toeghter
    3) do some Bible study toeghter
    4) sing to praise and worship songs
    5) get some errands done around town

  2. My girlfriends and I get together and go hiking after work when the weather is nice. A few of us are knitters. And a different group of girlfriends and I like to get together a few times a year for “lunch and shopping”.

  3. I am working through Lysa’s book Unglued with a girlfriend right now. Shopping is one of the other things I like to do with my friends. Hoping to have a chocolate night for the young ladies at church (dinner and then we get to make 1 pound of our favorite chocolates to take home)–sounds like great fun, right?!
    Walking the lake with the dog and a friend is fun too.

  4. April Garner says:

    My favorite thing to do with my girlfriends is walk and talk. Such a stress reliever…not only because of the exercise but also because of the companionship. Though rarely does it happen, another fave way to spend time with my girlfriends is to get away on a weekend trip. I can let my hair down, belly laugh, and explore new or familiar sites.

  5. I have a couple of girlfriends I get together with regularly. We do different things. We’ve been to concerts, movies and out to dinner. One friend and I went to Women of Faith together this year. They are just awesome ladies, and I love when we get together, even if it is just for coffee.

  6. Once a year, I go on a retreat with about 30 other women. We work on putting pictures into photo albums. Some women scrapbook, but that’s not necessary for the weekend. Lots of attendees kayak, hike, just hang out, eat, laugh. We have daily devotionals, and eat 3 meals together each day. It’s a 4 day, 3 night event. I look forward to it every March.

  7. Sherry Smith says:

    Best time with friends almost always revolves around food so that means meeting for lunch or dinner, or maybe a glass of wine. For some reason I have friends who don’t drink coffee because I like nothing better than to sit down with a friend and share a cup of coffee.

  8. One of my favorite things to do is quilt with friends.

  9. I love getting together just to chat about life— that could be as we get some exercise or while we wait for our kids before school is out or going out for dinner… I love getting together with no agenda other than togetherness!!

  10. Amy McCardle says:

    I spend time with my girlfriends once a month playing bunco, sharing life stories, pray and encouragement comes from these monthly gatherings. I also spend as much time with my friends just listening to them and lifting them and their situations up to God. I’ve learned that to have an enriched friendship you have to make time for it and then follow through. My friends are blessings in my life.

  11. (1) Go to the movies
    (2) Go out to lunch
    (3) Crochet
    (4) Just be together

  12. Hope V. OBS Group/Prayer Leader says:

    My BFF and I get together for dinner every 3 weeks. She lives over an hour away and so it’s the only time we get to see one another in the usual course of things. We get dressed up and head to our favorite restaurants. We call it our “date” night. :)

  13. Debbie W. (OBS Leader) says:

    I just love planning an outing together for lunch with retired friends – with old high-school friends – with friends from church. I am finding we will sit there for 3-4 hours and it doesn’t seem like it. The waiters quit coming and giving us tea. HA! Except for one where I met two of my high-school friends and they restaurant was loving it because we had not seen each other for 40 years. I plan to be intentional next year – have some friends over for tea that live here close or brunch or just coffee in the morning. And I hope to get some to participate in one of the OBS studies next year in my home. Friendships have to be developed and worked on. I heard at school yesterday it takes time to build a friendship and moments to tear one up.

  14. I enjoy having coffee with my friends. We all have kids, and it’s just nice to get time to talk to adults sometimes.

  15. I loved reading this! My life long girl friends and I (known one since 4th grade and the other since 9th grade) just got together on Sunday for sushi and nails! We had the best time! We have done all your ideas, except the slumber party! I think that will be the next idea! We get together atleast once a month! :-) Thank you for your idea and encoutagement! :-) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  16. My girlfriends and I use to play volleyball on a league every week during the summer and then we get together weekly for our favorite pizza during the winter. We took a summer off of volleyball and took up playing horseshoes with our husbands. It’s always a good time no matter what we do because our husbands all get together also! We plan our meetings during the winter for the same evening during the week so we know when we are meeting. If you can make it, great! But we all know that life can get in the way so then we wait until the following week to see that person. We also try to take one or two weekend trips during the year to just “get away”. We are all close and we know we can count on each other for support. We all have been going through difficult situations lately so it has been a true blessing for the wonderful support!!!

