Dec 19

Greater, Week 4

Hey Great Greater Group!  Hopefully the past few days have given you the opportunity to catch up if you were behind.  This week, our assignment is small in time commitment, but big on content. We are dissecting the topic of Wasted Faith.

A Very Short Assignment

This week, your only OBS assignment is to read Chapter 7, Wasted Faith.  In this chapter we learn that “the journey toward greater things is marked with setbacks and real suffering. But God has never wasted an ounce of your faith.”

This chapter was good for me. All the negatives that Pastor Steven addresses, I secretly thought of too.  And felt a little guilty for thinking them. This chapter was excellent for me to remember that God sees it all and helps me keep my faith but also keep it real.

Reflection Verse

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.     ~ Romans 8:28 NIV84

The Message puts it this way:

That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.


Hang on dear friends. God has greater for us.

We keep focused on our part:  obedience.

And we trust Him with His part:  the results.

And we believe: that it is worked into something good by God.

Blog Hop

If you are participating in this week’s blog hop, here are your topics this week:

~ For the Good. What are your thoughts on this week’s reflection verse?
~ Wasted Faith. Have you ever felt that your faith was wasted? Do you still feel that way or has God revealed the “good”?
~ Trust Fund Baby! Share your most memorable blessing from God. Was it unexpected?
~ Christmas. The sky is the limit! You can share your funniest, most inspirational, unique, or whatever Christmas!

Post your blog on Thursday!  I love reading your blogs!

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“The journey toward greater things is marked w setbacks & suffering. God has never wasted an ounce of your faith”~Greater, @MTBibleStudies

“We must surrender our plans to God. Many times He has a different & greater plan for us”#GreaterBook @MTBibleStudies @stevenfurtick


Here are the pins through Chapter 6:

Memory Verse:

This picture came from my friend Karen’s trip to Israel:  Tabgha where Jesus fed the 5,000
Chapter 5:
This picture came from my friend Dawn Whitmore (She Speaks friend) who went out one day to specifically get a picture of a ditch for me for this pin!!!

Chapter 6:


Hope you all are having a great week!  If you didn’t comment yesterday to be included for a give away, it’s not too late. We pick 4 winners on Friday!   Prizes were generously donated by girlfriend get away expert, Mary R. Snyder!




  1. Loving this book! Hope to have my blog back up by the start of the new year – then I can rejoin the hops.

  2. Christa (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

    Yes, I have mourned the loss of a dream. I’ve grieved deeply over it and felt God walking through it and grieving with me. After all, my loss was caused by one of His children walking away from Him, and so His grief was every bit as real as mine. Sharing that grief with Him deepened my relationship with God and brought me to the place where I am now. As I am working through Greater, I believe that God is beginning to resurrect that dream, just as He brought the Shunnamite woman’s son back. I have a ditch to dig and I pray that God brings the rain to fill it. But if I am wrong and this is not the time, then that it ok. My faith is not wasted because it has made me more dependent on Jesus, more trusting in Him to meet my every spiritual and emotional need.

  3. I have experienced some losses in my life. Recently I am going through a breakup with a man I have been seeing for over a year. I really thought he was the one this time and I really love him…It really hurts and I dont know why this is happening but I am praying that this pain will subside too… I keep telling myself it is happening for a reason.. But it still hurts.. All in all as I look back over my life God has always been there and things could always be worse. This bible study has been a God send. It has opened up my eyes about a lot of things. Maybe that plow is this relationship?? I do know I love God and my family and for that I am so blessed…

    • Jennifer N (OBS Group Leader) says:

      What a difficult thing to go through. I am praying He comforts you and leads and guides you into the greater things He has for you.

  4. Melissa,
    There is no doubt in my mind that God’s hand directed me into “stumbling onto” Proverbs 31 Ministries and to your OBS before the Unglued study. His hand is working through this Greater OBS to grow me in my relationship with Him. I have been struggling with marital problems and as I try to follow Him (even when it’s so hard and when other people don’t understand why I don’t just give up on my husband), my relationship with God is growing and getting stronger. And your post today was exactly what I needed – and I see God’s hand in that today, too.
    So for today, I will rest in the assurance that He asks us to do as you wrote:

    Hang on dear friends. God has greater for us.

    We keep focused on our part: obedience.

    And we trust Him with His part: the results.

    And we believe: that it is worked into something good by God.

    Bless you, Melissa and this OBS group.

  5. Jennifer N (OBS Group Leader) says:

    I have went through many dark nights of feeling as if my faith was wasted. Then, when you look back on the situation, you see God’s hand right there and He brought about something longer lasting and more meaningful than what I originally hoped for. Bless you ladies!

  6. As we learned a fews ago about “details”, Wow, have I had a revelation. About a year ago, I surrendered IN FULL to the Lord; that meant, my health, my mind, my body and my spirit, amen. Well, I am home visiting my parents and recently my Dad, the strongest man I have ever known, never sick and always upbeat….has hurt his back. My step Mom has been suffering for quite some time with a dilabitating illnesss that is stealing her life. They needed my help, and it not that often, that I can say that my Dad needs me! My heart hurts because he cannot move around withouth pain and his wife is at the point where she needs to be fed and her food chopped in a food chopper. Well, I am home and I am doing whatever the Lord needs me too…so I laid hands on my Dad and Praise God, he is feeling much better! Makes me want to jump around and scream out to the Lord! My step Mom, used to weigh about 130 now is about 150 and she cannot get around on her own, but through my obdience and the Lord working on me for the last year, I can almost pick her up and move her around….it is amazing the strength that the Lord has provided me with! I am so grateful and appreciative to be able to spend this time with my Dad and Step Mom…Praise God He has made it possible. Thank you Jesus and please keep them in your prayer.

  7. I love this chapter! It was like someone had been reading my mind 😉 it is great to be reminded that God does not misappropriate our faith and not even an ounce of faith is wasted – it is all being stored in a Heavenly trust fund <3

  8. This week’s reflection verse is a reminder that even if we do not see the fruit of our obedience and work YET…God is still working and will bring His plans for our lives to pass at just the right time! Love this Bible study and blessed to be a part of it!!!

    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. ~ Romans 8:28 NIV84

  9. Struggling this month to read and study. I Seem very lost. Life has just been tough.

    • Dear Jesus, please be with our sister, Diane. You know her needs better than we can. In your precious name I pray, amen. Hang in there, he will show you the way!

  10. This chapter really spoke to me. I feel like many times I have prayed for situations to get better etc. and it just never does. Its not that I don’t get the answer that I want to prayer, I don’t get an answer at all. I like how that iis pointed out in the chapter and that Steven doesn’t try to sugar coat it for us. When he told the story about the couple that was seeking an adoption, and then the adoption got taken away from them, my heart truly broke for that family. I found myself wanting a happy ending for the story. How could something that felt like it was provided by God be such a sad ending??? I feel like this is what non believers struggle with all the time. In reference to the CT shooting, I feel like a lot of people were saying “If there is a God, why would he allow so much hurt and pain? Why would he allow so many children to die??” Has anyone else had these questions as non-believers, or know of anyone who has?


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