Jan 15

Greater~Chapter 11, Open My Eyes

As I read Chapter 11 of Greater, I couldn’t help but realize what I should have known all along. That what matters most is not what I think I am or am not. But what matters is what my Father sees in me and what He says about me. Fortunately, God has given us a book full of promises and truths, included is what He thinks about me. I don’t know what I’d do without my Bible, God’s Word written for me. So many times It has been my Source of confidence, strength, and security. I can beat myself up all day long. Someone can easily hurt my feelings. But God’s Word sets me straight.

I love God’s Word so much that the leaders of our Online Bible Study Small Groups gave me Bibles for Christmas. 43 of them. Not so I could have them for myself, but so I could give them away. You see, I can write and speak and tell some really good stories. I can teach life lessons and encourage others. It comes naturally to me. But my words will fade and be forgotten. Only God’s Word will last and can 100% be trusted. And it’s my hope that anyone who needs and wants One, will have One.

The grass withers, the flower fades,
but the word of our God will stand forever.

Isaiah 40:8  ESV


Last year, OBS gave away over $2000 worth of Bibles and books, all donated by our own OBS leaders. They bought them. Paid with their own money. All because they care. They love and believe in the power of God. They are generous with what God has given them, more generous than any group I’ve ever been a part of.

This year the giving continues. And my prayer is that God will Open Eyes through His Word. Eyes that will be open to receive what God says about us.

Our first give away is going on right now. We are giving away 5 purse-sized Bibles, small enough to carry with you anywhere, in a random drawing to those who sign up for the Let. It. Go. Conference Call Series and can list the conference call guests in the comment section of this blog. (warning: you must have good eyes or eye glasses~ the words are small, but the Bibles are awesome for carrying around on the go!)

Let. It. Go. Conference Call Series ~ each call includes interview with special guest and message from OBS Leader, Melissa Taylor

We have a great line-up of 4 women who will share with us what letting it go has looked like for them.  Our guests include:

Candace Cameron Bure~ Actress (DJ Tanner on Full House), producer, NY Times bestselling author, & international speaker

Jill Savage~ author of 7 books, speaker who is passionate about encouraging families, founder of Hearts at Home

Sharon Glasgow~ Proverbs 31 Ministries Speaker & Writer, lives on a farm in Virginia with her husband, children, their milking goats, chickens, and organic fruit and vegetables gardens. She knows what it means to let it go and give God the control. Her story is both inspiring and amazing. You have to hear it to believe it.

Karen Ehman~ author of Let. It. Go., Proverbs 31 Ministries Speaker Team Director

Just to be clear: To be entered to win one of the purse-sized Bibles~

1. Sign up for the Conference Calls

2. Leave a comment listing our fabulous guests

Comment by Wednesday night 11:59 pm. (this is a change from yesterday’s post, extended an extra 24 hours)

Winners announced on Friday.

And as an added bonus~ each person who wins a purse-sized Bible will also receive another Bible to give away! That way you can share God’s Word with a friend! 

Bibles will be given away throughout the year to those in need of one.

Praying that all of our eyes are open to see ourselves how God sees us.


Greater peeps, we are almost there!  Just one more chapter!!! Now that our eyes are open to God’s Word, it’s time to “Strike the Water” move forward to God’s greater for us! So exciting!!!!




  1. Lynn Graham says:

    Melissa, you had said bibles will be given throughout the year to who ever needs one. I need a large print bible in the Life Application NIV. Right now I have a regular print and I find it difficult at times to see the words. I have seen them in the catalog but just can’t afford it at this time.


  2. Melissa, I can’t tell you how excited I am to start this next OBS. “Greater” has changed me tremendously and I can’t wait to start this next journey. These OBS’s have been such a blessing to my life. Thank you. -Rachel

    • Jennifer N (OBS group leader) says:

      So glad to hear the impact that the OBS has on your life. Greater, and especially this chapter, has been a tremendous blessing. May He continue to guide you in His plan for you!!

    • Rachel,
      Thank you for commenting and sharing this! You have blessed and encouraged me as a leader. Bug Hugs~

  3. Hi, I am not interested in the purse bible but thank you. I do love this study. I probably seem like the most bipolar participant as I go from feeling I can’t take another thing to pure joy.

    I do think on paper I do have a lot to contend with but from feeling so hopeless last week with my son with Aspergers having a poopy attitude and being a pia at school. Honestly I just can’t sugar coat everything that is the way it is sometimes to feeling my prayers answered this week.

