Jan 13

Greater~Final Week

Here we are in our final week of Greater! Let’s finish strong!

Reflection Verse

O LORD, open {our} eyes so {we} may see…. ~ II Kings 6:17a NIV84

Suggested Assignments

Monday~ Read Chapter 11, Open My Eyes

Monday~ Conference Call with Linda Kuhar! I’m so excited about this call. Linda is my mentor and coach in leadership. I can’t wait for you conference call peeps to meet her. Her story will rock you and move you. Statistically, she shouldn’t be here today. She is a great example of “greater.”

Tuesday~ Complete the discussion questions for Chapter 11 in the back of the book.

Wednesday~ Read Chapter 12, Strike the Water and the Epilogue, These Bones

Thursday~ Final Greater Blog Hop!

Next ::sniffle:: week’s suggested topics ::sniffle:: our last Greater Blog Hop!

1.  Open. What are your thoughts on this week’s reflection verse?

O LORD, open {our} eyes so {we} may see….~ II Kings 6:17a NIV84

2.  Believe. How would your life be different if you believed God’s infinite power and potential was at work within you? If you could do anything for God, no bounds, no limitations, what would you do?

3.  Up Next. Now that you have finished walking this journey with us. What’s next for you? What is the most important lesson God has taught you through this study and how will you apply it to your life today?

Friday~ Closing Thoughts and A Look Ahead


Our next study, Let. It. Go. by Karen Ehman begins February 3rd.  Sign up in the top right corner of this blog. Order your book from Proverbs 31 and receive a signed copy by the author! Conference calls will be offered and the guests are confirmed! Hope you will join us for another great OBS!



  1. I can’t believe we are already at the end of this study. Seems just a week or so ago I was excited about starting it!! It has been an awesome study and I have learned so much. I believe it has helped prepare me for the next one which I know will be hard for me because I have struggled with control issues most of my life! Thank you Melissa for this awesome forum to learn and grow!!

  2. Kim Costello says:

    Thank you Lord, for the amazing people that work for Proverbs 31 and work so hard at the bible studies, they have helped me immensely. I’m sad to have Greater be over, it was a wonderful book and look forward to anything he ever writes again!! I do believe I was meant for Greater, it took this book and The Lord for me to see it.
    Thanks again, Kim

  3. This study has touched my life in so many ways!! It came at a time I felt I really needed something, this study, the questions have helped me to become passionate about God and something greater! Thank you all for your integrity, encouragement and allowing me to be part of something “Greater”!!

  4. Carol Thompson says:

    Open my eyes! What an amazing prayer. I know that God is at work in my life. He is placing so many people around us to help us, I must stay focused on God and disciplined to do what He desires. Some days it is too easy to put off what I need to do because I am too tired. But I must rely on God’s strength to do what needs to be done, with the business, with my friends, for our community. I must look to Jesus for my strength and my guidance. I teach Body and Soul aerobics and we never seem to be able to grow the class, but I know God wants me to keep doing this to try to reach more women. Some days it feels like we should just give up, but I know God has a plan. Some days it looks like we will not be able to pay the bills at the business, but God has a plan. God has placed a desire to start a women’s gather and grow group, but how? he knows and will show me. I know I am a daughter of the King, with all the privileges that brings. I just need to remember that every day. God loves me and will provide for me.

    • Well said! I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. God’s plan are always bigger than what we can imagine for ourselves, and let us not foget that He doesnt do details.

  5. Ginny B - OBS leader says:

    So sad to see Greater end, God really had a lot of lessons in this one for me, but so EXCITED to see what He has for me in Let. It. Go. also! It’s going to be great!

  6. Open my eyes, indeed! I pray we all remember that when the going gets tough!

  7. Trying to live what I am learning as I learn more about living the full, abundant, and greater life God plans for me. Praise God He did not leave me “in the dust” when I was not keeping Him in focus like I should. I like this paragraph from page 115 of the Participant’s Guide: “All of us need to recognize the reality of the might of God in us and around us. We need to believe what our heavenly Father says about us, not what our opponents say about us. If we’ll see with the eyes of our hearts, we’ll realize that God’s power makes us fully capable of accomplishing whatever He calls us to do.” We have been charged to: DREAM BIGGER. START SMALLER. IGNITE GOD’S VISION FOR YOUR LIFE. :) I really appreciate Pastor Steven’s teachings in this study. So glad I signed up for it! Thanks, Melissa Taylor and all of the Proverbs 31 team! You are all amazing!!!

  8. What a great chapter to wrap things up. The “Open my eyes” is something that my Pastor has been touching on at church! It is amazing, that right when I need to hear something, BAAMM, there it is! God is so good. I am looking forward to living even greater. Like Pastor Steven said about making choices; I had to do that some time ago and it was hard, but in the end it has been better for my family and my relationship with the Lord. I love Him so very much! He is my provider, counselor, lover, gosh the list goes on. I have no idea how I got by, well that is what I did, got by before I allowed Him full access. We always say how God is in control, but for me, He is always in charge too! Thanks to all of you on this journey with me; together we can change the world and get radical about our Lord, my Father. Because my Fathers says I am……………

  9. Chapter 11 was written, because Steve MUST have been watching me via Skype the past year + and I didn’t know it.
    I had to pull out not just the pencil to underline, but the thin sharpie to emphasize a few lines, AND highlighter then I pulled out the PINK pen to circle paragraphs!!!! ☺☺☺

    The last SIX years have been most challenging for me. As I look back, I can still feel and sense the pangs of hurt and betrayal of many people. The naysayers, backbiters, people who get all jealous and in your face (which is only their insecurities showing up brightly), which I understand. But it still hurts. Especially when some folks blind side ya – never expecting some to do such things to me. Attitudes. HA!
    Funnier / ironically funny, (that Steve wrote in the book about changing names), last year, I seriously said, I am SO done with my family, I am changing my name and moving FAR far far away. Realistically I know I probably wouldn’t do that – but oh, the thought entertains my mind …. still!
    lol – I know I am slowly able to look at some situations and laugh, or at least chuckle.