  17. jen kuebler says:

    I am lonely and I just need some girlfriends :(

  18. I went to a small rural school my whole life so I am very fortunate to have grown up with some wonderful women. We get together every year for an annual girls weekend. Usually it’s in the summer so we go to lake, or stay in a hotel and swim. Mostly we just hang out, talk, and be silly. I treasure the bond we share and the memories we have and continue to make.

  19. I have one friend of 10 years and we get together for lunch and a movie once a month. Things in our lives have changed but we are still great buddies.

  20. The closest time I get to girlfriend time is catching up on Facebook with old friends. Not sure why I don’t have a close “bff” that I DO things with, but I’m sure it would benefit me. I have lots of fun when my sister comes for a visit and laugh like crazy. I need a friend that I can do that with too. Great ideas! =)

  21. Tiffany Light says:

    We try to get together once a month. We like to just sit, have coffee, and just listen to each other. There have been times where all we did was cry and other times where all we did was laugh. Those are the best times. Just being in each other’s company.

  22. Christina R says:

    My friends and I like to spend time together in bible study, coffee and a snack, shopping (sometimes), hanging out at home, girl’s night away.

  23. We love to shop! Every August we get together for a weekend in Destin and go to the outlet mall. We have a blast!! We get our “back to school” shopping done and get a jump start on Christmas! Also, during the school year we meet every Wednesday for bible study, prayer, and lunch. We always have a great time together!!

  24. We make it a point to meet every month. We trade houses and make lunch or dinner and have a time of sharing, laughing, crying and loving on one another. It is a very special time…

  25. We get together to play games, catch up with one another and simply enjoy the blessing God has given each one of us in the friendship that we share.

  26. Christina H. says:

    I have a baking buddy. We cook & chat all day once a month and we have food to stock our freezer with. I love to have dinner and coffee with friends too. Playdates work in the meantime…

  27. Jessica Jackson says:

    I love hanging w/ my Girlfriends. We try and do a dinner occasionally or play dates w/ our kids, movie nights, baking nights, bible studies, or jug hanging out <3

  28. Janet Worthy says:

    I want to CRUISE with ya’ll!!!

  29. I’m thankful to have you as one of my girlfriends, Melissa.

    Flew to Ecuador with you – would love to cruise the Carribean with you too! :)

  30. My best friend of many many years, lives right next door to me. We share a duplex actually! :) Even with living right next door to each other we don’t see each other often enough! But we make it a point to meet up and say hi once a week! During that time we reminisce about past things and just laugh and have a good time! One of the amazing things though is watching our children interact! My son is 2 and her son is 5 months old! :) I also have another good friend I used to work with who I meet up with once a month, sometimes twice! We go to lunch or we do lunch and a movie! :)

  31. As I was reading through all of the comments, I realized how much I miss having any girlfriends, let alone a BFF. We have moved a lot because of my husband’s job, so I was having to leave the friendships that were made during that time. I would love to have a BFF that I could just hang out with and share my heart with, all the while knowing that what I shared would stay with her. I thought I had that type of friend, until I found out the hard way that what I had shared with her was then shared with others. Even though she has told me that she appreciated and loved knowing that what she told me stayed with me, I was not afforded that same gift. We still talk once in a great while, but I no longer share anything that I consider personal. I am going to start praying for some close girlfriends.

    • Hello, Lori. I will share in prayer with you for some close girlfriends. God will provide at the exact time you need it…I’m such a believer! In 1999, we moved to an area that I knew not one soul…I had my husband and 2 young kids at the time so, I was ok with that. I was ok with spending each and every min I had with them, with our family.
      After a few years of living a hermit style life, I yearned for a girlfriend…I found one that I thought was the answer to my wanting. (I would say answer to my prayers but, I rarely prayed at that time) Long story short, we developed a deep friendship…she was the only one I had and I invested everything I had into that relationship. Several years in, it became painfully obvious that we weren’t meant to be that close, she’d done and said some very hurtful things and scarred my feelings, made me want to close any circle I had tried to open for a girlfriend. It was at that point I started praying for something more out of a friendship…this is where my comment below comes in to play. God put just the right person in my life at just the right time, and He will do the same for you, if you believe and just turn it over to Him. I will help pray with you.
      God Bless :)