    The same child who I felt so depressed and hopeless because of his manipulation. This weekend I took him to a “brain bowl” so he could see little teams compete with questions. They were a few years older but he loved it and I wanted him to see the choices he makes will decide if he will get to do these things in the future. I told him God wants so much more for you. He did not give you that brain and intelligence to say everything is too hard and hide under a desk. God has a plan but he can’t use you to excute it until you behave appropriately. and that will happen when you learn to ask God to help you when you feel like you can’t do it!! (Trust me I can’t do it all the time I told him) I told him when i am frustrated with him or anything I pray God please change how crappy I feel. Change my heart and help me find a way to do better or reach the person that is frustrating me. Or show me where am I seeing this wrong? Where am I moving wrong?

    Last week when “i visted school” for support and he “hates music” . I got the opportunity to watch music class at his new school. I was blown away by the caliber of students and mandatory teaching (not an elective) The whole class learns to read music in 3rd grade.

    Yesterday, he is singing the songs and telling me how they told him he was pretty good at piano a few years ago (which he oppositionally refused to do). I told him if he wanted to take lessons again let me know. To my suprise he said he did and sang note scales all night. This is huge for and ocd, odd, aspergers child who only wants to play video gams and complain that anything with work is too hard.

    He also came out of his room and said ” Uh, I decided to do what is right and not play this DS and read my book”

    I am so thankful God is so much more steady, faithful, true than I. God please keep in my heart and mind how you come through even though I focus too much on the waves crashing down on me rather than your hand reaching out to me. Please help Dakota feel your presence and to remeber to ask for your help (“I don’t know why I keep forgetting”) I love you and love feeling my life change. I love feeling the benefit of trusting you would work out this move to Colorado. Please be with me as I start my new job tomorrow and thank you ( and Melissa Taylor and Steven Furtick) for showing me a feeling of hope and “Greater”that I have not felt for so long. Help me keep my edge and bring people into my life that believe the same.

    • Amen! Beautiful, honest, and vulnerable! I truly don’t know how people cope if they don’t have God in their life. He makes such a difference. Keep clinging to Jesus. He will get you through and give you little miracle gifts all along the journey!
      Beth A. (OBS Group Leader)

    • Karri (obs leader) says:

      That is awesome news!! God is so good & everything on time……(((hugs)))

    • Praising Jesus for your new found hope! Greater is in you, don’t forget that. Praying for you as you start your new job tomorrow!

    • Thanks to everyone this really has been life changing. Not just LOCATION but renewing daily attitudes and viewpoints to what happens. Still many rough days but such feeling of hope!

  4. Jennifer N (OBS group leader) says:

    Chapter 11 really hit home to me. I am never alone. Even if I feel that way sometimes, I am never alone. It is more important what my Father says about me than what anyone else says (including myself) about me. God’s word is like a mirror-it shows us WHO we are. In Christ.

  5. I have signed up for the Let It Go bible study, I have my book and am looking forward to this. I am finishing the “Greater” study it has really been eye opening. God has been revealing things in my life that I need to trust Him in. Thanks again!

    • Awesome that God is revealing things to you! Praying for you to trust Him completely!

      I look forward to continuing in study with you. Thanks for signing up for Let.It.Go.

  6. I love this post so much. Brought happy tears to my eyes. We have a GREAT and AMAZING team!!!!!

  7. Veronica Brown (OBS Group Leader) says:

    “…..my words will fade and be forgotten. Only God’s Word will last and can 100% be trusted.”

    That was a POWERFUL statement! Even the most valued heroes from History can be forgotten. Their words fade. But God’s word is forever. It, forever will be!

  8. Catherine OBS Group Leader says:

    On my first read thru of Greater, when I hit chapter 11 I prayed the prayer Pastor Furtick asked us to pray. “Lord, open my eyes that I may see.” I suggest you all take the time to quiet your mind and environment, close your eyes, pray this prayer and wait for God to show you, wait so you may see. He may just surprise you.

    On a different note one of Chapter 11 questions asks what would my life be like if I truly believed God’s power in me. This is my answer.

    The infinite power of God in me should allow me to pray for/over people and heal them or comfort them. I should be able to discern the difference between those who God chooses to heal completely and those whose faith is strong enough to accept healing; and those who are not gonna be healed.
    I myself would be healthy and full of energy for myself and Him.
    People would be able to immediately recognize Jesus in me and that would attract people to me. They would want what I have – Jesus in me.
    I would have such a sweet and gentle spirit, loving, and giving and kind – BUT I wouldn’t be sappy or weak.

    Some goal huh?