    “my daddy says I am”, oh, how that touches my heart in a profound way.
    I know who I am. I am confident of where I am going = so why and how do I let that ol’ devil slither into the crevasse of my mind and heart sometimes and fall into the trap of I am not good enough, I have failed, messed up, tripped up too many times to get to the level of greatness.

    I have had a tough two weeks getting into the Word and this book. As I read ch 11 (and 12), I understand why. Again, smut faced devil that he is, is thinking too much again, and thinks he can get a noose on my neck and hold me down. NOT!!!!

    A few years back, I knew God was calling me into ministry. My life is a living testimony of HIS amazing grace. Although my circumstances are not bizarre, extreme or lethal, there is not much “normal” about my life.
    I have given different testimonies at small engagements, thinking in my mind, who am I to affect anyone? And every time, I get a hand full of people come to me and tell me how my “story” lifted their spirit and regained hope again. Isn’t that the Body of Christ? yes indeed!
    So, I continued to press forward; but the reality was my funds (as a widow) were running low, to very low, to loosing my home, because my “job”(s) were always less than 10 bucks an hour. Feeling veryyyyyy defeated – manyyyyyyyyyy days and weeks – those feelings of inadequacy, failure etc etc and how can I overcome THIS? were/are Just more lies from the devil.
    To say all that – to say – books like this – studies like this – are confirming what I know God has in store for me. Many months ago, just wanting God to show me for certain if anything in me was wrong, or I harbored unforgiveness, and I was bold enough to ask for confirming words and actions along the way to keep me encouraged on the path that I believe He is taking me.
    He has been SO very gracious to do so; It’s not the path of HERE IT IS DONNA come and get it – but it will be thoughts I have and sure enough, in this book alone, almost verbatim, I have had lines affirm what I had been told or read or thought in the past two weeks. Just beyond very cool !

    I am loved by my daddy; He says he is working things out for my good. He will get the glory! And life will NOT harm me but will happen for my GOOD. I will not despise the small beginnings, I AM more than a conqueror, and I am the head and NOT the tail..
    cuz my DADDY said so..
    be encouraged girls! As Joel Osteen says, You and GOD are the majority! You CAN DO IT !

  10. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing and motivating me this morning!

  11. This book touched my heart and inspired me in so many ways. God bless Ps Furtick, the enormously talented and encouraging Proverb 31 ladies who put this study on and to everyone here whose stories of humility, surrender and grace have helped me along in my suffering and striving to be Greater. Thanks too for the encouraging comments in some of my posts. What an awesome group!

  12. I am not sure what I am going to blog about yet; But I did want to say, as many have stated in the studies we have completed, to the Proverbs 31 group, you girls ROCK! Thank you for leading us, to open up, reflect and take the challenge and change our lives – for the “Greater”. I wanted to answer the question Melissa stated, asking us
    if nothing held me back, what would my Greater position be?

    Although The past few years have been quite the challenge, as it has been for so many in the world. I see how biblically, we are living in such times, recession, wars, killings, earthquakes, tsunamis, and everything in between. All the more, we need to, as Pastor Steve expressed in this book, to be humble, and do, go and become what He wants, in the way He wants. To make a difference in this world. What a challenge in the busy-ness of life, to take the time to be still. Seek the Word, and listen for His answer.

    I know for certain, my life is in his hands, and I know that deep inside, there is greatness yet to come out and surface, beyond my expectations, God works in such unconventional ways, and my life, sure has been just that! Anyone from the outside, seeing where and what a mess my life seems to be – but really, it’s right in the training ground of where he needs me to be – to learn, grow and be used to the fullest. His fullest. Nothing could be sweeter, than knowing I’m right where I should be. It’s just temporary, (kind of like being at the airport waiting for the arrival, parking lights blinking on the car, and wishing the person I am waiting on would hurry up (GOD!!!!), so I don’t get a ticket, or get hit by a distracted driver (the devil!)!

    To answer what is my uninhibited, perfect job, place, is to have a beautiful home, full of peace, coziness, and it be inviting, so that all who enter would feel His presence; to use this home for Bible studies, gatherings, dinners, fun and laughter; A ministry that I could utilize my photo, writing, and testimony skills so to encourage others, especially women. I want to continue traveling the world, to take photographs, and see His creation made in creatures (animals), landscapes, sunsets sunrises, waterfalls and people/cultures.
    I do believe he has had me in training over the years, and now is the time of fine tuning. Through the past year of studies, here at P31, I see how God has been using these studies to really get me to dig deep into the crevices as he is preparing me.
    We never arrive, we continue to move forward, tweaking and seeking Him to guide us, and grow us to become all that He has planned and desired for us to become. I want HIS full purpose for my life, how about you girls? What is your deepest desire that He is so wiling to fulfill in your life?

  13. My spouse and I stumbled over here coming from a different page and thought I might check things out.
    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look
    forward to checking out your web page again.

  14. I decided to get involved in the on-line study group because I want to get closer to God this year. I also enjoy reading the Proverbs 31 info.