Jan 17

Greater Hop: Week Six

We truly hope you’ve enjoyed this opportunity to share your personal thoughts and reflections. We can’t wait for you to join us for our next study and our next hop!

This week’s suggested topics for our last Greater Blog Hop!

1. Open. What are your thoughts on this week’s reflection verse?
O LORD, open {our} eyes so {we} may see….~ II Kings 6:17a NIV84

2. Believe. How would your life be different if you believed God’s infinite power and potential was at work within you? If you could do anything for God, no bounds, no limitations, what would you do?

3. Up Next. Now that you have finished walking this journey with us. What’s next for you? What is the most important lesson God has taught you through this study and how will you apply it to your life today?



  1. The Greater OBS was certainly a tough one. The concepts and challenges the book presents are fairly abstract. Also, in the middle of the study, we all had to deal with the Sandy Hook massacre. I know my focus was pulled off the goals of the study.
    All this being said, I finish the study in a far better place than I started it.
    It took a while to wrap my head around what “Greater” could really mean. It was instinctual to think “Big” when I thought “Greater.” I realize now that greater is whatever puts me more in line with God’s vision of me. Even the smallest changes, a shift in attitude, can lead me to a greater place.
    I’m happy I finished the study. My most illuminating moments came during the last 2 chapters!
    I’m signed up for Let It Go and am looking forward to continuing my journey towards a faith based life.

  2. Jennifer N (OBS group leader) says:

    This weeks topics were really good ones and I can’t wait to read the blogs! I have really enjoyed this study and am looking forward to the next. This week’s reflection verse was life changing.

  3. Ooops! I was supposed to write about what my greatest lesson was from this study and how I will apply it to my life.
    About 2 weeks ago, the study sank in and caused me to act in a manner that seemed really irresponsible. I prayed, I read, I listened, and I decided to do the seemingly irresponsible thing because it really was what I heard when I prayed for what my greater was.
    I went on a weekend trip with myself to face down an old ghost/boyfriend. I am married, and this certainly seemed irresponsible but this is what I “heard” was the greater thing I was supposed to do. I was supposed to look face to face at someone who I carried around in my thoughts everyday.
    I thought I still loved this man. I thought my life would be better with him than with my husband. I arrived at our meeting wondering how I would work out a life with him. I thought life with him would be “greater” than my life without him.
    I am happy to say that the voice that told me to go on that trip knew exactly what I needed. Just like in the Garth Brooks song “sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers” I looked at this old love of mine and was finally completely sure that he was not the one for me.
    This may not sound great, but believe me when I tell you, I was not giving my marriage a fair shot. I was hanging on to an idea, and allowing it to cloud my vision of my married life. I carried the memories of the old love around like a weight around my neck, or a burden on my back. I stooped under the weight and felt pushed down. I blamed my marriage for this feeling. Sounds silly now, but it’s true.
    I came home and looked around my house so differently! I literally saw things in a different light! My husband didn’t look so bad, in fact, he looked better than ever to me!
    Listening to the call to “greater” has applied to other areas of my life too, but this particular one – forcing myself to do something so risky, forcing myself to believe that I was being led exactly where I needed to go, following blindly to a destiny I could not see, trusting – changed literally everything. I was able to come home with a profound sense of gratitude. That is so much Greater than my life before this study!
    My husband and I are in marriage counseling, and for the very first time, I think we may actually end up happy. I did not believe that before this study. Pretty great huh?

    • Thank you for sharing this! That does sound like a greater path. Enjoy your marriage and your husband. I will pray for both of you to see God’s plan for you as husband and wife.

  4. Shelly, thanks for sharing that life changing event. That’s a pretty good example of putting Greater to the test! I am so happy for you and your husband. Now you have a clear conscience and a clean slate with the Master guiding your thoughts and holding the chalk! Congrats!

  5. All of you ladies are so talented. God has blessed you mightily and I thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of us. Reading your words and the scriptures you shared during the course of this study has helped me to grow and has expanded my horizon of learning. Keep up the good (God) work!

  6. Well, it took a while to get my day going and post here, but it is there. :)

    Thank you to all of the amazing women who have shared their journey during the Greater study. I look forward to following many of you in the future (and I hope the Blog Hop continues for Let.It.Go).

  7. Just read this great quote from Francis Frangipane, The Enemy’s Work

    One may argue, “But I know people who were good Christians who have fallen away.” Yes, but in most cases you will find that prior to falling away they fell into deep disappointment about a failed spiritual expectation. Disappointment is not just a sad emotional state of mind; deep disappointment actually can sever our hearts from faith. It can “dis-appoint” us from our appointed destiny.

    I have known many who were doing well, moving toward their destiny. The future God had for them seemed close enough to taste. Then they became disappointed in someone or something. By accepting a demonically manipulated dis-appointment into their spirits, and letting that event germinate and grow into a disappointment with God, a bitter cold winter overtook their souls and their destiny went dormant.

    When one is dis-appointed, he is cut off from his appointment with destiny. Their appointed breakthrough remains in the heart of God, but the individual is isolated by unbelief. Hope deferred has made their heart sick. It is here, even in the throes of disappointment, that the righteous must learn to live by faith (see Hab. 2:1-4).

    Listen well my friend: Satan will stop your destiny if you accept the power of disappointment into your life. Disappointment cuts us off from our vision, and without a vision people perish.

    Therefore, let me ask you: Are you carrying disappointment in your heart? Renounce it. Forgive those who have let you down. Have you personally or morally failed? Repent deeply and return to your Redeemer. Right now, I ask the Holy Spirit to remove the paralyzing sting of disappointment from your heart! Holy Spirit, deliver your people this day from the effect of the disappointment. Let them know that their appointment with destiny is still set.
    (here is the link for the whole message) I have never heard of this guy before, but came across this message – yep – de devil – is de-feated!

    GOD’s MIGHTY GIRLS! LISTEN and HEAR! Gain WISDOM and take the authority God gave you! I am SO pumped! and encouraged by this reminder! wahoooooooo!

    – and you WOULD bear good fruit — and it would remain~
    no more doubts – you can GO with confidence into your GREATER place in life! whaaaawhooo!!!!

  8. Catherine S says:

    Erin Peters, I love your blog and that you are following God’s lead for your life. He will certainly bless you.

  9. Melissa & the entire OBS crew:
    Thank all of you for this great study! You all, along with Pastor Steven, have challenged me and pushed me to want and to work for the greater life that God wants me to have. You all have given me the tools to do it. I can’t thank ya’ll enough. This study has been amazing and I am eternally greatful. God bless you all.
    ‘Think on the small things.’
    -Kristy Laird

  10. I have been so blessed by this entire study! I have grown so much (even though it was painful at times). I really enjoyed reading all of the blogs throughout this study & will be spending my weekend reading the ones above. Thanks for all you do Melissa and OBS leaders, it is so valuable. I must say I am sad that this study is over. God Bless

    • Hey Aisha, growth and pain go together…did you read the blog i wrote? no. 21? I think it may bless you!? big Sista hugs,

  11. Barbara Prince says:

    Thank you Melissa, Proverbs 31, and all the OBS leaders for all you do to provides us with a great (or should I say GREATER) online Bible Study experience. I appreciate you so much. And, I looking forward to Let.It.Go.

  12. Stephanie Riley says:

    The conference calls sound great! Wish I could join them, but will have to be content with just the online stuff.