  9. I am so excited about what I learned in this study! God has truly opened my eyes. I am also excited about the next study! I love that those that do not have bibles will receive them. I love when I give God’s word to someone who had never had them in there hands before. God is amazing. I have seen God do so many miracles when it comes to people receiving his word. Thank you for discipling us so that we can then go out a disciple others. I have been telling everyone about the studies. I have been sharing with my church and others about Greater and how it has changed my life. One young lady came up to me and said she really felt she was suppose to do greater. She said she already bought the book. I said I was so excited for her and she will love it. Then she said will you do it with me? guide me? Wow, I was so honored. Since then others have come from different places and they are all young ladies in their 20’s. So I now have a little group that I will be doing the greater all over again. God is amazing how he works. Some of these ladies are not in church or they don’t have a study in their church. I tried to get them to join us in the next study we are doing. But they said from what I shared they feel this is what they are suppose to do. They will join us later! So another Blessing through these studies! God is Good! Thank you Melissa and Lisa and all you beautiful Proverbs 31 ladies! God is working through you and then working through us! Praise His name!

    • Tina,
      This is awesome!!!! It is an answer to my prayers. I pray that those who do these studies will have the opportunity to share what God has taught them. This is wonderful!

      Thank you so much for letting us know about this!
      God bless you !!!

  10. Nancy Silvers says:

    WOW What a wonderful give away!! The conference call guests along with you, Melissa, are Candice Cameron Bure, Jill Savage, Sharon Glasglow and Karen Ehman! I am SO looking forward to this study. I have not done an on-line study before and the opportunity to do this one is an answer to prayer and such a blessing!!

    God Bless you!!

  11. I just finished Chapter 11 and answered the questions at the back of the book. Funny, I haven’t been “feeling” this OBS for a few weeks now, but reading this chapter caused me to refocus. It tells me I have a “greater” responsibility, to myself. I am responsible for believing all that God feels I am and can be. This might sound easy, but for me, and I’m sure for so many women these days, feeling as though we are good enough is hard, but feeling as though we are greater than we ever imagined, isn’t easy! I feel as though God sees someone residing in me. I don’t always behave like that person. My greater goal is to try to show her to the world more often. Every day.

    • Shelly,
      So glad you heard from God this chapter. And I’m super proud of you for hanging in there. Often when we aren’t “feeling” it, we quit. But you didn’t and you have received a blessing and your greater goal!

      Blessings to you!

  12. It’s amaing the day before I read chapter 11 about how God sees us is the only thing that matters, I started a fast as part of a hardcore series my church just started on growing my relationship with Christ. Before starting you need to ask God to help remove whatever is blocking Him from your life and after thinking and praying hard I came to the conclusion that I never really knew God’s perfect love and in some ways always felt I didn’t deserve it. I prayed and cried and cried and prayed for God to open my heart to His love and to be able to finally believe that my self worth is only based on that, nothing else. Imagine my surprise and pleasure at reading Steven Furtick’s words telling me “What matters most is not what I think I am or am not. Or what others think I am or am not. What matter is what my Father sees in me and what He says about me.” There are no coincidences with God and he is awesome!

    • Kristi Seat says:

      Amen! What a beautiful story of how God opened your eyes to your worth in Him. Praying that God will continue to move in amazing ways in your life.

      Kristi Seat
      (OBS Leadership Team)

  13. Rhonda Palmer says:

    I cannot wait for this study! It sounds very timely and oh, so necessary! Lots of junk to let go!

    • Catherine OBS Group Leader says:

      Oh Tricia,

      Such an amazing awareness God has brought you to. You are a beautiful princess, God’s lovely daughter, worthy of all He has to give. Put those truths in your heart.

      OBS Group Leader

  14. Melissa Taylor says:

    My father says I am! These are words I will never forget and use everytime doubt and fear enter my life! I have learned so.much and made changes in my life that are bearing fruit in my relationships and the life God has blessed me with before I started striving for Greater! When I started this book I was scared and very worried about my future because I recently lost my job. I kept looking for a sign to tell me how I was going to.find Greater in a job. After
    completing this book and study I no longer feel a pull that I must achieve Greater just through a job. I have felt a calling for a very long time to leave a profession that has caused so much stress in my life that it has impacted my relationships my joy my peace and my health. I am now pursuing a less stressfull job with the plan that wiithout this stress in my life I can be Greater in my service to the Lord through volunteering at my church. I can focus on relationships that need. attention and I can be an
    example of Greater to people who I.know and do.not know because my.life.will have the energy for joy and love! The amazing thing is that when I. explained.to.my. husband that this change was about becoming Greater in Him. and for Him he was. completely.supportive even though it will cause us to make
    changes to our life style. Am I ready and capable of making such big changes? My father says I am!

