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Jan 31

Blog Hop, Blogging for Beginners, & Leaving Comments~News You Can Use!

Your turn to share! The skinny on Blog Hops.

I love having the opportunity to share with y’all on my blog as my team and I lead you in this study, but what I love even more is hearing how a study is impacting your life. Each Thursday I give you an opportunity to do just that with the Online Bible Studies Blog Hop.

• I provide you with three or four topics relating to our study. PLUS, I give you the topics in advance with a week to get your post linked. Topics revolve around the chapters and Bible verse from that week.
• You can write and share a post for as many of the topics as you feel lead.
• This is a wonderful way for you to share your reactions and insights with thousands of women from around the world.

Below is a step-by-step video teaching you how to share your post on our Blog Hop. If you have any other questions after watching the video, please leave a comment.

How do I link my post to the Blog Hop?

Y’all, this is very important! To ensure your correct post is linked to our Blog Hop and is not *deleted from the Blog Hop, please watch the following 3:00min tutorial.

Having trouble viewing the video? click HERE to view directly on YouTube.

Wait…what if I don’t have a blog?

Having a blog is required to participate in the Blog Hop. If you don’t have a blog and would like to start one, visit WordPress to get started for FREE. (see Blogging for Beginners below)

*We don’t like doing it…but some posts get deleted…

You can easily avoid having your post deleted by watching the video above. Here are the common reasons posts are removed from the Blog Hop…

• You shared your main blog page and not a specific post. Very easily fixed.
• The link you provided does not work.
• Your post, sadly has nothing to do with the topics provided or our current study.
• The post is SPAM. If you don’t know what SPAM is…then you won’t have to worry!

If your post is deleted you will receive an email explaining why along with an opportunity to repost.

Blogging for Beginners

Do you have a blog? Are you interested in blogging? While it’s not a requirement here at all, we do want to equip you to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone if you are ready. Blogging a great way to process, dream, express, and share. If you are interested in starting a blog, this is what we suggest:

1. Go to

2. Click on the Orange Tab that says “Get Started.”

3. Enter your information and click “Basic.”   This is absolutely free.

If you don’t want to blog, no pressure at all. But if you’ve been considering it, why not take the plunge?  Go for it. You have nothing to lose. Your blog is private until you decide to share it.

Want to take your blog to the next level or need someone techie to walk you through the process? Contact our tech guru Heather Bleier; fees apply.

Leaving Comments on the Blog

The Online Bible Studies team LOVES it when you leave comments. By leaving a comment you are participating in our Online Community. No one is required to leave a comment but you are highly encouraged. In the comment section, you can leave a comment asking for prayer, discussing the Bible study, encouraging another sister, or asking a question. This is where community takes place.

To leave a comment, scroll to the bottom of the blog post that you want to leave a comment on. At the bottom of the blog post you will see something like this:

{ 205 comments }   Click on this to leave a comment.  (You must be on the actual blog (not email) to leave a comment.)

I hope this is helpful for you!

Leave a comment today just to show that you know how to leave a comment! Or if you have a question, please ask! All comments will be entered to win 2 Let.It.Go. bundles!


Winners of 2 Let. It. Go. bundles are Lisa Dieffenbach, email beginning Ldieffenbach and Beverly Chestnut, email beginning beverly.chestnut. Congrats! Email Angie, our lovely Executive Assistant at Send her your mailing address so we can send you your prize!

The rest of you, comment today! You may be our next big winner!

Love y’all!

Jan 30

OBS Conference Calls, News You Can Use!

For many, the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Conference Call Series that accompanies each study, is their favorite part of the study. And I can see why. These calls are so beneficial for those who participate in them. In fact, many who sign up for the Conference Call Series aren’t even participating in the study. They just have  experienced the value and benefits from call participation, so they keep signing up! All are invited to sign up :)

Each call offers:

  • Practical information that you can use and apply to your life now.
  • An opportunity to hear from your OBS Leader, Melissa Taylor. On each call I pray over you and give you a message that is prepared just for you. It’s related to what we are studying in the Bible and in the Bible study book.
  • Life work. Similar to homework, but this is something for you to take with you and make a part of your life. Your life work will help you grow closer to God and implement more of Him into your life so that you can live with hope and freedom.
  • Recording and download options. Each call is recorded so you never have to worry about missing anything! Can’t be on a call live? No problem. You will be sent the recording information so you can listen or download to your computer.
  • Special Guests~ Everyone loves our special guests, and we have been so blessed to have some incredibly faithful, Godly, and gifted people join us to share their stories. Our guests offer testimonies of how God has used them or worked in their lives and offer hope that He can work in ours too.

Past guests have included authors, Lysa TerKeurst (Unglued, Made to Crave), Renee Swope (A Confident Heart), Karen Ehman (Let. It. Go.), Glynnis Whitwer (I Used to Be So Organized), Steven Furtick (Greater, Sun Stand Still), Sheri Rose Shepherd (His Princess Series), Deborah Smith Pegues (30 Days to Taming Your Tongue), Matthew Barnett (The Cause Within You & founder of the Dream Center), and more.  We’ve also had radio personality Carol Davis from 106.9 the Light, as well as Samantha Reed, Wendy Blight, Wendy Pope, Rachel Olsen, and Micca Campbell from Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Each guest is invited based on their story and their willingness to share with us how God has moved in their life. They have so much to offer.