      • Hi Becky,

        Thank you so much for praying with me. When I saw the words hermit style life and the description of your relationship that made you want to close any circle you had tried to open for a girlfriend, if I didn’t know better, I would have expected to see my name in place of yours. The only difference is that I did close that circle. I’m believing that God will answer our prayers in His timing and I am believing for a best friend like you shared in your testimony below. That is so awesome!

    • Christa (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Lori, I’ve been in that same situation as we’ve moved frequently. One time it took me a long time find friends. When I was in Sunday School one morning, I overheard two girls chatting and just felt in my heart that I wanted them to be my girlfriends. So instead of praying in general for God to send me a friend, I claimed those two girls as my friends and began quietly pursuing them. I guess now it sounds a little stalkerish :) but I put myself in positions to develop a friendship with them….sat near them in Sunday School, started conversations with them about common interests, found out what areas of our church they served and volunteered in those areas…but in a very short time, we did become close friends and one of them is still one of my very closest friends. So keep praying…ask God to show you specificially who your friend will be. And we’ll be praying with you!

      • Hi Christa, I like how you claimed those girls as your friends and began to quietly pursue them. It reminded me of when I was in grade school, etc. It seemed so much easier when I was younger to have some girlfriends. I am going to keep eyes and ears open so I am ready when God brings that person into my life. Thank you for your words of encouragement and for praying with me.

  32. Those all sound like fun things to do.

  33. My best-friend is a 8 hour drive away so, we’re lucky to see each other twice a year with her family, school, my family, work….on and on…life is just that way. But, we talk at least twice a week on the phone for at least an hour. We catch up, we laugh, we cry, we share but, most importantly we PRAY!!
    At the end of each and every phone conversation, we take turns in praying…although, to be totally honest, she’s been the one praying with me for almost 2 years now. I’ve done it a few times but, I still feel like I ‘stumble’ with my prayers. Her words slide so smoothly so, she does it for us. :)
    Just a little testimony to share…
    We were best friends in High school and throughout some of our early 20’s. In 1998 something very trivial happened that destroyed our friendship. For about 12 years we didn’t speak, lost touch, I moved out of state, married and moved on with my life. In her life, she had it quite a bit harder. She took some very rough roads…ended up an alcoholic and frequent drug user…she got so low that she attempted suicide with her baby sleeping right next to her! For years she was so lost. I didn’t even know it, until she came back in my life in Aug of 2010.
    By divine intervention, God brought us back together when she was a healed, God-loving woman. She’s now almost 8 years sober, going to school for drug/alcohol dependency counseling, married to a former meth addict that has been reborn and they both work in ministry and love God!!! AMEN!!
    She’s been a huge inspiration in my faith walk, always there to listen and offer Godly advice and prayer at the exact time I’ve needed it and I’m so blessed for it! It would be awesome to win because that would mean I could finally share something with her, as she’s done with me for over 2 years now!
    Thanks for allowing me to share this testimony and taking the time to read it!
    God Bless :)

  34. Tricia (OBS group Leader) says:

    When I get together with friends we mainly go out for dinner or lunch. Sometimes we plan on taking in a movie. A few times we’ll play board or dice games at one persons house. Honestly I don’t get together with friends all that much. I’m a single mom & even though my kids are older now, getting out is tough to fit in with everything else that is always on my plate alone as that single parent in the house. My kids do not have dad weekends so I do not have that average every other weekend to do what I want like a lot of single parents do. I have a few close friends close by but by far most of my closest friends I met through these OBS studies & so we’re all over the states. I was extremely blessed to get to vist with a few of my OBS friends this year & that was a blast. It didn’t really matter what we did during those long weekends. Some of the most fun was just sitting & chatting. I’m going on the cruise & I can’t wait to meet even more of my OBS friends there.