    • Catherine OBS Group Leader says:

      Wow Melissa,

      The name is just a coincidence I’m hoping.

      It is so awesome when our husbands support what God lays on our hearts to do. That is just a blessing unimaginable. I am so happy you are following God’s greater for your life. Check back and keep us posted on what He’s doing through you.

      OBS Group Leader

    • Kristi Seat says:

      What a beautiful transformation Melissa. And, I’m so excited to hear how God moves in your life in this next stage. Continue to trust in Him and hold onto the promise of His power which is working in and through you. Praying that God will continue to open your eyes each day to how He can use you.

      Kristi Seat
      (OBS Leadership Team)

  15. beautiful post :)

  16. So excited to see what God wants to teach me through the let it go study. Looking forward to hearing you on the conference calls along with Candice Cameron Bure, Jill Savage, Sharon Glasglow and Karen Ehman. Yay!

  17. Stephanie Brady says:

    I am new to an online Bible study. I tried to start a traditional Bible study with some women from my church, and there was a real lack of interest :-( When this opportunity presented itself, I decided to give it a try.

    Question ~ Why do we have to pay for the conference call series??

    I want to sing up for it, but this “techy” way of doing things is new to me . . . . .

    • Hi Stephanie,
      I’m glad you are joining our Online Bible Study! Hope you love it!

      Our conference call series is run through Proverbs 31 Ministries. We charge for all of our conference calls because it takes multiple staff hours to plan, organize, prepare,and do the administrative work associated with the calls. We work very hard to make sure the calls are top notch with a great message and wonderful special guests who add value to each call the overall conference call experience. We want to make sure it is well worth your time and money :)

      If you’d like to listen to a call before you decide you listen here: http://bit.ly/W71hBM

      Hope you like your first online study. I’m sorry you couldn’t get a group together in person, but hopefully this will be the best thing. Also if you are interested in joining a Facebook Small Group while you do the online study, email Lisa Kramp, LisaKrampP31@gmail.com . She is our Small Group Coordinator for online studies :)

      Welcome to Online Bible Study!

    • Kristi Seat says:

      Welcome welcome welcome Stephanie! An online bible study does sound strange at first, huh? I thought so too but it didn’t take very long before it became a part of my life. The women here are so encouraging. It’s a great way to discover God’s truth for your life in an easily accessible format even when that face-to-face bible study doesn’t come through. I want to encourage you to listen to the sample conference call and to pray about taking the plunge this time or in the future. It’s optional but sooo worth it from my own personal experience.

      When I first started participating in online bible study in May of 2011, I had just moved to a new town and I was still healing from a long illness. I can’t tell you how much those conference calls meant to me during that time. Since then, I have been hooked-one of my favorite parts of each online bible study. To be able to hear from women who are dealing with the same issues and to have the opportunity to ask questions is such a blessing. And, each call ends with a biblical message from Melissa Taylor pertaining to the topics in the book.

      Kristi Seat
      (OBS Leadership Team)

  18. Stephanie Brady, welcome to OBS. You will be SO glad you joined us!!!! Melissa, thank you for your beautiful and encouraging post. How wonderful for you that your husband is On Board, too! Greater was only my 2nd study with your team, but I have grown and been blessed in so many ways. I had never read a blog before doing this study. (You can get up off the floor now! 😉 ha ha) I love the “blog hop” reading and they opened up a whole new world I had never explored! I have made so many friends and have grown in my walk with the Lord. My spiritual life was stagnant a few months ago. God re-ignited my passion just before I joined the Unglued study and Greater. What a follow through! Thank you all for being here for all of us seekers and may God bless our “doing” as we go forth in confidence.

    • MarcieSpencer says:

      “Close your eyes and pray. Open your eyes and see. Then take up your cross and follow. You’re not alone.”

      Love those closing words in Chapter 11! I am so glad to see another OBS siister bloom and grow as you, CG. Every week I read what another sister has blogged or posted, and it inspires me to read more..not just here but the WORD! :)

      Thank you for your encouraging posts and friendship..it is your fellowship that has re-ignited my spiritual life!

    • Kristi Seat says:

      I agree with Marcie CG. You have been such a blessing. And, you aren’t alone. I had only read a couple of blogs before I was introduced to Proverbs 31 Ministries. But, since then, I have really enjoyed getting to know the women behind the blogs. The “Blog Hop” has been awesome. Such an inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us!