This time is no different. Our line up is spectacular!  Our guests include actress Candace Cameron Bure of (actress, director, writer. You may remember her as DJ Tanner from Full House), Jill Savage of Hearts at HomeKaren Ehman, author of Let. It. Go., and Sharon Glasgow of Proverbs 31 Ministries. These calls will offer teaching, inspiration and connection. You will receive a personal message as well as real testimonies from women who have learned to “let it go” and walk with God in faith.

Calls will take place the following Monday evenings, 8 pm EST. (they are all recorded so you can listen later if you can’t be on live)

February 11- Jill Savage

February 25- Sharon Glasgow

March 4- Karen Ehman

March 11- Candace Cameron Bure

There is a fee for the conference calls, but they are well worth it. If you don’t think so, Proverbs 31 Ministries will refund your money. That’s how much we believe in the value of these calls. Order calls here.

Free Trial Call! Wondering if the calls are for you?  Listen here to a recent Conference Call which includes an interview with Pastor Matthew Barnett of the LA Dream Center and a message on your purpose and potential by Melissa Taylor.

Sign up for the Conference Call Series today here. Hurry, there is limited space.

Winners from Tuesday’s blog post on Social Media are: (see below)

Email Angie, our OBS Executive Assistant at with your mailing address.

There’s still 3 more chances to win a Let.It.Go. Bundle!  One of them is now.


In the comment section of this blog, ask a question about the Conference Calls or share a comment about the Conference Calls. If your comment relates to the calls, then you are entered. Enter by 10 pm EST.

***Also, Greater Conference Call Peeps, we still have one call remaining with Lysa TerKeurst. You will receive the information about that call in the next few weeks. Lysa’s schedule has been super filled lately and we are coordinating a time that will work best for everyone.

***Edit:  Winners of 2 Let. It. Go. bundles from yesterday’s post are~ Katelin~ email krandle  and Angela Satterly. Congrats ladies! Email Angie at with your address to claim your prizes!


Jan 29

OBS & Social Media, News You Can Use~

As I read through the comments on yesterday’s blog post, I was thrilled by the number of women who said this was their very first Online Bible Study. Even more exciting, many said this was their very first Bible study ever.

Welcome to Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies!!! We are honored that you would select this study to be your first. I take that very seriously. And my OBS team and I want to make sure you have the best experience ever.

What I love most about these studies is the fact that they are so flexible and anyone can participate. I also love that they are welcoming and non-intimidating. If you are here, we are so excited about that. We love you already! And most of all, I love that the women who have participated have experienced real hope for real life. That’s what you get here. Hope that is applicable and you can trust it because it’s from God. No matter what is in your past or where you are today, you have a place here. Thank you for trusting us to walk with you in faith.

All this week, I’ll be highlighting a different aspect of OBS. This is so you will be informed.

Today:  Social Media

We LOVE Social Media!!!! Social media provides us with more ways we can communicate with you. I realize that not everyone utilizes all the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and that’s ok. The Bible study will take place here on my blog. Social media sites just provide more options if you care to use them.

  • Facebook Small Groups~  Are you on Facebook?  Do you have an interest in joining a group off 12-15 women who are doing this online study also? Facebook small groups are designed for ladies who want a smaller environment and more personal connections to do this study. Each group has a leader. These groups develop friendship and experience community while discussing the study.  You must be on Facebook to join a Facebook small group. Lisa Kramp is the Leader and Small Group Coordinator for OBS. To join a group, send Lisa a friend request or a FB message. These groups are filled on a first come first serve basis. There will be a waiting list if needed.
  • Online Bible Studies Facebook Page~ If you are on Facebook, visit this page and like it right now! You will be so glad you did! Our Online Bible Studies Facebook page is encouraging, informative, interactive and fun! Check it out today and connect with us!
  • Online Bible Studies on Twitter~ If you are on Twitter, follow us on Twitter! @MTBibleStudies is another way to interact and connect in a fun way. I’d also like to invite you to follow me too. I love to “tweet” and I’d love you to connect with you!
  • Pinterest~ This is the latest social media craze and we LOVE it! We are so blessed to have Veronica Herzing as our pin creator and wow does she ever do a fabulous job! Veronica creates pins for each chapter and reflection Bible verse we use for each study. You can share these pins and use them for your own inspiration. Follow us on Pinterest and experience the beautiful creations by our very own sweet Veronica <3

I look forward to seeing many of you on these optional sites as we go through our study!

It’s not too late to invite your friends to join us! Spread the word about OBS. We begin this Sunday, February 3rd.

You can order your book from Proverbs 31 Ministries here.

You can read Chapter 1 of Let. It. Go. here. (Whether you are waiting on your book or you just want to check it out and decide if this book is for you.)

You can sign up to participate in this Online Bible Study in the top right corner of my blog. (If you haven’t signed up, please do so. I will be emailing important information to those who sign up.)

And now for our winners from yesterday! Each day this week, we are giving away 2 Let.It.Go. bundles (DVD, book, and participant guide). Click here to see picture if you are reading this via email.

Yesterday’s Let. It. Go. Bundle winners are:

Sandra, email beginning slf4094

Kathleen Bennefield

Congrats ladies! Email Angie, our awesome OBS Executive Assistant at with your mailing address.

Would you like to win a Let.It.Go. bundle?  Here’s your chance!  In the comment section, let us know which Online Bible Studies Social Media sites you are a part of! If you aren’t a part of any, then you can still win. Just comment that you don’t use social media. But you must mention social media in your comment. Everyone got it?

I hope today’s post was helpful to you. Join me tomorrow when I will be sharing about our awesome Conference Call series!

Big Blessings and have a fabulous day!