  35. Not sure much about close friendships right now. My closest sister in Christ walked away as I am going through a divorce right now. She said nothing in her life was not happy because of me.I choose not to own all of that but it hurt that she chose to walk away in this deep season of my life. I admit I had gone back to old ways not realizing it and was in a coping, survival mode. All my pleas of forgiveness and owning what God has revealed to me has not helped. She has chosen to tell me my friendship causes to much anxiety for her.And none of it was face to face it was in one email and one conversation.I am and have continued to seek the face of Christ in as many ways as possible. In every part of my life, God is my husband now and my best friend. God has placed Godly women in my path I need to be grateful for this and I am.It is just not that deep sister connection we had.It has been a difficult 4 months. God has been more then sufficient and I am grateful for the many miracles he has provided for me such as a place to live, being able to work and almost finish my degree. I am alone most of the time which is turning finally into good quiet but the lonliness and trying to not let my soon-to-be ex or this past friend define who I have been trying to be in Christ even if they choose to not walk with me anymore. Relationships with my kids is different, my in-laws are no longer there they have been my parents for 25 years and that is gone. My aunt just passed who was a rock for me. I don’t live near my family and and am not close with them but God is trying to help me with a lot of forgiveness and putting the past behind which is what we are working on with these studies.I am following the Lord and I know I am worth something it is just hard to lose so much so soon. I ask God to remove the anger from my heart and seek to try to be humle and love but my trust in humans is pretty shot. God recently shared with me I put trust in the world to much and I need to put it all in HIm. My husband whom we have been trying to be amicalbe through this process he just closed the checking account on me leaving me no money and told me it was time he cut the umbilical cord. Not a fun place to be….sorry for my ranting….the friendship thing just hit me hard today. Having a friend say they are your sister and will never leave you no matter what happens then a week later tell you they feel obligated and punished by you and nothing happy in their life is because of you….HURTS! But I have chosen to give her grace and pray for restoration one day because I was hard but I am not going to pickup her stuff because obviously some of this is hers!

    • Tricia (OBS small group leader) says:

      I’m so sorry you are hurting so badly right now H. Keep being in the word & looking to God for everything. God will never let you down! He’s your constant companion. But I understand what you mean about friendhsips. I’m praying for some very special ladies to come into your life. I’m praying for amazing friendhsips to develop & grow from that point. You are someone. You are God’s daughter & he loves you forever. Listen to God over anyone else’s opinion. :-)

  36. I really enjoy watching movies and eating cookies with my friends. That is probably the most often used one. Eating and talking about life and having a good time.
    One of my favorites to do is going to a kids park! Especially at night! Have some awesome “big kid” memories at local parks with swings and other kid things to play on… And you don’t have to worry about the kids being there! Haha :)
    I thoroughly enjoy time with my closest friends… It fills my heart

  37. Spending time together discussing our studies and happenings in our lives.

  38. My circle of friends has changed over the past year and I have found the time I spend with girlfriends now is “deliberate” and way more focused than before. We usually share coffee at a starbucks or an early breakfast on Saturday mornings sharing what new growth and heart happenings we have experienced that week.
    We share about church and books we are reading and encourage each other and in so doing we both leave encouraged.
    Movies occasionally though there really haven’t been too many lately to me that were worth spending money on…so coffee talks is the norm for me !
    Hope I win !!!

  39. I have a group of friends that I meet with for a light Bible study and sometimes for dinner. Then I have another group of friends that we meet once-a-month at Panera Bread for breakfast. Both are great opportunities to unwind, share experiences and offer prayer support. As a mom, I greatly treasure these moments!