      Kristi Seat
      (OBS Leadership Team)

  19. Charolette Ragsdale says:

    I just signed up for the Let. It. Go. Conference Calls. The list of guest speakers include: Candace Cameron Bure, Jill Savage, Sharon Glasgow, and Karen Ehman. The little pocket bibles are so cute, and I think it is so neat how you are giving away an additional bible to all winners so they can give it someone else to share God’s word.

    I must say I have felt so blessed by the conference calls for the Greater study that I now look forward to the calls in the upcoming study too.

    Have a blessed day!

    • Kristi Seat says:

      I agree with you Charolette. One of my favorite parts of each week. So excited that you are joining us again.

      Kristi Seat
      (OBS Leadership Team)

  20. I love those words, too, Marcie! It has been beyond exciting and joyful to grow along side you these past few months. You have been such an encouragement to me along the way and I’ve learned to be a lot braver with techie stuff under your tutelage. (I was going to PM you with that but I think you deserve open forum Kudos!) My notes for Chapter 11 follow.
    From the recap for Chapter 11 in the Participant’s Guide:
    “In our pursuit of a greater dream, we’re going to come up against enemies who want to hinder us……All of us need to recognize the reality of the might of God in us and around us. We need to believe what our heavenly Father says about us, not what our opponents say about us. If we’ll see with the eyes of our hearts, we’ll realize that god’s power makes us fully capable of accomplishing whatever He calls us to do.”
    To answer the “Start small” in the Chapter Questions (Share favorite Bible verses that reveal God’s ability to do great things through us despite our own weaknesses.), I chose lots of scriptures and will share just a few:
    Some scriptures of EVIDENCE that our power can be found in His promises.
    Ephesians 6:10 – Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.

    1 Corinthians 15:58 – Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

    Proverbs 2:7 – He holds success in store for the upright, he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless,

    Deuteronomy 7:21 – Do not be terrified by them, for the Lord your God, who is among you, is a great and awesome God.

    Numbers 22:28 The LORD caused the donkey to speak.
    (We have no excuses!!!) :)

    I realize now that I addressed a different Melissa (congrats still stands) in the message above but Melissa Taylor (Bible Studies) knows that I was thanking her and Proverbs 31, etc. :) in my comments. You two Melissas can hash that out. ha ha! :)
    Looking forward to Let.It.Go. :)

  21. Reading the words “My Father Says I am” reminded me of a sermon Pastor Steven did on that very topic…..I felt compelled to watch it again! This OBS has been incredibly life changing & I can’t wait for the next one! Have my circumstances changed?? No, though my attitude & heart definitely have :) Thank You, Proverbs 31 Ministries!

    • Kristi Seat says:

      Hi Kristy! Would that be from the “I Know You Are But What Am I” series? I loved that series and I have thought about listening to it again after reading Chapter 11 this week. So excited to hear how God has been changing your attitude and heart. I can relate to your comment about your circumstances. This OBS has been life changing for me as well and it just makes my heart overflow to think that someone else has felt that shift in spite of your surroundings. It starts small but that change eventually overflows and changes everything about how you look at life. May God continue to move in your heart and life Kristy!

      Kristi Seat
      (OBS Leadership Team)

  22. I have been behind on this study and just catching up. What spoke to me over the last two chapters is the discussion of “Pride” in chapter 9. It was good to be reminded the different ways pride shows itself. His statement ” There is no greater arena where our pride or humility plays out then in our relationships. Everyday we’re jockeying for position with other people”. Very thought provoking and convicting to take a look at how that applies to me.

    Chapter 10 was a reminder to stay in constant evaluation of your relationship with God, like marriage its easy to become complacent, and lose the passion. And our relationship can become routine, not lived with passion and vision.
    Particularly a danger for those of us who have been saved a majority of our lives.

  23. Proverbs 31 is my first ‘toe in the water’ regarding social media and my spiritual life and it has been exactly what I needed. I read “Jesus Calling” very morning and then get my Proverbs 31 message, journal and read my Bible and it sets my day. I read the message when Let.IT. Go. was advertised and it was as if the message was just for me. I have almost read the entire book – It’s like she’s talking to me. I can related to soooo many of her examples. I am excited to start the Online Study on the book. I told myself I would be reading LET IT GO several times. This is perfect timing!

  24. Tina Anderson says:


    I have done Unglued through your blog and I am looking forward to starting Let It Go. I do not use social media for bible studies but I am on facebook. I enjoyed Unglued but Let It Go is so what I need right now. I love the Proverbs 31 devotions daily. My church has 5-7 women reading them daily on an on- line bible study where we share with each other about devotions.

  25. I never get on the social sites.