  40. I like to hang out, do bible studies or just share coffee with my friends. It’s such a blessing to have friends

  41. I have 2 best friends – we are the amazing wonder twin triplets (but only in secret) we don’t have to do anything as long as we’re together. We are all part of the children’s ministry at our church, do bible studies, movies, Broadway shows (we’re seeing Oliver tonight) lunches whenever we can, & dinners. We also text more than teenagers, much to the aggravation of our husbands.We recently went to the Converse grand opening at an outlet mall. We were the hit of the store, they asked us not to leave at first and then when we finally left, they begged us to come back. We cause a scene where ever we go and always end up with a few new friends that want our email or phone numbers. We just cannot contain the laughter – sometimes I think that we’re going to upset people around us because we have so much fun, but normally people just enjoy listening to us laugh.
    My favorite activity so far was when one of us was really sick (which sucked) we went to a hospital 4 hours away and got a hotel room. We made friends in the hotel and then we went to dinner and walked around town – spreading our own special brand of joy everywhere we went (she was fine by the way, nothing serious anyway)
    The best thing is that with 2 of us, we have never had friends in our lives and now that we’re in our 40’s we’re discovering the joys of being best friends and what that really means.
    It means unconditional love, laughter, and joy. But it also means phone calls in the middle of the night, hugs when nothing else will help, tears shed in shared grief, fear of getting too close and being rejected, and learning to accept love from another. It’s terrifying and amazing at the same time. It means believing with all my heart that God let the two of us be alone for our 40+ years so that when he brought us together, we’d appreciate the relationship and do everything in our power to grow and preserve it. I can’t imagine my life without my girls and I pray (everyday and every night) that I never have to be without them.

  42. Lynda Parker (OBS Group Leader) says:

    I love love love my girlfriends! I have a wonderful husband that just calls me Ms Popularity. I am in a wonderful Church and have friends that will be my friends for life! We go out to eat, go to movies, have had a few sleepovers, pray together (I’ve never before had friends I could pray with) and we giggle, act silly, and just have so much fun. We go to Women of Faith every year. But I have a special friend that I go to with everything. My last birthday she put in my card a letter that said “this is what I’m praying for you” and it had EVERYTHING I had ever shared with her! All of my kids and grandkids names, every prayer, every secret, and I was so absolutely thrilled that I had a friend that had actually “listened” to my every need and PRAYED for me regularly. Just sharing this as an idea for any of you to bless someone beyond their dreams and prayers! I LOVE this girl! I can’t even remember what she gave me for my BD but I remember this! It’s in one of my Bible’s. I absolutely LOVE the pajama party with movies, and even dancing idea! I plan to try that one! Wish I was close enough to share friendships with you girls!! God Bless!

  43. One of my very favorite things to do is get a pedicure with my BFF. There’s something about sitting there and just chatting and relaxing that is super. I’m hoping to get away on the cruise with y’all. I’ve never been on one and I’m anxious about going with a bunch of ladies I do not know, but so excited all at the same time

  44. Hey girls!
    I’m thrilled y’all are entering this contest. Good luck!!!

  45. Lauren Beach (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

    up until recently I didn’t have any of my girlfriends here where I live. All my girlfriends were my Online Bible Study Ladies (and yes I love you all OBS Team). My good girlfriend just moved back to the states and here Husband was stationed were I live so I am so looking forward to beinb able to go shopping with her, have coffee together and do bible study together, this is my gift from God! I am beyond excited…………… I am so looking forward to being able to have quality face to face girlfriend time!!!

  46. Kim Papple says:

    Some of my favorite things to do with friends is shop, eat, and just hang out. Also, we have done craft days and scrap booking.

  47. kristen (obs group leader) says:

    To be honest, I don’t have any girlfriends near me that I van go do things with. But when I did have friends to do stuff with I liked to do a variety of things. Go to lunch/dinner, concerts, shopping, and movies just to name a few.

  48. Teresa Timmins says:

    My friend and I have coffee together, shop, go to the movies, scrapbook, and hangout. Seems like lately it has been harder to get our schedules to work out so we can go hang out. We used to be able to talk every day but she just landed a job (which is great for her and her family) which has made it had to get to really talk more then once or twice. We just mentioned this morning that maybe we needed to set a day each month as our meeting day ie the 3rd Wed night. I am hoping we can.

  49. 1. we go on vacations but we need to do this more often

    2. get manicures/pedicures

    3. shopping

    4. Just spend time at eachothers houses chatting and staying up late :)

  50. Jennie Brooks says:

    The two things I do most often with my girlfriends are lunch and Christian concerts. BUT we’ve recently formed a book club which I really enjoy. At one time we took Zumba together but our instructor went on maternity leave and never came back!